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Spring Updates to SeekingArrangement.com


New Season, New Features.

With an updated look to our user profile pages, it only felt right to introduce a few new highly requested features too! The Team at SeekingArrangement.com has been hard at work implementing new features to make your life in the sugar bowl just a little bit sweeter – and a whole lot easier! Read on to learn about the latest and greatest on SeekingArrangement.com.

For Sugar Babes

Hide Premium Account Status

You asked, and we delivered! Users with premium SeekingArrangement accounts can now hide their premium status. If you think you may be attracting the wrong type of Sugar Daddy with your “Premium” account status, you now have the ability to hide that aspect of your profile.

To take advantage of this new feature:

  • Log in to your account & select “settings” from the drop-down menu next to your avatar image
  • Switch Premium Status to the “off” position

Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 11.50.33 AM

For Everyone

Account Deletion

Fresh Start. Have an old SeekingArrangement profile floating around the site from yesteryear? Found your perfect sugar relationship and ready for a hiatus from the bowl? SeekingArrangement users can now completely delete their accounts!

After selecting delete, all personally identifying information is removed from the site and the SeekingArrangement servers.

To take advantage of this new feature:

  • Log in to your account & select “settings” from the drop-down menu next to your avatar image
  • Select “Deactivate or Delete Account” on bottom right of page

Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 11.53.14 AM


Know About it First

Tune in Live! Curious to know about more site updates? SeekingArrangement.com hosts LIVE Q&A sessions every other Friday on Facebook and Instagram! Live sessions are the perfect opportunity to ask questions, make site suggestions and learn about the most recent site updates. *Pro tip: Want to see into the future?? Get EXCLUSIVE updates about upcoming site features during SA’s Live Sessions and in our Instagram stories.


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83 Responses to “Spring Updates to SeekingArrangement.com”

  1. yougottabekiddingme says:


    Could you switch it up a little this time around? Perhaps play a little nicer, and be less of an ass? Im sure you’re so much more handsome when you’re not yapping about like a rabid hyena. No one wants to ride the shaft of a
    rabid hyena.

  2. ugh says:

    why do some comments not get posted? this blog is a joke

    • alternatedating says:

      Isn’t that odd? I’ve posted things that aren’t remotely objectionable but they are never posted.

  3. bye says:

    Actual question for you guys though:
    What is the benefit for the women if you guys expect sex but don’t want to pay?
    You are delusional if you think it’s a benefit for the women to have “company and sex”. You guys are most often around 50 when the girls are around 20. You can’t expect them to just be interested. If you guys are not into the sugar lifestyle, then that’s great, just don’t make a profile here (as the girls who want platonic shouldn’t make a profile here either). Go on a traditional dating site then. But you guys are here because you want young, thin, beautiful women and your ugly, fat asses can’t get it without paying for it.

    • Dave says:

      you’re completely way off into left field. I’m 43, and played soccer all my life, competitively, in college. I have no grey hair and abs. I am more fit than most of the boys your age. we will pay for companionship and sex, both together. you should also be attracted to the guy you are with or else how will you enjoy your time with him? it will be forced. you should THEN go n dating sites if you can’t perform as a companion and sexual partner.

  4. Dave says:

    had one today, 36 year old single mom blond, slim body, fake knockers. (laughing)..her profile states Houston, but she then tells me she lives in Spring Texas and wants to meet me there. Now she plants the little seed that I should meet here in the boonies in Spring Texas because there are cool places to hang out there, even though it us MUCH smaller than Houston. She is the one Begging me to meet her. So I agree, then she springs the little message, bring $100 because I spend money on hair and makeup (I guess my gas money doesn’t count) I would love to s*c*a*m her but theres no guarantee of sex so I’ll stand her up and make sure she feels like crap. 36 year old and a single mom and you are demanding? really?

    • Anonymous says:

      Dave is pathetic. So you were thinking of raping her…sad man. I hope you get arrested.

