9 years ago
Another Kind of Sugar…

9 years ago
Another Kind of Sugar…

Gay and Lesbian Sugar.

We have thousands of gay and lesbian users from all across the globe. Although there’s not too much difference between a straight sugar daddy and a gay sugar daddy, here are some words to know… Twink– A young, attractive gay male (often the sugar baby). Bear– An older, masculine, dominant gay male (often the sugar daddy). It’s all about your personal preference. Happy Dating!

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8 Responses to “Another Kind of Sugar…”

  1. Fetty77 says:

    Am looking for seekaarrangment for woman am lesbian

  2. Jessie says:

    Looking for an older woman

  3. karl says:

    I hope i can find a gay sugar daddy..it is so difficult to find a gay sugar daddy when if u come from Greenland…..

  4. Uriel Butt says:

    It makes sense. Btta5202

  5. FANCY says:

    You would think that dating would be easy in a big city. But I find that it can be just as lonely as when I lived in a small town.

  6. Lesbian Dating says: