8 years ago
Scam Confession

8 years ago
Scam Confession

Have you been scammed by a Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby?

Share your tale of Sugar Daddy horror and help current and aspiring sugars from falling into a sour trap from Sugar Daddy/Sugar Baby fakes!

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1,428 Responses to “Scam Confession”

  1. time waster alert says:

    jck024 is not a SD.

    He will only waste your time. Get whatever he promises upfront!

  2. a says:

    Beware of Berk Evren, he was using the username Gdadii. Claims to be biracial and would be sending me $400 twice a week until we meet. He asked for my bank info and a credit card info and I told him that i did not have a bank account at the moment and that he should paypal me. I realized he closed his account. Don’t give out any info to him

  3. reporting Ohio Fraud/Fake sd says:

    Daddysugar82 claims to be from Carryall Township, Ohio.

    He is just a picture collector. He is a diamond member, but never does anything other than request your pictures. Goes gaga over pictures, but just wants to email. I wouldn’t trust anyone enough to share my email before meeting.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Sugaray or Raymond Sullivan is a false. took my entire bank account, savings, and loans. Never give anyone your bank info

    • Fake news=fake blog says:

      I wish someone would take my loan. You should be fired from SA for posting fake blogs.
      false eh?
      At least hire someone familiar with the English language.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Has anyone every had any dealings with Mister Red from Kirkland/Seattle Washington? Apparently works as an engineer?

  6. Anonymous says:

    am currently talking with the “military construction” guy “in Russia”, the $400 for $4000 deal

  7. Anonymous says:

    Be careful ya’ll! don’t give someone your login as much as they push for it
    They are fraudulent

  8. Anonymous says:

    Mackey101 barely started chatting with me and asked for my bank info. When I told him we could use Venmo or PayPal he stopped messaging me. Total red flag, don’t send him your bank info!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Beware of Sugarpapi240. He asked for my banking information then asked for my log in information to my bank account to “make sure I’m receiving my allowance”. I refused and then a few hours later I recieve a message saying my account has been reported multiple times for asking for money up front.

  10. Anonymous says:

    BEWARE Many scammer out there posing as sugar Daddies and asking you to OPEN BANK ACCOUNTS and then for your username and password. They will use it and not only make you owe money back, but get you in trouble with the law. BE CAREFUL with who you’re talking to. Always QUESTION. And be quick to say no.

  11. Ceebear says:

    So I have a sd who wants me to open up a new bank account with Wells Fargo. I have chase but I don’t want to give them my account info so should I do it or do you think it’s a scam.

  12. Anonymous says:

    ELITE_1 I believe is his username is a scammer

  13. Anonymous says:

    Donald Dillard is fake, beware

  14. Someone named Sean towers wrote me providing his number and then deleted his account . Said he was in architecture 52yrs old live in New York . Wanted to give me a allowance weekly by placing me on his payroll . I informed him pay pal was the only sending money method that would work for me . Seems like these men just want to scam . If there trying to hurry and send you “allowance” I feel it’s weird most men want to wait to make sure your legit before just hurrying and sending money . He said the past sugar baby he had he would send 400 weekly with a spending limit and that he even bought her a car . Was very eager to tell me so much about in such little time . Found out all this information in less than 24hr

  15. Anonymous says:

    Someone named Sean towers wrote me providing his number and then deleted his account . Said he was in architecture 52yrs old live in New York . Wanted to give me a allowance weekly by placing me on his payroll . I informed him pay pal was the only sending money method that would work for me . Seems like these men just want to scam . If there trying to hurry and send you “allowance” I feel it’s weird most men want to wait to make sure your legit before just hurrying and sending money . He said the past sugar baby he had he would send 400 weekly with a spending limit and that he even bought her a car . Was very eager to tell me so much about in such little time . Found out all this information in less than 24hr

    • **** says:

      I meet a guy named Steven something same thing architect and invester said he wanted start paying me the very next day $400 weekly I read your paragraph and I went to go look at his profile it was gone as well so I told him I have a paypal account and no response yet and he was from New York as well

  16. sam says:

    Why average looking girls expect allowances?

    I am using this website for the past 5 years and is getting worse . More Escorts and most of girls have unrealiestic demand! I am a 6 foot tall, good looking succesful man but being in this website helped me to avoid drama so I LOVE the concept .
    Many of girls are professional escorts ( THEY JUST DONT WANT TO ADMIT) and some expect you to pay them without meeting or inimacy! LOL
    Only the average looking one are really interested to meet and usulaly when you meet them they are not as good as theier pictures !

    • Anon says:

      We could also ask why older men feel entitled to fuck younger girls (average or not) for free lol. Most of us are on this site to connect with men who will help support us financially and allowances really help with that. If you’re looking to pay a girl when you see her instead of an allowance.. you’re pretty much seeking an escort so I don’t know why you’re getting mad lol.

      • Anonymous says:

        I don’t think it is entitlement if both are​ benefiting from a mutual arrangement

      • guest says:

        Same reason you fuck young losers for free.

      • Anon says:

        That is not an even exchange as most men who have the financial means don’t mind shelling out money, it’s when the girls feel like they shouldn’t have to do ANYTHING to receive said money. If you want to be supported then understand that sexual favors will be needed in exchange.

    • Anonymous says:

      Are you kidding? Not everyone on there is seeking a sexual relationship idiot.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Has anyone met with a Mike Segal in Atlanta hes 80 years old says he love women of color and is offering a $1000 a month. The biggest concern I have is that he only can meet weekday 7am-5pm and says he plans on giving a check. Atlanta is full of scammers and I do not have the patience for faux checks and fake SD. I am suppose to meet him friday for breakfast

    • Anonymous says:

      He exhibited some questionable behavior and seemed very demanding so I passed. He’s also very old, freakishly tall and skinny. He showed me nude photos of his other babies, which explains why his allowance caps at 1k per month, and requires unprotected encounters. GROSS!

