9 years ago
Scam Confession

9 years ago
Scam Confession

Have you been scammed by a Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby?

Share your tale of Sugar Daddy horror and help current and aspiring sugars from falling into a sour trap from Sugar Daddy/Sugar Baby fakes!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I don’t get why SD are going to be on SA if they’re going to say something like this: “I’m looking for a girl who wants spend time with me and I’m not interested in giving an allowance.”

    • Anonymous says:

      there is no rule saying you have to provide a allowance just like a SB doesn’t have to provide sex in a arrangement but i agree it defeats the purpose of what this site was built on which is providing some kind of a allowance in exchange for a arrangement just remember a Daddy will only provide a allowance only if he gets something worth giving a allowance for

  2. Annie says:

    Any sugar veterans out there that can give me pointers about how to spot scammers? Im new to this and fairly young so I know that guys will try to take advantage of that. Any help is welcomed :)

  3. Bellamy StJames says:

    LMFAO! This is hilarious! Scammers getting scammed, what’s the world coming to!? Anybody too brainless to not know any better than to be giving out personal account information deserve to be taken for every penny and then some! And “using” the bank/card companies fraud protection to “cover” your dumb-ass is even more insane! Now you be committen a federal offense! LMFAO!

  4. Warning to guys who catfish. I have enjoyed catfishing guy on swinging lifestyle. Started innocently talking with guys about my wife. Then this guy asked me and I pretended to be the wife. He sent pictures I sent wife pictures an then started texting. He sent pictures of his penis and talked about what he would like me to do. It was fun so I kept leading him on . After about a week he texted me. He traced my phone number told me my real name and my home address. Asked me if my wife really sent those hot texts. I knew I was caught and said no and said I was sorry. He was mad and said he was telling my wife I was offering her to guys on a swap site. I begged him to not do that. He said in my text to him pretending to be my wife I offered him a blow job and he planned to collect. I told him my wife knew nothing of this and would not do it. He said I promised him the blow job so I could give it to him. I told him I was not gay. He said he didn’t care. He said he was going to be in my driveway the next evening and he would either come to his car go for a ride and suck his dick or he was coming to the door to tell my wife what I did. I felt I had no choose. When he showed I told my wife I was going to work and a co worker was picking me up. I hope he thinks that was enough punishment for what I did and doesn’t come back. Don’t catfish it can be dangerious!

  5. Kia says:

    So if a SD is trying to get you to buy them an iTunes card and they claim they will send you money through zelle app is it a scam?

    • MG says:

      Correct! Do NOT buy gift cards or anything that involves you putting the money upfront and them sending it to you later.

  6. Caitlin Boyle says:

    I need someone to help me figure out if this SD i am talking to is a scam or not. Can someone help me?

    • MG says:

      Did you figure out whether he was a scam or not? For future reference, if you ever have any concerns that someone may be scamming you just walk away! Trust your gut and don’t take chances. Not worth it.

  7. Amber says:

    I’m sorry it I posted it by accident… So later that night I sent all the information to a good friend of mines who’s actually a lawyer and she sent back that she couldn’t find nothing on him… his law firm, his name all she could pull up was his Facebook page with the same fake pictures she sent me. So that morning of course he texted me for the acct info and tried to sweet talk me & I told him he’s a scum bag for scamming pple who already have nothing and I blocked his number. I’m glad I read the scam stories because it could of been me :/

  8. Amber says:

    Please SB watch out for these SD & SM scammers. A guy almost got me a few days ago. He started out by asking me to buy a 50$ iTunes card and I told him I didn’t have 50$ I can only do 20 or 30$ cause it was literally all I had. Being thirsty I went out and bought it. I gave him the code and he said he “trust me more” not to take the first allowance and stop talking to him. So we continued conversation mind you this is all in the same day he’s sending pictures of a fake acct of course and just filling my head up saying he’ll give 1000$ a week. So he also told me he was a lawyer and he was away I Turkey. I believed all of it and he kept asking for my bank info. So I told him wait til morning because and i may feel more comfortable. Later that night I sent the information to a good friend of mines if it wasn’t for me looking up the scam & reading the stories this man would of cleaned out my bank acct. Scammers are almost never really interested in you and they will tempt you with money first thing… Please I repeat don’t fall for it. After I got rid of the first scammer another wrote me a few days later literally with the same lines smh that’s when I knew what I did was right. I now have a SD that’s patient and understanding with me and does not want ANY BANK INFO he sends through pay pal, check and any other way I feel comfortable with. So again watch out for these low life scammers.

    • Anonymous says:

      I’ve been here for a while now, gets lots of attention, and have never experienced any scams. To avoid scams, don’t share your email or phone number before meeting.

  9. Lalo says:

    I had a SM ask my for my credit login info, she would pay my balance and give an allowance in exchange for favors. Desperate to have my card paid off I gave “her” the information. They proceeded to pay off the balance then ask me for $1000 Walmart gift cards and $500 iTunes gift cards. Hesistant and regretting my decision, I changed all of my pass words and close the accounts. After talking to my cc company, IRS, and the credit bureaus covered my tracks Incase this person tries to report “fraud” this person has been harassing me with false threats and things of the sort. I think they are upset because they may have used someone else’s account to make the payment and now I will not do their payment. So it’s seems that I actually scrambled the scammer in a sense. Does anyone have any insight for this?

  10. Kara says:

    I had a sugar mommy who promised me an allowance of a certain amount of money if I did some work for her. Sounded pretty simple but I was too naive and wanting to be hopeful. I lost so much money and even got the new bank account I made to be closed because of a fake check. It’s hard to recover because at the time I got a lot of money as gift from family members for a special occasion. I get it, we get it. It’s stupid despite all the warning signs but the desperation can really blind you no matter how careful you are. Not all of us come from a good enough environment to be doing this just for the hell of it. College, families, self support, there are many different reasons we may be a bit desperate in order to bring in some extra money.
    Good luck to everyone and be safe!! Please take a step back and analyze the situation. Do not hold onto hope and move on lickety split to the next person in line.

  11. Ash says:

    This sugar daddy wanted me to buy a OneVanilla card, (i already knew he was a scammer) i told him i already had one (I lied). He ask to see it, so i google a realistic one and scratch out the numbers to send to him. He didnt reply. If he ask for the numbers, i was going to send him my cash app debit card which isn’t connected to any of my personal banks or debit card. Is that still not safe?

    • Anonymous says:

      I had almost the Same experience I have an asked me to get a one vanilla card too so why did I activate it with the $20 he then said that wasn’t enough I needed $100. At this time I looked on the cards Account balance and the 20 was at 0 . This was my first encounter and I was scammed.

  12. Jim says:

    and let’s not for get that the sugar baby side of the table is absolutely LOADED with sweet little scamsters. Why SA doesn’t work harder to weed them out I will never know.

  13. MJ says:

    Its shocking how little seeking arrangement is doing to check frauds and fakes and happily absolve themselves of any responsibility for criminals using their website. I have had many bad experiences and reported them and they couldn’t care less. All the girls accounts are still live and I have been offered no compensation or even an apology and told to contact the police. Come on what kind of site is this its meant to be discreet!!! Maybe we should all start a campaign to pressure seek arr to set up proper investigations and actually reply to customers when they report things with updates and proper compensation and punishments. I wouldn’t be surprised if this get deleted.

  14. Lana says:

    Hey there. I got into seeking arrangement website yesterday. I signed up and got a potential sugar daddy on instagram after following the web site page. We have been texting since then. I gave him my account info( this sounds like a big mistake). He said he would send me my weekly allowance which was 600$. He ended up sending 1815$ and asked me to get him 12 iTunes cards of 100$ each. I told him that I’m waiting for the money to fully be in my account because I wanted to buy time and know. He lives in Florida but is actually in London. He is a 54 years old jeweler. Has a 12 years old son and is a widower.
    He assured me that he is not a scammer but now the more he talks the more I find him suspect. I told him that he is a scammer thinking he would get mad but nothing. He send me his supposed to be euthereum, Bitcoin account activities and told me that he is doing this because he has too much money in the others accounts.
    Now should run to my bank and close my account and get a new one or not
    PS: He asked me to empty my empty before he send me his money so I will feel comfortable. I did but… I’m confused. I new in this thing. It is only been 2 days lol

  15. Allybay says:


    I just got scammed by a sugar daddy. I gave him my bank info and he forged a check and a deposit. I flagged the check with the bank and changed my info. I know how stupid I was I was so desperate I wanted it to be true. How fucked am I?

  16. Tom says:

    NEVER GIVE ANYONE YOUR BANK INFO! Use PayPal, Cash or any number of apps. They are stealing your money, and you will be left with the overdrafts; this is not covered by the bank.

    I’ve had a number of girls pretending to be military, and attempted to scam me with money/iTunes card requests, all related to military stuff. Even after I’ve told them I’m retired military, question their story, they STILL try working the scam! Unbelievable! When they ask for money, and you start to question them, they’ll tend attempt to guilt/shame/don’t you want to me stuff. Ask for a real-time pic, with their left thumb in their left ear & tongue sticking out. That’ll usually shut em up, as they can’t, due to their post pic not being real.

  17. anon says:

    even if you meet publicly first be careful of taking the next step too. if they want discretion be sure to tell someone where u are at all times / what you’re doing. please do not go anywhere alone. u can be taken advantage of, some of these men do this for a living and know how to sweet talk. learned from experience

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, i went on what i thought was a nice date with a guy i met from here. We were into each other or so i thought. But at the end of the date we fulled around a bit and he gets up and just leaves. After previously discussing financial details before ever starting the date. He get up and says im not giving you money cause i dont pay for sex. Like the whole date he was being nice to get in my pants. This site is full of scammers i dont see what the rave was ever about.

  18. James says:

    To all Future SBs:
    Just stop doing dumb S**t online and meet your future SDs quickly, in person, at a safe public place like a coffee shop. You will be stood up a few times, and not click other times… but it is way better than talking for weeks online with a stranger. Put them to the test right away! If they can’t show up to a meet, move on. Once you meet, trust your gut! And do not share any identifying information before you meet.
    Scammers get your attention with fake pictures and online messaging promising you the moon without having to do anything in return. They take your attention away from the legit SDs that want to meet you and have a real arrangement.

  19. Shaneton says:

    There are lot of girls that’s asking money before meeting up and when it’s about time to meet up they change their mind. People here just says SDaddy is the scammer but my case the girls here are gold digger. They just want money and that’s it..

    • MJ says:

      Its shocking how little seeking arrangement is doing to check frauds and fakes and happily absolve themselves of any responsibility for criminals using their website. I have had many bad experiences and reported them and they couldn’t care less. All the girls accounts are still live and I have been offered no compensation or even an apology and told to contact the police. Come on what kind of site is this its meant to be discreet!!! Maybe we should all start a campaign to pressure seek arr to set up proper investigations and actually reply to customers when they report things with updates and proper compensation and punishments. I wouldn’t be surprised if this get deleted.

  20. This girl is a fraud and a thief. Someone will catch up with her and it’s not going to end well for her

  21. SweetPea23 says:

    I’d really have liked why someone would have told me why you don’t give SD’s bank account info. I’m now in the process of fixing this fucker’s deception.

    The reason why you don’t give out this information is because they will put in money in your account, ask you to send them gift cards (as “gifts” in my case) and then ask you to transfer money to some rando in the US. They’ll sweet talk you with promises of “never doing this again” and then they’ll try threatening to call the police on you and ruin your bank life if you don’t send the money. The money they deposit isn’t real because the checks are counterfeit and then the money that you take out is on you because you’re the one who took that money out. This happened to me and my best friend. I went in with the mindset of being able to move forward in my life but instead I’m now having to retrace my steps.

    There’s many young girls out there that are targeted just like I was. Don’t spend your birthday crying over stress and fear over someone who is USING you

    • Katters says:

      Thanks for this! I saw the tip too and wondered. I was so close to falling for this trap just recently. Hoping everything works out for you.

    • Beautiful says:

      Omg!!!! I feel so used I can’t believe I’m being scammed right now. I’m totally calling my bank in the morning to fix this. 😩😩😩 yes I’m naive and fell into this dumb trap

    • Vi says:

      This legit just almost happened to me! I knew it was too good to be true! This guy told me how he wanted to put me on payroll and when I offered my paypal he told me no and that my bank info would be best and when I told him I wasn’t comfortable with that until we met he got upset and told me bye lol the only thing is he knows who I bank with and has my email I hope he can’t do anything with that

    • Allybay says:

      What happened next? Did you fix the issue with the bank?

  22. danikka says:

    My SD is sending me money of $1500 and he wants me to buy him an iTunes gift card for $1000 is this a scam? If so How does this work?

  23. Claudia says:

    I had a few SD ask if i had credit cards and wanted to pay them off so i would get an allowance and no bills. the weird part about it was they wanted to use their bank account to pay and buy itunes gift cards. i quickly thought that was weird. not sure how to handle it so when they ask if i have a CC i say no cause i dont want those problems but i would expect the money to return to my card as what my balance was before but im not using any of them

  24. Aguyinutah says:

    A SD wants to send me money through a bank app. But keeps asking for all my info. Like acc and rou and login info. Obvious scam right? Can they even do anything if the account has nothing in it? Has this happened to anyone else?

  25. Baldwin says:

    Look if someone asks you for money rite off the bat, You then dump that person. I’ve learned to
    Never underestimate what people are capable of.

  26. Baldwin says:

    I was scammed once by this guy I never gave him
    Any money. It was once he asked for it that the
    Light bulb came on. I then decided to turn the
    Tables on him. I let him believe that he would
    Get the money I played his emotions like he
    Played mine. All the while I got info on him
    and when I was ready I lowered the boom on him.
    I told him everything I’d learned I reported him
    To the police in his town I even call the bank
    as head a girlfriends help. I finally got his
    Picture and posted it anywhere I could. I put
    The fear into this guy for what he did to me…..
    a year later i texted him with a note. Letting
    Him no I was still tracking him on the web.
    He finally deleted everything. I don’t no wat
    Happened to him but I do believe he thinks twice
    Now b4 he gets on the web…….
    When a person does this try destroy a part of u.
    I then get to teach them a lesson on what will
    Happen to themselves I will work just as hard
    To ruin their scamming way of life.

  27. lilakatze says:

    I’ve had a few SD’s ask me for my bank login info so they can deposit money into my account. Scam or legitimate?
    Is this so they can see how I’m spending the money? I opened an account specifically for a SD, so it isn’t tied to any other accounts.

  28. Doug Yajko says:

    “Fantasia for you” stole $400 dollars and my $25000 Rolex in the first 10 minutes I met her in Sacramento. Please send her profile too Sacramento PD. The Report number is T17025388

  29. Why are there so many naive sugar babies on here? It’s plastered all over the site not to give your bank account info, and yet, they still do. A true sugar daddy will meet you in person and give give gifts in person. I only discuss arrangements in person, and get cash in person from them. Wise up people please, or learn the hard way.

  30. Cloud says:

    I bet I got scammed XD Amazon and Itunes gift cards were involved. But I didn’t even have much money to give, so thankfully I haven’t lost much. But I got that money from selling games, so it’ll be difficult to replace.

  31. Ashley Miller says:

    This recently happened to me.. will I be incarcerated? I’m so scared

  32. Nick says:

    I found someone on on SA and she ask about credit card info but I didn’t have one and chatted for months and now she say her niece need a 100 Amazon gift card for some books for her exam I think it a scam but idk

    • Laura Francis says:

      You’ve chatted for months, and given her nothing? It’s SA, not tinder. Sugar babies wanting a little financial help for textbooks is not a scam.

      • Abbey says:

        Lmao right? About the dumbest comment I’ve read on here, you don’t just talk to someone forever and give them nothing yikes.

      • Cruz Control says:

        We agree that SDs should pay. The question is for what. Paying for dating makes sense. Paying for emailing seems ridiculous unless the parties clearly agree in advance to do so.

  33. Alex Smith says:

    This guy named don contacted me and gave me his phone number and we started texting several days later his account was closed we still text then he asked if i had a credit card I told him I don’t and he didn’t bring it up again then he showed me a letter supposably from the IRS saying they need 45 days to do something about looking into his accounts the letter (it didn’t have letter creases so I imagine it was an email) had a number on it and I called it and it really was the number to the IRS He got it the day after he flue to toronto from Chicago (I only know this because he sent me a picture of his ticket which had his name on it) he asked for my bank log in so that his boss could wire me the money then I would should able to withdrawal it and some how send it to him (he at this point is assumed to be stuck in toronto with no money) i asked him for a picture of his passport and it looked legit so I gave him my bank log in and since then I changed my password when i logged into my account immediately after when I logged in nothing was disturbed and no transfers were scheduled it looked completely normal he told me it was all scheduled for tomorrow he says he’s a business executive at Linor LTD which he says is a Bitcoin mining and trading company he said that he left his company card at home everything he showed me looked legit to me but im worried that tomorrow im gonna wake up to an empty account tomorrow or in the middle of some type of tax evasion crime I still want to believe that this person is being truthful and all the pictures he’s sent me included his name and no matter what it was spelt the same way but I still think something is odd

    • Sorry to have to tell you, but you got scammed. All those “documents” can be faked. There is no way you can “help” someone by giving them your account info, unless of course you don’t mind being scammed and losing money. This was a tough lesson for you, but I hope you will be wiser from now on, and know not to trust someone you never met in person.

    • Laura Francis says:

      NEVER give an SD your bank log-in! You can wire someone money without their log-in info, giving anyone your password is just asking to be scammed.

  34. Anonymous says:

    Met a potential SB for lunch today as we were finishing lunch she said we should take to the next level but she would need her allowance now. She got it then went to the restroom, came out and ran for the door, had a car waiting! Scam alert guys! Never pay upfront!

  35. Anonymous says:

    Met another 54 year old grandpa for lunch. Just another pathetic married man looking for charity sex. What a waste of time this site has been. Where are the real SDs?

    • Anonymous says:

      Charity sex? Like for free? That’s as bad as the women that want to get paid just go out with you…some people need to understand what SUGAR means on this site.

      • Real SB says:

        Sorry to burst you bubble, but men pay women to hang out with them all the time. I can’t be the only one with generous friends.
        In fact, the most generous men I’ve met here, didn’t even want a sugar relationship with me. They just gifted me for meeting them. They said they appreciated the time I took to meet with them.

    • Anonymous says:

      What area are you in?

    • jenny says:

      i think there are a lot of fake sd on here

  36. B says:

    Is it just me that doesnt get any messages? I have been on SA for over a year now and havent met any SD’s

  37. Johnny says:

    My SD is asking me to buy a vanilla prepaid card. Is this safe? How does it work? Can access anything personal? Can this make me get into debts?

  38. Alwx says:

    I found a potential sugar momma but its weird she wants to wire me money to my bank account and buy her itunes gift cards with some of the money she sent me. Am i being scammed or is it legit? Am i gonna be in trouble? Please help as i am new. I just wanna find a real sugar momma who can have a legit arrangement

  39. Cielo Gutierrez says:

    My sugar daddy is asking for my credit card info but it has no money in it should i give it to him?

  40. RDaddy says:

    The number of scammers, fakers and timewasters here now far outweigh the genuine. SA needs to get tough by banning members against whom evidence of fakery or fraud is provided. Furthermore I would suggest that all sugar babies be required to submit a verification photograph or video of themselves holding a banner, these need not be public but it would help weed out the scammers. Right now this site is becoming worse by the week.

    • Mike Mahoney says:

      I have noticed a real increase in the number of escorts and women that want money for pics and videos etc. The escorts can be really sneaky so I just ask now..and do it early in the conversation. Ive been asked for money for a first meeting several times..i guess some people think their company is special or something..

      • Ares says:

        Seriously, how many people do they think are so sad they need to pay for the privilege of just talking to them, and don’t care about the fact that there’s inherently no respect involved in such a disingenuous situation, and likely there is not even pity?

  41. Rainday says:

    A SD on seeking arrangements messaged me with the type of arrangement he wants and we began texting (through my texting app) and he asked for my PayPal email so he can send me a little something to show how genuinely interested he is. He lives in my area and wants to meet asap to begin an arrangement. He ended up sending $200 to my paypal and now I’m terrified Im going to wake up to an empty account in the morning . Is this possible ??? Is this a scam????

    • Johnny says:

      No it’s no possible for him to access your account money unless he has the login

    • Books&looks says:

      No, its highly unlikely you’d get scammed just by giving your email address – from what I’ve read it sounds pretty normal for a SD to send money through paypal, its safer than giving out your credit card details (which you should never do!). If you’re really worried, in future you should request cash or have them set up a bank card that you have access to. Stay safe x

    • Books&looks says:

      No, its highly unlikely you’d get scammed just by giving your email address – from what I’ve read it sounds pretty normal for a SD to send money through paypal, its safer than giving out your credit card details (which you should never do!). If you’re really worried, in future you should request cash. Stay safe x

    • Anonymous says:

      Not likely. If you gave more information than your email, then perhaps. If he send you $200 in your paypal then you are likely fine. I will caveat that with you should make sure they send it as friends and family or a gift payment. You don’t want to meet, spend time for them to file a claim and rip the money back away from you. I would never send money to a lady unless it were friends and family so they were assured it couldn’t later be disputed.

    • Gordon says:

      No that should be safe. Paypal is pretty secure and He would not be able to withdraw any money.

  42. 20y/o says:

    Im in mass if you are looking for a real sugar baby. I agree completely with meeting before any money is transfered. Hope to either hear from you or atleast find a good fitting sugar daddy who is right for me ☺️

  43. Kuldeep says:

    I want to like love

  44. Redd says:

    I have a Sd he’s suppose to be sending me $600 thru money gram but he wants me to get him a $25 dollar iTunes gift card … is this a scam and what should i do ?

  45. Taylor says:

    So, my sugar mama asked me to open up a Chase freedom unlimited credit card, she said she’s going to link my account with hers…. how does this sound? Im a sugar newbie and im not sure what i should do?

  46. Daisy says:

    This just happened to me, but he left me in 1400 in debt cuz he deposited a faulty check.. It was the same guy with the itunes..

  47. Anonymous says:

    My sister recently met an SD and he asked for her online bank info to pay off her 2 credit cards. A total of $1300 just to put it out there. Once cleared and her cards paid, one with a limit of $650 and another $750, he asked her to buy him $700 in iTunes cards. Of course it freaked her out because she didn’t want to be in debt in he didn’t pay it back off, a claim he made to reassure her he wasn’t scamming her. BULLSHIT!! I immediately told her to remove his account and change her passwords. From the research I’ve done, she should be okay because it was paid to a credit card and not her personal bank account so he has no way to dispute. If I’m wrong please correct me. But ladies, especially new to being an SB or if your in your early 20s PLEASE BE CAREFUL!! They prey on young girls who don’t know any better.
    Again if you’ve been through this, any advice or anything I may have missed would be great. Thanks

    • Daisy says:

      This just happened to me, but he left me in 1400 in debt cuz he deposited a faulty check..

      • Mikenna says:

        I recently just got scammed as well. This man gave me a fake check of 600 dollars , wanted 300$ in iTunes cards because he had no “Canadian” I tunes card . Eventually TD called and accused me of fraud but I told them what happened. I ended up having to pay 600$ to my bank after and he didn’t care a bit . He also asked me for nudes over and over .

      • B says:

        What did you do after? A SD just payed one of my card and then it closed???

    • Ready4SomethingNew says:

      Ladies, unless you have a SD that you have been with for awhile and know well, never take anything other than cold hard cash or paypal friends and family.

    • Chreshae says:

      Though it was through credit card it still puts her in deficit and can lead to debt that way. Never give out your bank info because they deposit faulty checks

    • Miranda says:

      Hey girl. Has anything happened to your sister’s credit card or balance?? Did they take the money back?? A SD paid off my balance without my login info (he gave me his account and routing number) but then asked me to buy iTunes card so I know it was a scam. But now I’m scared they’re gonna take the money back from my credit card if that’s even possible. So any updates with your sis?

  48. AMPS says:

    I’m new to the SD/SB world myself, but I like to think I have a decent eye for scams. Well, a SD started talking to me and I gave them a number they could message me at and we continued our conversation. But, it didn’t take long for me to see that their account was suspended. So I just kept the conversation going because it was fun and it prepped me in what I should say to others that ask the same questions (“what are you looking for in this arrangement” type questions). Eventually they asked for my bank info saying it would make it easier to transfer money. I immediately said that I had a PayPal at the minimum that I would use, but would prefer to meet in person first since I want to like the person I am in an arrangement with. They insisted on my information. So I just told them that I would not because it’s not for them to know. Haven’t gotten a text back.

  49. Clay says:

    I am a Sugar Daddy – and Ihave been Scammed

    I texted with one girl a few times, and she wanted to fly up to see me, Isent her the money via PayPal for a ticket – never heard from her again.

    Another Girl I agreed on a monthly allowance for on-line only texting until we could meet, I sent her 200 dollars via PayPal – never heard from her again.

    I got tired of typing the same stuff over and over.  I would always forget something and then feel like an asshole for having to bring it up later.  I sat down with my wife and we came up with a list or general outline of things we like, and that we want out of this relationship.  We have added to and subtracted from this as we have gained experience – in other words got scammed.  If at the end of this you are good with everything and want to continue the relationship please let us know.  We can then set up a day to meet, and negotiate how much you get in an allowance to see us.  Depending on how close we are we will either meet once every month, or once every 3 months.


    I will be completely honest – I am trying to find someone to take care of, to spend at least a quarter million dollars on over the next 10 years – but fuck its hard finding anyone who wants more than fucking pocket change.

    I mean – If we are comfortable with each other, and you and my wife get along, and we are sexually attracted to each other –

    I will:

    Never stop the allowance
    Buy you clothes
    Buy you shoes

    Pay for Manicures and pedicures

    Pay for you gym membership

    Take you on vacations with us
    Buy you a car
    and after a couple of years I will Even build you a house

    I just don’t understand why someone would rather have a couple hundred dollars than up to half a million.  So with that said ……

    First you must understand that I WILL NOT SEND ANY MONEY UNTIL WE MEET IN PERSON.  I don’t care how hot you are, if you’re hungry, if your rent is due, if you are homeless, if you need diapers etc etc

    I WILL NOT SEND MONEY for pictures, not for videos, not for any reason.  Please understand no matter what you say i can not and will not send money before we meet. If you ask I will terminate our friendship immediately.

