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Brandon Wade Addresses the Sugar Community


Founder and CEO of SeekingArrangement, Brandon Wade, addresses the community regarding recent changes in legislation.

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23 Responses to “Brandon Wade Addresses the Sugar Community”

  1. Sk says:

    Guys i have bought a 30 days membership because i was prompted so. My 7 days membership apparentky doesnt allow unlimited texts. Even now i can send texts.

  2. Anonymous says:

    There are definitely more escorts on this site. There are very few true sugar babies. Most want a pay-per-play arrangement.

  3. Anomym says:

    point one: The American has no authorities in other countries. SA is globally active therefore the closure worldwide was a violation of the law of other countries.
    point two: Escorts are not forbidden in a lot of European countries, therefore it is not illegal. (except Scandinavia and the Balkan region and some eastern European NON-EU countries.
    point three: Even prostitution is fully legal in some European conuntries: (Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Holland, Hungary, Latvia, Turkey)

    So SA must be aware that they have to follow the laws of all countries where they are available and it could be easily lead into legal trouble in Europe if a profile is banned for something that is legal in the EU.

    Critical for SA is that I am missing the GDPR compliance. because that could easily costs SA 50 Mio Euro per case.

    really the big issue are not the Escort stuff, it is the onlne scam for only online arrangements.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Oh please, the site is FILLED with escorts, the percentage of escorts has dramatically increased in the past 10 years, and the site not only does nothing to prevent them from becoming members but actively facilitates it. So many SBs just steal model photos off the internet and pass them off as real. The site does absolutely nothing to prevent this.

  5. Ashley says:

    As long as the men are getting screened more by you guys I don’t see the problem.

  6. Robert says:

    This is a site for meaningful and real relationships.

    I would hate to lose this site and I’m sure you would hate to go to jail. Please crack down hard on abuses and potential abuses.

    • RonD says:

      What Brandon is saying is just bullshit for public consumption and to pre-empt any legal troubles. Reality is quite different, this website has been tacitly approving/supporting/encouraging various legal/gray activities specially for girls. The stated policy is not to allow online arrangements, I’ve reported many such profiles where girls have clearly listed online ONLY arrangements. How the heck such profiles get approved? Not only that, despite reporting, no action has been taking against those profiles.

  7. Anonymous says:

    There has been a huge increase in hooker/escort/sex-for-hire profiles since March 2018, particularly since the beginning of April. SA needs to take a zero tolerance approach to the hookers/escorts/sex-for-hire girls on this site or it may find itself in the same boat as a couple of other sites that recently either got shut down or were forced to remove their personal sections because of the new federal legislation regarding prostitution and trafficking. Rooting out and preventing hooker/escort/sex-for-hire profiles needs to be the #1 priority for the company’s management.

  8. sugar baby monkey says:

    the colour eyes filter should come back

  9. Anonymous says:

    well it’s about time. for the month i tried this site, i interacted with more escorts (or those who behave just like escort) than sugar babies.

  10. Patrick Lui says:

    Brandon, don’t be naive!
    SA is fllled with 1) Escorts or de faxto escorts and even worst with 2) Scammers!
    I was scammed once and reportted to support!
    I have shown them most fo the evidences BUT I bet U don’t even know what’s really going on!
    SA site is infested with SCAMMERS!
    Goodluck to yr reputations, Brandon as I will make sure everyone else knows about this!
    I am trying to protect the public!
    What have U done?

    PS: I will delete my profile at the end of my first months subscription as I was scammed for over US$1,500 !!!

    • Alice says:

      I’m sorry you were scammed, that’s never fun to go through… But that is the nature of the internet, not just this site. It isn’t Brandon or SA’s fault that you were scammed. It’s your own fault. Internet scams have existed as long as the internet has. You should have known by now not to give money to a stranger without expecting said stranger to disappear.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I have reported many escorts and they were promptly removed.

  12. Anonymous says:

    I hope you never go anywhere close to marriage again.

  13. anonymous says:

    Brandon/All- within the past week I’ve had two incidents where SBs have talked to me on SA, then asked me to go offsite (email and snapchat) and then really tried to talk me into a ‘quid pro quo’ of sex exchanged for money so aggressively that I’m pretty certain that it was an LE sting. Of course, I declined and blocked them and was/am not interested in that. But I really do believe that SA is being targeted by LE to make the case that PPM/illegal activity is taking place, as covered by the new law. Please lawyer up and be prepared, and make everyone aware to be super careful and keep away from anything like that. Would hate to see users and this very positive community hit with something like that.

  14. Solara says:

    Thank you for putting out this video and giving such an engaging announcement! It was very insightful and informative. I am happy to know that the employees of SA are cracking down on who or what might not be suitable for the SA community.

  15. LoveLivingLife says:

    I echo the same experience as SA founder Brando Wade; I’m an adult who grew up awkward. But this site has giving me the confidence in knowing Who I Want, What I Want, and How I Want the arrangement to come about! Plus, it has also re-instilled the confidence in knowing that I should not settle; that I should wait for the right SD and the right arrangement. Thank you Brandon Wade for this site and your other sites as well.

  16. Anonymous says:

    One suggestion on updating the reporting system … If a member gets reported for escort terminology, or any of the other prostitution-related categories, disable their ability to message other users until the content of their SA messages, or the uploaded evidence, can be reviewed. If it turns out to be a false “revenge” report, kick the person who made the false report off the site. I’ve reported users when there was concrete evidence they were an escort (such as sending me a phone number that has multiple Google hits for escort ads), but SA doesn’t seem to put a “hold” on the account when the report is made. If you make it inconvenient for outright escorts to operate here, they will go elsewhere.