  18. AnonymousGal says:

    Do not meet I-Am-Atti from San Francisco. Fat, Bald Guy, stay away! SCAM!

  19. Anonymous says:

    I was talking to a sd who told me his name was “pilot patric” he says he lives in west hollywood and has a 7 year old. Anyways he talked for a bit and then he was ready to talk about allowance. He said he was going to give me $500 a week. I asked if he would do the cash app or pay pal and he said they don’t have mobile depositing, so I needed to get my banks app so he could deposit it. When i told I did asked for a picture of him and so he sent a picture of a handsome pilot. The picture was immediately a red flag, so I did a google search on the picture and it showed that the picture was of a famous german pilot named “pilot Patrick”.As soon as I found out it was fake he sent a message asking for all my bank info and passwords so he can do a check deposit. When I told him I knew the picture was fake he said he accidently sent the wrong picture, but I knew he was lying because he was using the guy’s name too.lol Moral of the story is ALWAYS GOOGLE SEARCH THE PICTURE and run if they refuse to use apps, paypal, or cash!!

  20. Madison says:

    Guy went by David Curley, gave me a check for 900 dollars, then had me transfer 550 just for it to bounce 2 days later. He told me that he closed the account, and he’d make it right. I waited 3 weeks and he didn’t do anything. I guess I was being rude and disrespectful so he stopped talking to me. He says he lives in Georgia and sells aviation equipment.

    • Anonymous says:

      Shit lets go get your money, these guys make it hard for the rest of us that are trying to have an honest arrangement. I don’t like a shady guys or girls for that matter. And girls put your real pics please

  21. kelsey says:

    Do not trust a man who calls himself “Nick Smith” says he works as an aeronautics engineer or whatever but it’s a lie. He tried to steal my credit card info. Went by yoursugardad50 or something like that. Said he was on a business trip in France and tried to get me to send money via moneymart to an address in nigeria and florida. Thankfully I caught on to his shit before any real damage was done.

  22. Bored college kid says:

    Seems like this was probably a legit way to meet up in major cities still. And anywhere ~2012 and before. Now it’s all lame accounts and picky sugar. Sure wish there would be a real good popular trend again to make something like this feasible.

  23. T says:

    Ok met a guy named Laurel who said he was working outside the country. He asked for my bank account login info, no bank account number or routing number. He said he would deposit 1000, but I only get to keep 500 because I have to send the rest through Walmart to his engineer on site for fees? I was told he was using a mobile app and my bank tracked down the account and said they were fraudulent. Anyone had that happen? He also deleted his account on SA???

    • HB says:

      Literally just happened to me 10 minutes ago. First asked for bank account info then said he had to have access to my mobile login information because his “payroll worker” would send more then the allotted amount and he would have to transfer it to his account. He also deleted his SA account. I don’t know if i can trust anyone on this website anymore. Really left a bad taste in my mouth.

  24. Ok met a guy named Laurel who said he was working outside the country. He asked for my bank account login info, no bank account number or routing number. He said he would deposit 1000, but I only get to keep 500 because I have to send the rest through Walmart to his engineer on site for fees? I was told he was using a mobile app and my bank tracked down the account and said they were fraudulent. Anyone had that happen? He also deleted his account on SA

    • Persephone says:

      I was approached by a Laurel as well. Being my first time trying anything like this, I didn’t know what to expect. He wanted my bank account information right away, which was a huge NO WAY in my book. It seems that every SD that I chatted with just all happen to be overseas for work and had million reasons why can’t meet or talk first. They’re not interested in getting to know you…they whole is a scam. I ended up just deleting my account and giving up.

      • Anonymous says:

        You did the right thing!!!! Thankfully my bank rejected the amount and my account officer called me to tell me the deposits were fraudulent. He claimed he was overseas and needed me to send his engineer “onsite” half the amount, and then the amount doubled. I went -1940 and he kept telling me everything would be fine although I was locked out of my mobile bank account. Big scammer. I learned my lesson so if anyone else reads this, if they ask for your info and refuse to send through western union, PayPal, Walmart… it’s a fraud. They deposit fraudulent checks.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Not one legit SB. All want money upfront as if I was that stupid

    • A Legit SB says:

      Actually we’re here you’ve just been unlucky, I hope it gets better for you.

    • Jane says:

      You’re SUPPOSED to give money upfront, you cheap fuck. What, have you deluded yourself into thinking this college girls just WANT to hang out with you? These girls SHOULD ask for money upfront so you don’t have any chance to rip them off.

      @girls: almost every “sugar daddy” on here is an ex-escort client. He decided girls weren’t worth a reasonable rate and is trying to scam impressionable sugar babies into not paying, or being way beneath the average price. STOP doing 300$ overnights. The average in most cities is 1000$. Stop letting jackasses like this guy scam you- ALWAYS demand compensation. You deserve it. He does NOT have the upper hand. He will pay, and pay what he SHOULD if girls stopped offering him lowball arrangements. Do your research babies. You’re worth more than he thinks.

      • Rick says:

        It seems clear that Jane is an escort. Asking for money to meet is a big red flag. And SB is willing to meet to develop a connection and get a better allowance in the end. An escort wants the money right away because she isn’t interested in an extended arrangement. Only in today’s payday

  26. Anonymous says:

    This whole site is a S C A M

  27. Ashley says:

    Does anyone know if Sugar Daddy is a scam? His profile was there last night when we messaged and now it’s gone.

