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7 Tips for the Perfect SA Profile


If you’re new to the Sugar Bowl or can’t seem to find the right fit on SA, your profile could be the missing piece to your perfect match.

Follow these 7 tips for the perfect SA profile, and you should be set to find the arrangement you’ve always wanted!


1. Have a High-Quality Profile Picture


This is the very first thing someone will see when looking at your profile, so if your picture quality is low, POT’s may not take your profile seriously.

You want to show the real on your profile, so take some time and get a good looking profile picture. Never include pictures with sunglasses on, group shots, or anything that can question who you actually are.


2. Filter Out Your Interests


Listing your interests is great! Listing out every interest is a no.

Remember, your profile is what attracts a POT to you! “Getting your nails done” or “shopping with friends” may not be ideal interests to list when attracting your ideal SD.

List interests that can be fun for both you and your POT so you can find common ground or something fun to do on your first meet up.


3. Be Upfront About Your Values


Being upfront with what you want is essential, so there’s no gray area between your profile and what you are looking for. If you leave this part out, you may end up wasting your time chatting with a POT who isn’t right for you.

Let them know if you are looking for something long term or casual, if you want your arrangement to be platonic, if you want non-smokers only so your POT is fully aware before sending you that first message.


4. Be Unique in Your Description


Just like you’re upfront with your values, you need to be up front about yourself!

Be honest here and let them know something about you! Instead of saying “I enjoy going out for drinks” say “I love everything about a good pinot grigio, and don’t even getting me started about the cocktails at such and such restaurant.” This feels more personal, and you never know who could enjoy the same interests as you do!


5. Flirt a Little


Let’s be honest; you want to feel compatible with your POT, so being too narrow and straightforward might feel like more of a demand than an arrangement.

There’s no need to be overly sexual, but a little flirting and sensuality can show your willingness to make an arrangement work, can go a long way in a profile.


6. Spell Check Your Profile


The quickest way to ruin your chances with a POT is by not proofreading your profile. There’s nothing attractive about bad grammar or a careless spelling error. This can be solved by taking just a little more time to look through your profile and using spell check in a word document before posting.

Remember, you don’t need to rush your profile! Take your time and get it right, because you don’t want to look back and wonder how many POTs overlooked your profile for something as little as using the wrong “your.”


7. Confidence is Key


Being confident and proud of yourself for sugaring is notably one of the strongest characteristics your profile can have.

Be assertive with what you want, while also humble enough to know you are looking for a mutually beneficial relationship for a reason. POT’s want someone who is clear about what they want, not someone who is just playing games.


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8 Responses to “7 Tips for the Perfect SA Profile”

  1. Tom says:

    So MANY SB’s misspell easy words… it’s like they have an 8th grade level education.

    • RME says:

      What’s even more shocking is when the supposed SD doesn’t have a firm grip on spelling or grammar.
      I block all male profiles with spelling and grammar issues. They would make the worst lovers and certainly don’t look like they have the capacity to be a SD.

  2. Anonymous says:

    What about better photograph quality and thumb nails on website and mobile devices?
    That would be stellar.

  3. Boy20 says:

    What about you sugardaddies, do you approve this tips, maybe have something to add to it?

    I think hearing what you guys think would be even greater, since you are my targetgroup 😛

  4. Latin SB says:

    Most of these are not useful for example when you got copy/paste offenders which are abundant on my region and the whole website. Also, SD’s don’t get a clear profile picture or just don’t upload any because they don’t wanna be recognized and burned outside the website, so why should I?

  5. Anonymous says:

    When you follow everything they mention and still haven’t gotten a SD relationship in 2 years