    Understand that I have been scammed out of Money for videos, pictures, and 3 plane tickets so far.  I sent them the money through PayPal and they did not talk to me anymore, because of that this is my process.  This is what is easiest for me and my wife.  

    The last girl is a perfect example.

    I spent close to 2 grand on her in clothes, stuff for her car, and cash.  I flew down to her and she brought her 2 year old kid with her for our date. Which was not necessarily a bad thing, I like kids and want grand kids one day.  She then informed me as we were getting ready to go to the pool that she had just started her monthly cycle.

    Again i was ok with that, things happen.  After the pool we got back to the room and we made out a little, then she said she felt bad about doing anything with her son in the next room.  I understood.

    When I left the next day to fly back home, she said she had a great time, and texted me for like a week saying how much she wanted me, and she was so ready to date again.  So when she asked me for winter tires, I offered to buy her Blizzacks, which is what I use – no she wanted some that cost 300 dollars a tire, close to 1500 dollars to get them put on, balanced, and aligned.

    Which even this was ok, I said sure let me fly down and we will make a weekend of it, I will get a hotel and we can go shopping for your tires. She said uhhh i just left to go visit my bff in seattle, just meet my brother, and he will give you the car, etc etc etc Like I am going to get a B*** J** from her brother.  She was like – “what happened” when I broke it off.

    I am trying real hard to find an honest baby to take and set up a long term relationship with – someone me and my wife can take care of for years – buy her clothes, shoes, vacations, end after a while even a car and a house but it is very hard to find anyone who wants more then the peanuts they get in one scam.

    We do have a couple that we hope are going to at least meet us and see if we click.

    Good Luck all – just keep trying

    • Clay says:

      Sorry the first post got messed up
      Please Delete the one above

      I am a Sugar Daddy – and I have been Scammed

      I texted with one girl a few times, and she wanted to fly up to see me, I sent her the money via PayPal for a ticket – never heard from her again.

      Another Girl I agreed on a monthly allowance for on-line only texting until we could meet, I sent her 200 dollars via PayPal – never heard from her again.

      The last girl is a perfect example.

      I spent close to 2 grand on her in clothes, stuff for her car, and cash. I flew down to her and she brought her 2 year old kid with her for our date. Which was not necessarily a bad thing, I like kids and want grand kids one day. She then informed me as we were getting ready to go to the pool that she had just started her monthly cycle.

      Again i was ok with that, things happen. After the pool we got back to the room and we made out a little, then she said she felt bad about doing anything with her son in the next room. I understood.

      When I left the next day to fly back home, she said she had a great time, and texted me for like a week saying how much she wanted me, and she was so ready to date again. So when she asked me for winter tires, I offered to buy her Blizzacks, which is what I use – no she wanted some that cost 300 dollars a tire, close to 1500 dollars to get them put on, balanced, and aligned.

      Which even this was ok, I said sure let me fly down and we will make a weekend of it, I will get a hotel and we can go shopping for your tires. She said uhhh i just left to go visit my bff in seattle, just meet my brother, and he will give you the car, etc etc etc Like I am going to get a B*** J** from her brother. She was like – “what happened” when I broke it off.

      I am trying real hard to find an honest baby to take and set up a long term relationship with – someone me and my wife can take care of for years – buy her clothes, shoes, vacations, end after a while even a car and a house but it is very hard to find anyone who wants more then the peanuts they get in one scam.

      We do have a couple that we hope are going to at least meet us and see if we click.

      Good Luck all – just keep trying

      • Well unfortunately there is a learning curve with this site and the people who take advantage. I live in NYC and although there’s a lot of men here, many offer very little. Let me know if you’re ever in NYC.. you can click on my handle above (Classy NYC Gal).

      • Verzeldra Jacobs says:

        Thank you clay for your honest words they help me because I️ have been scam by a SD.

      • La Unica says:

        Wow, I’m So Sorry. Yea I just finished being scammed by a SD. It’s so hard because I’m already in debt and he put me in further debt. Like what kind of person are you.

        I’ve never been spoiled in my life, everything I have, however little, I’ve worked hard for, for someone to just pretend to be a SD and put me deeper in the hole.

      • VancouverGal0091 says:

        Wow @Clay, I am so sorry that you went through that. Some girls can be so desperate. Wish you the best on your search, if you ever visit Vancouver we should hang out!

      • Sydney says:

        The same thing just happened to me. Man scammed me out of money and tried to get my to deposit a fake check. I give up

      • Natasha says:

        You can look me up on SA 😉 HopelessRomantic2017. Maybe we will hit it off!

      • Angel_bunny19 says:

        That’s terrible, I recently have been approached by several fake scammers pretending to be sugar daddies. I hope you find an authentic sugar baby, and if your ever looking in the Chicago area. I’d love to get to know you and your wife. Good luck!

      • Anonymous says:

        Not many good people out there, you can’t tell whos lying anymore. this is new and awkward so please forgive me.

      • Anonymous says:

        Hi, Clay, if the distance is not a problem for you, I wish I could meet you and your wife. meg98.

    • Lulu says:

      I would like to meet your wife and yourself !!!

    • Cassandra says:

      I’d really like to have a bit more communication on your last post, I’m intrigued however prefer to talk privately if possible. Perhaps you could leave me an email address to reach you on. Thanks!

    • Billsons says:

      I’m so much interested in becoming that kinda lady you want. Get in touch and lets work things out. If im not what you want, we walk our separate ways. Thanks.

    • Chan says:

      Hi! Clay I would love to meet you and your wife. First time Sugar Baby, don’t know what I’m up for.

    • BrandiG says:

      If you are still looking for a SB I feel like I could be a good fit, I’m been looking for a honest SD

    • Natasha says:

      Wow Clay, with what you are offering I can’t imagine why people would want to scam when they can get the entire world!!

      I’m new to all this and it seems that there aren’t many people on the SA site that are for real??

    • Abbey says:

      Lmao I’m sorry I truly empathize with you but I lost it laughing when you said “like I’m gonna get a bj from her brother.” 😂😂😂 If you’re still looking for a SB I would be interested in chatting, although I’m not sure how closely you’re located to me. I’ve got a good track record, haven’t seen my old sugar daddy since March but he just wished me happy holidays.

  50. Myself101 says:

    My girls sugar daddy just asked for her account number routing number and her account login and password, is this also a scam??!?

  51. Middle aged sugarbaby says:

    To all the under aged and the mid 20s SB, listen carefully do not ever believe a SD will deposit money into your account before actual meeting up. Man rich or middle class or poor will never enjoy giving a stanger woman money without meeting up this is reality.

    Young or matured SD ask for bank account information, immediately reject him because he is just playing you. Do not think you could easily fool the man with your photo shop picture thinking they will simply believe you are that beautiful and sexy be willing to send you money without meeting up and confirmation he can sleep with you.

    • duh says:

      The most common scam I have had has been ‘advance travel fees’ where the girl insists on you paying her travel costs in advance from another city to meet you, then of course will blank you immediately she has the money and never show up. I now refuse to pay anything before the meeting but will always repay travel costs if someone shows up even if the date doesn’t lead to anything.

    • 24ill says:

      My pictures are real. I didn’t even wash just to be fair with you. I can sleep with anybody… Who cares… I own my freedom.

  52. Odd isn't it? says:

    I’ve been on this site for a loooooong time….with a fair amount of success.

    I’ve never been asked for bank account information. It’s like this blog belongs to another website.

    I also don’t share a phone number or email before meeting. Maybe that’s what you’re doing wrong ladies. Besides, who wants their phone blowing up all day long when you’re not even in an arrangement with someone. Just another way for desperate men to drain your time.

    If you don’t want to be scammed, don’t give them the tools dufus.

  53. Help me says:

    Mine kept asking me.for my bank information. So me like a dummy gave it to him. I kept changing my information ( password ) to make a long story short. She deposit money Mony into my account. I’m not talking about 1000 or 2000 over 28000. Now there is a hold on my account. The security department at my bank wants to talk to me. I’m so scared. I don’t want to do jail time or have to pay back anything. Any advice ?

    • Anonymous says:

      Go to your bank in person and just tell them you fell for one of those Nigerian E-mail scams. They’ll help you resolve the issue and you don’t have to worry about jail time.

    • AnonSB says:

      Just be honest with the bank and tell them everything. You will most likely be in debt and removed from that bank. Good luck hun

    • Anonymous says:

      I don’t understand why anyone would deposit that money into your account? What’s the scam?

    • alex says:

      what did you end up doing?? I’m in the same boat rn and I’m so scared :(

  54. Anonymous says:

    This guy named charles whom i just met today is asking me to give him my bank acct details and he’s saying that his acct manager will deposit all of the check for my allowance and he even told me to remove all the money from my acct and trust him bla bla, he’s sugar coating everything for me it’s too sketchy so just be careful ladies.

  55. ARedhead says:

    Becareful when dealing with men stating a younger age, most of the time they are either scammers or trying to do tinder and wont ever gift you anything.
    For me I ran into a scammer the first time I thought I found a young SD. He really was just a creepy old dude scamming girls on the internet. I accidentally gave him too much info about myself and I used my real cell number to text him, a big mistake! Without going into too much detail, he tried to black mail me into having sex with him.

    General advice

    1. Use google voice app always
    2. Dont give too many personal details out before meeting anyone in person and even then be cautious.
    3. Never let anyone know where u live, have them send an uber a block away

  56. TajR says:

    I have a SD who wanted my banking information but he said that he was going to wire transfer the money now I know about wire transfers how ever I am not sure about him. So i changed my password,do people usually get wire Transfers from their SD?

    • Middle aged sugarbaby says:

      Do not give him bank account information as he may be using it for other purpose such as money laundering. If you have never meet him and he is giving you money now is just a total scam and he is playing you. Always first meet and from there you decide and if want to proceed meet 2nd time and move on from there and ask for cash. Do not take cheque and start having sexual relationship with him and after the cheque will bounce and he will just disappear. I have met three genuine high caliber SD and I do not ask for money because I am not looking for money but for happy sexy times so real SD will know how to seek the actual arrangement and pay you on the spot in cash once the agreement is finalised

  57. Anonymous says:

    I had a guy who wanting to write me a check payable to me and send it and he did and then offered to pay all my credit cards and he did they’re still peeing. Then asked me to deposit the check and withdraw potion of it and send it to his travel agent because he’s married and he’s going through divorce and doesn’t want his wife to know anything about what he does on the site. I gave him my credit card info along with pictures of it and soon after he made huge chargers on my cards and I did deposit the checks and sent the money to him. After I got this feeling that this guy could be a total scam and went back to the bank and was able to get back the money I sent to his other account. I almost lost a lot of money.

  58. Orchestra says:

    Every guy on this site that I have spoke to initially seem to be scammers they all want your bank account number they all say they can not use Venmo or PayPal because they have been scammed using them. Smh sad for a real genuine newbie SB who is looking for a real SD this site needs a better way of screening SD’s

    • duh says:

      scams like this come from girls too. I have been given bank details by girls dozens of times as they expect me to deposit either advance travel money or other expenses into their account as ‘good faith’ money or ‘to prove I am serious’ and of course if you did pay they just blank you and you never hear from them again. There are just as many women scamming as there are males so once again its not just men who deserve to be criticised here

  59. anonSD says:

    SBs…Money, cash. It always works. No real guy is going to give you anything until you meet. Once you meet cash is king and there is no reason to play around with cards, accounts, transfers. Cash

  60. Kayla says:

    My sugardaddy wants to send me a paycheck and he wants mail address, name , city , zip code and number ? Is this safe or a scam?

  61. Whoa says:

    So I recently started talking to this SD named Alex … and he’s asking me for my account info. I haven’t given it, and I don’t intend to. When I told him I’d rather meet up in person to at least verify him, he said he was a busy man and wouldn’t be able to meet until the weekend. I agreed but heard almost nothing from him again … Anyone else dealt with Alexlef?

    • Ask yourself....self, am I being stupid says:

      What does it matter?
      You already know he is trying to scam you because he asked for account information.

      A sugar daddy would never ask account information because they show up with cash.
      Enough said!

    • Ask yourself....self, am I being stupid says:

      Don’t be stupid

  62. T says:

    I wanted to share that I’ve been scammed to the point where I lost a lot of money. It all started when a sugar daddy messaged me offering $500 weekly allowance. In order to make the deposit I had to give him all of my bank acct information. At first I was hesitant but then he began to say it was an emergency. Basically, he managed to deposit fake checks into my acct. He stole my hard earned money and I never heard from him again. Please be careful/smart girls.

    • MAL says:

      I bet the same guy scammed me. He offered me the same amount and was saying he was going to buy me this and that..even a new car(which I don’t need). He said in order to give me money I had to give him my bank information. he proceeded to send me money and said he was out in Cancun on business and needed me to send some of his workers money and sent $4600. Turns out he was pulling money from other peoples accounts out and putting it in my account. Now the bank has frozen my accounts and I have to pay $4600 in a month. he ruined my life!

      • Gin says:

        I had a SD that deposited money into my account and the proceeded to ask me to buy him I tunes cards and then when I went to take money out of the account my bank called me and told me that it was fraud checks that why would bounce and I’d owe $2,900

    • Gabriele Prejean says:

      just had the same think happen to me and now i am in debt and not sure how to pay it off.

  63. Anonymous says:

    I’ve been talking to this sugar daddy recently. He says that in order for me to receive my allowance that I need to purchase an ITunes gift card for $50 and he will send the money through bitcoins? Is that even a thing? I didn’t know you could take money off of a gift card.

  64. Anonymously says:

    So there is a guy on Seeking Arrangement that asked me to text him so I did. We’ve been talking for like two weeks now and he says he wants to give me a 1500 week allowance. He is going to contact his payroll officer and open an account for me and a card will be mailed to me. I just need to give him my phone number, address, and a picture of myself. Is this bad?

    • Anonymous says:

      Has he prove to you that he’s real? Have you video chatted and such? It sounds like a scam to me :/

    • T says:

      Don’t try it sis, if it sounds too good to be true, there’s something very fishy going on.

    • Whoa says:

      What’s his name? I had a similar issue.

      • Anonymously says:

        Donny. He is also suspended on the site. I think it is fishy.

      • It’s very simple. Real sugar daddies meet their sugar babies and give them an allowance in person. My daddies meet me and give me cash once we have established an arrangement. It’s that simple.

    • AlexisIsHappy says:

      I had a guy name Kevin say the same thing to me. He wanted my bank account info and I told him I only use Paypal and he said that he doesn’t. He said everything had to go through his payroll manager. I told him he wasn’t getting my info and he never responded to my text.

      • Rachel says:

        OMG I think I’m talking to the same guy! His name is Kevin and he’s asking the same thing saying that his Account Manager will add me to his payroll! Crazy.

  65. Nyla says:

    Also, stay away from anyone who tells you his name is “Aurelien” .. he might have many different usernames but that’s the name he’s giving out. Don’t fall for any sob stories too!! Make sure they’re background verified!

  66. Nyla says:

    Beware ladies: don’t give out your account number , or routing number and definetly not your ONLINE ACCESS to your bank. Tf. The safest way for an allowance is PayPal or venmo if it’s a small amount. Actually the best way is cash. Don’t let these fools play ya! You girls are not dummies!

  67. _kac_ says:

    So from reading a lot of these messages, I’m a little confused and want to be sure I’m not about to get scammed. I have a guy who I haven’t met yet wanting to send me money via PayPal. Is PayPal safe, or is it a scam if we haven’t met first?

  68. Anonymous says:

    help!! im in the middle of the iTunes deposit scam. if I wait long enough will the checks stay in my account or will they definitely bounce. I’m very scared that I will be in the negative in my bank. if I take out the cash will I just be in the negative?.

  69. Anonymous says:

    HELP!! I’m in the middle of a scam. I had one sd giving me 2200 and I sent him 800 in intense cards. but then a second sd asked me the same so I got worried. I ahem this guy my banking info because I thought id be safe with just changing my password. what do I do now????

  70. Anonymous says:

    Okay so, SD sent me a picture of a check to mobile deposit into my account… it has my name on it & everything. Cool. I haven’t deposited it into my account because I don’t want it to be a fraudulent check & leave me responsible for the funds. He’s never asked me for account info or anything. We talked about allowance. He sent a photo of the check for the amount of the allowance then sent another check for me to send to his family member… scam.?

    • Mimi says:

      Never give anyone your bank info. I have a different guy everyday trying to say the same story. Give me a weekly allowance if i give bank info. Giving your bank info out is like giving your social out. DON’T DO IT

  71. Anonymous says:

    Im talking to this guy larry. He had me give over my mobile bank information and deposited 2000 dollars. The checks were not signed by me so my bank stopped it and closed my account. I was worried so i tried to chew him out over text but then he offered to pay off my credit card which was only at 500. So, he asked for that login. I did not give it to him, instead I asked for his Account number and routing number. He gave it to me. Should i trust this? The payment is currently pending. Could this be a scam?

    • alex says:

      so they just closed your account and that was it?? you didn’t get in trouble? I’m asking because recently my SD deposited $1785 to my account and its on hold but I’m scared I’m going to get into federal trouble

    • Miranda says:

      The same thing happened to me!! The credit card situation. Any updates with you?? Did it go through and get reversed or something?

  72. TAWNY says:

    My sugar daddy and I met the first time it was great he paid for dinner and everything. The next time we met up I skipped work to spend the night with him. We had a good night then when I got ready to leave he writes me a check. I thought this was weird but whatever I have been to his house right. I get home and deposit the check just to find out a few days later he stopped payment for the check. He was 3 hours away so there is no way I’m going back. I tried reaching out by haven’t ever received a reply.

  73. Anonymous says:

    Gave her her allowance.

    She walked out the door a few minutes later and I never saw her again.

    Pretty bold move if you ask me.

  74. Coleen says:

    I’m new to the sugardaddy sites. Immediately after setting up an account, I received 3 messages from sugar daddies giving me their number to message them but there’s no profile pics. Do sugar daddies normally asked you to message them?

  75. Julia says:

    I met up with this guy that claimed to be loaded, he didn’t live to far away and he offered to pay for my Uber to his house. When at his home he was fine, but after a few hours there he started to be quite agressive and forceful and kept on throwing numbers at me, saying he would pay me £2000 if I had sex with him.
    I didn’t as I don’t know the person and the way he was acting and trying to touch me I wasn’t comfortable with at all. I acted like everything was fine and when i left he told me he was only giving me £200 for a regular none sexual meet which it was very forced and he did try Touch me inappropriately a lot. He told me to send him my bank details for the transfer but never sent anything
    To be honest I’m just left very uncomfortable with the whole thing
    His name is Aaron, he has a beard in his profile pic and his seeking arrangement profile name is esaah7
    He told me about how many times he’s been to prison for violent offences and he doesn’t care about going again. I’m not sure what to do now

    • Rick says:

      Never go to a guy’s house for the initial meeting, you’re just asking to get raped. Meet in a public spot, cafe or restaurant is perfect. I think you’re lucky you got away, and wouldn’t go back.

  76. Tommy says:

    Doesn’t anybody use cash anymore? You know, it’s “Legal tender for all debts, public and private.”

  77. LR.SB says:

    I would first avoid this number:+1 872-210-0305. He claimed to be from Florida and wanted me to open a checking account or give him my log in info to which I said no..

    The second one to avoid was first known as “Mason” but I later saw him open up an account by the name of “Tommy” something from Sf. Apparently he sells exotic vehicles and wanted me to give him my account info, ect.+1 424-255-1765

  78. Sofi says:

    So I’m very new to this and I’ve gotten a lot of messages and whatnot. So I opened a new bank account , if a SD asks for the account number and I have like $2 is it safe ? I also have another one that wants my log in info to direct deposit a check and he’s like suggested that if I don’t trust him enough I can take my money out . He seems like a great guy and I’ve done my research on him and he seems legit but im not sure how like safe it would be and like I don’t understand exactly how like he could screw me over like I’m hoping they’re all real but I have no experience with this .

    • anonymous says:

      DONT DO IT. i just lost $7500 from a sugar daddy who sent me forged checks and asked me to send a portion to another account for him. DO NOT SEND ANYONE MONEY PERIOD. EVEN IF YOU THINK YOU ARE GONNA END UP AHEAD. THE MONEY WILL GO INTO YOUR ACCOUNT AND COME OUT IN A FEW DAYS AND YOU’LL BE LIABLE. also, he could login to your account and look at your personal info, address, sin, etc. dont do it!!!

  79. Entitled SD wannabees says:

    A potential sugar daddy by the profile name of GulfstreamG7 sent me a message. After trying to convince me that he fits what my profile states I’m seeking, then shares this, “I am not going to hand someone money in a transaction type situation. I don’t have to. I’m successful, handsome, very fit…bring alot to the table.”

    First of all, what sort of sugar daddy doesn’t know how to spell even the most simple of words.

    Secondly, I don’t care how handsome you are, this isn’t a freebie site. I’m not a fortune teller, but we’ll still see him bouncing around this site in two years, still seeking free handouts.

    Third, he claims to be 52. His pictures included a large age range, unfortunately I missed the younger years, he is obviously closer to 60 than 50.

    • Unfortunately there are a lot of entitled salty guys on here that think they don’t have to pay an allowance because they’re young and good-looking. I don’t understand why the 20 something guys are even on here if they don’t get what an arrangement means. There are older ones too like you’ve discovered that will make excuses like that as well, even though they should know better. Hopefully you live in a big city where you can smile and say “Next!” like I do… 😉

  80. Cierra says:

    My sugar daddies keep telling me to get a vanilla prepaid visa. I hear it’s the best method of payment. However, when I went to purchase a reloadable vanilla card my SD told me he wanted me to get the prepaid visa gift card. Those expressly say NONRELOADABLE. I asked him how he was going to put money on the card and he said he had an online account and told me to take a picture of the front and back of the card and send it to him. Everyone I talk to tells me there’s no way he could put money on the card after I already bought it. Is this a scam?!

  81. Cierra says:

    I keep running into SDs saying they want me to use the vanilla prepaid visa and everyone keeps saying it’s the best method but I was going to get a reloadable vanilla visa but my SD told me not to and to get the prepaid visa gift card cause he has an online account and he would put the money on there. The card expressly says NONRELOADABLE. So how is he going to keep putting my allowance in there. I told him I didn’t want to have to buy a card every time he gave me an allowance. Is this a scam?!

    • Kylie says:

      Yes especially if you haven’t met before but he’s willing to give you an allowance already

    • alternatedating says:

      Venmo is your friend. No need for reloadable cards.

    • Lynn says:

      I am new to the SD world. I made my SB profile, and keep getting messages to text the sd. I have been yelled at because I wouldn’t get a target red card, or iTunes, Wal-Mart card, nor give my personal account info. I explained they could send me my money via Wal-Mart. (I mean everyone has a wal mart right) so my question right now (I have so many of them lol) is what is another way to receive payment from a sd? Thanks for all your help lady’s ?

  82. Kylie says:

    Talked to this guy named “Steve Peterson”. Knew it was a scam, just wanted to have a little fun with some of the scammers and waste their time. Gave him a text free app number and talked to him. Said his wife died and has a 12 year old. I reverse searched his photo and the poor man who is really in the photo’s identity has been stolen for the past five years. Anyway, he wanted to immediately wire me $400 a week after talking to me for twenty minutes. called him out and he got very defensive. Told him he’s been reported to the appeoprate authorities and then never said anything again

  83. Anonymous says:

    Ok I have a little bit of fun wasting time with these scammers. I give them a text free number just to see how far they’ll go. Anyway, talked to some guy named “Steve Peterson” says he’s 46 from LA. Wife died and has a 12 year old daughter. Wanted to wire me $400 a week only 10 minutes into our conversation. Reverse image searched him, found that the photo is of an innocent man whose face is used for scams in the past 5 years. Called him out, he got really defensive. Said I reported him to the appropriate government officials

  84. Sunny says:

    Hi, a SD asked me to get him iTunes cards with money he deposited to me, I sent him the 5 itunes cards he asked for his workers. He gave me money and when he thought I wasn’t going to get the itunes cards started saying that he was going to track me down. He only knows my full name and cell phone number. I sent him the itunes cards and I’m not sure what to do. I wasn’t expecting to be sent all this money. He has no access to my bank account and doesn’t know anything about me except my name and account number.

    • Sunny says:

      what do I do??

    • Rick says:

      You got scammed. Nothing else is going to happen to you. He certainly isn’t going to report you to anyone. And for SBs EVERYWHERE, real SDs don’t ask you to send the iTune cards, or Amazon cards, or payments to their office assistant. Real SDs have their financial act together, and don’t need the help of strangers to move their money around.

      • charlotte says:

        the same thing happened to me. he put 2442$ into my account and then told me to buy 2000$ worth of itunes gift cards for his workers. i did it and sent him pictures and then he was wanting to put more money into my account for my allowance and then some of it to his brother. I changed my passwords to my bank info so he cant log in. What should i do now? he knows so much about me since he knew my login to my bank.

      • duh says:

        in my experience in years of online dating there are as many FEMALE scammers as male. I have had all sorts of scams, before and after meeting, ’emergency’ money needed for ‘rent arrears’, educational fees that must be paid now, requests to transfer money ‘temporarily’ so they can get visas, lots of faked situations with faked documents, and simple advance fee scams, travel fares, shopping on dates when a girl simply ghosts half way through the date, and so on.. there are LOTS of women scamming, or trying to every day of the week, simply topping up their escort work, hooker jobs, stripper and webcam work and in between overseas sex worker trips, there are tons of women faking it, lying and cheating, so it’s wealthy financially organised men who are the targets not the perpetrators.

  85. Jessie says:

    Its a little weird this Pot wants me to open a target credit/debit card so he can put money in it I don’t know what to make of it. Is this a scam anyone has heard of?

  86. Shelly says:

    I am incredibly new to SA. I made an account yesterday and already have a SD sending me his account info. He wants to “clear off all of my credit card debt” then wants me to get him iTunes cards ($2300) for his employers. Should I do it? Is it a scam??