    • Anon says:

      If has introduced himself as James, is claiming to be in Dubai and offering $2,000 a week, it might be. Having an interesting experience with him as well

      • Anonymous says:

        I’ve had a James contact me as well, telling me he feels a connection with me and is now requesting bank info for a money transfer. I’m sketched out a bit so idk.

    • Anonymous says:

      I had a guy who I think was Sugar Daddy.He left me a message on my profile to email him. Hamptondean. Any comments?

  28. Anonymous says:

    Ok so “MichaelSands” from New York favorited me…I have a really bad gut feeling about him so I immediately blocked him before he could send any messages if he was planning to lol… I don’t know if I’m being paranoid lol but better safe than sorry. Watch out if he contacts you.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Omg… I am ashamed to admit but…This John White or J.White? He says his name is J.White in his description but his username was W93Johnwhite from San Diego California, 50’s… He favorited me and I had a bad feeling…I mean who the heck would write their name on there and John White? lol…but the naivety got the best of me and I favorited him back then signed out because I had to leave. He had a picture that looks sort of like a selfie(not sure but was a close up) with an apple computer behind…He was wearing a white shirt sitting… Heck it’s probably not the man on the picture who contacted me… Anyways so the next day, I log on and look to see if he messaged me or something…Gone. No where to be found. Not in my favorites anymore etc. I tried to search for him but nothing. We didn’t even exchange any messages LOL. Well perhaps I luckily avoided a scam! I feel so silly though…

    • Anonymous says:

      There are people who reported Danny White as a scam and I’m thinking this is the same thing with this Johnwhite…I never got to exchange messages because he vanished but well…beware if he contacts you;)

  30. Emma says:

    ShourSugar messaged me offering $400 upfront for “Hair and nails” then $2k to follow. But asked that I delete my SA acct and open a checking acct at OnPoint credit union “Strictly to spoil you”. I told him I couldn’t get there today, would he be willing to send via PayPal, Western Union, or ClearxChange. He did not write back. Beware.

    • Anonymous says:

      Same here

    • ana says:

      don’t do it! scam/salt daddies try to send you checks by mail.. you deposit them into your account, they ask for some money back or ask for your account info. take the money, then a week later the check comes back as a fraud fake check, you have to repay all that money back

  31. Mili says:

    Have any sugar babies encountered a SD that wants to send you a check by mail? He said just to give him my address so he can send it to me. Should I trust him?

  32. Jaxbabe says:

    On that site I ran into 3 scammers. One got me good made me lose online privileges with my bank but the. Money was denied from my bank. Thank you god!!! But the other one wanted me to send him $40 on iTunes for work and the one I’m talking to now wants me to use pay wise from Russia. But I started watching catfish the show and the said you use spokeo . Com to check their phone number to see if the name matches what they give u cost a dollar to get the report and I say all the men I talk to on their number registered to those company where u can set up calling and texting instead of use Tmobile or sprint etc. sad I have no luck on a real sugar daddy

  33. Anonymous says:

    Indiana SD “JC2020” is Bi.

  34. Anonymous says:

    ATTENTION – EXTORTING SUGAR BABY – Salt Baby to be more precise!


    Lolagirly in Layton, Utah has decided to extort money from me.

    A brief exchange on the site and then switch to text. Day 2 of text exchange after agreeing to fly to Denver she asked for money to buy outfits to get ready to come see me. I declined, stating I don’t do that. The next day it was a request for money to buy cosmetics, again I declined. The next day she is supposed to fly and asks if I can change her ticket to the next day because she had a terrible morning. I decline and tell her we will end it there.
    The next text is demanding I send her money or she will expose me and tell my wife and plaster screen shots of our conversations on my company website and social media pages.

    She is a young Latina (wears red top in one photo and bib overalls in another) and is claiming to be Destiny Garcia (alias),and she is in close proximity to West Valley City, Utah.

    How do I shut this down??

    • anonymous says:

      Tell her you are sending screen shots of the conversation to the police. Also, tell her you have a “don’t ask, don’t tell” with your wife, so she is welcome to go ahead, but she should be prepared to spend a few years in prison if she does.

  35. Anon says:

    There was a SD that promised me allowances etc. He asked for my bank info and somehow from my First & Last name & routing he started to deposit thousands. My bank allowed this money to drop into my account and release the funds, he then asks me to send money to his aunt and provided me the information. OK OK YES It was the most ignorant thing I’ve ever done. As soon as the money was sent, he made another deposit, and I told him I was done because this shit didn’t work out. My bank called me to tell me someone from inside my acct was depositing counterfeit checks. Now I’m in a whole big deal with my bank and the police because of this! Of course he stopped replying, but I called and spoke with a man with an accent. Now scared they’re going to try to say I was up for it with this scam artist. Goes by the name of David C Mayor. Also my bank told me the deposits were made in Texas, well I’ve been in Colorado for a constant year! I need advice and I don’t remember his SA name. Something close to sugardaddy.

  36. jab says:

    There’s this guy I met online,I admitted​ that we flirt,he did some plans and things I’m not aware,the debt I owed with him is paid already,but he is saying that I have to pay for his so called INVESTMENTS of him to me,is this a crime?

  37. Bruce says:

    I had a sb play me good. We met and had a wonderful night, alot in common, etc.. at the end of the night she asked if i wanted to hang out again but for free, and it wod be nice if i could just help her out once and awhile. We talked daily, she was very caring and sweet. We were going to hang out one night and made plans. During the day she asked if she could “borrow” $400 until friday. I said yes and she could keep $300. That night i never heard from her and she didn’t reply to my messages. It wasn’t like her to disappear, so i sent her a few texts asking her to let me know she was ok. Finally, 3 days later she responds saying that i “didn’t seem enthused to help”, and now she is “seeing someone” so our relationship is over. I haven’t heard from her since. I just don’t understand. If it was always about money, why ask me to hang out for free?