      • Dave says:

        we have a self-proclaimed feminist lawyer here that tries to pull SJW lingo on us. Next thing you know rape will be defined as someone who looks at her for whom she has no attraction to.

    • Anononono1 says:

      Put her in line behind the 25 other girls that want you to drive to them.

    • funny says:

      Oh, the dreaded …. bring me 100 bucks.

      • Dave says:

        I thought most men would feel the same . First date should not include money or sex . Both parties have committed time and energy on order to meet

      • Anonymous says:

        oh my a 100 bucks the nerve of them

      • Anonymous says:

        Actually, real pot SDs will gift a lady a hell of a lot more….. And yes, just for meeting for lunch.

        I never request it though (on the meet and greet) as it’s not typical for the average SD wannabe.

        The boys don’t like to read about it, but it is what it is.

      • Dave says:

        The keyword there is potential . She could run and one could lose 100 per meet and greet . That’s neither wise or a good business decision . A 35 year old single mom should beg to even date a 43 year old man much less be a subar baby . Single mom value is low on the totem pole to begin with

      • Anonymous says:

        this site is full of broke men and ugly women

      • Anonymous 27 says:


        I haven’t gone to a meet/greet for a year. This is the happy season where coeds are needing cash and all of the single mothers face competition.

        My prior SB went back to her boyfriend and I’ve met two replacements this weekend. Three ladies emailed me this evening and all three agreed to show up and shower with me before I leave tomorrow.

        I love the modern interview process:)

        I know the ladies don’t want to hear it, but sorry…

  5. Anonymous says:

    lol some sound butt hurt.. bitter much

  6. Anonymous says:

    @Dave – We don’t even get companionship! Having a woman sit there and wonder when she is going to get some money or a gift is very companionable.

    • Anonymous says:

      *isn’t very companionable!

    • Dave says:

      Nobody forces you create a profile on this site. You sound entitled . You can be replaced with a woman with a better attitude. You are the reason men like me s#cam. Your motives are malicious and
      therefore you deserve the same. Go get a job if you don’t want to perform your duties .

  7. Anonymous says:

    i see alot of females now wanting online only as they are to busy to meet in real life..what a joke, its a win win for them..anyone has to be stupid enough to just do online shouldnt be here..if they can spend hrs on here they can meet in real life..

  8. Dave says:

    It’s best to have a girlfriend then supplement your horniness with the flakey entitled fruits from sa

  9. Jeremy says:

    Has any SD experienced meeting with SB in Milan?

  10. Anononono1 says:

    To answer about the forum: it is a WOMEN ONLY training ground for fleece the paying customers – SDs

    That’s SA’s business model which has been advancing over the years. New features announced here advance the agenda.

  11. funny says:

    This site is comical. Typical females profile, I am not here to be a sex machine, so if that’s what you are looking for move along. No, but you’re supposed to be an ATM machine. This site must be full of typical mallinials. Just want everything Givin to them for nothing. Very comical.

    • Dave says:

      Even with sex it’s not mutually beneficial . They get companionship, money and sex , us men just get sex and companionship . Now by attempting to remove sex then we get nothing . Th ey want money for free !

      • funny says:

        I guess I am just not at that desperate age yet where companionship would be enough to feel like I wasn’t coming up at the short end of the stick. I have a dog for companionship, we go outside, I throw the stick, he brings it back, I throw it again, he brings it back again. We go in eat some cookies, watch the game. I can get companionship from my dog and be content. lol

      • .yougottabekiddingme says:

        That’s awesome…looks like allz that’s missin’ is the peanut butter.

      • funny says:

        I have celery for the peanut butter. Again, not at that desperate age.

      • Dave says:

        There was some article about how common it is for modern day females to have their coochies liked by their dogs. Thsts why they constantly post pictures of their animals on social media

      • Anonymous says:

        Any sex from men on his site is not a benefit. Why do you think we get paid?!?

        What a nimble brain.