    • JennSA says:


      This is 100% a scam and a reportable offense. Please refer to this blog post to educate yourself on different types of reportable offenses. http://blog.seekingarrangement.com/2017/08/17/guide-to-reportable-salt/

      • Shelly says:

        Ok!! I wasn’t sure. I sent the screenshot to my friend and she told me it sounded like a scam. Mainly because we haven’t had a first meet up just yet. Yeah def cutting it off

      • Cruz Control says:

        Cutting it off?? That’s pretty extreme even if he is a scammer! Instead of cutting it off, perhaps you could just hold it tight, slap it a few times, and tell it to show you more respect going forward.

      • Cruz Control says:

        Cutting it off is extreme even if he is a scammer. Instead, you could hold it tight, slap it a few times, and tell it to be more respectful going forward.

  87. Victor says:

    Has anybody had problems with a sugar momma named Sophia??

  88. Ciara says:

    My potential SD wants to set up my weekly allowance on an Exxon mobile card. Anyone done this? How does it work?

  89. brandnewSB says:

    I think I was messaged by a scammer. Account was like Becca or Bucca something. Said her name was Diane, she was 32, she was “into importing like really really big shipments of cosmetics” and that she also “was a high-end car merchant.” She said drove a lotus and had a kid who was 4 years old. She “went through [my] profile and basically [she’s] attracted to [me].” She offered $400 twice a week for “sexy pictures” and an emotional connection, and gave me her number to text her and see if this arrangement would work.

    However? Her account said she was 22. I let that message sit for a bit, because I didn’t feel comfortable with that, and 17 hours later that message is no longer in my inbox and it’s showing that she never visited my page. My guess is that she deleted that account or blocked me.

  90. Tryingout says:

    So my sd wants my login info for my account to deposit money using the mobile check thing. He’s not interested in any other methods. He sent me his full name and driver’s license saying that I could call the cops if he did something illegal. Should I do it?

  91. newsb says:

    I’m new to being a SB. James Lauren Mark asked me for a picture of my credit card to send it to his financial officer to help me pay it off. I stopped talking to him but this is a scam, right?

  92. alternatedating says:

    Always seems to me that the best way of avoiding scams for both sides is to get coffee or lunch, connect on IG or other social media that shows an account that has been around for a while.

    I’m not sending money to anyone I don’t know, not asking you to send money to others, and prefer Venmo until we’re comfortable. For a longer term relationship, bank accounts and direct pay of bills are much easier. Then again, I’m a stable single guy with nothing to hide …. on the other hand, I understate my income and net worth on this site since I don’t want to attract those who might be interested in that.

  93. Spicy says:

    Avoid Johnson698 with number +1 (305) 942-2487 ! They want you to delete your account while giving them your bank username and password so his “accountant” can deposit money !

  94. Newbie says:

    Hi guys newbie to this and I was told I needed to open an account with a credit union in order to get paid. I tried to use app such as paypal but they are not going for it. So I have a few questions
    Had anyone had a bad experience with paypal? Are prepaid cards no acceptable for payment and how exactly des payment work and how soon do you get paid been talking to someone for a few days now just wondering

    • Justanothersugarbaby says:

      Most daddys will give you cash. I wouldn’t trust anyone you haven’t met yet, especially if they ask for any banking and credit information.

    • alternatedating says:

      I generally use venmo. To be honest, if I know the person and trust them where I’m giving a monthly allowance, it is much easier to transfer money through a bank account. I’ve only done that a couple of times with someone I know. A credit union joint account with someone you have built trust with could be a good option.

  95. Sarah says:

    This SD put 1900 in my account and told me that it would be available in the morning. Then he wants me to go to Wal Mart and Transfer it to another Wal Mart. Scam?

  96. amanda says:

    Wondering the level of safety of accepting money through venmo/cash app as opposed to giving them your bank info…

  97. Anonymous says:

    So I was talking to someone named Nathan Mike (his SA account was just called sugar daddy I think?) and he wants to give me a $500 a week allowance because he wants to “spoil me silly” and wants to “take care of me”. I asked him why he started being a SD and he said that his wife passed away a couple of years ago, he lost his only daughter and his son left home 6 years ago. He said he is a wealthy man and is just looking for someone to take care of because he doesn’t want to spend alone. He said he lives in Texas (I’m in Canada) and all he wants is someone to be loyal and kind to him. He said he will give me $300 “to get my hair and nails done to make me happy” and that the $500 weekly willl come after that. He’s asked for my bank institution but I don’t know if I should give it to him. I suggested other methods of payment but he didn’t seem interested. I think it’s a scam but has anyone else had similar experiences?

    • Jenna anderson says:

      Sounds like my experience with a guy named Mike Roberts. He even went as far as to send me pictures of a bank account that probably isn’t his. The story sounds the exact same just with a different name . Please don’t fall for it and report people like that immediately

    • Spicy says:

      Don’t do it.

    • Lucy says:

      I just started sa and I had a guy tell me everything you just mentioned the name was different but dude lives in Texas and all the words you mentioned is what was told to me except mine was starter $300 for hair and nails then 2k for weekly allowance.

      • Mary says:

        Same thing happened to me with Mike Smith. He was ”finishing a project” in the middle of nowhere, asked for my username and password to deposit a check in my account. Gave me 2k, then asked to buy iTunes gift cards and use Western Union to transfer money. The rest was ‘for me’. I only did 200 cause of a daily limit of 500 and withdraw of 200. My bank smelled something was fishy when I tried to purchase 600 worth of gift cards. I withdrew 200 to try and help my SD. He never talked to me again. Glad my bank knew my habits or it could have been worse.

    • Anonymous says:

      What is wrong with you people?!? Until you develop trust in the relationship, cash only.
      Don’t even text or email men without first meeting them INSIDE a restaurant ONLY. Your home address is searchable from googling your phone number and IP addresses can be traced. Wake up people and protect yourself.

  98. MARRISA says:

    Sugar Babies avoid user “SugarAnyone? from Maryland, this guy is just wanting to meet for sex and makes many promises about travel and allowance only to end up ghosting.

  99. Arrington says:

    Okay so my sugar daddy wants me to buy an iTunes card so he can put money on it for me is that legit?

  100. Anonymous says:

    Okay so my sugar daddy wants me to buy an iTunes card so he can put money on it for me is that legit?

    • Dariana says:

      I have someone telling me the same thing.. he wants to deposit money in my bank account, and wants me to buy 11 100$ iTunes gift cards for him and his “colleagues” scratch them off and send them to him

      • Don’t do it says:

        Omg I had the same thing with a SD. He paid off my credit card debt before asking me to go buy $5k worth of iTunes cards & scratch them off for his employees

    • Anonymous says:

      Only a scammer would request this.

  101. Anonymous says:

    There’s a scammer named “Sidac” who is posing as a woman, I get at least messages a week from that a$$hole.

  102. none says:

    watch out for MARSHA ( new york or Amsterdam) she’s a sugar mommy and Mary she’s from LA speaks broken language and she had me buy her iTunes gift card with a check that bounce back in my Account do NOT BE FOOLED

  103. Hey ladies, Avoid Jckmanny & Ashton18201 says:

    Both profile names are for the same obese Hispanic male.
    He has never had a real sugar relationship.
    He claims moderate on profile, but is under the impression that $200 is acceptable to meet.
    RME lol

  104. ghost says:

    avoid needtruelove1010 number 305-209-7444. wanted to add me to his payroll for a weekly pay but was really set on getting my address for me to deposit a check into my acct. got mad when i told him i was only comfortable with the square cash app and didnt wanna give my address. his name is gary. even sent a pic of him and another SB.

    • Rose says:

      Yes. Gary also contacted me on that same account. He gave me that same number but he texted from a 786 number claiming that he broke his other phone so add him on hangouts. So I created a new gmail and we chatted on there for awhile. He also sent me a pic with his sb. He wanted to add me on his payroll but I told him I only take bitcoin, cash.me or PayPal. He never replied after that lol and he deleted his hangout account.

  105. This is my first time on SA and I’m talking to a SD and he wants to send me 400 for allowance. We haven’t met it’s been a couple of days but he still wants to help me out. He hasn’t asked for my banking info but does anyone know of any good apps to recieve money?

  106. Anonymous says:

    IF SOMEONE ASKS FOR YOUR BANKING INFO DO NOT GIVE IT NO MATTER HOW SWEET OR SINCERE THEY SEEM! DO NOT GIVE YOUR ADDRESS OR REAL NAME UNTIL YOU HAVE MET AND FORMED A BOND! I was scammed by a mama who claimed that she wanted me to send money to her daughter in Dubai. After giving my info (not current address) but BANKING. She placed 3500 into my account. I changed all my passwords and security after she asked me to send it through money gram or western.. It was a huge huge HUGE flag. And also my first time trying this! If you have already gone about doing this, DO NOT SPEND OR TAKE OUT ANY OF THIS MONEY! I am leaving it in my account until the cheque bounces. If I touch it I will be negative how ever much I touch. Change your info, block the person and report them. And do not touch the amount!

    • Jazmin says:

      whats her name? Something similar just happened to me. She said she reached her limit so she had to pull from her charity account and she was going to send me my allowance with the charity money and have me send the rest of the money via money gram

  107. Coco says:

    Has anyone been running into SDs asking you to buy one vanilla gift card or vanilla one prepaid card?

  108. Starr says:

    Beware of big_daddy370. Claiming to be an engineer from Miami called Mike Patrick that’ll send you a weekly allowance

  109. Jen says:

    So I just got scammed hard. I new to this whole thing and gave out my bank info. Guy sent me 1400.00 asked me to send 1200.00 of it to an orphanage as part of our agreement. So I did. Yes I know it was stupid and I’m super embarrassed about it. He sent me another 1400.00 and I was to send it again this time he gave me a different name so I never sent it just kept the 200.00. Then he cancelled the check deposits and I ended up 1500.00 in the hole. The bank said it was like money laundering. Can I get arrested for it when I had no clue? Kinda freaking out right now. Been super stressed all day and crying. I don’t want to go to prison. I have never done anything illegal in my life. Advice someone?

    • Rick says:

      No, you won’t go to jail, you were used and got nothing out of it. But you’re out a bunch of cash.

      I don’t understand how SBs can be so gullible. A wealthy SD is NEVER going to send someone money and then ask them to forward it to someone else because:

      1) How does he know you won’t just keep the money for yourself?
      2) If he can send you money, he can certainly send it to his son/manager/business partner/whoever. Why involve a stranger?
      3) If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

    • alternatedating says:

      That’s horrible. Sorry to heard that. These people are scum … and are often overseas.

      Really unlikely you can get arrested without some knowledge.

      There is a big scam like this targeting lawyers. Someone asks for help settling a case. The lawyer quickly settles and get a “certified check.” The client demands the lawyer send the money which the lawyer does. Then the check bounces and everyone is gone.

    • Chbik says:

      Low, what a SB idiot. These type of girls all over the place!

  110. tinybrunette says:

    Please avoid Nick6869 like the plague! He tried to set me up with a foreign student for ‘platonic proposal’…basically an arrangement for a girl to marry this guy so he can stay in the U.S. I looked it up and it’s illegal as hell. Immigration fraud has a $250,000 fine and jail time, don’t fall for it! Always remember, sisters: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is, and ALWAYS do your research.

  111. Anonymous says:

    My SD wants me to open a new bank account so he can deposit money in there. But he just told me that he’s putting extra money in there so I can send it to his son. This came up as a red flag for me. What should I do?

    • Rick says:

      Why can’t he send it to his son? That’s what any normal person would do.

      It’s a scam, you send money, then his check bounces and you’re screwed.

  112. NotGonnaHappen says:

    There are sugar baby scammers out there too. One woman on SA who went by the name Marissa was looking for Fin Dom in her profile (look it up). She deliberately tried to impregnate herself by harvesting a condom, and then turned around and tried to extort large sums of money, but not before antagonizing me by claiming she was going to have the baby and keep it. This woman is pure evil.

  113. JFC, now what?!? says:

    dpman is his profile name.

    Claims real name is David.

    He has a couple of bi buddies and wants a person to please him & all his buddies…and no arrangement…as if it’s our privilege. LOL

    Unfortunately you don’t find this out until you meet him for dinner…and he shows up with white hair….and is chubby.
    smh….must have had a closed head injury, hahaha

  114. avoid this one ladies says:

    Person by the profile name of SA MD is not a legitimate Sugar Daddy.

    Seriously, don’t even agree to meet him.
    If you do, protect your identity, e.g. no texting or emailing, etc.

  115. Anonymous says:


  116. SummerIsOver says:

    I am amazed at the married people who are cheating. I am not talking married and disclosing it and have a true need and resources for another woman in their life. I mean the type that lie and say they single over 10 years but just from google their phone # saw them and their facebook. Thats creepy

  117. Abby says:

    My sugar daddy wants to send me 1,800, and wants me to send $1,200 to his “contractor” for him. Can I get in any trouble any way sending money to someone? As long as there’s absolutely any chance I could, I won’t do it

  118. Testing out says:

    Was thinking about sb/sd site and wanted to test out. I joined as SD and after 15 days found following:
    – Found two escorts who wanted meet same night or after 3-4 days
    – Many escorts post as SBs – Found few on Backpage
    – Many fake profiles you can see same pictures on two diff profiles
    – As soon as you ask girl to meet in public space or on video chat, they disappear like fart in hurricane
    – Some ladies don’t bother to respond 3-4 days..well fakes
    – Some are rude bi**** – you try to approach and they kind of ask “meet and do what?” I mean wtf?
    – 80$/month – big rip off. I think SeekingArrangement hire 3-4 employees and they just keep doing fake profiles all day & night.

    Verdict – don’t waste your money in this BS website.

    • GuestOnSeek says:

      I also believe they have employees posing as people and leading people on to continue and extend memberships. A lot more than 3-4 employees, seems like most of the site is fake.

      • Mary says:

        Know of any websites that are better at matching SDs with SBs? I think there are fake SDs and SBs everywhere here. We’re frustrated, you guys are frustrated, no one is benefiting but the scammers who get to us (and you) first.

  119. Emyraj says:

    I met this guy , you was telling, he had a mining company, as a daughter, even sent me pictures. The start making the arrangment such as no meeting, just talking, I’ll give you weekly allowance, then tell me he’ll need to talk to his bank manager because he doesn’t know my bank. So I’m find with that, guess he wants to be sure.
    Next thing he ask for my info, such as password, username!!!!!???
    Sorry Hun doesn’t work like that, and when I told him he doesn’t need that kind of information ….I got block before I could report him, only because I ask for a pick with his hand writing saying , hey I’m kevin -___-.


    • Emyraj says:

      The name is Spending4baby Texas US, name Kevin Richyy phone star by 716-650-xxxx
      Picture have a blue shirt with white stripe

      • Misty says:

        Omg! Please let me know more info! I think I got scammed by the same exact person! His name was also Kevin and he said he has a daughter too! His phone is from North Dakota! But he also says he’s traveling to Texas! Omg! Please let me know more! I’m still talking to him. He wanted my bank info too!

  120. sugarbabysally says:

    any one speak to VladtheLad, 21 year old Sugar daddy ? he’s offering super high allowances for online arrangements not sure if I should trust him lol

    • Boy SB says:

      No, but watch out for guy with real name…some variety of Vlad.

      He is a nightclub Manager/CoOwner…..controlling & jealous & that was just the 1st date.
      He’s more like 56 though, not 21….a petite man.

      Do not even meet him. He is looking for free ass. Personality is not even worth a free lunch, trust me ladies.

  121. Marrianne Styles says:


    I have been chatting to this guy. Swapped numbers & pics. He paid me £1000 to my paypal with the promise of more. He has since vanished on me. Doesnt reply to messages. I am emailing the account the money came from and he doesnt know who I am (liar). This guy steals your heart and crushes it. AVOID

  122. Hunny bun says:

    You guys cant believe what happened to me!!!!
    I met a SD name David, he supposedly had a kid. From Cali.
    Well my dumb self gave him my account info. Ik i hate myself too for it. Anywho, one morning i woke up to check my bank account as always. All of a sudden i couldn’t log in. So i went to check it out with my bank. After the accountant was helping me out, making calls. He hands me the phone. His face, i will never forget it. He looked at me shocked and if i were stupid, so i grabbed the phone and the company asked me if i have been waiting for a deposit, and they said to me that the company was a scam, so i told them thank you for letting me know, i had no freaking clue. So the manager had to take down my account, give my money back. And luckily i was not reported to many other banks so they wont take me. But im banned from this bank for 7 years, 7 frigging years!
    Now i have to go through the process and hope they didnt put me on the black list.
    So ladies be careful out there, if they dont want to listen to you. Theyre so not worth it. It doesnt hurt to be a little cold hearted when it comes for your own safety.

    • Angela says:

      Omg i talked to him today and he did the same thing to me, wtf is up with these scammers

    • Angela says:

      I literally told him he was a scammer and he got mad at me!!!! He was asking for my credit card login info, bank routing and account number. He seemed so nice i cant believe I was starting to fall for his shit, he said he was from cali but “out of the states” for 3 weeks. What a scumbag.

  123. Aug 4th had a guy text me saying his real name was Joseph and he was 41 and was a marine and how he has kids and a dead wife promised me 600 3xs a week and all he wanted was to be made to feel like he was wanted and listen to him vent. Then he made 2 deposits in my account of 900 and if came up firebird restaurant operations llc pay roll check bank processed it 48 hrs later said I had money then he wanted me to buy 16 iTunes cards cause he said he was a pilot and he was in France and how he couldnt get iTunes to work so stupid me did it and then he made 2 more 900 deposits and they cleared and he wanted more iTunes cards then all of a sudden my bank tells me I am 3600 in the hole now cause the checks are fraudulent! I have to go fight with my bank to try and clear my account cause I can’t afford 3600 plus fees and now there’s a 200 Mobil deposit that went through and it will kick back as well. This man sent me pictures as well and I couldn’t find him anywhere on the internet. He is scamming a lot more people I’m afraid.

    • Lana says:

      He’s doing the same thing to me right now. Keeps begging me to go buy $300 worth of iTunes cards, saying he needs them to buy books for a seminar. I’m sending him a screenshot of this, and reporting his profile. I believe it was lovemegentle02 or something like that. Thank you for telling everyone about this guy. I’m about to rip him a new arse hole.

    • Hunny01069 says:

      Same guy gave me the same exact story. He paid off one of my credit cards so I could use it to buy him iTunes cards because he has a 4.3 million dollar deal going on in France but he needs American iTunes cards to load up iBooks for a seminar. Long story short the payment cleared so I thought he might be legit but because I wouldn’t go to the store at 3am he marked it as an unauthorized payment and it got returned. I suspected that if I would of went out that night to get the cards he still would of returned the payment. Is there anything I can do with his name number and bank info such as reporting to authorities?

    • Anonymous says:

      So this Marine Pilot has a salary of 6600$ per month, he has kids, rent/interest each month plus pay for his kids, and you A think this is a rich guy who can pay you 600$ per week or month just to talk to him?

  124. bbygirl says:

    talked to this guy named Scott, who is from NJ & who’s a civil engineer…literally seemed like such a nice guy when we were texting. willing to give me $400 weekly allowance and he even sent me pics of himself. did a reverse google image search and it was his real pic. Then he asked me to give him my bank info and then he’d take care of my credit card bill, of $1170. He said he was gonna deposit money into my account and then have me buy an iTunes gift card… like wtf!!! he was such a great guy from our conversation and then that happened. He said he was on a business trip in Amsterdam -_-

  125. Looking out says:

    6194687902 Scammer number from SA. He deleted his profile before I could even report him. Claims he’s from San Diego. He says he can only bank wire money and is a millionaire. Please be careful with their payroll lies

  126. Ali says:

    Talk to this guy named joey . And we’ve been talking for two weeks. Seems like a normal guy but then he said he wanted to give me an allowance of 300 every 3 days .so created a new bank account and gave him info to login and a deposit. And he deposited the money but was asking me to buy an iTunes card . And it seemed really fishy . I regret giving it to him it because I’m scared of what’s gonna happen . He says he lives in California but is in Kuwait for his job. I know for sure this is a scam and I don’t know how to get out of it .

    • Sami says:

      If its Joey Meadows then i just encountered the same situation, within the same time period today! Definitely a scam! He outright gave me his banking information and i knew something had to be up. Did the money hit your account and everything? I refused to give him any of my account information so he gave me his information which is still super sketchy.

    • Ali says:

      I have the same situation they haven’t sent me any money. They wanted me to go to a new bank set up an account for them to send money and me buy them iTunes cards. It’s so weird

    • bri says:

      THE SAME THING IS HAPPENING TO ME. I’m so scared about what’s going to happen

    • john says:

      I am so sorry to hear this happened to you, and you say you don’t know how to get out of it. Well, you have not done anything wrong, you realize that right? And in talking to your bank who’s job it is to protect you, find an account manager who is a women, and you don’t have to tell her the entire story, just say you met this man online, and let her help you. Close the account. But make sure the bank knows they can protect you for any funny business. Banks are slow to catch on. They need our help but the people I’ve spoken to really care, and they see these scams now ALMOST DAILY. Good luck to you! Be safe!

  127. Anonymous says:

    has anyone ran into a scammer going by the name Richard Norman?

  128. Anonymous says:

    Has anyone met a scammer going by the name Richard Norman?

    • Anonymous says:

      is he from San Jose? If so I might know who your talking about. Did he say that he needed iTunes cards to be able to give you your 400$ allowance? He was a road constructor and a interior consultant?

  129. Belle says:

    I’m new to the SB/SD world. So far, so good. I’ve received a lot of messages. Most of the men want to meet for coffee or drinks. To.borrow I’m meeting an gentleman for coffee at the local coffee shop. You know who’s fake and who is not. A man who wants to pay you without ever meeting, is probably a scam. Especially that old played, I’m in another Country and want to put such and such in your account, but you have to go buy Itunes cards, gift cards etc… and give to an employee of mine etc.. These same types are all over CL and have received emails, when i was looking to rent a place, or sending resume to a potential job. They use the same story.

    If a guy wants to meet up to see if there is chemistry. He’s the winner. He’s trying to see if its a match, them an agreement can be set. NEVER EVER give your bank account info. If an SD claims he can only send money that way, he’s lying. If he wants to send you money before ever meeting, its a scam. Too many gullible women out there.

  130. Holly Golightly says:

    Dad16 in Charlotte, NC, is a scammer. Talked to me for a week then the night we were supposed to meet demanded my bank information (routing number, account number) and when I said I wasn’t comfortable giving the info, he said it wouldn’t work because I didn’t trust him and couldn’t use paypal because bank wiring was “more secure.” Be careful ladies; never give out your banking info.

  131. Beware of DaddySpoils100 .. he’s using someone else’s pictures and by evidence of this and awful grammar on his profile, is a scammer. Ladies, remember these are two tell tale signs to look for to spot a scammer, so when you see this, just block and report! Don’t reply back. Please make sure to google search photos, and look up phone numbers. Guys on here are now using disposable phone numbers, so it makes it even more difficult, but find out all you can about him if you are in contact.

    • Correction: Find out all you can about any potential SD or SB, no matter how “private” they say they are. Never accept or wire money before meeting in person. Remember, trust needs to be earned.

  132. Anonymous says:

    Beware henryguzz29

  133. lauren says:

    What is with all of these “SD’s” taking forever to actually pay? I have met a couple of people in the past few years who were great, always gave allowance during the meeting with no problems. Now that I have come back on the site, it seems like guys are getting cheaper and flakier. 3 have said they will Venmo, I did not allow this, and one deposits a check at his leisure which can be up to a week after our meeting.
    They get away with it by saying they “dont want it to be transactional.” WTF.

  134. Myiah says:

    I have a SD that wants to help with my rent and is asking for my account number and city I opened my account. He said he banks with nevada state . Is it a scam ?? Pls help

  135. Stella says:

    Berk evren’s is a scam. Claiming to be mixed. Email is berk.evren9@gmail.com

    • Loren Small-Teal says:

      Look at this email he just sent me lol I knew it

      what do we do baby cos, I just texted the CFO out of my busy schedule here at work and he said the transfer can’t go through because my bank limit presently is exceeded for wire transfers and the only way to make it available for you asap is by using the ach option, which he will be adding the navy fed as a beneficiary. i would need the online access for the navy, Let me know if you’re okay with that just so i can have him proceed with the process with no stress.

    • NadiaLuv33 says:

      He just emailed me today I was concerned he would try and scam me. Good thing I googled him.

  136. Andi says:

    Why does every single guy ask you to text them in the first message?

    • dont text says:

      They want to blow up your phone. They just want to be entertained with cheap thrills and boob pics. They will never meet, just waste all of your time day and night. These guys are not SDs, just lonely guys that cannot get any attention anywhere else.
      Text at your own risk.

  137. Nicky says:

    David Goke Stones (well that’s the name he told me anyway) gave me fake bank account information to pay off my credit card and asked me to buy $2000 worth of iTunes gift cards claiming he can’t buy them because he’s in Mexico for work.
    What a fucking slime ball.

    • mandy nathan says:

      Hey i had the exact same thing happen… do you know whose bank account information he is giving and who you can report it to? I said to him why couldnt he just order them online and he gave some BS excuse about how that wasnt possible in Mexico. I said ok and that I would “let him know when i get to Walmart”…. let him think it’s worked for a while

    • Anonymous says:

      Someone did the same thing to me. He told me to get 50$ worth. But I lied an said I only had 40. So I sent him 40$ worth of itunecards. And he said that he is able to pay your allowance with that. And is able to get the money off the card!

      • busted says:

        Anonymous @ September 7, 2017 at 11:29 am

        You’re busted. Stop trying to com these women.

        Cash only, no exceptions ladies…don’t be a damn fool!

    • holly golightly says:

      holy shit. my SD did the same thing. but with $5000 worth of iTunes gift cards. says he’s in mexico and his employees need the $$

  138. Sebastian says:

    A sugar daddy named larry who claims he’s from Florida asked for my account number and my mobile banking. Like a dumbass I gave it to him and he sent over 2,000 dollars into my checking. He made me withdrawal the 2,000 and wanted me to do a cash deposit at Bank of America to this weird name kola omismore?..I’m Afraid that this payment will decline and the funds will go negative or even worse he could be stealing people’s money from other accounts? What should I do?…I closed my checking account and mobile banking, but since i withdrew the cash that he told me to do and sent over the cash deposit I should have to owe right?