    • ella says:

      are you serious, you met her on a sugaring site, she was probably the hottest girl who has ever spoken to you, and you expected her to see you, a loser on SA, for FREE? I’m glad she got away!

      • Noway says:

        I think it’s nice that he trusted her and thought she was being honest. We all want to feel chemistry and passion and true love, even those of us on sugaring sites. Why not give it a chance? I trust most people I meet, and most of the time they’re good people. Sometimes you get burned, but you shouldn’t think badly of yourself when that happens. The other person is the “loser”.

    • Anonymous says:

      Bruce I’m sorry that happened to you

    • Freddie says:

      You were played, but not that good: my NOOB experience left me $1500 poorer. So, you’re not as stupid as any of the rest of us who think with our heads!

      Pay for play, at least at the beginning, until trust is built.

      … note I’ve been off SA for a year, having happily found many great SB’s, and finally keeping one.

  38. Anonymous says:

    So I’ve come across this guy twice, his name is Danny. We’ve talked twice now, but I never go through with him because it seems like a scam. I don’t want to deal with something that will get me in trouble. He offers a big amount of money each week, it just seems fishy. Since we’ve talked twice, and he contacted me both time reaching out to me. I’m not sure if I should go through with it. Has anyone else been in this situation or even is talking to a guy named Danny offering a good amount weekly?

    • Anonymous says:

      I have recently been contacted by a man named Tommy who tells me he prefers the name Danny, he’s been very nice and sweet to me and I feel bad for being so skeptical but he’s been asking for my info now for a few hours saying he will tell his accountant to deposit the money right away. He is promising 300 a week and although I wish it were true part of me is in disbelief. He also gave me a story about a past experience of him getting ripped off therefore he doesn’t use PayPal or any other app.

      • Stephanie. says:

        SAME happened to me. He went by tom. Was promising 300 a week. Well he deposited a $4000 fraudulent check. Thankfully my bank didn’t let it go through. He wanted me to send some of it to Africa. SCAM

  39. Anonymous says:

    Has any sugar babies ever gotten scammed by sugar daddies? Like by giving them their banking info? I’ve had a few ask so they can distribute my allowance, but I’m very wary about giving out important info like that. Give me a heads up girls!

  40. Anonymous says:

    So does anyone know anything about maMKe19? Seems suspect to me.

  41. Breezy says:

    I can’t imagine how much this dude has made off of us. Looking at how many people have fallen for it and forbhiw much… it’s well over 100,000

  42. Anonymous says:

    WorthMeetingNoBS is a fraud SD. Will have you book hotel room and not reimburse you for it or provide your allowance. Will insult you upon calling him out for his ‘BS’ and try to shrewdly evade you. He says that you are not cut out for SA and neither is he. He is going to take his profile down. However, he just changes the location to make it seem like he took his profile down. Stay away from him! Extremely pompous, will waste your time, will not compensate you, insult you and lie.

  43. KALE is the BIGGEST liar ever…Told me and my best friend he was going to do so much amazing stuff… had us to all kinds of stuff only to bail and completely fuck us over.

  44. Anonymous says:

    I had issue with Money Man$$ aka Ted Fayetteville Nc. Before we our m&g, the arrangement was going to be one thing. Then when it was time to meet, he wanted to meet at a fast food restaurant. And to make matters worst, he said that he needed to sample the merchandise before he agreed on arrangements. Needless to say I never met him!

  45. Anonymous says:

    Anyone know if Mr.Allowance is fake from phoenix?

  46. Anonymous says:

    Has anyone met a genuine SB in the UK? Been on the site for over a year and all I get is time wasting or girls asking for upfront money. Shame!

  47. Kiera says:

    I wish I could share pictures.
    This one guy has made at least 3 different profiles on SA and contacted me from all three. Moron must not be able to remember my face. He uses a deferent name, different locations, gives different phone numbers, but always use the same pictures, as of I won’t recognize them. He promises $250 twice a week before even meeting, and asks for your bank account and routing numbers to deposit the money. I refused and offered other options. He refused and stopped answering. I’ve reported his accounts, but that doesn’t stop him from making new ones. Damn, I wish I could share his picture on here!

  48. David says:

    Hi my name is David in a young gay male who has a sugar daddy he has all my info. He pays me but he ask me to send 2,100 dollars to Nigeria cuzz his boss works down for a project and then he will be back in sac after he’s done/after he’s gotten the money AM I BEING SCAMMED

  49. Stevxx says:

    Lotuslola (Milton Keynes UK) does not follow through with arrangements.

      • Anonymous says:

        I’m not surprised. Been on this site for over a year and haven’t met any girl as of yet. Either is a fake profile or it’s a waste of time. Shame as I am a genuine SD. This site feels like a scam

    • Florence says:

      A guy named Donald Dillard Pennysvian is fake and scam. He tells you he will fly you first class and will take you shopping. All lies

  50. Anonymous says:

    Pretty ricardo is a fake and does not follow through with agreed amount after meeting, then blocks

  51. Allen says:

    Classic stupid escort using her same number. Plays the next door neighbor nice girl for a week, but when it’s time to meet, needs $1000 for medical bills or disabled kids that dont exist or a car that “doesn’t work”.

