9 years ago
Coming Off Needy?

One Sugar Daddy Says Some Sugar Babies Are Too Needy This morning, an anonymous SugarDaddy asked an interesting question : “What do potential Sugar Daddies feel about Sugar Babies who immediately start poor mouthing about all of their bills and financial problems? How do they feel about girls that imediately ask for help before even …[ read more ]

9 years ago
Married Sugar Daddies

Sugar Baby “ButterCup” Gives Married Sugar Daddy Advice (ButterCup Writes) Married men are a different kind of Sugar Daddy. I am currently seeing a married man. At first I thought it was the best option, since I’d have more free time at night and on weekends, and it would put a concrete limit to any …[ read more ]

9 years ago
Safety For All Sugars

Feel Safe? Whether you’re looking for Sugar Daddies or Sugar Babies, you should always be, and hopefully FEEL, safe. Let’s face it – having a date with someone you’ve never met (a blind date) can be scary enough, but flying across the globe to meet a potential Sugar Daddy for the first time could be …[ read more ]

9 years ago
Sugar Hopefuls

Is there ever a point at which you KNOW you’re a Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby? I think everyone has an idea of the generic “Sugar Daddy” — a guy over 40, with millions if not billions in the bank, who has an unusual obsession with bathrobes. I also think people have an image of …[ read more ]

9 years ago
Gentleman Chivalry


Famous for founding “Playboy”, is Hugh Hefner a model SugarDaddy? Should Sugar Daddies be Chivalrous? A boyfriend is supposed to act like he doesn’t see the hot girl walking by. A boyfriend should remember your birthday, and the first day you met. A boyfriend should be a gentlemen (unless you ask him not to be), …[ read more ]

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