    • Anonymous says:

      I think I just had the same person. He said $550/week and he sent me over $2300. My bank locked my account until the checks clear. He deleted his profile. This guy was claiming to be Larry, 48yrs old. Has a daughtr and lives in CA. Has a daughter and only requires that I text him daily and fly to CA twice a month. His phone number (443) is the area code for MD not CA. If he asks me to withdraw the money I won’t do it

  139. anon says:

    so i met my SD and he seemed externally legit, he had me request $2000 from him on paypal and 2 days later it still says request pending… anyone have any information on this?

  140. PrincessEmsy says:

    Anybody asking for your bank information, ESPECIALLY If it is related to wells fargo, is a scam.Wells-Fargo, that poor company has become nothing but a scammers based company.originally, wasn’t met to be that way.if Anyone is threatening to take back a gift they gave you, it IS Blackmail, in a way.it is also called”Indian giving.” they can NOT Force you to do anything you do not want to do .
    (Edited to fit within SD/SB situation. borrowed from google.)
    noun: gift; plural noun: gifts

    a thing/Item/money given willingly to someone without payment; a present.(WITH OUT PAYMENT, or ANYTHING expected in return.This includes but is not limited too, sexual favors, how EVER is also Agreeable in certain situations like these, that there are favors returned for the gift(S).These in such, MUST be returned as agreed upon.If you don’t, the person does have a right to ask for them back, regardless of what it was.(Unless it involves a life,(Such as a childs that you both conceived, or a puppy, or kitten/ kitty..bird, hamster.. etc wellll..that’s a whole nother subject.)

    I’m no lawyer, or cop, but I’ve studied/ am studying law.

    (DISCLAIMER- please note as I am not a professional, meerly a college student, anything I say here can be taken with a grain of salt. how ever, I only tell what the truth is.:) so as not to hurt my fellow SB’s.:) Daddies.. you may want to pay attention , as well.Also, I am NOT an admin/moderator for the website. I just want to help out !:))

    If anyone has anymore questions feel free too Send me an Message at SA, at PrincessEmsy.

    I might not get your responses right away.

    Some more information..

    noun: blackmail

    the action, treated as a criminal offense, of demanding money from a person in return for not revealing compromising or injurious information about that person.
    “they were acquitted of charges of blackmail”
    synonyms: extortion; More
    informalhush money;
    “he was accused of blackmail”
    money demanded from a person in return for not revealing injurious information.
    “we do not pay blackmail”
    the use of threats or the manipulation of someone’s feelings to force them to do something.
    “out of fear, she submitted to Jim’s emotional blackmail”

    verb: blackmail; 3rd person present: blackmails; past tense: blackmailed; past participle: blackmailed; gerund or present participle: blackmailing

    demand money from (a person) in return for not revealing compromising or injurious information about that person.

  141. Missy says:

    So i was messaged by 3 different guys who asked me the exact same questions in the exact same order..I feel that’s quite odd so I blocked them now the other 5 who messaged me all wants to out me on pay roll but they refuse to do western union or pay pal because they “don’t hold credit cards or cash”. I don’t understand is being out on patrol even legal? Are these scammers? How do I know their legit?

  142. Real SD says:

    sweetminxie is a scam. Do not send this account any money.

  143. Michelle says:

    Has anyone talked with funlover1964? He asked for my bank login information and said it was for transparency purposes. I didn’t give it to him but I did give him my account number

  144. Anonymous says:

    Has anyone heard of 45 year-old named Jack (username: whoisouttherenyc), who lives in Gramercy Park? He’s been talking to me for weeks, and we have had 2 phone conversations with potential dinner plans tonight, but disappeared and has been avoiding me after I asked for a selfie last night and he had promised to take one when he got into work, because of some BS excuses about his iPhone. He had many stories about other arrangements. What a coward and waste of time!

    • Tracy says:

      Did he say what he did for work? Or where he wanted to meet for dinner? I had a similar experience with a man who had an Iphone around the same time

  145. Eli says:

    Why the fuck do all guys want free or extremely cheap sex. What is wrong with you guys it’s call seeking arrangements NOT fuck pedo Tinder !!!!!!

  146. Nervous says:

    Has anyone been messaging morethanavailable, who goes by the name of rob? We’ve been talking for about a week, he cancelled our first date, and then told me he would transfer money to me. He asked me to open a bank account at a certain bank, and told me he would just do direct deposit. But then asked me for my online login info ? I’ve gone through a lot of scammers on the site and they are all very obvious. He has good English, sends me pictures, and seems genuine. But these are major red flags right? Has he talked to anyone else? When I told him I didn’t want to send him my login, he didn’t get mad, but said he would give me cash when we meet. I’m so confused.

  147. Sbph says:

    So i met a SD here talked for a bit then exchanged phone numbers on whats app – talked on the phond and decided to have finally meet him after a week. So while we were on the phone we discussed about the arrangement were gonna hane, he said we would meet at least once or twice every week and that since he’s doing some government related job in my country my allowance would be $2000-4000 USD so i was like okay (this is my first arrangement by the way) so yeah he even asked me if should it be monthly or every two weeks and i decided the later. And there then we met and talked for a bit, slept and drove him to the airport since he had a busineds flight out of the country. I texted him on whats app and all, he replied few hours later. 2 days passed and went up to check hows he doing -didnt get a reply so i messaged him again saying “hope i didnt do or say anything that turned you down” and got a reply “why would you say that” and then i told him I’m sorry i just thought you ditched me or something and he was like “seriously?!?!?! Unbeliveable!!!” I just let it pass and messaged him back again the next day and from that never heard of him EVER! Altho i could see him online on whats app. Been 3 weeks already. Thoughts anyone? Do you think it’s a scam? His profile is verified too. And he also said he has had a couple of arrangeméts before and that he only go one at a time arrangement. Any advice? I dont have a good feeling about this. If only i knew he would do this i shouldnt have slept with him and drove him at the airport. I know he is still in the country coz he said he aint going anywhere for at least two years.

  148. Quinn says:

    Anyone hear anything about smithmike6716??

    • BabyCakes says:

      Same thing I’m wondering he had me email him

    • Veronica says:

      This person just messaged me. What happened?

    • her says:

      smithy 6716 reached out but his email was mikesmith67162. He seems like a scam

    • Curvygoodgirl says:

      Yes, he’s been talking to me too. Total scam

    • Jeff says:

      YO! has he transfered the money? because I use to talk to him a while back, and I stopped because he asked for my bank account, so I just blocked him (it was too good to be true)

    • Matt says:

      Hey! Have you received anything from him?

      • Jen says:

        After I didn’t give him my phone number or bank information he hasn’t responded. I was still nice and just kind of skirted around those questions. But now it’s been a few days and he hasn’t responded.

    • Jen says:

      I have been emailing with him. I don’t know yet, I’m super skeptical of everyone. He types some things like a younger person sometimes in my opinion. He just asked where I bank and I gave him my Paypal link instead so we will see how that sits with him. He also asked for my number and I did not give it to him yet. What have you heard about him??

      • Matthew Lefebvre says:

        SAME! Dont give him anything whatsoever! Keep it through email/paypal payments! He sends me an email aswell wanting to give me weekly allowance of 1000$ and wants my phone number and where
        i bank! So hes obviously TRYIN to scam all of us! Dont give your number he could somehow use it against us!

      • Also Jen says:

        I wonder if my guy is the same person? He goes by Larry and has been asking for my bank info.

      • Matt says:

        Weve talked through email, he wanted to send me weekly allowance of 1000$ but asked for my phone number and my bank institution, it is waaay to fishy! Expecially since he takes forever to respond and were three that hes been messaging!

      • Also Jen says:

        Our message exchange seems to have magically disappeared on SA too. ?

    • Anonymous says:

      He is a scammer don’t give him any of your information. I watched him personally scam my friend he have him his bank info and he deposited a $900 check that was written from a closed account this just happened yesterday then stooped returning his text messages and calls. Don’t give him any information.

      • Anonymous says:

        I think I just got scammed by Larry. Guys I’m so scared. What is gonna happen? He put 990 in my account but made me buy 400 dollars in iTunes gift cards… am I gonna be in debt???? I’m literally so scared

    • Jennifer says:

      Does he go buy smith Jones ?

  149. Quinn says:

    So Question; is paypal safe to use? Like i found someone who wants to help me with 700 a week, and after sitting here for like half an hour reading these i suggested paypal and he said “sure if thats faster for just give me the info” os it safe? And if so what information should i give him?

  150. Karina says:

    I met some guy name Tyler Mike on SD, and me being naive I gave him my account info that he asked for (I only had $200 in my checking anyway) so I didn’t see the big deal was if it was really a scam and he conned me out of it. But after a week the money the banks said the checks were fraud…all the same story deposited $3000 wanted me to send his workers 2500 and keep the rest. But after my account went into the negative I messaged him and he told me in return he would pay my credit cards, so I gave him my credit card info cause if he did try to use them I could block them. He paid $4,000 off in my credit card, but as soon as the payment posted he asked me to buy a laptop and iPhone to send to his daughter. I know this is a scam, but how should the $4,000 be explained that he used to pay off my credit card?

    • Sami says:

      Did the 4000 clear? i don’t understand how they use these fake accounts to pay off this debt. I had the same thing happen to me but was able to cancel the payment. Literally right after i realized what i was doing i cancelled it because it didn’t seem right.

    • Anonymous says:

      Did the $4,000.00 clear? I’ve been talking to a Tyler Scott, and like a naive lady I gave him my information, he sent money, but I’m afraid it’s not going to clear. I alerted my bank just in case they are on stand-by waiting on the check to clear or bounce…. sigh why are there so many scammers out there?

      • Amanda says:

        Omg I’m dealing with this person right now deposited 1400 in my account wanted me to keep 400 and then send the rest to someone else. My bank act is frozen bc I’m sure the deposit won’t go through.. and I have already spent some of the money only 200.00 of it that was made available but now I’m dealing with being scammed by this exact guy

  151. Sarah says:

    Jampoo4371 is not an Sd. Extremely dangerous to meet. Fake sugar daddy and wants free sex. If he sets up a date with you alert seeking arrangement

  152. GAbeauty17 in Columbia SC is a scam artist and thief. She claims to be in college and request you to loan her money and she will pay you back within the arrangement. But she then continues to ask for money, crying and pretending to be in dire straits and then when you finally say I am not giving anymore money until we start meeting, she says goodbye and you never here from her again. Her real name is Victoria, I want give her last name but I did file a scam report with authorities about her so be careful if you have been in contact with her. She changes her profile when she is found out.

  153. Anonymous says:

    French guy “matarus19” between Hong Kong and Paris is a big scammer, he will promise you $5000 allowance, play the nice guy, make promises, ask for sex Skype for free and then before meeting block your profile and number.
    He wasted my time and now has multiple photos/videos of me. I feel violated

  154. time waster alert says:

    jck024 is not a SD.

    He will only waste your time. Get whatever he promises upfront!

  155. a says:

    Beware of Berk Evren, he was using the username Gdadii. Claims to be biracial and would be sending me $400 twice a week until we meet. He asked for my bank info and a credit card info and I told him that i did not have a bank account at the moment and that he should paypal me. I realized he closed his account. Don’t give out any info to him

  156. SDTest says:

    Taylor Alward from windham NH is a scam artist. Asks for money upfront and then just takes the money and runs. Usually a friend of hers is waiting in a car which approaches you slowly as you are in the process of walking into a restaurant or some other place.

  157. Anonymous says:

    So this guy deposited $2000 in my account and offered to do so on the first day without meeting or asking anything of me and wanted me to send $1700 through western union to his “associate” he actually deposited but I’m concerned it might bounce and he might be scamming me so I’m definitely not sending it through western union because I didn’t agree to that and I’m not gonna be scammed. But now he’s threatening to call the FBI on me? What should I do? Also is there even anything they can do since he deposited the money in my account? Help plz

  158. Lindsay says:

    I thought I had an arrangement with you_lucky_duck after calls we decided to meet. He explained how he had a past arrangement in the past how his sb got a hotel and he would reimburse her with the allowance. I booked a hotel and we met. He walked me through requesting money from his email. It’s now been 2 days and still no money. Was this a scam!?

    • Ya, it sounds like it, unless he did eventually pay up. I was in contact with him too, but just messages back and forth. He asked me to talk on the phone, but it was late, so I said another time. I noticed he deactivated his profile since. I just don’t understand people who can scam others and still live with themselves. smh

  159. Anonymous says:

    I thought I had an arrangement with you_lucky_duck after calls we decided to meet. He explained how he had a past arrangement in the past how his sb got a hotel and he would reimburse her with the allowance. I booked a hotel and we met. He walked me through requesting money from his email. It’s now been 2 days and still no money. Was this a scam!?

    • sugarbabysally says:

      Was his name Ron? Worked on Wall Street? If so COMPLETE FRAUD, he’s making multiple accounts and doing this to many girls including myself.. its unbelievably pathetic

  160. Eric says:

    Dont trust Michael albert. Hes doing the same thing you have all been saying. Ask for banking information, the login and password. And when hes called out tries to make you feel bad. He does the same allowance 400 a week. His english is terrible which doesent connect to the idea of him being a millionaire tycoon. Overall be careful, he is just trying to use people

  161. HollyGolightly says:

    User by the name of “Uncomplicated81” in Columbia, SC, is a scammer. He will offer you an allowance after your initial meeting then say something came up and he still wants to see you but won’t be able to give you your allowance because of financial issues. He thinks you should want to see him for free. Not to mention, he is incredibly clingy and will text you 24/7.

    • T isn't mobile says:

      Another reason not to share #before meeting, like you mentioned, nonstop texting, and one time a stranger showed up at my door. I stalled him and called the cops to come get him.

      • T isn't mobile says:

        They arrested him and dragged him off….not for showing up on my doorstep, but I guess he was harassing one woman, and he raped another.

  162. Kau says:

    This guy was trying to scam me this is what he said watch out. He sent a pic if a fake id and said he needed my bank log in. I said hell no! Your crazy.

    My full name is Charles Anthony Wahlquist I am 43years old I stand 5’11” , black hair and blue eyes, I live in California. My dad is Originally from scotland,but I was born and raised in the United State, I Attended my College and University both in United State where I Obtained Bachelor Degrees in Business Administration/ Technology Information Management Systems. I happen to be the only child of my Parents, I have no brother or sister…”

  163. AnonymousGal says:

    Beware of Jay Burton near Sacramento, CA. He is a creep and a scam artist.
    He claims to be a “sugar daddy” but has no money.
    He claims to be a physician, realtor, and lawyer.
    Hes broke and fake liar.
    Claims to be “fixed” so he can have unprotected sex with you, DON’T DO IT.
    Gives fake checks and even makes fake paypal emails claiming he sent money.

  164. reporting Ohio Fraud/Fake sd says:

    Daddysugar82 claims to be from Carryall Township, Ohio.

    He is just a picture collector. He is a diamond member, but never does anything other than request your pictures. Goes gaga over pictures, but just wants to email. I wouldn’t trust anyone enough to share my email before meeting.

  165. ImFee says:

    Some dude named “David” was a 42 year old man living in upstate New York, divorced with two sons. We had an agreement on $700 a week. He asked for my bank account login, which I did give him (because that’s how stupid I was) so he could put $300 in my bank account so I could go “shopping” before he could come to Massachusetts to see me. He always referred himself as “daddy” which I thought was annoying.
    A day later he told me to open a savings account with AMEX so “you wouldn’t have to depend on sugar daddies to take care of you in the future” so I did. I asked him to put $25 in my account but he said he couldn’t do it. So I chose the option “pay with check” which I could do when I get the papers for the savings account through the mail.
    A few days later, something told me to look up this man’s number. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. A lot of women kept commenting “don’t fall for the sugar daddy bs” and “kept asking me for my bank account information”.

    What I did next was screenshot all those comments and went to my online bank account, changed my password, requested a new debit card and credit card, new routing and account number. All my cards on on freeze and it has been like this for 2 weeks.

    After I changed my password, I send David the screenshots. He said it wasn’t true but I never replied back. The next day I woke up which was payday. I went online to check my bank account to see how much my paycheck from my job was but I was locked out because David kept trying to put in my old password! I had to call my bank and tell them everything. I was so embarrassed but I was able to see my balance.

    While I was at work that same day, the check David was trying to send to my bank account a few days prior didn’t go through because it was a stale check. He didn’t endorse his name on the back. I took a look at how much he was sending. $920! I shook my head. I knew he was scamming me. I took a screenshot and sent it to him saying “you forgot to sign the back, you idiot. You really thought you were going to scam me?”

    I blocked his number after that. I’ve learned to never give my bank account information to anybody if I haven’t met them or trust them yet. This all happened two weeks ago and I’m STILL waiting on my cards. I’ve made a PayPal account just in case someone wanted to send me money.

    Just be careful.
    I was so desperate for a SD that I didn’t pay attention to any of the scamming signs at all.

  166. Daniel Vasil says:

    I have just been conned by a girl called Scarlett from Ipswich UK. We met up in a restaurant and she asked me if I could give her the money for the date beforehand. I gave her £150 plus gifts worth £55 not to mention the dinner. I paid another £100 and booked a nice hotel. Unfortunately, she didn’t turn up and now her phone is dead. She has deleted her profile as well. Very bad. I will not be stung again nor will I renew my membership here.
    Another girl from London also tried to do the same to me, but fortunately I did not believe her.

  167. Anonymous says:

    Sugaray or Raymond Sullivan is a false. took my entire bank account, savings, and loans. Never give anyone your bank info

    • Fake news=fake blog says:

      I wish someone would take my loan. You should be fired from SA for posting fake blogs.
      false eh?
      At least hire someone familiar with the English language.

  168. Anonymous says:

    Profile by name of “David” in Michigan is bi. I’d leave his profile link, but they won’t let me post it. He also goes by MiTroy.

    So there you go all you bi baby’s ….go jump on that.

  169. anonymous says:

    If anyone asks for your login info its a scam.. straight like that dont give the benefit of the doubt, its a scam..

  170. Anonymous says:

    Met this SD who deposited money into my account but is now pushing for me to buy iTunes cards, is it a scam? Only been talking to him a few days. He claims he’s in the U.K. on business and needs the American gift cards for his American apple account.

  171. Anonymous says:

    I got scammed so hard by a fake sugar daddy. We had a few weeks too talk and he was so sweet and caring, I though he was real too because not once he has asked me to give my bank account info. So I thought all the signs were there that he was real. We talked on the phone and and he even sent me a a link to his LinkedIn page. He said he wanted to to send me money so he sent checks though email and being the dumbass I am I fell for it and accepted them. It took a day for the checks to clear and that’s when I fell for the oldest scam in the book, where he would asked for a portion of the money back. So I obliged. Later as the week went by I got a notification that the checks didn’t clear, so they “bounced” and I had a fee charge for each check, then another fee for taking out the money he wanted me to send, and now I’m negative in my bank account I have to work my ass off to correct it. I feel so stupid and worthless I just want this to be over.

  172. Anonymous says:

    The fact that people are so sick trying to fuck up my life makes me so made a guy tried to scam me with a fake check . I’m a new mom haven’t even turned 21 and they tried to scam me and probably did with 1000 when I broke already . I cannot go to jail for someone doing this to me

  173. He messaged me under the name of Jack Smith and told me that he wanted to make me his sugar baby and I went along with it because I was excited and couldn’t believe it was happening. Everything was going great when he asked me to open a bank account and give him the info. I said that I use PayPal and that’s it. He didn’t seem happy about that but told me that he will send me money and make me very happy and spoiled. The agreement was $100 dollars a day. But first I had a test of getting him itunes gift card worth $600 dollars. I asked why he needed to have that much in itunes card and he told me that he was going to use then to activate Macbooks. When I asked why he didn’t get the himself he didn’t give me a straight answer. This is what he told me about himself. “I was born here in the states but i am of Spanish descent, i’m 44 years of age and i work as a construction supervisor,i am a retired veteran, i served in the marine corps and was discharged honorably, i travel a lot and due to this i have houses built in different states . I am very cool to be with and i love hanging out a lot, i have 2 kids but i’m divorced, she was more of a flirt than a wife, she was all about the money and she never cared about me talk less of her own children, she left me and i filed a divorce and i’m living as a happy man now.”

    • I had the same guy! Same exact story to the line, but was going by user name “Alex James” and to call him Smith. He wanted bank log in info and offered to pay $2400 to my credit card, and afterwards said he was going to test me and was going to have me get $2000 in iTunes card and keep the $400. I did not give him the info and blocked. He is a scam beware!!

  174. Mameha says:

    Are there any genuine SDs on this site from New York? I feel that just about every single person who has shown interest is a scammer of some kind. All of them have ignored my preference for Paypal, insist on having my bank info (which…uhm. No.) And go weirdly silent when I say “you don’t have to send anything before the first meeting. I prefer building a connection first.”

    This is more than a little frustrating.

  175. Sam says:

    I have been talking to a man for a couple days. He originally used a fake name and picture on his profile but messaged me with his phone number and told me his real name and said he works in the oil industry in alaska. Says he wants to give me $1,000 a week by adding me to the payroll of his company. Said he wants to meet twice a month and asked me to handle his flight, hotel and car service arrangements. It sounds similar to a couple stories below and I’m not sure if it’s a scam or not. He wants to know when I’d like to do the paperwork to add me to his payroll and while this option would make sure I don’t get in trouble with the IRS (if it’s legit) it also means I’d have to give him a lot of personal info and if it is a scam, I’d be screwed. Hi claims his name is Mike Smith and he lives in Alaska and owns an oil business. Anyone comes across him or have any advice for how to handle this?

  176. Anonymous says:

    DO NOT FALL FOR THE “give me your login details” SCAM!!! These are people trying to launder money they have stolen or gained illegally! And if it goes through without your bank detecting it there and then, you will get arrested because the funds would’ve passed through your bank account

  177. dakota says:

    This whole site is a scam, it’s been over two years now and I am still trying to get my gift from the gift store. Has anyone else had this problem with the this site?

  178. Anonme says:

    Hi, for those of you lovely ladies who were scammed, did you get in any trouble? I was unfortunately pestered by this man named “collins” to send him my info with the promise of $300 a week and after 3 weeks I did. he deposited money into my account 1950 and told me to keep 300 and send the rest to his brother or something. My bank automatically froze and closed my accounts but the money went through and was deposited anyways. Im wondering what to do now. I called my bank and told them to REJECT REJECT REJECT that money because I DO NOT WANT IT. I don’t want to be in a situation where I owe anyone 1900 and I want to be able to open another account. Any help or advice is greatly appreciated!

  179. Anonymous says:

    Anyone have any dealings with a Mark Lukas from Florida but travels to Atlanta for business?

  180. Angel says:

    Iv never been a sugar baby so when i met this sugar daddy (over the internet, not in person.) i let him know that and he told me to open up a bank account so i did. Now he is saying i need to send all my info so he can get into my account because his “accounting officer” has to have it in order to put money in it.. i asked “why do you need my personal info when the bank is telling me you only need my routing and account number?”.. he cant give me a direct answer either.. he just says “Like the reason why I requested for the username and password is , when you take out your allowance in the account you will help in sending the remaining to my supervisors through the Western union location” then when I mentioned that i think its a scam he said “What do you mean scam you? I’m a man of a very good reputation at work and I don’t joke with my reputation if you feel uncomfortable giving out your info you can have it back, I’m up at night trying to help you and all you wanna say is I’m gonna scam you how much do you have in there that I wanna steal I’m rich enough to take care of my family ok”

    Do you all think this is a scam an hes trying to pretend like its not? I even mentioned paypal and he told me he cant do anything with apps cause his “accounting officer”

    • Angela says:

      Oh god he said the same exact shit to me, was it david who lived in cali but “was out of town” unbelievable. This guy is such a piece of shit, claiming to be a millionaire and scamming women who need the money.

  181. Anonymous says:

    Got a few actually! Too eager to be my SD. Both said really liked my profile but didn’t want to discuss on the site . Wanted my email. Funny part is both live in America. How can anything benefit anyone in different countries? I’m confused. Less then an hr later? His account was closed

  182. Danielle says:

    Anyone run into a Matthew Jason?
    We talked for a week before he asked for my routing number to my bank. I trusted him and gave it to him. The next day he says that he told his account officer that I’m his new assistant. He said that she is going to send me all the money his company makes and I need to send all of it but the allowed $200 a week to some of his other workers. I guess this is illegal? But I agreed. We talked a little more and soon he asks if he can have the password of my bank account and the login, just so he can see his money go in and make sure I send it out to the people that need to be paid. I decline and he gets upset that I’m calling him a scammer, he said that it’s insulting. He asked why I couldn’t trust him with my bank passwords if he promised to not do anything. I told him it’s the same as me wanting his wife’s number but promising to not text her.
    He still wants to talk to me. But gets upset every time I bring up going shopping or having problems with getting money from like Bit coin moved over. He said if I just trusted him I wouldn’t have any problems.

  183. anon says:

    “Sugar Daddy” thats his user name- wants to give me a 500 weekly allowance for chat and weekly pictures. Lives in Cali, I live in NYC. Wants my bank info and routing number up front. I asked for paypal for the first deposit and he said he cant because he deals in an IRA account. So its a scam, yes?

  184. Anonymous says:

    Seeking_baby is a scammer

  185. Kadie says:

    I can’t remember the guys screen name and it was no where to be found when I tried to look for it. Says his name is Jude, lives in NY per his profile, area code on his phone number is for Indiana. Claims to work for the overseas PR department for a car company. Is widowed with a child, and will give you 500-1,000 weekly for pictures/nudes and some occasional sexting. Will send you an email with a link from Bank of America to link your accounts. Questioned on him on the red flags going up, have not heard from back from him.