    Any such irrelevant talk should result in the immediate “report user” option with the evidence. And immediate ghosting. Escorts are the absolute vermin on this site and should be extinguised at every corner turn. They are souless scourge and have no business here

  52. Anonymous says:

    Thestorm89 Offering travel as a “Personal assistant”? Seems very far fetched and his profile akso seems sketchy. Anyone had any experiences with this SD?

  53. Anonymous says:

    jck024 from Oakland county Michigan is not sugar daddy material. He is not seeking a sugar baby; he’s just looking for multiple free partners.

  54. Scammed baby says:

    This story seems to be just like the rest and I wish I had read about scamming on this site before this situation occurred however… a SD inboxed me and told me he was looking for someone if my stature for a visit he was making to the area. He sent maybe, four messages before he provided me with an email because he wanted to talk further and was deactivating his account. This was the first red flag and I ignored it. Upon emailing him 3 messages in he decides that he would prefer to text me now. He tells me he wants to take care of me, spoil me because I deserve it. Promising me 5-600 for allowance and wants to send the money right away. I tell him there is no need to rush and start asking where he’s from and when will arrive to the area and he never tells me where he is, where he is from and when he will arrive. The question is often avoided by just ignoring the question and talking about more money. He tells me he will need my account info and if course I provide him with my account and routing number. He gives a bull shit reason of not being able to get to a bank so he wants to deposits the money into the account using mobile despite however he will need my username and password. I became very hesitant and he became nicer and nicer. Like a naïve SB I gave him this info and over night money was placed into my account. In the morning he asked they I run a couple of errands for him. He asked that I remove money from my account and send it to Nigeria to 3 different people. I because very suspicious and called me bank, however because I was sugared into believing this was ok and it was all real I did what he asked of me, even though I knew it was wrong. Days later he started making threats on my life and my family and days after that my bank account was in the negative of 3000… the checks weren’t real and you should never give anyone your account information! They prey on people like us, and I wish I wasn’t so kind hearted. Please make this a bigger conversation. Please reach out to me if there is anything that can be done to help me… I have a retail job where I struggle to make ends me and it seems that in a few weeks I will have nothing, because I won’t be able to make any payments! I’ve called my bank and at this point I don’t know what to do! Their has to be something we can do to protect ourselves and make others aware!

  55. Mami says:

    What is it with sugar daddies giving you more than 1000 dollars and wanting you to by them itune gift cards? I’VE HAD MORE THAN 1 SUGAR DADDIES DO THIS I JUST DON’T UNDERSTAND WHY THEY DO THIS. Does anybody know?

  56. Jordan says:

    My SD has been aggressive and wanting to become more serious but it’s making me uncomfortable and actually quite terrified. He said if I discontinue “pleasing” him over the phone then I need to return the gifts and allowances he has already given me. Can he do that?
    ALSO, he demanded I open an account with the same bank as him to make transferring allowances more easily even though he’s wired the money more than once to me. What do I do? Any advice?

  57. Anonymous says:

    Are there any real SD here? I am reading all of these posts, it’s kind of scary to think that all the men I talk to might be. I am talking to this really nice SD in San Diego, he has not even discussed money or gifts, I live on the east coast and he said distance is not a problem. He asked questions like what I am looking for on this site, what I see my future in 5 or 10 years, things like that. Doesn’t seem like a scam to me but I ran a reverse check on his phone, it doesn’t tell the owner, just the area he is in.

  58. sb says:

    so guys this is my story,
    started 4 days ago when i start talking to this SD and he claims to take care of me. I opened new bank account but he asks me for username and password because i dont know how thing are working and he asked me for address and photo of my passport and I gave him because he says he had friends in FBI and not to worry, so he says he gonna send me weekly allowance and buy me a car for my birthday and he will visit me in my town in two weeks, but after reading this comments i had bad feeling that i gave him all my personal details, I am thinking to go to the police and show them all the conversations to let them judge him or to report him.. he already told me there were sugar baby before who took his money and he put her on jail,,,,what do you think?

  59. Anonymous says:

    There’s also one who sent me this
    “btw babe i will need you to send me your ..,online username and password and security question and answer which will be used to setup mobile check deposits to you…, i will be giving you $400 weekly allowance babe till i get back to stateside”

    This is a scam!!!! If you get this kind of message just block them immediately. These broke men trying to find free sugar from sugar babes.

  60. Kay says:

    A man by the name of “Berk Evren” sent me a message saying “he wants to make an arrangement and to email him. I emailed him he responded “Thats so interesting, well, Im of a MIXED ethnicity! mom Mexican, dad Black, I get all my looks from mom😊… Was born and raised in Mexico before relocating back to Seattle WA, to me distance is never a barrier as long as its worth it, im willing to go any mile in search for happiness.. .

    Im a global contractor, deals basically with rig renovation and over-head bridges.. Presently i do have an on-going project in which my representative and local laborers are working on.. While im here in Montreal, Canada 🇨🇦 with the board of committee going through long hours of meeting and paperworks to tackle daily until my project gets completed in three weeks. I purposely embraced work so hard after the lost of my late wife to cancer which was a very bitter experience. My old pastor said to me recently that the fact something bad occured doesnt stop something better from occuring. Which is why im giving this a trial in search of a companion. I dont need something serious just a SB/SD thing and if it gets serious along the way then its not a problem” then said he could send me $400 a week. I gave him my A & R number . He said he was st his limit for wire transfers and needed online banking info . I gave it to him & now there’s 2,000 worth of checks in the account waiting to be cleared. I’m scared

  61. Allison says:

    Has anyone spoken to mikelstones1993? We talked on the phone and texted for 2 days. Said he is currently in turkey. Wants to send money to my bank account wondering if he’s a scammer?