      • .yougottabekiddingme says:

        @ Anonymous

        youre doin’ it wrong, though Dave does have a rather interesting definition of mutual beneficial

      • Dave says:

        @anonymous so youre not attraced to the men you date from sa? Must be horrible to be a h00ker.

      • Dave says:

        @yougottabefeedingme. .. I’ve been good. $cammed a few on this site, stood some others up and paid one or 2. Other than that , do you do Web cam with the peanut butter and your poodle?

  12. Dave says:

    Haha…you deranged females are complaining about how boring the forum is when it is you who ran the men out !! Typical feminism , contradicting itself

  13. Anono says:

    How is everybody?

    • RussianSB says:

      Very bad, one response in two days. I remember blog was more lively. I think maybe all sugar babes in forum now, and here only few people left.

      • Anonymous says:

        yes not much going on here but there are other things to do in life besides being on here like being in a fun arrangement

    • Anononono says:

      Real responses edited out.

  14. RussianSB says:

    Why ? Am I only lonely here ? Where’s everyone? Fishing ??
    Again,I deside that men are better than women. They provide for us and protect us.We must obey in silent owe.

    • Dave says:

      That’s why Most men don’t want amer1c*u*nts anymore . You as a russian understand the way male and female dynamics should be

    • yougottabekiddingme says:

      Ha…Hi, Russian! Yeah…the blog is pretty pitiful these days. I dont think it’ll become lively again. I think SA is putting it’s intention toward the forum, and would rather drive people there. The forum seems to be going well, but it’s a different interaction than what we used to have here on the blog. I don’t post there or anywhere else. Sometimes i think about posting there, but then I eat some cake and take a nap instead. I pop in here now and then when Im craving a dose of sadness. Your Russian doll is uber creepy and funny, by the way!


      What’s an American unit?

      • Dave says:

        It’s the c-u’n-t word yougottabefeedingme

      • alternatedating says:

        What do you mean by forum? Is there a SA forum site?

      • .yougottabekiddingme says:

        yes, Dave…I know. I miss you is all, and wanted to flatter you a little.

        Whatcha been up to? Besides frothing at the mouth…

        Have you started your man-cult of teabaggers yet?

      • Dave says:

        You like to use the word uber? I don’t think you want to know what I’ve been up to .. and yourself ?

      • .yougottabekiddingme says:

        uh oh…maybe I dont wanna know.

        Me? Ive been well, thanks. A little work, a little travel, a little peanut butter on my coochie…you know…the normal stuff.

      • Dave says:

        @yougottabefeedingme what happened to your protege, the one 48 years old who got paid to insert objects into men. ?

  15. RussianSB says:

    Don’t change anything,site is already fabulous and easy to use !!!! Bravo ! If only you can weed out fake daddies and block them from the site forever. Not so many man can afford to be sugar daddy (obviously), but fishing here for attention and naive girls who believe in everything what men said. I wonder, how many complaints is enough to block fakes ?

  16. Anonymous says:

    What I would like is to be automatically logged into forum / blog if I’m already logged into SA anyways… That would also clear up anon posts problemos.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Why is it that females get cheaper premiums than males???

  18. Anonymous says:

    Comments don’t get posted what a joke

  19. Anonymous says:

    this site has so many annoying bugs yet they wont fix them but they just create more of them..then put the price up and say its justified.

  20. Dave says:

    AWALT….. this forum doesn’t want us to post that awalt.

  21. Anon99 says:

    No tran nie or pla tonic filter?

  22. Anonymous says:

    For me, a nice feature would be restricting our account so only people of certain countris or region could see it and/or message us. I am tired of getting tons of messages from people all over the world, in countries I have no intent of going.

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree, you have to block them which is annoying and in the process puts you on their viewed list.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Why don’t you just disable comments here? This looks truly pathetic as is…

    • Madison says:

      It isn’t horribly pathetic. It’s just too many of the wrong people commenting, causing others who are more genuine to feel more hopeless when it comes to actually commenting. A better suggestion would be for an administrator to have access to comments and delete ones which areally a nuisance.