  186. CaptivatingnFearless says:

    Is there any SDs that actually wants to meet in person or videdo? All I’ve been getting is excuses and scammers left and right. *eye rolls*

  187. Prof Flip Burger says:

    A couple weeks ago someone from “DurangoGirl20” contacted me; the profile had a few pictures and I even found a Facebook acct with her “pretend” name. She wanted to drive to visit me and I sent her $200 with the “Cash” App; the account was erased shortly thereafter and I could not find her anywhere!! It turned out this person had stolen the identity of the girl and pictures from her facebook account to set up this bogus profile.
    Last week another SB with a profile “LovingDoveofMarlow” contacted me, pretending to live in Marlow, OK. She/he was about to ask for $ transfer and when I explained my experience from the previous week and demanded that she send me a picture of her holding a cup of coffee, she too disappeared and deleted her profile!
    My advice is ask the SB to send you a picture such as her holding a book in her hand, etc. so you can be sure you are dealing with areal person and not some profile set up with stolen pictures from the web!!

  188. Saunaboy says:

    As a SD who has been burned a couple of times, I can offer a couple of bits of advice: Don’t send money until you have met in a neutral place and had a good conversation. Always use PayPal or Venmo – exchanging bank information is never a good idea. Stay away from escorts, unless what you want is a one-and-done arrangement. If you go that route, use the same cautions you would with any escort. And if you do get burned, chalk it up as a learning experience and move on. There are lots of fakes on here, but also lots of really cool, genuine SB’s. Just make sure you use due diligence in figuring out which is which.

  189. Anonymous says:

    Has anyone heard of a black male by the name of DeAndre Woods on fb. He keeps asking for my username and password so he could put money in my account and I have to send some of it back.

  190. Anon says:

    Scammers are rampant in here. And, any aspiring sugar babies that question the validity of, or our “right” to, an arrangement that is mutually benficial to both parties shows a lack of vision, a complete ignorance to the true value of such an arrangement and makes me wonder why sharks come here … I got scammed by a little pro that operates out of either Newark or Zanesville Ohio. Gets on regularly, meets us, tells a sob story about wanting to get something going, but will be unable to, until wrapping up the business of dad dying in Fla. I gave her some cash, to drive down on, (I did this to show sincerity of intent) and she spent 2 weeks dickering around with the usual complications. She told me her real name and number, but these can be forged or fabricated easily. Or used by someone who has a good act. Either way, avoid the gal that uses “Vixen” in her name, her real name is Destini Walls.

  191. Anonymous says:

    Has anyone every had any dealings with Mister Red from Kirkland/Seattle Washington? Apparently works as an engineer?

    • Anonymous says:

      mr big from bellevue was texting me some really mysoginistic and scary stuff just because i cancelled on him- because he was being creepy to me. he told me i was old- i am in my mid twenties

    • Anon says:

      Anyone know anything about a _Mr._E from Seattle W.A.? Listed under “new”. Just curious. Looks like a nice guy, but you never know.

  192. Kimberly says:

    Be careful ya’ll! don’t give someone your login as much as they push for it
    They are fraudulent

  193. Kimberly says:

    Munawar Hosain tried scamming me. He is even on Badboyreport dot kr from years ago, so he has been scamming women for years. He is broke, a predator, and violent.

  194. Anonymous says:

    am currently talking with the “military construction” guy “in Russia”, the $400 for $4000 deal

  195. Keisha says:

    Anderson Moore age 55 is possibly trying to scam me. To send money u need a wire number, acct #, routing #, name on the account and bank address. He wants that and a picture of my driver’s license. Is that right or is it a scam?? Help

  196. Lee says:

    My pot asked for my bank info and said his financial person would wire transfer money into my acct .. anyone ever do it ?

  197. Concerned says:

    Hey guys there is an asian/mexican (hard to tell he was trying to be quiet) whos posing as a david or dave either with some format of numbers or afew letter his profile pic is of a man with whitened hair mature baby face looks innocent enough however he will ask for account numbers routing numbers and usernames and passwords BABIES BEWARE HE WILL GUILT TRIP AND TRY TO PUSH FOR ANY OF IT then says shit like i dont need your money or you can take your money out first cause ya thatll change my mind on your slimy behavior ask for a specific picture a bot or scammer cant reproduce like a really wierd pose not many people would think to do so they cant find a coralating photo dont do it just dont

  198. Anonymous says:

    Anyone ever encounter a guy named “WEAH PYEIFFER”?
    He says all these things about wanting to love a woman and making things sound too good to be true.
    Sent me one photo through email, and he deleted his account right after he sent me his email address.
    Need some help before I continue talking to him!

  199. Anonymous says:

    Man supposedly named Michael Hays is a scammer! I should have known when he deleted his account right after I texted him. I am a fool, gave him my bank info and he deposited a large sum of money and told me I had to send him itunes cards, I had to moneygram 2 other people etc. I am now in a position where I had to immediately go to my bank and put a stop to it. I even had to file a police report.

  200. Newbie says:

    I’m new to this website. I’m a 19 year old struggling to make ends meet. I recently started talking to a man named Joseph Franzone. He gave me his number and then 2 days later his profile was gone. He said he is a pilot but currently in France. He said he is widow. He first started texting me through a 209 #. He kept asking for my bank account info. Being the dumb naive girl I am, I gave it to him. He then started texting me from a 725 number. He deposited $1200 , which didn’t go through. He then deposited $800 asking me to buy him $600 worth of iTunes card & keep $200. I ended up buying the cards. I’m freaking out. Did I get scammed ? What should I do? Please help.

  201. Anonymous says:

    I recently heard about this site and was pretty hesitant but i tried it anyway. I made my profile and I’m not even joking, an HOUR later and I had a message. I forgot his username but his name is Danny. He left me a message with his phone number and saying he’d love to make an arrangement with me. This is my first message so I got all excited and I was like Okay cool. We started texting and he was really nice. He seemed to have broken English so I asked if he was from here and he said he was from Turkey and that he now lived in New Mexico. Now I searched up his area code and it was a Santa Fe area code so it seemed legit. I thought it was weird that I had to email him pictures but I didn’t really think anything of it. He didn’t set up a meeting or anything just went straight into asking me what I want my allowance to be. And I didn’t know so I said I didn’t really care. And then he started asking me for my bank info and I’ve always been told never to give that away. And he just said it’s needed to make the deposit and I was really hesitant and I began to question him. He began becoming agressive and saying “oh you don’t trust me? I thought we were supposed to be building trust?” and I was like okay fine so I gave him my bank info and he deposited the checks into my account and they cleared so I was like oh okay. But then a shit storm began. My debit card had been blocked. Then I couldn’t log into my account. I called customer service and they said that my account has been frozen. And then they told me that they’re closing it. I told Danny that and he began to threaten me and my family and told me that he was gonna hurt me if I didn’t do what he said. Ladies (and gents) do NOT give away that info. EVER. Paypal works just fine and so do wire transfers. I got fucked. BE CAREFUL!!!

  202. Anonymous says:

    Someone asked me for my bank account information then they proceed to add money into my account they told me to send what was available today then keep part of tomorrow the send him the rest again is this a scam

  203. Amanda says:

    Sugar babies, if you have someone telling you that they will send you X amount of money but you have to pay a 10% service fee.. know that it is a scam. Do your research. I had a Sugar Daddy tell me that he would send me 5,000 and gave me all the information. But come to find out I wouldn’t get the money until I paid the $500 service fee. I told the SD this and he apologized and told me he “has been trying to figure out how to pay the fee but it would be easier if I just did it”. I told him he should just paypal me the money if he really wanted to give it to me. But nothing. TRUST YOUR GUT!

  204. I have read a lot of sugar babes been ripped off and scammed, but you are not alone us genuine men get ripped off just as much, by sb who will promise to commit to an arrangement and give u all the time in the world leading up chatting and checking in on you. but the minute you send them money they disappear and this doesn’t happen once or twice it happens a lot it like you sb have a list of things to say and do once you get paid,, like all of sudden become sick for 3 or 4 days of the week and then when you try to follow up with an arrangement made with them, they stop replying to you and then on the day of their next allowance payment its a message at first light with one pic saying oh when can i get paid daddy.. Stop the bullshit if a genuine man is willing to pay you a weekly allowance live up to it.. and make efforts because a girl who makes an effort gets paid longer then a girl who piss’s off once they get the first lot of money..All so Aus men beware of a group of young highschool girls from forest lake area in qld who are claiming to be 19 or 18 and then have u get involved in play and sexting and send you dirty pics and then turn around and say they are really 16 and if you don’t send them a certain amount of money they are taking it to the police or they say their boyfriend has found the messages is taking it to the police..

  205. Anonymous says:

    I believe asking money upfront is all sugar babies should do. Otherwise sugar daddies can scam or rip them off easily and men are typically more aggressive, strong and demanding than women. If sugar babies don’t ask money upfront, sugar daddies can control sugar babies that is totally unhealthy relationship. Men should treat women well and let women feel superior than men and it is healthy relationships and arrangement.
    Please take out from the list of reason to report “asking money upfront” what is wrong with that?

  206. J says:

    Ok, so I’ve been talking with this guy named Joey Meadows. he says he’s from Dallas but is working in the UAE on the tower construction. Anywho, he promised me 800/week allowance but I had to give him my username and password for my bank. Like an idiot, I did. Well, he deposits 4,431 into my account and I see it as pending. He then says that 1000 of it is for me and the others, to buy an iTunes gift card, scratch it and send him the number so he can get an iPhone 7. I later notice through an email from my bank that he added an external deposit account. The account is registered to Avida Fredrics Institute in Ohio and shows their routing and account number and what bank it belonged to, and its valid but didn’t state a name. Ive googled his name, phone number up and down and have found zilch on this so called millionaire. What do y’all think I should do? should I call the bank and let them know about the account info being out? go to the police? I’m assuming he probably has a fake number anyways.

  207. Gabbo says:

    So this supposedly SD keeps asking me to buy him an iTunes card and then he’ll send my allowance. Is this a scam???

  208. Kristen says:

    So being the dumb girl I was when I first made my account a year ago, the first sd I met happened to be a scammer and a perv. His name is papabear something or another and he wanted me to make a bank account. I did and he promised to send me thousands of dollars and I fell for it. I used to send him nudes and videos and anything he wanted and then he asked me to buy an iTunes gift card and said he needed it but couldn’t get to it. I did and sent it to him and asked when I’d be getting what he promised me. It was when he wanted the banking info when I realized it was to go to be true. I called him out on it and he disappeared so fast. I just wish I had known first hand. I have been looking for him ever since and have ran into some warnings about him since then. Watch out ladies

  209. Anonymous says:

    has anyone dealt with BAfinal4 i think he is a scammer asked for my bank information

  210. Anon1998 says:

    Ah! Love the amount of scammers on this site! I was pleasantly surprised to see about 5 message with people within the same hour. What to watch out for in their messages though: Hi, my name is Blank and your profile really caught my eye. Please send me a message on xxx-xxx-xxxx because I’d like to know more about you. Seems legit, right? No! Check you other messages and you probably have ten more in the same format. If your potential pot of gold says something like “I run a construction company” ditch him! Scammers are not very creative. They always say the same thing. The cherry on the cake is, “I don’t use PayPal, I have no credit card to buy things online, give me your bank account information to deposit the check for you.” Say no, every time, even if your dog is dying and you need money for his treatment urgently. My sister said yes and got her bank account closed right before her eyes! This is probably the best help anyone will receive from this site. Maybe scammers will get a bit more creative.

  211. Anonymous says:

    The scams the young ladies pull. Before meeting a texts comes in, dog was attacked, need cash to pay for vet fees….need money for school text books, need money for a new dress before meeting, need money for a day at the spa before meeting…the young ladies pull the most scams.

  212. Girlpower says:

    There’s a guy with a blue rolls Royce picture who will scam you! I tried reporting to sa but he deleted his account. He claims he needs my log in info and password.

  213. Anon says:

    What is up with SB’s asking for help before meeting or in between meetings? After chatting for a few times many SB’s have come out and said they have urgent situation and need $$$ right away and are very stressed out !! When coming from someone who I haven’t met I take it as end of conversation but with someone I have met it seems kind of awkward that a situation arises where SB is in urgent need to travel and hence needs help. It makes me wonder if the first meet was even real. Has anyone else experienced it?

  214. Anonymous says:

    I’m a young African-American gay. I met this one nice SD a while a go. His from Germany, he has been wiring me money, not a lot. I asked for his picture and phone number but he declined, we only email. He want to visit me, he should arrive by thursday this week, still he has refused to send me his picture or personal contacts. He asked me to book a hotel which i did (he sent the money for it).

    My worry is, i got no idea who my dealing with….no nothing while he has all my info including pictures and contacts, should i be scared to meet him?

  215. Anonymous says:

    Be careful ya’ll! don’t give someone your login as much as they push for it
    They are fraudulent

  216. Anonymous says:

    Girls beware of MD Norris, 30yrs old from Indianapolis. Claims to own an airplane charter company. I agreed to meet this guy for coffee just for an initial meeting. He didn’t even offer to buy coffee or even water (granted, I didn’t want any) and he bragged endlessly about how rich he was and his company the whole time. Then he complained about how annoying the girls in his city were, (lol, yeah right).After about 15 minutes of bragging, he then tried to pressure me to take him back to my apartment to “make out” lol. Luckily i was smart enough to see through his bullshit and politely refused, explaining that i did not feel comfortable doing that yet. I then suggested a second date as a way to test if he was legit, although I knew it wasn’t going to happen lol. Surprisingly, he agreed and even asked for my paypal so he could start sending my allowance of $5000 per month, (which I also knew was another load of shit lol). Well, of course, he blocked me a few days later probably because he realized i wasn’t dumb enough to fall for his scam lmao. It’s pretty obvious that this is something he does; pretends to be some rich guy to lure naive girls to sleep him; hoping that they would get an allowance afterward. Stay safe girls, be smart and always follow your instincts.

  217. Look out for a scam artist named Nikita Hicks from Richmond, VA. She sometimes uses the names “Barbie” and “April”. Her MO is to be very sweet talking and innocent up front. She is a professional prostitute and scammer. She will make any excuse to get you to send money e.g. “I was robbed”; “I have to pay my phone bill or my service will be cut off”, etc. STAY AWAY!!

  218. Karina says:

    Vgg2 is a scam!! He is not a real sugar daddy. Asks you to buy the hotel room without compensation

  219. Anonymous says:

    Mackey101 barely started chatting with me and asked for my bank info. When I told him we could use Venmo or PayPal he stopped messaging me. Total red flag, don’t send him your bank info!

  220. Anonymous says:

    Beware of Sugarpapi240. He asked for my banking information then asked for my log in information to my bank account to “make sure I’m receiving my allowance”. I refused and then a few hours later I recieve a message saying my account has been reported multiple times for asking for money up front.

  221. Anonymous says:

    BEWARE Many scammer out there posing as sugar Daddies and asking you to OPEN BANK ACCOUNTS and then for your username and password. They will use it and not only make you owe money back, but get you in trouble with the law. BE CAREFUL with who you’re talking to. Always QUESTION. And be quick to say no.

  222. Ceebear says:

    So I have a sd who wants me to open up a new bank account with Wells Fargo. I have chase but I don’t want to give them my account info so should I do it or do you think it’s a scam.

    • Pixie says:

      What was his username? Was it Lovebird50678? He’s asking me to do the same thing…

      • Anonymous says:

        I’ve had 2 ask me to open a wells fargo account to.

      • Z says:

        Any SD who asks for that info is a scammer. Or if they ask for any personal information or purchases. They are the ones in charge of purchasing, not you. A real SD can send you the money through other means.

    • Saunaboy says:

      Yes, scam!!! Scam!!! Scam!!! I am currently seeing a SB who had that happen to her, and she’s paying the bank back $1800 that he scammed out of her account. Don’t do it!

  223. Anonymous says:

    ELITE_1 I believe is his username is a scammer

  224. Anonymous says:

    Donald Dillard is fake, beware

    • lauren says:

      Do you have any more info on this guy? I met a scammer from upstate NY once who claimed to have a business in NYC.. really he did not plan on giving a dime, and actually asked me to send him money. It was months of talking before this happened and of course I did not send the money, but later did some digging and found out his behavior is pathologic and had been caught for grand larceny in Florida.

  225. Someone named Sean towers wrote me providing his number and then deleted his account . Said he was in architecture 52yrs old live in New York . Wanted to give me a allowance weekly by placing me on his payroll . I informed him pay pal was the only sending money method that would work for me . Seems like these men just want to scam . If there trying to hurry and send you “allowance” I feel it’s weird most men want to wait to make sure your legit before just hurrying and sending money . He said the past sugar baby he had he would send 400 weekly with a spending limit and that he even bought her a car . Was very eager to tell me so much about in such little time . Found out all this information in less than 24hr

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, if they push for email and say their membership is about to expire, they are most likely a scammer. The alternative… cannot afford another monthly fee?

      If they cannot afford the monthly fee, can they really afford a SB? Of course not. Block them.

  226. Anonymous says:

    Someone named Sean towers wrote me providing his number and then deleted his account . Said he was in architecture 52yrs old live in New York . Wanted to give me a allowance weekly by placing me on his payroll . I informed him pay pal was the only sending money method that would work for me . Seems like these men just want to scam . If there trying to hurry and send you “allowance” I feel it’s weird most men want to wait to make sure your legit before just hurrying and sending money . He said the past sugar baby he had he would send 400 weekly with a spending limit and that he even bought her a car . Was very eager to tell me so much about in such little time . Found out all this information in less than 24hr

    • **** says:

      I meet a guy named Steven something same thing architect and invester said he wanted start paying me the very next day $400 weekly I read your paragraph and I went to go look at his profile it was gone as well so I told him I have a paypal account and no response yet and he was from New York as well

  227. sam says:

    Why average looking girls expect allowances?

    I am using this website for the past 5 years and is getting worse . More Escorts and most of girls have unrealiestic demand! I am a 6 foot tall, good looking succesful man but being in this website helped me to avoid drama so I LOVE the concept .
    Many of girls are professional escorts ( THEY JUST DONT WANT TO ADMIT) and some expect you to pay them without meeting or inimacy! LOL
    Only the average looking one are really interested to meet and usulaly when you meet them they are not as good as theier pictures !

    • Anon says:

      We could also ask why older men feel entitled to fuck younger girls (average or not) for free lol. Most of us are on this site to connect with men who will help support us financially and allowances really help with that. If you’re looking to pay a girl when you see her instead of an allowance.. you’re pretty much seeking an escort so I don’t know why you’re getting mad lol.

      • Anonymous says:

        I don’t think it is entitlement if both are​ benefiting from a mutual arrangement

      • Anonymous says:

        Homeboy asked for my Skype in the first message. Am I being paranoid or can people get scammed that way too. Has anyone been scammed over skype.

      • guest says:

        Same reason you fuck young losers for free.

      • Anon says:

        That is not an even exchange as most men who have the financial means don’t mind shelling out money, it’s when the girls feel like they shouldn’t have to do ANYTHING to receive said money. If you want to be supported then understand that sexual favors will be needed in exchange.

      • jenny says:

        i say amen to that

    • anon says:

      been on the website for 2 years. I do $500 per date. most guys suggest 3 and I’m like NO

    • Satisfied SD says:

      Couldn’t disagree with Sam more. Many women on SA are beautiful, not to mention intelligent and accomplished, and if you treat them with respect and kindness, they will reciprocate.

    • Kitten says:

      My understanding, though I am not a member yet, is that this site is not about paying for sex. If my understanding is accurate…why would you expect intimacy for funding? Also, I think it’s ridiculous to think that women “you’ consider average should not benefit from a SD/SB relation. Some men may want a lady of substance to pass time with, not just an empty airhead who looks cute to display.

    • Anonymous says:

      Are you kidding? Not everyone on there is seeking a sexual relationship idiot.

    • PrincessEmsy says:

      I like seeing the argument come from a different side .Escorts are NOT allowed or supposed to use this website, yet they still do and it ruins it for the girls who are legit.


    • Kelly25 says:

      Really sam. You just haven’t met the right girl than.

  228. Anonymous says:

    Has anyone met with a Mike Segal in Atlanta hes 80 years old says he love women of color and is offering a $1000 a month. The biggest concern I have is that he only can meet weekday 7am-5pm and says he plans on giving a check. Atlanta is full of scammers and I do not have the patience for faux checks and fake SD. I am suppose to meet him friday for breakfast

    • Anonymous says:

      He exhibited some questionable behavior and seemed very demanding so I passed. He’s also very old, freakishly tall and skinny. He showed me nude photos of his other babies, which explains why his allowance caps at 1k per month, and requires unprotected encounters. GROSS!

  229. AnonymousGal says:

    Do not meet I-Am-Atti from San Francisco. Fat, Bald Guy, stay away! SCAM!

  230. Anonymous says:

    I was talking to a sd who told me his name was “pilot patric” he says he lives in west hollywood and has a 7 year old. Anyways he talked for a bit and then he was ready to talk about allowance. He said he was going to give me $500 a week. I asked if he would do the cash app or pay pal and he said they don’t have mobile depositing, so I needed to get my banks app so he could deposit it. When i told I did asked for a picture of him and so he sent a picture of a handsome pilot. The picture was immediately a red flag, so I did a google search on the picture and it showed that the picture was of a famous german pilot named “pilot Patrick”.As soon as I found out it was fake he sent a message asking for all my bank info and passwords so he can do a check deposit. When I told him I knew the picture was fake he said he accidently sent the wrong picture, but I knew he was lying because he was using the guy’s name too.lol Moral of the story is ALWAYS GOOGLE SEARCH THE PICTURE and run if they refuse to use apps, paypal, or cash!!

  231. Madison says:

    Guy went by David Curley, gave me a check for 900 dollars, then had me transfer 550 just for it to bounce 2 days later. He told me that he closed the account, and he’d make it right. I waited 3 weeks and he didn’t do anything. I guess I was being rude and disrespectful so he stopped talking to me. He says he lives in Georgia and sells aviation equipment.

    • Anonymous says:

      Shit lets go get your money, these guys make it hard for the rest of us that are trying to have an honest arrangement. I don’t like a shady guys or girls for that matter. And girls put your real pics please

    • Lee says:

      Had this guy name James Wilson give me a check for 900 , told me to keep 300 then transfer 600 to his site engineer Wal-Mart to Wal-Mart but I haven’t touched it

  232. kelsey says:

    Do not trust a man who calls himself “Nick Smith” says he works as an aeronautics engineer or whatever but it’s a lie. He tried to steal my credit card info. Went by yoursugardad50 or something like that. Said he was on a business trip in France and tried to get me to send money via moneymart to an address in nigeria and florida. Thankfully I caught on to his shit before any real damage was done.

  233. Bored college kid says:

    Seems like this was probably a legit way to meet up in major cities still. And anywhere ~2012 and before. Now it’s all lame accounts and picky sugar. Sure wish there would be a real good popular trend again to make something like this feasible.

  234. T says:

    Ok met a guy named Laurel who said he was working outside the country. He asked for my bank account login info, no bank account number or routing number. He said he would deposit 1000, but I only get to keep 500 because I have to send the rest through Walmart to his engineer on site for fees? I was told he was using a mobile app and my bank tracked down the account and said they were fraudulent. Anyone had that happen? He also deleted his account on SA???

    • HB says:

      Literally just happened to me 10 minutes ago. First asked for bank account info then said he had to have access to my mobile login information because his “payroll worker” would send more then the allotted amount and he would have to transfer it to his account. He also deleted his SA account. I don’t know if i can trust anyone on this website anymore. Really left a bad taste in my mouth.

      • Carlyannbg says:

        what was his name?? I think that happened to me

      • Anonymous says:

        Carlyannbg You get ahold of me please. 210-425-6484 SD

      • Anne says:

        I’m concerned that this is happening to someone in my family.

      • I was stupid and gave my account info thinking it were real but then changed it fast when he started asking me to send him $500 as a “loan”. His name is Tim Lord from Tennessee. I woke up this morning to a text I am almost positive is fake saying that the person texting me was some guy from homeland security that was claiming I was duping Tim of business funds. What do I do??? I’m only 18 and have bills to pay so that’s why I took this route and I wish I hadn’t walked into this nightmare. This guy can get in big trouble for impersonating someone for homeland security right? I think this Tim guy did that…

      • The same thing happened to me and his name was Tyler Mike

    • Lee says:

      This just happened to me also ! He said he was working in Canada , and he would send me 900 and I send 600 to his site engineer .

  235. Ok met a guy named Laurel who said he was working outside the country. He asked for my bank account login info, no bank account number or routing number. He said he would deposit 1000, but I only get to keep 500 because I have to send the rest through Walmart to his engineer on site for fees? I was told he was using a mobile app and my bank tracked down the account and said they were fraudulent. Anyone had that happen? He also deleted his account on SA

    • Persephone says:

      I was approached by a Laurel as well. Being my first time trying anything like this, I didn’t know what to expect. He wanted my bank account information right away, which was a huge NO WAY in my book. It seems that every SD that I chatted with just all happen to be overseas for work and had million reasons why can’t meet or talk first. They’re not interested in getting to know you…they whole is a scam. I ended up just deleting my account and giving up.

      • Anonymous says:

        You did the right thing!!!! Thankfully my bank rejected the amount and my account officer called me to tell me the deposits were fraudulent. He claimed he was overseas and needed me to send his engineer “onsite” half the amount, and then the amount doubled. I went -1940 and he kept telling me everything would be fine although I was locked out of my mobile bank account. Big scammer. I learned my lesson so if anyone else reads this, if they ask for your info and refuse to send through western union, PayPal, Walmart… it’s a fraud. They deposit fraudulent checks.

  236. Anonymous says:

    Not one legit SB. All want money upfront as if I was that stupid

    • A Legit SB says:

      Actually we’re here you’ve just been unlucky, I hope it gets better for you.

      • Baby gal says:

        What do u mean not paying upfront so u expect lets say a young girl colleges student what ever to hang out with an old man for nothing my friend was on here she was with a sugar Daddy a millionaire he was fat and rude but she thought she could tame him shape him up she said when they got intimate his fat sweaty body and for nothing upfront no thanks. Everyone is on this site for the beneficial set up so take your cheap ass to match.com and meet someone your own age

    • Jane says:

      You’re SUPPOSED to give money upfront, you cheap fuck. What, have you deluded yourself into thinking this college girls just WANT to hang out with you? These girls SHOULD ask for money upfront so you don’t have any chance to rip them off.