  62. SBlove says:

    I don’t know if I will be scammed by him or not, but it all started 3 days ago when he send me his number claiming to take of me, after couple messages about our hobbies and things we love or hate, he asks me my account number, I told him I have bofa bank he said go open in wells Fargo its easier for him to transform the money, after I opened it he asked me about account number, routing number, username , password ,ID picture, my full address, I gave him because I felt I trust him and I am new to all this, I just moved from another county not aware about that , then I felt something not right about him, his account on sugar daddy meet is not available any more , I sent him a lot of times asking to meet, where he lives, his full name, he sends me he’s a business man and will find me time next week, he never told me where he lives, so I went to my bank account everything still there, I changed my password and I don’t know what to do to make sure he didn’t steal my ID, I have all the messages and picture ( maybe not his picture), should I report the police? Or wait to see what gonna happen ??

  63. Anonymous says:

    So I am a new SB to this site, and this guy hasnt wanted anything intimate. He claims hes from Washington D.C. and goes by the name Tom Martini. Im starting to get a little spooked because he just deposited 910.22 into a wells fargo account he had me made. Except the check hes cashing, is coming from a california based location. When i asked him what that was about he claimed thats where his businesses corporate location is..yet when i looked it up, its a family home in the middle of california…yeah right. Thats not even the worst of it. With the money he wants me to purchase itunes gift cards for his colleagues. What the hell is this??

  64. Anonymous says:

    SpoilerDaddy007 is a fake hes just GraciousDaddy which I already reported just putting different but much alike stuff on his profile. Claims his allowance is high and he had a Phd post doctorial he changed his age one year lower and ECt. Not doubting he was probably once ColoradoSpoiler which some people have complained about him scamming.

  65. Anonymous says:

    GraciousDaddy says real daddies don’t talk much let me help you on one condition. Deactivate your account. Blah bklah blah
    The 2k weekly will require your online login I’d your username and password and the only reason I need your login details is for capturing the front and back of the check for mobile deposit and once payment is confirmed change details. I asked

    • Anonymous says:

      Also asked for Moore pictures he says he doesn’t do that and was like are you doubting me already hell yes you are offering 500 for pampering after and 2000 after

      • Breezy says:

        I had a guy almost just like this in the Houston area did the same thing. He asked me never to get on SA again and to trust him and that he needed my bank username and password and all kinds of other stuff.

    • Amanda marano says:

      Thank you for this! He messaged me yesterday with the same exact story but under a different user name. Then deactivated his account. He did send more pictures when I asked but got very mad when I said I wouldn’t send a stranger my bank info and said he could PayPal me. Claims he’s from Florida and an oil rigger or something like that…..beware of him anyone who reads this!

    • Anonymous says:

      Did he ever send the money or was it a scam?

    • Anonymous says:

      Same thing I’m experiencing

  66. Maggie says:

    Here’s some advice to the ladies who may be new on this site. At lot of them and when I say a lot I mean THE majority of them are pic collectors. They will try so hard to make false promises of everything they’re going to do just for that one photo of a boob and disappear. When you send them photos, please make sure you are sending wholesome pics so that even if they aren’t legit you don’t feel used and this way you can also see if they wish to talk a real arrangement or just bsing. Beware of the men who are overly friendly “OK baby” OK, hunny” “dear what would you like” they use this as a manipulation tactic to gain your trust they’re usually the most perverted. Most of them ARE NOT SERIOUS EVEN THE OLDER ONE’S. Go for them men 50 and older. Don’t go for looks. The guys who are 20 to late 40s even 40s are the most cocky the more good looking the more of an ass hole they are. Don’t do ANYTHING you’re uncomfortable with. If he requires a sexual or any act that goes beyond what you’re capable, cut ties!!! These men feel as though they own you because they pay you, they expect you to do everything they say and if you do, in the end you will regret it. Don’t go against anything you believe in no matter how much money they offer which usually isn’t enough for what they’re usually asking anyway.

  67. Maggie says:

    Bear elf a man name mickey on SA. We spoke on the site then proceeded to text he wanted some nasty and disgusting fetish sex when I ask how much he was offering per meet as he said he wanted to see someone 2 tines a Month he only offered 150 !!!!! These men are so cheap! They want everything

  68. Help me find dalec says:

    This little Vietnamese guy scammed me big time. Said he would reward me with 5000 for all my time and effort at the end of the month but never did. and I later found out he had herpes.. Which means I have it now. He uses fake pics of a younger Asian man. “Dalec” is about 46 years and about 5 feel tall. San Jose area

  69. SapioW says:

    On S.A. a so called SD sent me a message claiming he wanted to get to know me. The screen name he used is SugarDady567. His profile was created on Feb 22nd and when I checked the next day (which is today Feb 23rd), his profile and the message he sent me disappeared. His profile showed that he lived in NYC but in that single message he sent. His message was nice so I texted him but he then said he lived in Seattle and that his name is Jon. 2nd red flags but, I was still curious and went on. I’m located in the east coast of Canada so in the 1st messages I made sure that he knew. He responded that he travels a lot and he doesn’t mind the distance that he can travel to come see me on the weekends. He started quickly to bring the allowance subject and that prior to discuss or set a date for 1st meeting. 3rd red flag. He asked me how much I would want and I’ve given him that great answer found on sugardaddiesexposed website: “I’m not really comfortable with quoting a price. I think that a man should take the lead when it comes to financial matters.” He offered 300$ weekly and asked me which bank am I dealing with. 4th RED FLAG! Enough, so I caught him on his BS on the spot. He didn’t like and try to turn it against me but he failed on the wrong woman. He didn’t see it coming, I believe this SCAM ARTIST has NEVER BEEN EXPOSED ON THE SPOT before. He got so upset that he THREATEN TO KILL ME!!! 4 TIMES! I have reported him to the local police and the Canadian Anti fraud center. I believe that every woman who falls on a scammer should caught his BS on the spot!