      @girls: almost every “sugar daddy” on here is an ex-escort client. He decided girls weren’t worth a reasonable rate and is trying to scam impressionable sugar babies into not paying, or being way beneath the average price. STOP doing 300$ overnights. The average in most cities is 1000$. Stop letting jackasses like this guy scam you- ALWAYS demand compensation. You deserve it. He does NOT have the upper hand. He will pay, and pay what he SHOULD if girls stopped offering him lowball arrangements. Do your research babies. You’re worth more than he thinks.

      • Rick says:

        It seems clear that Jane is an escort. Asking for money to meet is a big red flag. And SB is willing to meet to develop a connection and get a better allowance in the end. An escort wants the money right away because she isn’t interested in an extended arrangement. Only in today’s payday

      • Kitten says:

        You come off like an escort. I thought this site was about finding a nice companion, travel mate, someone to have good conversation with to ease the stresses of life etc…not funds for sex! I’m not a member…just doing research. Getting utterly confused about “arrangements”, “bank accounts”, “monthly stipends”, and such…

      • Anonymous says:

        Sugar daddies want sex right away no rick

      • guest says:

        Wrong! Escorts ask for money upfront. Not a SB meeting for the first time. What if the guy is not interested? Men shouldn’t have to pay for someone they have no interest in.

    • anon says:

      There is real sb’s on here! I hope your search goes better. There’s just more fake than real unfortunately.

  237. Anonymous says:

    This whole site is a S C A M

  238. Ashley says:

    Does anyone know if Sugar Daddy is a scam? His profile was there last night when we messaged and now it’s gone.

    • Anon says:

      If has introduced himself as James, is claiming to be in Dubai and offering $2,000 a week, it might be. Having an interesting experience with him as well

      • Anonymous says:

        I’ve had a James contact me as well, telling me he feels a connection with me and is now requesting bank info for a money transfer. I’m sketched out a bit so idk.

      • Lee says:

        Had a James contact me as well and but said he’s in Canada, when I went back his profile was gone

    • RedBottoms36 says:

      If it’s the same Sugar Daddy from NY he is scam. He just asked me to send him my onlineID and password to a bank account and insisted that it had to be online access. He refused to take an account and routing # for an account that i never use. Claimed he had 174,000 sitting in an account and didn’t want to risk losing it and if I gave him online access it could easily be changed. Scammer!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      I had a guy who I think was Sugar Daddy.He left me a message on my profile to email him. Hamptondean. Any comments?

  239. Anonymous says:

    Ok so “MichaelSands” from New York favorited me…I have a really bad gut feeling about him so I immediately blocked him before he could send any messages if he was planning to lol… I don’t know if I’m being paranoid lol but better safe than sorry. Watch out if he contacts you.

  240. Anonymous says:

    Omg… I am ashamed to admit but…This John White or J.White? He says his name is J.White in his description but his username was W93Johnwhite from San Diego California, 50’s… He favorited me and I had a bad feeling…I mean who the heck would write their name on there and John White? lol…but the naivety got the best of me and I favorited him back then signed out because I had to leave. He had a picture that looks sort of like a selfie(not sure but was a close up) with an apple computer behind…He was wearing a white shirt sitting… Heck it’s probably not the man on the picture who contacted me… Anyways so the next day, I log on and look to see if he messaged me or something…Gone. No where to be found. Not in my favorites anymore etc. I tried to search for him but nothing. We didn’t even exchange any messages LOL. Well perhaps I luckily avoided a scam! I feel so silly though…

    • Anonymous says:

      There are people who reported Danny White as a scam and I’m thinking this is the same thing with this Johnwhite…I never got to exchange messages because he vanished but well…beware if he contacts you;)

  241. Emma says:

    ShourSugar messaged me offering $400 upfront for “Hair and nails” then $2k to follow. But asked that I delete my SA acct and open a checking acct at OnPoint credit union “Strictly to spoil you”. I told him I couldn’t get there today, would he be willing to send via PayPal, Western Union, or ClearxChange. He did not write back. Beware.

    • Anonymous says:

      Same here

    • ana says:

      don’t do it! scam/salt daddies try to send you checks by mail.. you deposit them into your account, they ask for some money back or ask for your account info. take the money, then a week later the check comes back as a fraud fake check, you have to repay all that money back

    • Anonymous says:

      Me too kent2255 is trying to scam me as we speak i told him send it via western union he refuse, he said his account has to put my account on his payroll. This who site is attracting a lot of scammers.

    • RedBottoms36 says:

      This just happened to me.. i actually went to open a credit union account online but couldn’t get the account number. Sugar Daddy asked for online access says he was going to put $300 in for hair and nails…

  242. Mili says:

    Have any sugar babies encountered a SD that wants to send you a check by mail? He said just to give him my address so he can send it to me. Should I trust him?

  243. Jaxbabe says:

    On that site I ran into 3 scammers. One got me good made me lose online privileges with my bank but the. Money was denied from my bank. Thank you god!!! But the other one wanted me to send him $40 on iTunes for work and the one I’m talking to now wants me to use pay wise from Russia. But I started watching catfish the show and the said you use spokeo . Com to check their phone number to see if the name matches what they give u cost a dollar to get the report and I say all the men I talk to on their number registered to those company where u can set up calling and texting instead of use Tmobile or sprint etc. sad I have no luck on a real sugar daddy

  244. Anonymous says:

    Indiana SD “JC2020” is Bi.

  245. Anonymous says:

    ATTENTION – EXTORTING SUGAR BABY – Salt Baby to be more precise!


    Lolagirly in Layton, Utah has decided to extort money from me.

    A brief exchange on the site and then switch to text. Day 2 of text exchange after agreeing to fly to Denver she asked for money to buy outfits to get ready to come see me. I declined, stating I don’t do that. The next day it was a request for money to buy cosmetics, again I declined. The next day she is supposed to fly and asks if I can change her ticket to the next day because she had a terrible morning. I decline and tell her we will end it there.
    The next text is demanding I send her money or she will expose me and tell my wife and plaster screen shots of our conversations on my company website and social media pages.

    She is a young Latina (wears red top in one photo and bib overalls in another) and is claiming to be Destiny Garcia (alias),and she is in close proximity to West Valley City, Utah.

    How do I shut this down??

    • anonymous says:

      Tell her you are sending screen shots of the conversation to the police. Also, tell her you have a “don’t ask, don’t tell” with your wife, so she is welcome to go ahead, but she should be prepared to spend a few years in prison if she does.

      • Anon says:

        Wouldn’t it be impossible to catch the scammer?

      • Baby gal says:

        Send her some money don’t do she’s happy so she don’t post pics as soon as you paid take convo to the police her arrested and even get your money back or even best tell the police your planning to get her caught so they can watch the exchange for blackmail then as soon as she says thanks they will arrest her and your money will be given back just advice if this ever happens to any poor man I work in a prison so kind of know :)

  246. Anon says:

    There was a SD that promised me allowances etc. He asked for my bank info and somehow from my First & Last name & routing he started to deposit thousands. My bank allowed this money to drop into my account and release the funds, he then asks me to send money to his aunt and provided me the information. OK OK YES It was the most ignorant thing I’ve ever done. As soon as the money was sent, he made another deposit, and I told him I was done because this shit didn’t work out. My bank called me to tell me someone from inside my acct was depositing counterfeit checks. Now I’m in a whole big deal with my bank and the police because of this! Of course he stopped replying, but I called and spoke with a man with an accent. Now scared they’re going to try to say I was up for it with this scam artist. Goes by the name of David C Mayor. Also my bank told me the deposits were made in Texas, well I’ve been in Colorado for a constant year! I need advice and I don’t remember his SA name. Something close to sugardaddy.

    • Amber says:

      Im talking to a David c. Mayor omg!! I sent him screen shot of this he swore wasnt him and sent me a new york I.d I have his number adress and everything he gave it to me so I’d trust him he just asked for my mobile banking info to hell no glad I read this!!

    • He’s doing the same thing to me right now buht I’m not sending any money out

    • Tracey says:

      David Mayor just tried to scam me as well. I really appreciate this post because I was iffy about it in the first place but I thought why not. He told me he was going to pay off my credit card everyday and let me take the money out of an ATM to put it in my bank. Pay the card off everyday… it seemed to good to be true. He then asked me to send $300 worth of Amazon gift cards for his workers in Mexico. I saw this post early enough to change all of my login information

    • Sebastian says:

      I’m having the same issue. I has a SD by the name of larry that apparently lives in Miami. He sent me two thousand to deposit into his other business account apparently. I withdrew the cash from by bank that he deposited and I’m a little worried that it’s going to be a scam. My bank hasn’t contacted me but I’m worried about this?

    • Anonymous says:

      I think I ran into the same sugar daddy! And I too fell for the scam. I’m so worried because the bank has my account on hold till they find out if the checks are fraudulent. I don’t know what to do because I could lose my job if they found out about this.

    • Ashley says:

      The same thing just happened to me. I didn’t give my login or bank information. He sent me the account info. And paid the credit cards. He started asking for the gift cards and I declined. What ended up happening? Idk what to do moving forward?

      • Jkc says:

        I think I’m dealing with the same guy… I didn’t give out any info but he gave me a Bank if America acct & routine number to pay off my credit cards… did your payment get rejected?

  247. jab says:

    There’s this guy I met online,I admitted​ that we flirt,he did some plans and things I’m not aware,the debt I owed with him is paid already,but he is saying that I have to pay for his so called INVESTMENTS of him to me,is this a crime?

  248. Bruce says:

    I had a sb play me good. We met and had a wonderful night, alot in common, etc.. at the end of the night she asked if i wanted to hang out again but for free, and it wod be nice if i could just help her out once and awhile. We talked daily, she was very caring and sweet. We were going to hang out one night and made plans. During the day she asked if she could “borrow” $400 until friday. I said yes and she could keep $300. That night i never heard from her and she didn’t reply to my messages. It wasn’t like her to disappear, so i sent her a few texts asking her to let me know she was ok. Finally, 3 days later she responds saying that i “didn’t seem enthused to help”, and now she is “seeing someone” so our relationship is over. I haven’t heard from her since. I just don’t understand. If it was always about money, why ask me to hang out for free?

    • ella says:

      are you serious, you met her on a sugaring site, she was probably the hottest girl who has ever spoken to you, and you expected her to see you, a loser on SA, for FREE? I’m glad she got away!

      • Noway says:

        I think it’s nice that he trusted her and thought she was being honest. We all want to feel chemistry and passion and true love, even those of us on sugaring sites. Why not give it a chance? I trust most people I meet, and most of the time they’re good people. Sometimes you get burned, but you shouldn’t think badly of yourself when that happens. The other person is the “loser”.

      • Stef says:

        This is so absolutely rude of you! The point of this site is for SB’s and SD’s to find a thrilling connection with someone they normally wouldn’t connect with. If he is a “loser on SA”, then what are you? A broke gold digger on SA? Shame on you. A lot of women are on this site to seek mentorship, while having someone assist them financially on mutual terms. It seems there was just a lack of communication between Bruce and his SB interest.

    • Anonymous says:

      Bruce I’m sorry that happened to you

    • Freddie says:

      You were played, but not that good: my NOOB experience left me $1500 poorer. So, you’re not as stupid as any of the rest of us who think with our heads!

      Pay for play, at least at the beginning, until trust is built.

      … note I’ve been off SA for a year, having happily found many great SB’s, and finally keeping one.

  249. Anonymous says:

    So I’ve come across this guy twice, his name is Danny. We’ve talked twice now, but I never go through with him because it seems like a scam. I don’t want to deal with something that will get me in trouble. He offers a big amount of money each week, it just seems fishy. Since we’ve talked twice, and he contacted me both time reaching out to me. I’m not sure if I should go through with it. Has anyone else been in this situation or even is talking to a guy named Danny offering a good amount weekly?

    • Anonymous says:

      I have recently been contacted by a man named Tommy who tells me he prefers the name Danny, he’s been very nice and sweet to me and I feel bad for being so skeptical but he’s been asking for my info now for a few hours saying he will tell his accountant to deposit the money right away. He is promising 300 a week and although I wish it were true part of me is in disbelief. He also gave me a story about a past experience of him getting ripped off therefore he doesn’t use PayPal or any other app.

      • Stephanie. says:

        SAME happened to me. He went by tom. Was promising 300 a week. Well he deposited a $4000 fraudulent check. Thankfully my bank didn’t let it go through. He wanted me to send some of it to Africa. SCAM

      • Kristen says:

        Omg I ran into him too! He’s still trying to scam people and literally about 5 minutes ago, I called him out and told him I reported his name and pic and parts of our convos where he asked for my login info and he got scared and blocked me haha.

      • Anonymous says:

        The same exact thing happened with me, story was the same other than he called himself barry

  250. Anonymous says:

    Has any sugar babies ever gotten scammed by sugar daddies? Like by giving them their banking info? I’ve had a few ask so they can distribute my allowance, but I’m very wary about giving out important info like that. Give me a heads up girls!

  251. Anonymous says:

    So does anyone know anything about maMKe19? Seems suspect to me.

  252. Breezy says:

    I can’t imagine how much this dude has made off of us. Looking at how many people have fallen for it and forbhiw much… it’s well over 100,000

  253. Anonymous says:

    WorthMeetingNoBS is a fraud SD. Will have you book hotel room and not reimburse you for it or provide your allowance. Will insult you upon calling him out for his ‘BS’ and try to shrewdly evade you. He says that you are not cut out for SA and neither is he. He is going to take his profile down. However, he just changes the location to make it seem like he took his profile down. Stay away from him! Extremely pompous, will waste your time, will not compensate you, insult you and lie.

  254. KALE is the BIGGEST liar ever…Told me and my best friend he was going to do so much amazing stuff… had us to all kinds of stuff only to bail and completely fuck us over.

  255. Anonymous says:

    I had issue with Money Man$$ aka Ted Fayetteville Nc. Before we our m&g, the arrangement was going to be one thing. Then when it was time to meet, he wanted to meet at a fast food restaurant. And to make matters worst, he said that he needed to sample the merchandise before he agreed on arrangements. Needless to say I never met him!

  256. Anonymous says:

    Anyone know if Mr.Allowance is fake from phoenix?

  257. Anonymous says:

    Has anyone met a genuine SB in the UK? Been on the site for over a year and all I get is time wasting or girls asking for upfront money. Shame!

  258. Kiera says:

    I wish I could share pictures.
    This one guy has made at least 3 different profiles on SA and contacted me from all three. Moron must not be able to remember my face. He uses a deferent name, different locations, gives different phone numbers, but always use the same pictures, as of I won’t recognize them. He promises $250 twice a week before even meeting, and asks for your bank account and routing numbers to deposit the money. I refused and offered other options. He refused and stopped answering. I’ve reported his accounts, but that doesn’t stop him from making new ones. Damn, I wish I could share his picture on here!

  259. David says:

    Hi my name is David in a young gay male who has a sugar daddy he has all my info. He pays me but he ask me to send 2,100 dollars to Nigeria cuzz his boss works down for a project and then he will be back in sac after he’s done/after he’s gotten the money AM I BEING SCAMMED

    • Anonymous says:


    • WTF is wrong with all of you SB!!!!!! You are on her requesting assistance!!! Why would you GIVE ANY MAN ANYTHING!!!! Why would a SD ask you to reserve a room or use any of your money ??? I don’t care if he were married to 12 women, if I don’t know him, I could care less about any excuses nor would I have any sympathy for “said” secrecy!!!! Sounds like a lot of Dumb, Dumbs on this
      site! I am new to this but I don’t have to learn that, “IF IT SOUNDS OR SEEMS TO GOOD TO BE TRUE, IT PROBABLY ISN’T!!! MY TAKEAWAY FROM THIS FORUM: This blog is to teach to stop doing stupid shit!!! But comment after comment after you have been warned TO STOP giving your bank account info and getting scammed, you continue to do it! Good for you! You may as well change from SugarBaby to SugarMama. SD, IF you are not in the US. fuck you. When you get here, “send me a MESSAGE is my advice. Why talk to someone in another country? You think you’re that cute that a SD can’t find a SB in his own country????? Dumb and Dumber it gets! … Thank you for this forum as my eyes have been opened to the Fuckery that goes on here. I am one SB that can read. A 36 year old SD (I am 49) offered me $4000 a month and $2000 same night if I could “get the job done”? We didn’t even have a conversation, this was a straight up proposal…..I didn’t even respond… another SB(sugar boy) wanted to pay per each time we met just for him to “eat me out regularly” . I advised that I was on this
      site for a SD SB Experience and I am not a prostitute. Question? How legal is what a SB seeking arrangement? how thin is the line not to cross? I’d like to “Not” be set up to be arrested after agreeing to an arrangement. Has that happened to anyone?

  260. Stevxx says:

    Lotuslola (Milton Keynes UK) does not follow through with arrangements.

      • Anonymous says:

        I’m not surprised. Been on this site for over a year and haven’t met any girl as of yet. Either is a fake profile or it’s a waste of time. Shame as I am a genuine SD. This site feels like a scam

    • Florence says:

      A guy named Donald Dillard Pennysvian is fake and scam. He tells you he will fly you first class and will take you shopping. All lies

  261. Anonymous says:

    Pretty ricardo is a fake and does not follow through with agreed amount after meeting, then blocks

  262. Allen says:

    Classic stupid escort using her same number. Plays the next door neighbor nice girl for a week, but when it’s time to meet, needs $1000 for medical bills or disabled kids that dont exist or a car that “doesn’t work”.

    Any such irrelevant talk should result in the immediate “report user” option with the evidence. And immediate ghosting. Escorts are the absolute vermin on this site and should be extinguised at every corner turn. They are souless scourge and have no business here

  263. Anonymous says:

    Thestorm89 Offering travel as a “Personal assistant”? Seems very far fetched and his profile akso seems sketchy. Anyone had any experiences with this SD?

  264. Anonymous says:

    jck024 from Oakland county Michigan is not sugar daddy material. He is not seeking a sugar baby; he’s just looking for multiple free partners.

  265. Scammed baby says:

    This story seems to be just like the rest and I wish I had read about scamming on this site before this situation occurred however… a SD inboxed me and told me he was looking for someone if my stature for a visit he was making to the area. He sent maybe, four messages before he provided me with an email because he wanted to talk further and was deactivating his account. This was the first red flag and I ignored it. Upon emailing him 3 messages in he decides that he would prefer to text me now. He tells me he wants to take care of me, spoil me because I deserve it. Promising me 5-600 for allowance and wants to send the money right away. I tell him there is no need to rush and start asking where he’s from and when will arrive to the area and he never tells me where he is, where he is from and when he will arrive. The question is often avoided by just ignoring the question and talking about more money. He tells me he will need my account info and if course I provide him with my account and routing number. He gives a bull shit reason of not being able to get to a bank so he wants to deposits the money into the account using mobile despite however he will need my username and password. I became very hesitant and he became nicer and nicer. Like a naïve SB I gave him this info and over night money was placed into my account. In the morning he asked they I run a couple of errands for him. He asked that I remove money from my account and send it to Nigeria to 3 different people. I because very suspicious and called me bank, however because I was sugared into believing this was ok and it was all real I did what he asked of me, even though I knew it was wrong. Days later he started making threats on my life and my family and days after that my bank account was in the negative of 3000… the checks weren’t real and you should never give anyone your account information! They prey on people like us, and I wish I wasn’t so kind hearted. Please make this a bigger conversation. Please reach out to me if there is anything that can be done to help me… I have a retail job where I struggle to make ends me and it seems that in a few weeks I will have nothing, because I won’t be able to make any payments! I’ve called my bank and at this point I don’t know what to do! Their has to be something we can do to protect ourselves and make others aware!

    • Mya says:

      This happened to me what can be done?

    • Linda says:

      Same thing is happening to me. I keep receiving threat messages and I am terrified. I don’t know what to do? Should I believe the them and call the cops or are they just trying to intimidate me? Please let me know :(

    • CaptivatingnFearless says:

      This happened it me and my account was closed and I can’t bank at that establishment anymore. If you have a bad feeling about the situation, just don’t do it. If the salt daddy keeps persisting, ignore them. If they can not send money through paypal, venmo, square, bank to bank or wire transfers, then he/she is a scammer. Also, if they won’t or have an excuse not to video chat, its most likely a scam.

  266. Mami says:

    What is it with sugar daddies giving you more than 1000 dollars and wanting you to by them itune gift cards? I’VE HAD MORE THAN 1 SUGAR DADDIES DO THIS I JUST DON’T UNDERSTAND WHY THEY DO THIS. Does anybody know?

    • Miss_Y says:

      This happened to me don’t by gift cards if they ask. I was bring too trusting and did this. Now my account is negative 1300 dollars

  267. Jordan says:

    My SD has been aggressive and wanting to become more serious but it’s making me uncomfortable and actually quite terrified. He said if I discontinue “pleasing” him over the phone then I need to return the gifts and allowances he has already given me. Can he do that?
    ALSO, he demanded I open an account with the same bank as him to make transferring allowances more easily even though he’s wired the money more than once to me. What do I do? Any advice?

  268. Anonymous says:

    Are there any real SD here? I am reading all of these posts, it’s kind of scary to think that all the men I talk to might be. I am talking to this really nice SD in San Diego, he has not even discussed money or gifts, I live on the east coast and he said distance is not a problem. He asked questions like what I am looking for on this site, what I see my future in 5 or 10 years, things like that. Doesn’t seem like a scam to me but I ran a reverse check on his phone, it doesn’t tell the owner, just the area he is in.

  269. sb says:

    so guys this is my story,
    started 4 days ago when i start talking to this SD and he claims to take care of me. I opened new bank account but he asks me for username and password because i dont know how thing are working and he asked me for address and photo of my passport and I gave him because he says he had friends in FBI and not to worry, so he says he gonna send me weekly allowance and buy me a car for my birthday and he will visit me in my town in two weeks, but after reading this comments i had bad feeling that i gave him all my personal details, I am thinking to go to the police and show them all the conversations to let them judge him or to report him.. he already told me there were sugar baby before who took his money and he put her on jail,,,,what do you think?

    • CaptivatingnFearless says:

      I hope you reported him and went to the police. He shouldn’t be asking for your passport, driver’s license, or bank login information. If your gut tells you no, then don’t do it.

  270. Anonymous says:

    There’s also one who sent me this
    “btw babe i will need you to send me your ..,online username and password and security question and answer which will be used to setup mobile check deposits to you…, i will be giving you $400 weekly allowance babe till i get back to stateside”

    This is a scam!!!! If you get this kind of message just block them immediately. These broke men trying to find free sugar from sugar babes.

  271. Kay says:

    A man by the name of “Berk Evren” sent me a message saying “he wants to make an arrangement and to email him. I emailed him he responded “Thats so interesting, well, Im of a MIXED ethnicity! mom Mexican, dad Black, I get all my looks from mom?… Was born and raised in Mexico before relocating back to Seattle WA, to me distance is never a barrier as long as its worth it, im willing to go any mile in search for happiness.. .

    Im a global contractor, deals basically with rig renovation and over-head bridges.. Presently i do have an on-going project in which my representative and local laborers are working on.. While im here in Montreal, Canada ?? with the board of committee going through long hours of meeting and paperworks to tackle daily until my project gets completed in three weeks. I purposely embraced work so hard after the lost of my late wife to cancer which was a very bitter experience. My old pastor said to me recently that the fact something bad occured doesnt stop something better from occuring. Which is why im giving this a trial in search of a companion. I dont need something serious just a SB/SD thing and if it gets serious along the way then its not a problem” then said he could send me $400 a week. I gave him my A & R number . He said he was st his limit for wire transfers and needed online banking info . I gave it to him & now there’s 2,000 worth of checks in the account waiting to be cleared. I’m scared

  272. Allison says:

    Has anyone spoken to mikelstones1993? We talked on the phone and texted for 2 days. Said he is currently in turkey. Wants to send money to my bank account wondering if he’s a scammer?

  273. SBlove says:

    I don’t know if I will be scammed by him or not, but it all started 3 days ago when he send me his number claiming to take of me, after couple messages about our hobbies and things we love or hate, he asks me my account number, I told him I have bofa bank he said go open in wells Fargo its easier for him to transform the money, after I opened it he asked me about account number, routing number, username , password ,ID picture, my full address, I gave him because I felt I trust him and I am new to all this, I just moved from another county not aware about that , then I felt something not right about him, his account on sugar daddy meet is not available any more , I sent him a lot of times asking to meet, where he lives, his full name, he sends me he’s a business man and will find me time next week, he never told me where he lives, so I went to my bank account everything still there, I changed my password and I don’t know what to do to make sure he didn’t steal my ID, I have all the messages and picture ( maybe not his picture), should I report the police? Or wait to see what gonna happen ??

  274. Anonymous says:

    So I am a new SB to this site, and this guy hasnt wanted anything intimate. He claims hes from Washington D.C. and goes by the name Tom Martini. Im starting to get a little spooked because he just deposited 910.22 into a wells fargo account he had me made. Except the check hes cashing, is coming from a california based location. When i asked him what that was about he claimed thats where his businesses corporate location is..yet when i looked it up, its a family home in the middle of california…yeah right. Thats not even the worst of it. With the money he wants me to purchase itunes gift cards for his colleagues. What the hell is this??

    • Stephanie. says:

      SAmE exact info!! It is a scam. He just did this to me today. Now I owe the bank!!

      • Iris says:

        His name is Danny for me, but similar deal. Had me pay off cuz credit debt then demanded I buy him a bunch of iTunes cards for his coworkers. When we spoke on the phone it was clearly a foreign young woman claiming to be his assistant, but it’s all bullshit. So far the money’s stayed in my account but I won’t spend it unless he can prove he’s legit and not just trying to put me in debt. Be careful guys, real SDs shouldn’t beg or demand.

  275. Anonymous says:

    SpoilerDaddy007 is a fake hes just GraciousDaddy which I already reported just putting different but much alike stuff on his profile. Claims his allowance is high and he had a Phd post doctorial he changed his age one year lower and ECt. Not doubting he was probably once ColoradoSpoiler which some people have complained about him scamming.

  276. Anonymous says:

    GraciousDaddy says real daddies don’t talk much let me help you on one condition. Deactivate your account. Blah bklah blah
    The 2k weekly will require your online login I’d your username and password and the only reason I need your login details is for capturing the front and back of the check for mobile deposit and once payment is confirmed change details. I asked

    • Anonymous says:

      Also asked for Moore pictures he says he doesn’t do that and was like are you doubting me already hell yes you are offering 500 for pampering after and 2000 after

      • Breezy says:

        I had a guy almost just like this in the Houston area did the same thing. He asked me never to get on SA again and to trust him and that he needed my bank username and password and all kinds of other stuff.

    • Amanda marano says:

      Thank you for this! He messaged me yesterday with the same exact story but under a different user name. Then deactivated his account. He did send more pictures when I asked but got very mad when I said I wouldn’t send a stranger my bank info and said he could PayPal me. Claims he’s from Florida and an oil rigger or something like that…..beware of him anyone who reads this!

    • Anonymous says:

      Did he ever send the money or was it a scam?

    • Anonymous says:

      Same thing I’m experiencing

  277. Maggie says:

    Here’s some advice to the ladies who may be new on this site. At lot of them and when I say a lot I mean THE majority of them are pic collectors. They will try so hard to make false promises of everything they’re going to do just for that one photo of a boob and disappear. When you send them photos, please make sure you are sending wholesome pics so that even if they aren’t legit you don’t feel used and this way you can also see if they wish to talk a real arrangement or just bsing. Beware of the men who are overly friendly “OK baby” OK, hunny” “dear what would you like” they use this as a manipulation tactic to gain your trust they’re usually the most perverted. Most of them ARE NOT SERIOUS EVEN THE OLDER ONE’S. Go for them men 50 and older. Don’t go for looks. The guys who are 20 to late 40s even 40s are the most cocky the more good looking the more of an ass hole they are. Don’t do ANYTHING you’re uncomfortable with. If he requires a sexual or any act that goes beyond what you’re capable, cut ties!!! These men feel as though they own you because they pay you, they expect you to do everything they say and if you do, in the end you will regret it. Don’t go against anything you believe in no matter how much money they offer which usually isn’t enough for what they’re usually asking anyway.

    • anon says:

      I LOVE the 30-50 group and I’m pretty shallow so they’ve been real good looking. Not assholes either, you might be finding the wrong ones

  278. Maggie says:

    Bear elf a man name mickey on SA. We spoke on the site then proceeded to text he wanted some nasty and disgusting fetish sex when I ask how much he was offering per meet as he said he wanted to see someone 2 tines a Month he only offered 150 !!!!! These men are so cheap! They want everything

  279. Help me find dalec says:

    This little Vietnamese guy scammed me big time. Said he would reward me with 5000 for all my time and effort at the end of the month but never did. and I later found out he had herpes.. Which means I have it now. He uses fake pics of a younger Asian man. “Dalec” is about 46 years and about 5 feel tall. San Jose area

  280. SapioW says:

    On S.A. a so called SD sent me a message claiming he wanted to get to know me. The screen name he used is SugarDady567. His profile was created on Feb 22nd and when I checked the next day (which is today Feb 23rd), his profile and the message he sent me disappeared. His profile showed that he lived in NYC but in that single message he sent. His message was nice so I texted him but he then said he lived in Seattle and that his name is Jon. 2nd red flags but, I was still curious and went on. I’m located in the east coast of Canada so in the 1st messages I made sure that he knew. He responded that he travels a lot and he doesn’t mind the distance that he can travel to come see me on the weekends. He started quickly to bring the allowance subject and that prior to discuss or set a date for 1st meeting. 3rd red flag. He asked me how much I would want and I’ve given him that great answer found on sugardaddiesexposed website: “I’m not really comfortable with quoting a price. I think that a man should take the lead when it comes to financial matters.” He offered 300$ weekly and asked me which bank am I dealing with. 4th RED FLAG! Enough, so I caught him on his BS on the spot. He didn’t like and try to turn it against me but he failed on the wrong woman. He didn’t see it coming, I believe this SCAM ARTIST has NEVER BEEN EXPOSED ON THE SPOT before. He got so upset that he THREATEN TO KILL ME!!! 4 TIMES! I have reported him to the local police and the Canadian Anti fraud center. I believe that every woman who falls on a scammer should caught his BS on the spot!

    But my big concern, regards the legal responsibility of Seeking Arrangement. If his profile has been deactivated and we can’t see it anymore, we can’t even report the event to them directly. On their website there is no contact provided for this type of problem. The only way they let you report a scammer is through his profile if it’s active (I had to do it once already, and I have subscribed just a little over 1 month!!). Ok, maybe they can’t keep their profile active but the message GONE from the mailbox raise a lot of concerns! And I know it’s their system that operates this way since I was once in contact with a user who told me after he deactivated his account, which answered my questions at the time since I wonder how come his messages disappeared!! I wrote to S.A. and I hope they find a way to track this user and collaborate with the police to track him down. I hope they understand that by removing the message from mailbox without authorization, notification or explanations, they make harder for people to collect enough proof to report his illegal activities. I received DEAD THREATS so I did go through all this trouble of collecting proofs and good thing I subscribed to the email notifications! But what if I didn’t? And if he didn’t THREATEN MY LIFE, I wouldn’t be as motivated as I am now to report him!!! How can we stop them if they make it’s hard to report them???

  281. SB in KC says:

    Has anyone had encounters with an “Ashton” in Kansas City? Real name is Zach.

    Total and complete sociopath in every sense of the word. Probed me from the beginning- sat me down and asked me at least 100 questions to figure me out and detect my hopes, dreams, weaknesses- all handles for manipulation. Love bombed me- telling me I was “the one”. He loved me and wanted to see me beyond an arrangement. He was charming af. Built up his character, telling me he was monogamous, taking me out and holding my hand, sending me sweet text messages. Then he would ignore me for days and act like it’s totally normal. So many lies about stupid s*** but he is a master wordsmith and will make them seem rational. Finally worked up the courage to tell him to f*** off and it wasn’t easy.

    Seeking support… Does anyone know this person? Or has anyone else been conned by a sociopath sd? Feeling embarrassed and upset with myself… I’ve never fallen for anything so hard…

  282. Europrince is not seeking arrangement says:

    Europrince acts more like a princess. He feels he’s entitled to your time & body for free.

    He looks mid 50’s but claims to be 44. He is very petite and his pictures must be really old, or not him. He has an ornry Napoleon disposition.

  283. Anonymous says:

    I haven’t ran into any scams yet from a SB, just ghosting and promising to skype “sometime” and not cancelling a meeting at the last minute with lame excuses. I suppose I should be lucky I haven’t ran into a scam.

    • Rick says:

      SB scams are more along the lines of wanting money for the M&G,which will be the last time you see her, or wanting a monthly allowance and then disappearing as soon as they get it.

    • AnonSD says:

      Every SB I message with, when I try to set up a m&g at a restaurant for dinner, they quit reading my messages. I bunch of fakes/flakes for sure.

      • Anonymous says:

        That sounds real familiar. Many of them have horrible communication skills.

      • Shaunta says:

        Well after reading these I will have to figure out something else apparently. Feel free to contact me if you legitimately would like to meet.

    • Anonymous says:

      Sounds all too familiar. I haven’t ran into SB scams, or maybe because I just ignore potential SBs unless they pick my fancy, but lots of flakes. Ghosting or a last minute lame excuse before meeting. Or after a meeting. Or the worst, a SB I have had an arrangement with ghosting me without warning.

      I think age plays a big factor here. SBs aged 25-30 are the more reliable ones, while SBs under 25 are the ones who flake.

  284. ran into another broke bloke says:

    SD wannabee Wizard96 wants free sex. He claims he doesn’t have money. He shortchanged our waiter.

  285. Anonymous says:

    SD named Albert wants bank information for a weekly allowance (before meeting) but won’t use PayPal. Sent the same messages as one of the other scams below (I think Daniel?) verbatum. Please look out for him.

  286. thaotherblkguy says:

    Has anyone ever been scammed by a sugar momma I’m pretty new to this and she’s my first one. She kinda threw up some red flags at first but so far she’s been keeping her end of our arrangement. I told her I don’t have any doubts about her but I don’t know maybe it’s just me being nervous.

  287. Anonymous says:

    I have been talking to a guy. He has been pushy to give me money right away. He says he needs to login info to the bank to deposit money. For one I do not want money before meeting or talking about what we both agree upon. Secondly why would I give out that information to have money deposited? All he needs is my email to deposit to either PayPal or if he really wanted he only needs my name and bank to transfer money over to it. When I said only way I will take money if through PayPal he disappeared. Please don’t fall for this trap.

    • Anonymous says:

      Is it GraciousDaddy because he’s doing the same thing

      • Anonymous says:

        This happened to me almost twice. It was my first serious SD offer. I made a new account sadly with the same bank and ended up giving my information. Two fraudulent checks were placed in my account. They never went through, the bank stopped them but I was still fined. I told my second serious offer what happened and he still wanted access to my personal account when I refused he disappeared two. I’m honestly having no luck with this website and i’m considering just leaving it alone.

    • I’ve also had the same experience. There’s a guy who told me that he would give me a weekly allowance and that he needed to deposit it directly into my bank account because he was in Canada at the moment. So he asked for my bank account login details.
      Then he accidentally copy pasted the same message and sent it to me. That’s when I realized he does that to so so many girls from SA. His name is “flashydaddy2477”
      He’ll probably give you some stupid sad story about how he’s a widow and lonely.
      Be careful guys!!

  288. Gil890 says:

    Bern is a scam.lisbon says he lives in Coral springs florida.Asking banking info.No

  289. Gil890 says:

    Bern is a scam says hes from Coral springs florida but in Agiel overseas right now.He is lisbonian.Wants my banking info.No no no

  290. Anonymous says:

    If they ask you to western union you money..DO NOT DO IT. its a scam trust me…its a scam.

  291. Anonymous says:

    If they are constantly calling you baby or honey…DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY INFORMATION …to verify their identity ask them where they work, call the company and ask if he works there of if anyone knows him

  292. Anonymous says:

    i literally just got scammed and my account is still frozen. i dont know how i was dumb enough to let him convince me to give him my bank login…i had only like a dollar in there. He made several mobile deposits with checks that didnt go through and kept pestering me to take out the money …He kept calling me baby. honey. and his english was just the slightest bit wierd but not like he had an accent…just wierd. he kept talling about paying me 300 a week just to talk to him, he said he worked for TARGET INVESTIGATIONS in georgia yet somehow he wanted me to wire money to to his “friend” CHINEDU CHRIS EKWURIBE in johnson city TN 37604. IF YOU SEE THAT…ITS A SCAM.

  293. G says:

    DANBAM just made a new account under DBMDA19 which he deleted but I’m sure he will start a new one soon. He is located in Saskatchewan and is a scam artist; he creates new accounts regularly telling them he is new and never does as promised; please be careful of him!

  294. ModestoSD says:

    Ashthebombest is a scam.

  295. Anonymous says:

    Romeo3100 or Roman’s phone number if reverse searched has a complaint from an escort.

  296. SugarbabySF says:

    Romeo3100 or Roman is a deceiver and a liar. He will say he will pay you and then ask if he can pay later via PayPal and it never comes. When asked, he will keep giving excuses after excuses and ultimately turn the table on you and pretend to not know what you are talking about. This guy is a liar and a deceiver and is not a sugar daddy. Waste of your time.

  297. NewSB says:

    Moffy77 Is a scammer please beware asked for bank account info and used a lie about how the can’t use PayPal or cash app just no!!!!

  298. Carmeldiamond says:

    Beware of James Reid. He claims he’s a pilot and sends you an allowance. He send some 2000 and then asks for you to send halfback to his “godson”. My account is now frozen. And I owe the ban bank 4000$$. BECAREFUL. I have no idea how I am going to pay this. Do not put yourself in more debt ladies

  299. Ashbre94 says:

    Has anyone come across billyman4662 ?
    He deleted his account or something recently. He’s been texting me but it seems off like he will make small talk with me. But then he randomly says he wants me to fly to London with him next month. We haven’t even met yet & he’s already mentioned paying me weekly & saying stuff about talking to his accountant officer. I don’t know if he’s a scam or not.

    • Courtney Evans says:

      Samething is happening to me this man is in my inbox on Fb wanting me to be his sugar baby n send allowance ,wont even show his face on video chat or nothin.I know its a scam

    • Courtney Evans says:

      James white !!!!! Sounds like he a scam ask for bank info n wants to send me allowance to be his sugar baby .won’t video chat to show real face

    • Youdontknkow555 says:

      If you have not met the guy and he is offering to buy you a ticket to London then you can be pretty sure They are trying to scam you. Being a SD, I have not come across this one – I am constantly spotting scammers, gathering info and reporting. I am sure some google searching would bring up details on how this one works. I could see them trying to get personal information from you, or using this as a stepping stone to a money transfer scam. Unless you are Jessica Alba, people are not going to fly someone overseas to meet them for the first time. I know you want it to be real, but if it seems too good to be true it is not worth the risk.

    • T says:

      Omg we need to talk I think I’m talking to same guy and we’ve never met but he’s talking about sending me money so I can send it to some charity but I can keep a little bit of it. He also mentioned a weekly allowance before meeting

  300. anonymous says:

    Has anyone run into this situation: a scammer who thoroughly inhabits the life of the person whose profile they’ve stolen? They copy pics from a model site or similar, then through studying Facebook or Instagram or twitter they learn of details of the person’s life that they then incorporate into their profile text or even email messages. The thing is, you never do get to meet them; they always vanish before meeting, even after agreeing to meet. I guess they’re just living out a fantasy, or else hoping to score some wired money, which if it doesn’t work they just move on to the next.

  301. Anonymous says:

    Be careful of social engineering questions such as, favorite color, favorite food, first car, favorite vacation place .. SD can get a lot of personal information that way also.

  302. Anonymous says:

    Im soooo glad I am not the only one that ran across these problems.. little did he know I’m into Cyber Security ha! We had very good extensive conversation back and forth. It all sounded good but I was so surprised to see how easy it was to get an allowance. 1st trigger went off… there’s no way it’s this easy. So he goes on to say well I like you I want to do direct deposit set up with your bank account. Ok that’s not the bad part. The bad part is when he said he wanted me to trust him by giving my login credentials to him for the payroll. Then he wanted it almost immediately for his payroll officer who was allegedly on the phone. I start to play along with the trust thing. 2nd trigger I asked for him to validate something to make me believe him. Nothing was given almost ignored it every time. That was an easy give away.

  303. laura says:

    has anyone met a guy named Paul from Dallas, says he is a surgeon. He is on SA and goes by the user whoseyourdaddy?

  304. Karina says:

    Avoid “BeMikesLady”. Absolute waste of time. Will not give you anything to compensate your time and ask to have sex with you for the longest possible time he can and tell you he will paypal you..and just never will. When you ask for your paypal, he’ll just say that’s not the arrangement he wants, sorry! That’s called prostitution and he would rather treat a lady to the “finer things in life”..He is just trying to use you for sex. Completely disgusting! Watch out! Threatens to report you as a prostitute, too!

  305. Cece says:

    I hate these “men” on Seeking arrangement. They want want, sex, etc. Half of them are married, a few couples. They prefer white over any other race & if they go outside of white they want asain or latina no blacks. Really, i know they base it off of attitude & latinas are just as bad. They’re prejudice assuming that black women wont go that far or dont care to keep people around. This is SA, majority of the guys lie about what they want. They want sex over a companion. Then get mad when someone doesnt want them anymore because they’re catching feelings.

  306. matt says:

    Howdy. Does anyome have experience with Lonelyhotmomma from Dallas? She is asking who i bank with I am seeing if she is a waste of time or not

  307. hope says:

    Is giving out your facebook name if he gave you his okay?

  308. enough coffee already; if you cannot afford lunch don't message me says:

    *searching* is a smoker, but I think he has a much worse secret. Protect yourself ladies.

  309. Judy Baby Xo says:

    Beware of scottmark76. He just favourited me which is what the last scammer did to lure me in. This same man has used those fake pictures to scam me before.. I believe he’s just using a different account to do this and wants to try getting me again. Funny how he’s from Oregon but his English is poor in the profile write up (types the exact same way the scammer did!) and hes like “Don’t reply me if you are scammer.” when he is indeed the scammer LMAO what and idiot. He made it so obvious there. But yeah girls… You’ve been warned! Be careful sugas!

  310. Judy Baby says:

    Hey there. Have been a sugar baby for about a month and a couple weeks now but for some reason I keep attracting scammers! It’s been 3 times in a row now. They’ll start off faceless with no pictures and then they’ll send a long sweet message with their phone number or an email. Then you’ll chat for a while and see that their English isn’t as good as it was on SA. Then they’ll send you pictures of them with their family and/or around the worlD. I will admit as a woc (woman of colour), it has extremely difficult getting daddies to notice me and even when I take the initiative, they’ll either ignore me or after we meet up, just ghost

    I hate when people say that we’re living in a “post – racial” society because from my experience on here or just in life in general, I can tell you that that is definitely not the case. I’m sure there are other brown sugar babies that can testify to this too so the desperation for money has been really high lately. I’m terribly in debt from deenrolling from school and other expenses. I tried the whole work thing but was discrimnated by my manager because I had braids in the workplace. So I’ve tried. That’s actually the very incident that prompted me to start sugaring. But it hasn’t been easy on here wither. Just providing a little context as to what got me started and why I’m so frantic!

    Anyways onto this scammer I met today… So his username is: tomorrow11 which he actually deleted after messaging me (another thing to watch out for!). We talked all the day and he lied about everything. The biggest lie was when he said his daughter went to Harvard and knew the Kardashians..spending weekends with them. The last time I checked Keeping Up, I didn’t see anybody that looked like her so I had a bad feeling about that. However, what really set me off was when he sent me an email saying how his accountant needed more info for the wire transfer like.. the username, password, bank phone #, address and my real name. That’s the biggest red flag ladies! Once they start asking for your username and password with your real name you know they are a scammer! I don’t know why I entertained this fool. I shouldve been wiser but I guess 3s the charm. So with that being said.. Look out for those signs!

    1) Asking for your username/password/real name from your bank account

    2) Bringing up a fake accountant when they can just transfer it themselves!

    3) When it seems like it’s too good to be true

    4) If they delete the account on SA after talking to you.

    BIGGEST TIP! Report the user if you feel fishy about him.

    Additional details: He’s 56 and from San Jose, California. His name is Weah Pyeifer or something like that. Strange name for a white American male. Beware of fake names as well! Don’t let desperation blind you like I did. Good luck out there sugas if you were even able to read all of it! Lol ?

    • How can I report him? Or would anyone like to help me report him? I’ve got his # as well which is traceable

    • Anny says:

      You can’t be serious? Just because someone might not prefer a colored woman does NOT mean they are racist!
      Then you say you can’t even get a job because one boss didn’t like your braids, so they are racist also.
      How about you take responsibility and realize some people might not like a certain colored woman. It is a preference NOT racism! And I bet they mentioned your braids at the ONE job because they were in the way!
      Your post was nothing but a huge eye roll.

  311. exposing says:

    What do you make of this statement from Hdude1970, “want sex with someone that wants it with me as well. The amount of sugar is what’s questionable here…..decent escorts are 150-250 $….no muss no fuss. I’m going to use protection anyways so what’s the difference. I would have to be less then that for a SB. She has to want to be with me aside from wanting the cash. More power to all to try and get as much as they can.”

  312. anon says:

    I was on seeking arrangement. I found 2 scammers. The first one says his name is Damien. Beware. He says he is from France, and Is in Orlando for a short time working on all the bathrooms in Disney. He had set up an arrangement for 2,500 a month and i would be on his payroll as his assistant. Well, the first time he wanted me to go to his hotel, i insisted we go to dinner. He didnt seem happy. I had to pick him up at his hotel, dressed like crap, and i had to drive him. He then wanted to go back to his hotel. I looked and he got condoms already and wanted sex. I told him not ready to, and the next day he messages me told me he doesnt think this is going to work out. Piece of shit.

  313. Anonymous says:

    Also Worldclassguy in LA and orange county, is he a scammer? He seems to promise a lot but doesnt follow through with his promises…

  314. Anonymous says:

    Anyone had experience with the SD named AMEXblackcard? Is he legit?

  315. Desidenver says:

    JordanM1 is a fraud..
    He will try and meet and then claim his portfolio is a mess and cant live up to his word.

  316. None says:

    Sexy chocolate ikande few other names is tiarra nikole mills she has aids becareful its on cl and google + she is trying to spread it

  317. Bianca Araiza says:

    about 99% of the guys on these sites are scammers. dont EVER give out bank info. if they are legit they will send you money via Paypal, reload a prepaid card, money gram, or western union. a huge giveaway is giving you a number to contact them right away. most use texting apps. they have Zero proper english, constantly saying “am” instead of “I’m” when or if you’re in doubt ask them flat out if they want bank info and explain you will not give that info out. 9/10 times they will not write you back. no real SD or person with common sense will ever expect that kind of info from you cause they wouldn’t give that out either. please ladies think with your minds an not your wallets when it comes to your personal information. good luck!

  318. Clueless “Hdude1970” says:

    says, “want sex with someone that wants it with me as well. The amount of sugar is what’s questionable here…..decent escorts are $150-$250….no muss no fuss. I would have to be less then that for a SB. She has to want to be with me aside from wanting the cash. More power to all to try and get as much as they can.”

    He’s mixed up. Sounds like a good one to avoid.

  319. Mark says:

    Watch out for a man by the name of Mark Sapir who goes by the username “ChiSweet”. He promised my ex-girlfriend a date and a certain amount of money to meet him when all he did was give her drinks (underage) and then took advantage of her and paid her less than the promised amount. Also his messages clearly offer a monetary value asking for sexual favors. Is there a way to report this man to the police?

  320. AnyonymousGal says:

    BEWARE: “Mefox” in SF bay area, he is Indian and says he is from France. Uses the name John. I met him at a 5 star hotel, and he scammed me after intimacy and left me at a restaurant. His account is now deleted, probably made a new one. His picture is in a yellow lamborghini. He is VERY aggressive. There are other comments on here about him also, so I know I’m not the first. Please be careful. He will also try to video tape you and have unprotected sex. Don’t let him!

    BEWARE: “sportsdoc” AKA “ARealDaddy916” in Roseville/Sacramento. He goes by the name “Jay” apparently his real name is Jason. He claimed to be a Pediatrician at Kaiser, but his new profile says he does real estate, so who knows. He has portrait tattoos of 3 kids on his stomach and other asian written tattoos. He will give fake checks and fake emails saying hes transferred money to your account. He’s another one who will try to have unprotected sex (claiming he’s fixed) and will record you on his phone even if you tell him NO.

    I have pictures of both of these men which I wish I could post on here so people can beware since I’m sure they changed their usernames to scam new girls.

    I have met 15+ guys on this site and luckily those 2 have been the only scammers. I have had 2 successful arrangements from this website and am in a great one right now. All the others I have met just didn’t click for me, but doesn’t mean they wont for someone else, some have been great men (or at least seem to be).

  321. Prissy2013 says:

    Well I had a sugar daddy that was like hey Ima send you 4000 if you send me 400 cause that’s the fee I did didn’t receive anything and they used paywisedirect he showed me the receipt and everything thing but then deleted his email when I sent the 400 now I have a new Sd saying he wants me to send him 100$ in iTunes cause he’s using HSBC bank not sure if it’s real or not he says he’s gonna send me 1,500 in allowanace any thoughts

  322. SDtalkstoomuch says:

    My sd talks about his home life too much and it bothers me. He is a big wimp and because i care it is hard to turn a blind eye to it. Now i have gone from pity to thinking he deserves it. The biggest issue is it disqualifies the little things he does for me when he tells the moaning stories of what he does at home just because he doesn’t know how to be in control. I love the affair but i don’t think attempting to hang out or know too much about each other is such a good thing. Lots of time vested, to just give it up. I am not going to feel guilty now either for sleeping him in the role he is in my life. Not more, not less.

  323. *warning* says:

    Regarding SD profile Europrince. He’s from the land of Novi.

    As it turns out, he is not looking for a SB, just some free attention. Considered high risk.

    I think he’s using someone else’s pictures.

  324. Sarah says:

    I met with a guy almost a year ago and he offered to give me $1500 on the first date and so I met with him, and he was being really disrespectful about how I have to have sex with him, which I would’ve, but I just started to feel uncomfortable so we never talked again…. and now 10 months later he’s asking for his money back and threatening to call the cops on me? He doesn’t even know my real name and he’s texting me saying he knows where I work!!? I didn’t even tell him that!
    Am I in the wrong?

  325. Anonymous says:

    So is everyone who gives there number upfront in a message a scam? And clearly if they ask you for your banking information and (say they don’t use paypal or anything) without even meeting you first just texting and talking…that’s probably a scam too right??

    • martin-ini says:

      Thing is. Why can’t people meet? Why be on a site to meet someone when you can’t meet? I now prefer to meet fast so nobody’s time is wasted. I don’t expect to be everybody’s dream come true either. However, bad behaviour is disrespectful.

      • Bane says:

        Well if they meet they better also be incentivizing otherwise many guys waste girls time getting them on dates but then they don’t pay for her time

      • Rick says:

        I generally ask for a phone number once we’ve agreed to meet. I use it to confirm the meeting earlier in the day. Been stood up by SBs too many times. I’m sure it happens the other way around too.

    • EyesOnU says:

      Right, Anonymous

    • EyesOnU says:

      Yes they are, just like that, Anonymous

    • anon says:

      i had someone from cali do that to me. Asked for my acct info, his acct was going to depsoit money n my acct. and wanted my mobile bnking info. hell no.

    • Judy Baby says:

      Yes girl! Please do not fall for that like I did. Paypal is extremely sketchy but there are other ways for your daddy to send you money. There are interactive e transfers where I live and wire transfers internationally. I wouldn’t recommend sending your bank info to them unless you actually get to know them. Lots of scammers out there! Also beware of faceless profiles! Ignore him. Trust me. It’ll be for the best.