    But my big concern, regards the legal responsibility of Seeking Arrangement. If his profile has been deactivated and we can’t see it anymore, we can’t even report the event to them directly. On their website there is no contact provided for this type of problem. The only way they let you report a scammer is through his profile if it’s active (I had to do it once already, and I have subscribed just a little over 1 month!!). Ok, maybe they can’t keep their profile active but the message GONE from the mailbox raise a lot of concerns! And I know it’s their system that operates this way since I was once in contact with a user who told me after he deactivated his account, which answered my questions at the time since I wonder how come his messages disappeared!! I wrote to S.A. and I hope they find a way to track this user and collaborate with the police to track him down. I hope they understand that by removing the message from mailbox without authorization, notification or explanations, they make harder for people to collect enough proof to report his illegal activities. I received DEAD THREATS so I did go through all this trouble of collecting proofs and good thing I subscribed to the email notifications! But what if I didn’t? And if he didn’t THREATEN MY LIFE, I wouldn’t be as motivated as I am now to report him!!! How can we stop them if they make it’s hard to report them???

  70. SB in KC says:

    Has anyone had encounters with an “Ashton” in Kansas City? Real name is Zach.

    Total and complete sociopath in every sense of the word. Probed me from the beginning- sat me down and asked me at least 100 questions to figure me out and detect my hopes, dreams, weaknesses- all handles for manipulation. Love bombed me- telling me I was “the one”. He loved me and wanted to see me beyond an arrangement. He was charming af. Built up his character, telling me he was monogamous, taking me out and holding my hand, sending me sweet text messages. Then he would ignore me for days and act like it’s totally normal. So many lies about stupid s*** but he is a master wordsmith and will make them seem rational. Finally worked up the courage to tell him to f*** off and it wasn’t easy.

    Seeking support… Does anyone know this person? Or has anyone else been conned by a sociopath sd? Feeling embarrassed and upset with myself… I’ve never fallen for anything so hard…

  71. Europrince is not seeking arrangement says:

    Europrince acts more like a princess. He feels he’s entitled to your time & body for free.

    He looks mid 50’s but claims to be 44. He is very petite and his pictures must be really old, or not him. He has an ornry Napoleon disposition.

  72. Anonymous says:

    I haven’t ran into any scams yet from a SB, just ghosting and promising to skype “sometime” and not cancelling a meeting at the last minute with lame excuses. I suppose I should be lucky I haven’t ran into a scam.

    • Rick says:

      SB scams are more along the lines of wanting money for the M&G,which will be the last time you see her, or wanting a monthly allowance and then disappearing as soon as they get it.

    • AnonSD says:

      Every SB I message with, when I try to set up a m&g at a restaurant for dinner, they quit reading my messages. I bunch of fakes/flakes for sure.

      • Anonymous says:

        That sounds real familiar. Many of them have horrible communication skills.

      • Shaunta says:

        Well after reading these I will have to figure out something else apparently. Feel free to contact me if you legitimately would like to meet.

  73. ran into another broke bloke says:

    SD wannabee Wizard96 wants free sex. He claims he doesn’t have money. He shortchanged our waiter.

  74. Anonymous says:

    SD named Albert wants bank information for a weekly allowance (before meeting) but won’t use PayPal. Sent the same messages as one of the other scams below (I think Daniel?) verbatum. Please look out for him.

  75. thaotherblkguy says:

    Has anyone ever been scammed by a sugar momma I’m pretty new to this and she’s my first one. She kinda threw up some red flags at first but so far she’s been keeping her end of our arrangement. I told her I don’t have any doubts about her but I don’t know maybe it’s just me being nervous.

  76. Anonymous says:

    I have been talking to a guy. He has been pushy to give me money right away. He says he needs to login info to the bank to deposit money. For one I do not want money before meeting or talking about what we both agree upon. Secondly why would I give out that information to have money deposited? All he needs is my email to deposit to either PayPal or if he really wanted he only needs my name and bank to transfer money over to it. When I said only way I will take money if through PayPal he disappeared. Please don’t fall for this trap.

    • Anonymous says:

      Is it GraciousDaddy because he’s doing the same thing

      • Anonymous says:

        This happened to me almost twice. It was my first serious SD offer. I made a new account sadly with the same bank and ended up giving my information. Two fraudulent checks were placed in my account. They never went through, the bank stopped them but I was still fined. I told my second serious offer what happened and he still wanted access to my personal account when I refused he disappeared two. I’m honestly having no luck with this website and i’m considering just leaving it alone.

    • I’ve also had the same experience. There’s a guy who told me that he would give me a weekly allowance and that he needed to deposit it directly into my bank account because he was in Canada at the moment. So he asked for my bank account login details.
      Then he accidentally copy pasted the same message and sent it to me. That’s when I realized he does that to so so many girls from SA. His name is “flashydaddy2477”
      He’ll probably give you some stupid sad story about how he’s a widow and lonely.
      Be careful guys!!

  77. Gil890 says:

    Bern is a scam.lisbon says he lives in Coral springs florida.Asking banking info.No

  78. Gil890 says:

    Bern is a scam says hes from Coral springs florida but in Agiel overseas right now.He is lisbonian.Wants my banking info.No no no

  79. Anonymous says:

    If they ask you to western union you money..DO NOT DO IT. its a scam trust me…its a scam.