    • thaotherblkguy says:

      I’m new to this but I just recently got a sugar momma you just described perfectly. I don’t know if she is a scammer but so far she has kept up her end of the bargain so I don’t know.

  326. officeparty says:

    AC/DC asks for bank info and then disappears, literally. He is from Newton,MA and Tarpon Springs,Fl.

  327. AnonSB says:

    This one is from a while back (2013-2014) so I forget his name unfortunately. He was from Colorado, loved country shows and House of Cards, had no picture posted, was named Bill or something. Very overweight, said he was dominant. Met him in his hotel (had been expecting cocktails and dinner in the lobby, but was naive and went to his room) and he literally had the lights off and just started in on me. It was actually kind of terrifying and he was disgusting and I was too ashamed to scream or get out of there so I just let it happen.

    I was in a daze and freaked out so I stayed in the room while he then ordered calamari and for some reason abruptly let the maid in while I was naked in bed so I hid under the covers. He was naked. I got dressed and rushed off. Cried driving home. Also realized he shorted me, so I texted him saying in very minced smoothed over words that I had felt unsafe and he also didn’t do anything we agreed on. He called me a crazy bitch or something and at this point I was just worried for my safety so I didn’t respond.

    Next day he apologized and begged me to keep seeing him and offered to wire me $100

    No thanks you fat smelly rapist fuck.

    Other than that I’ve learned to SCREEN WELL, BE PICKY, AND NOT SETTLE and had decent experiences. Be careful out there ladies (and gents).

  328. watch out! says:

    J have just turned down a meeting with a sugar baby who wanted £150 just to discuss an arrangement. I have noticed that the sugar baby in question is online for hours at a time over the past week or so. Also the sugar baby was not interested in seeing a picture of me before meeting…..
    I guess the scam is you hand over the money and the promise of an intimate second meeting never happens….

  329. Guest says:

    Be aware of user: daddieslilgurl.

    I reached an agreement with her for allowance which includes intimacy. We met at a Starbucks and went to a hotel. During the whole ride, she kept texting. Right after we arrived hotel, she demanded to be paid. I told her it’s weird to do that in the lobby. She said no one would notice but I insisted not to. The hotel staff was new and didn’t seem to know how to make the key works. We changed several keys and even switch rooms but none of the keys works.

    I told this SB let’s do it another time. She demanded to be paid full. I told her that’s not what we agreed upon. She then raised her voice in the lobby. I didn’t want to make a scene so I took her to hotel parking lot trying to calm her down. All of a sudden , a guy showed up as asked her if she needs help. She said I owed her $$. I said that’s not exactly what happened and I offered to pay her half of what we agreed upon. She refused and the guy started yelling at me and stand very close to me. The guy has that Mexican gangster hair style and I know I’m in trouble. I again offer to pay half and take the lady home and the guy told me no need and pay in full. I ended up paying full.

    Back in my car, I saw them laughing and talking…

    I didn’t want to call police but I don’t want others to experience this either. I filed a complains to SA but I can still see her account activated.

    I sincerely hope SA take actions to this user.

  330. Ana says:

    I’ve met a man that pretends to be a swedish entrepreneur that often travels in Cannes (French riviera). His name’s Darius Stenberg, he will first be nice, open-minded, but someone who talks the talk and acts like he would do anything for a girl. He’ll say that the arrangement that he wants It’s just to go dinner and party with a girl and to get company during parties, he never mentioned about sexual relations in exchange. Just company, and exchange having fun, paying driving license (in France it cost $850-$1800), financial help. The next day after meeting him, we were supposed to have dinner and go party. But after dinner, he said “Let’s finish the night together” and went into a hotel. I accepted, because anyway he said he will pay me a sport car, dresses, trips in Dubai, Miami (he asked me where I would like to fly out, he acted like someone who was interested about to give something to girls). When we started having sex, he became kind of violent, he forced me to have anal sex, blowjobs and stuff, I didn’t refuse, because he pretended he won’t refuse anything to me too, so I did it. The next day he has to fly out to Stockholm, where he lives, so he bring me back home and said “See you next week?”. He kept sending me messages, to see me in Berlin, to meet, etc. Of course, he ghosted and I never had anything. 3 weeks later I was hospitalized and I learned I had chlamydia (the condom broke that night), of course it could only be him.
    This man is Darius Stenberg.

    • Tana says:

      DO NOT just up and have sex with these daddies on the premise of promises, not even if its not a sexual rship, get what u want FIRST. Am not for pay per meet but if ur fine with that, COLLECT ALL FIRST. If its a monthly allowance collect at least once, before delivering. Monies can be refunded, the use of ur body cant. Trust me, SBs are losing more than any SD. Whatever he is giving away is disposable income!

      • Tana says:

        I don’t even believe in meeting without being gifted. Something, just show some potential.

  331. guest says:

    hi i have a sugar daddy named eric who texted me first from one number, but then another one from a different area code. i asked him why he was texting me from a different number and he said the one was just a work hotline or something. anyway i opened a new debit card for him to deposit a check and gave him my log in info.. it says he deposited a 500$ check and then after he deposited it he asked me to do him a favor and get him a 300$ itunes gift card cause there was no stores near him. i said you can get them online and he said he needed a physical card with a number.. this morning he asked me if i got it and i said no your check hasn’t cleared yet and he got mad that i changed my banking password so he keeps asking me if it cleared (which it hasn’t) and he’s arguing there should be no issues and mad i’m not giving him access when it’s “his money so he wants to know” any ideas ?

    • bankersdozen says:

      Fell him you werent completely honest and that your going through a divorce and your soon to be ex husband had all accounts frozen for other reasons that have to do with litigation and a trustee is involved until marital assets are divided so this account fell under that umbrella because it is linked to your social. Etc. Even offer for him to contact the trustee directly.

    • Latin SB says:

      Your SD is no real SD. Just ignore him and close that account plus reject the check’s deposit. You can tell your bank not to cash it. His behavior is a red flag.

    • Judy Baby says:

      Yeah the dame thing hapoened to me except I didn’t actually set up a fake debit account. I wouldn’t use the money because from what I know, the scammer will reverse the transaction and you’ll be in debt while the bank will be coming after you for mone. Shut down the account completely and do NOT use the money. These guys think they’re smart but we SUGAS are much smarter! I’m so sick of them. Ugh!

  332. Anon says:

    Ladies in to CO area:

    ColoradoSpoiler may seem great and dandy. He’s not very attractive but seems to be able to promise “the world.” We spoke on the phone, he seemed like a real and honest man. He was willing to buy me a car and have me “pay it off” with every meeting we had. Fishy, but again seemed very legit. We even met for the first time at a car dealership HAHA
    NOTHING was given our first meeting. He asked to meet again to insure I was serious about the arrangement, I agreed and did things I’m not proud of, but nothing terribly out there. He asked me to drive back to him(over an hour away) the next day for my first month allowance of a large amount. Got a text in the middle of the night that night saying his mom was sick and he was sorry. At first I was sympathetic, annoyed yes but understanding it was an emergency. Never heard from him again, and now his number is disconnected? Seems very fishy to me and a scam to get you to do things for him. I feel violated and disgusted, so ladies just beware

  333. verifydata says:

    The best posts on here are where the scammers think they got away with anonymity but they forgot about one little thing that verifies their real or full name. After that everybody is an open book on the internet.

  334. ukguy says:

    If they are disrespectful and look down on you as a human and married then do it. If a guy just has problems communicating properly and doesn’t have many good jokes and anecdotes then that’s not a reason to call his wife or anything. While I don’t approve of doing this while married, if he’s not a piece of shit who is mean or disrespectful or perverted then don’t go and ruin the guys life. It would be like calling your parents because you were not very talkative or something.

    • sourlemon says:

      I think the difference is that calling a wife you get a completely different truth about the person whereas parents might just agree or disagree or have no opinion. Its all about being upfront and respectful. Fu ny that the people who need those things the most, offer it the least. Thats why they probably get busted.

  335. ukguy says:

    Word of warning to the daddys. Go out for drinks and stuff, sure. But don’t go clubbing and don’t buy too many drinks because, in my case twice, many sbs will just tell you what they think of you (“perverted for being on that site”, “give me money, i just use you for money”, etc) even if you have been perfectly nice to them the entire evening. They have known you for a few hours, they are still sketchy about you even if you have been incredibly friendly, not made a single inappropriate comment and been very kind. (No, I’m not married, I’m a similar age (within 5 years) to the girls I meet and I know this isn’t the case for all girls and I have just been unlucky. I would just advise against it).

    • needssexyman says:

      Wish you were in US not UK. I would treat you right. :) You sound special and like one of the good ones.

    • Vixxen says:

      I wish you were in India, or, I were in the UK. I could do magical things to you!

    • Judy Baby says:

      Yeah. Like @needsexyman said, you sound like one of the good ones. Many of the daddies I’ve come in contact with so far have been rude, msogynistic, disrespectful, “ghosters” and expecting sex on the first date when not all sugar babies are not escorts! I’m not from the US though.. I’m from Toronto but damn has it been
      tough! I’m sorry it’s been hard on you. This whole experience is overrated in my opinion unless you fit a certain demographic. ?

  336. Ann says:

    Smith99 is a scam … Ask for bank Info , mention all the things as his accountant will add me on payroll then change up his story he needs me to go to Walmart and use a money gram to send the rest to charity . His profile said newyork , but gives a LA number … Beware ladies everything I gave him was completely fake including bank information …. He wouldn’t take anything other then bank info ….. Please stick to PayPal or cash.

    • YellowGee says:

      This actually happened to me and I didn’t even see the warning signs that it was a scam and unfortunately my bank account is now frozen nothing in and nothing out .

      • Kelsey says:

        You should get ahold of me , were trying to get to the bottom of this with him.

      • Marilu says:

        This just happened to me. My account is now closed and since you give your info out you cant even do a police report. Who ever this has happened to i would like to talk to you and know what you did to resolve and move on from the situation because right now i shook. I was also told that i was gonna be put on payroll…

      • Carla says:

        Hey there this happened to me just now can I get some info from you girls as to what to do!

      • Heidi says:

        Yes please tell me what you did.

      • Brina says:

        This happened to me very recently but I gave my true info now there were counterfeit checks deposited. Bank is talking legal action etc. Please respond

    • Kelsey says:


    • Judy Baby says:

      Yep. Check, check and check! Definitely a scammer… No paypal or Google Wallet, insisting on only using bank info, money gram, charity.. All of the same things happened to me. Good for you girl. You’re one of the smart ones ? Beware ladies! I actually posted my experience on the thread as well but I wish there was a way I could attach photos of the screen shots I’ve taken. Really shady stuff!

    • Sydney says:

      I’d like to get in contact with you–going through exactly this right now

    • Breezy says:

      Ugh this just happened to me and he acts all confused when I’m like yea your check didn’t clear and he’s like “you spent 1000 dollars already (the check was for 680) and the picture of the check looked fake. And I didn’t spend it, it got rejected due to insufficient funds

    • Breezy says:

      But he said all the same things about the payroll and that I need to never get on my account again. I made a new account just for that check so not as bad as giving him my current bank stuff

  337. Anon says:

    Scam Artist – SA name goes by Nikkkkkkkkki

    Says she is stuck and need money and will compensate in the next meeting. The next meeting never happen and keeps asking for money. She studies biology at Montclair state in NJ and is Syrian descent. Stay away ..

  338. Sabrina says:

    BEWARE of dimah_yah he’s a total scam…catfish…he asked me to pay for the hotel room…i said hell no! Who does that! Don’t do it. NYC watch out girls he’s a SCAM but the worst kind because he wasn’t trying to steal money he was trying to steal your time and sex!

  339. hollydaze says:

    So what makes some posts get censored on this blog? Sometimes my posts show up and sometimes they don’t. If one blog doesn’t post them another one will. If it isn’t breaking any laws or full of profanity do they just get lost in mod land?

  340. hollydaze says:

    I would say for every 15 ads 2 are real people and 1 is worth meeting

  341. SB16 says:

    Beware of Luxuryondi11. He pretends to be a wealthy young SD then comes up with an excuse the day before he is supposed to give you your deposit.

  342. Maiya says:

    Was talking to a guy named “James”, he asked me to text him, here’s is response: It’s lovely you got back to me,
    I’ll love to know more about you before discussing an arrangement,
    so tell me, do you leave alone or with family? you got a boyfriend or kids?
    what state and city are you now?? what you do for work and if you ll b
    up for fun during the weekends?
    Anticipating your reply.
    So I replied and he immediately went into talking about allowance, and adding me to payroll, not even meeting me first. I wanted to play with him a little so I kept going along with it, but was extremely hesitant about giving out my bank account information. I asked if he could do various methods of money transfer and he insisted on a bank account. So I created a prepaid debit account, that includes the routing and account number, then he said he sent the info to his payroll officer and then an hour or so said it was approved and then asked me if I did mobile banking. I said yes, and this is what he said: i need your username and password now and i will download the bank app on my device
    to monitor when she send deposits because she told me she will be
    sending my construction
    materials funds along with your first deposit and i’ll need you to
    send the materials funds to my labourer as soon as its available in
    your acct,
    will you be able to do that for me? you will have to send it through
    money gram or western union store. I said oh hell no! Then after he said that I was his “personal assistant” and that it would only be temporary, I said I am not your assistant, this is not what we agreed to, so why don’t you give me YOUR account information and I’ll just take the money out myself. He said “I should be the one earning your trust, not the other way around. So I said fuck that, you must think I’m real stupid to fall for this. And he kept sending the same photo. And when I came to read through some of these comments, it’s that Michael Bott guy or whatever. The pictures come from an Instagram account under the name of mikel_lz. Of course after texting me daily for a few days, after I exposed him then he decided to not respond. Oh and I gave him the account information, but never activated the account, so when or if he tries to put money in the account, it’ll just reject and get sent back to him. And the whole time he used a texting app so I couldn’t do a reverse phone search. Fuck these guys that try to play women. I’m about to message that guy on Instagram and find out if that’s the actual guy or if he knows that his pics are being used to scam people.

    • Plantonic says:

      I received the same exact message from two members and I fell for it this was 2 days ago one of them of course stopped talking to me the other one continued but I call my bank to add extra security nothing has happened to me financially however I’m hoping bad can be done I gave him information to a card that had nothing on it it was new …. I gave the bank name an AN and RN not the log in information but still it was stupid from now on its PayPal or nothing

      • Judy Baby says:

        Yeah I’m so sick of these scammers and the dame thing happened to me. I’m actually going to add extra security to my account again. This is the 2nd time I have to do this. Ugh… I just never learn.

    • joe says:

      Since this is a “matchmaker” site, the intro to this scam is unique, but the next parts (asking for your financial login information) are parallel to schemes that I see on a daily basis from overseas scammers that are trying to prey on people that take them at their word. Another might be that they send you a cashier’s check for $10,000 and they want you to send them back $1000 of it because that’s their commission that their boss won’t fairly pay them (or something similar). So, you send them $1000 and the cashier’s check, 30 days later, bounces. Your bank takes the money back and you’re out $1,000 (this one happens A LOT).

      Do NOT hand out ANY personal financial information to ANYONE, not even your family, unless you recognize the consequences and are willing to suffer them.

      Debit card with routing information? Where did that one come from? I need that!

      • Tana says:

        Cash in hand, a remittance service or PayPal. Nothing else. And I wouldn’t trust cash in hand entirely either. Those could be fake notes. Its why I don’t believe in pay per meet.

    • verifydata says:

      Post it here and i will call or text or post for you. I started yesterday contacting people and exposing them. I was treated very bad at christmas time and i am nobody’s dump ground for bad behavior. Return to sender.

    • Becki says:

      I received the same message, also from “two different” guys… one says his name is Jason and the other is Michael (he deleted his acct the MINUTE I gave him my cell number) Well, “Jason” said he dropped his phone and this is the number to use (gave me a cell number from Lubbock, TX) Michael had given me a number from Amarillo, TX. Long story short, I got the same EXACT message from both of them (it’s the same person): I’ll love to know more about you before discussing an arrangement, so tell me, do you leave alone or with family? you got a boyfriend or kids? what state and city are you now?? what bank do you use? what you do for work and if you ll b up for fun during the weekends? Adding me to “payroll.” He’s going to send a check to me (before we meet) to deposit in my bank account because he doesn’t want his (soon to be) ex-wife finding out. SERIOUSLY?

      • L_SB93 says:

        I have 2 guys doing the same as you described. Jason Johnson and Robert Micky. Are they the same ones? They both state they are out of the country and we haven’t even met yet and they are asking for bank info. Both refused PayPal. It seems very fishy to me so I won’t continue correspondence with them. It kind of sucks though because Jason seemed very nice.

      • Taylor says:

        Just finished dealing with the “michael” guy. my bank even suspended out relationship because the check he sent me was a counterfeit. I started asking questions and he got really defensive. His profile said he was from freeport maine but his number was a florida number. The company he told me he worked for was in the bahamas.

    • Keke says:

      I revived the same exact message about monitoring my account. I quickly ended things with him.

    • Hottstuff says:

      I am talking to him right now!!!! I was feeling leery about what he saying and decided to come see what everyone was saying and found this! he messaged me from a wisconsin number, but is listed as living in Texas and to be 28 years old. His new username is Jackfost, beware ladies!!!!

    • Dree says:

      I received the same story sadly .. about two weeks ago . And the pathetic part about it is the dude was acting as if he was two different people he scammed me the first time but I didn’t fall for it the second time.

    • Marilu says:

      Could i contact you… I have been SCAMMED.

    • Lisa says:

      Talking to a man who sent this SAME EXACT MSG right now. So glad I found this. He’s going by the name “William” but sent the same two messages word for word. I couldn’t find his acc on SA because I gave him my num months ago and he must’ve deactivated and I delete messages if they deactivate. Anyways same bullshit pay roll, two diff numbers, ask me who I live with ugh. Ima play his ass! DO NOT GIVE UR ACCT INFO to anybody you haven’t met ladies!!!

    • anonymous says:

      I’ve received a similar message from now TWO people. The message is: Thanks for getting back to me dear,am honored and I feel I have nothing to worry about anymore when i travel on my vacation trip there so dear can i get to know more about you and see how good we click? what do you do on weekends most and what do you do during the week? do you have a job and do you stay alone or with friends? sorry for the questions lol im just curious to know these things and i will tell you the little i can say about my self too once i get from you.

      Being new to this, I gave one of them my RN and AN. nothing has happened yet. He subsequently asked for my mobile bank login info. Didn’t give it to him.

  343. Anonymous says:

    Anyone been on a date with HolidaySugarDaddy? Been in contact with him he left number and email?

    • EyesOnU says:

      I never trust that kind of guys… Why giving me so many ways of contacting him, when anyways SAA provides a mean of communication? That seems fishy to me.

      • R R says:

        I’ve done that all the time. After a level of comfort is reached w/ a potential SB/SD/SM it is natural, normal and CONVENIENT to use text and or email for communications going forward. But I’d be suspicious of someone that gives it up right off the bat. From my (SD) perspective, that is usually scam behaviour.

      • EyesOnU says:

        Thanks for sharing your perspective, R R. As an SB I apreciate it. But still, no matter how much trust one can earn/give from/to another person, I only give one of those means of communication. I always doubt until the very end. There is a saying where I come from: “Think badly, and you’ll guess right” Weird, but sometimes proven right. I even use apps that need no phone number in order to add a new contact, because a phone number can help people find lots of info about you these days.

    • EyesOnU says:

      I never trust that kind of guys… Why giving me so many ways of contacting him, when anyways SA provides a mean of communication? That seems fishy to me.

    • checkmembersince says:

      I am phishing for some info on a guy but not finding anything. It has propmted me to peek at a few forums that dont shpw up on google but you can used “find on page” with your phones feature. The keep seeing holidaysugardaddy in postings. I didnt read them and it may be a repost for this person that posted here. Just thought i would mention it just the same.

  344. anon SB says:

    I told this guy what kind of relationship I wanted. He acted interested, we texted and right away had me call him. He talked about how common it is for SB being on the site to find a place to stay, and talked about how his last two were successful. But later on I told him I was not interested after he asked me if I’d ever had a 3 some. I politely declined but he offered $800 to meet the next day. I said I would neer hookup on the 1st date, he told me he did not want that in the 1st or 2nd. SO I repeated what my understanding was, “so 800 just to meet with no expectations?” and he replied saying I needed to delete my account. This seems fishy, anyone else encounter something like this? no way I’m doing that.

  345. Anon Guy says:

    As a newbie SD, I have provided $5k upfront and after, she will find every excuse that something came up and so on. I just let her go and took it as a learning lesson for me!

    • EyesOnU says:

      Sorry that happened to you… but yes, asking for money upfront is a red flag.

    • R R says:

      Sorry to say, you had that coming. But some lessons are ONLY learned the hard way.

    • Anonymous says:

      I call BS. It never happened.

      • Anon SD says:

        Never under ANY circumstances advance “allowance” before the SB have completed ALL of their “chores”. Otherwise they will be done with you and move their gutter-butt onto the next naive SD that is willing to advance money.

      • sd says:

        @Anon SD (December 10, 2016 at 6:32 am)

        I’ve always given to her at the beginning of the date and have never had a problem. This is necessary to develop trust because so many past wannabe SDs are not paying at the end of the date. That is rape and I want her to know that I have more respect for her than that.

        @ Anon SD (December 10, 2016 at 6:32 am):
        If the only attention you can get is from “gutter-butts” than maybe you should man up.

      • sd says:

        found a typo & sa doesn’t offer an edit option…so here is the edited version.

        @Anon SD (December 10, 2016 at 6:32 am)

        I’ve always given my SBs the gifts at the beginning of the date and have never had a problem. This is necessary to develop trust because so many past wannabe SDs are not paying at the end of the date. That is rape and I want her to know that I have more respect for her than that.

        @ Anon SD (December 10, 2016 at 6:32 am):
        If the only attention you can get is from “gutter-butts” than maybe you should man up.

      • Anonymous says:

        “sd” at 8:22am is a 35+ SB

    • sd with open eyes says:

      Shouldn’t you mention which sugar baby you felt scammed by?

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m sorry you happened to get a fake SB. I’m a new SB and I have been scammed twice already and owe my bank $5,000. He wrote me checks for the money and had me send half of it back and I used the rest to pay my bills. Then a week later the checks bounced and I’m out all that money. It seems like there are a lot of scammers on SA so I would definitely be careful!

      • Brina says:

        How is the bank handling it? Did they say you were in trouble? I had the same happen to me and I sent him the money after he deposited into my account. They Want me to pay it back. Please contact me

      • Tana says:

        If I have to send back a portion of anything, its best u retain that portion as I resend nothing. What wealthy sugar daddy wants a refund of anything. Whatever u are benefiting from is disposable income!
        If its an absolute must u resend anything, its after it clears! Come on girls, when it comes to money I just don’t believe it till I feel it.

  346. Babybaby1 says:

    Has anyone dealt with Jon-M ? He is background checked and a premium member ? But now seems to have deleted his account

  347. JoelYRV…. bit time scammer will only ask you for money and will totally waste your time… he is a bum that deserves to go to jail. Be careful he has a network of people working with him from Vancouver Canada.

  348. HollyGolightly says:

    While I’m at it, both Melizareigns and Daddycare99 are scam accounts using images that are not their own. Most of these scam accounts list something about the oil and gas industry as their occupations.

  349. HollyGolightly says:

    User by the name of “heloitsdaddy” is a scammer. Using pictures from a gay model’s instagram in hopes of luring women into sharing banking info. Reported him to SA two days ago and they’ve yet to delete his account. Seems like SA is filled with scammers these days. Google image search will expose most of them for the fakes that they are.

  350. Kimber says:

    “Soulmateee” is another scammer. Has been sending weird photos and cannot commit to actually meeting me. Has a different story every time we talk. Wants to send me a 2k check and keep $400. Give the rest to his “agent”. Then he says he needs my banking login info and password. He’s a scammer big time. I called him on being a scammer and he called me and sounds foreign and nothing like his pictures and starts saying I’m making him very mad. Why? Because I’m calling you on being a bullshitter? Wasting my time. I’m so irritated because he has many privet photos of mine.

  351. Anonymous says:

    Michael Donald Phoenix is a scammer that lives in Nigeria.

  352. Lilly says:

    Anyone ever have moneyman1n1 contact them? His profile (that he deleted) says he lives in Brooklyn but is telling me he now lives in Arizona. He told me my allowance would be 3000 a month and then asked for my info to link our accounts. I only have him my account number, nothing else. And he doesn’t know my real name or address. I’m sure he can’t take anything out of my account because he legit knows nothing about me but I’m still curious.

  353. Anonymous says:

    Anyone have an experience with moneyman1n1? He claims he live in another state and we will see each other 2 times a month. He said my allowance would be $3000 a month and he needed my info to connect our accounts. I gave him my account number but nothing else and he doesn’t know my real name. Im a very smart girl so he won’t be getting anymore information but I just want to know if it is a full blown scam.

  354. Victoria says:

    I think a “Ben Ferrero” from “Spring Tx” is trying to scam me. I saw someone on here post asking on March 31st 2009 if anyone knew this exact same guy. I cannnot find the full post..does anyone else know him? I met him on a sugardaddy site and he is so willing to send me money and HAS..but it’s through a ppave called Paywise direct based out of Russia…HELP is this a scam? He’s asked for none of my personal info but sent me $4,000? I just “need to pay the $400 service fee he wasn’t aware of..scam?

  355. flo says:

    so i’m new to SA and I only speak to people who’s profile shows that they had a background check done if I don’t see that on the profile I don’t respond to the SD so my question is has anyone ever been scammed by someone who had the background check done?

    • EyesOnU says:

      If you find out let me know, because I decided to browse only background checked people, and if they are Diamond members then much better because it means they do have money.

    • Plantonic says:

      The background check doesn’t include criminal history and slightly if they actually have the one 20/20 did a show on it it’s on YouTube

  356. Natalie says:

    If you’re suspicious about a possible SD scam, just mention that your boyfriend or best friend is a bank fraud investigator specializing in cyber crimes.