  80. Anonymous says:

    If they are constantly calling you baby or honey…DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY INFORMATION …to verify their identity ask them where they work, call the company and ask if he works there of if anyone knows him

  81. Anonymous says:

    i literally just got scammed and my account is still frozen. i dont know how i was dumb enough to let him convince me to give him my bank login…i had only like a dollar in there. He made several mobile deposits with checks that didnt go through and kept pestering me to take out the money …He kept calling me baby. honey. and his english was just the slightest bit wierd but not like he had an accent…just wierd. he kept talling about paying me 300 a week just to talk to him, he said he worked for TARGET INVESTIGATIONS in georgia yet somehow he wanted me to wire money to to his “friend” CHINEDU CHRIS EKWURIBE in johnson city TN 37604. IF YOU SEE THAT…ITS A SCAM.

  82. G says:

    DANBAM just made a new account under DBMDA19 which he deleted but I’m sure he will start a new one soon. He is located in Saskatchewan and is a scam artist; he creates new accounts regularly telling them he is new and never does as promised; please be careful of him!

  83. ModestoSD says:

    Ashthebombest is a scam.

  84. Anonymous says:

    Romeo3100 or Roman’s phone number if reverse searched has a complaint from an escort.

  85. SugarbabySF says:

    Romeo3100 or Roman is a deceiver and a liar. He will say he will pay you and then ask if he can pay later via PayPal and it never comes. When asked, he will keep giving excuses after excuses and ultimately turn the table on you and pretend to not know what you are talking about. This guy is a liar and a deceiver and is not a sugar daddy. Waste of your time.

  86. NewSB says:

    Moffy77 Is a scammer please beware asked for bank account info and used a lie about how the can’t use PayPal or cash app just no!!!!

  87. Carmeldiamond says:

    Beware of James Reid. He claims he’s a pilot and sends you an allowance. He send some 2000 and then asks for you to send halfback to his “godson”. My account is now frozen. And I owe the ban bank 4000$$. BECAREFUL. I have no idea how I am going to pay this. Do not put yourself in more debt ladies

  88. Ashbre94 says:

    Has anyone come across billyman4662 ?
    He deleted his account or something recently. He’s been texting me but it seems off like he will make small talk with me. But then he randomly says he wants me to fly to London with him next month. We haven’t even met yet & he’s already mentioned paying me weekly & saying stuff about talking to his accountant officer. I don’t know if he’s a scam or not.

    • Courtney Evans says:

      Samething is happening to me this man is in my inbox on Fb wanting me to be his sugar baby n send allowance ,wont even show his face on video chat or nothin.I know its a scam

    • Courtney Evans says:

      James white !!!!! Sounds like he a scam ask for bank info n wants to send me allowance to be his sugar baby .won’t video chat to show real face

    • Youdontknkow555 says:

      If you have not met the guy and he is offering to buy you a ticket to London then you can be pretty sure They are trying to scam you. Being a SD, I have not come across this one – I am constantly spotting scammers, gathering info and reporting. I am sure some google searching would bring up details on how this one works. I could see them trying to get personal information from you, or using this as a stepping stone to a money transfer scam. Unless you are Jessica Alba, people are not going to fly someone overseas to meet them for the first time. I know you want it to be real, but if it seems too good to be true it is not worth the risk.

    • T says:

      Omg we need to talk I think I’m talking to same guy and we’ve never met but he’s talking about sending me money so I can send it to some charity but I can keep a little bit of it. He also mentioned a weekly allowance before meeting

  89. anonymous says:

    Has anyone run into this situation: a scammer who thoroughly inhabits the life of the person whose profile they’ve stolen? They copy pics from a model site or similar, then through studying Facebook or Instagram or twitter they learn of details of the person’s life that they then incorporate into their profile text or even email messages. The thing is, you never do get to meet them; they always vanish before meeting, even after agreeing to meet. I guess they’re just living out a fantasy, or else hoping to score some wired money, which if it doesn’t work they just move on to the next.

  90. Anonymous says:

    Be careful of social engineering questions such as, favorite color, favorite food, first car, favorite vacation place .. SD can get a lot of personal information that way also.

  91. Anonymous says:

    Im soooo glad I am not the only one that ran across these problems.. little did he know I’m into Cyber Security ha! We had very good extensive conversation back and forth. It all sounded good but I was so surprised to see how easy it was to get an allowance. 1st trigger went off… there’s no way it’s this easy. So he goes on to say well I like you I want to do direct deposit set up with your bank account. Ok that’s not the bad part. The bad part is when he said he wanted me to trust him by giving my login credentials to him for the payroll. Then he wanted it almost immediately for his payroll officer who was allegedly on the phone. I start to play along with the trust thing. 2nd trigger I asked for him to validate something to make me believe him. Nothing was given almost ignored it every time. That was an easy give away.

  92. laura says:

    has anyone met a guy named Paul from Dallas, says he is a surgeon. He is on SA and goes by the user whoseyourdaddy?

  93. Karina says:

    Avoid “BeMikesLady”. Absolute waste of time. Will not give you anything to compensate your time and ask to have sex with you for the longest possible time he can and tell you he will paypal you..and just never will. When you ask for your paypal, he’ll just say that’s not the arrangement he wants, sorry! That’s called prostitution and he would rather treat a lady to the “finer things in life”..He is just trying to use you for sex. Completely disgusting! Watch out! Threatens to report you as a prostitute, too!

  94. Cece says:

    I hate these “men” on Seeking arrangement. They want want, sex, etc. Half of them are married, a few couples. They prefer white over any other race & if they go outside of white they want asain or latina no blacks. Really, i know they base it off of attitude & latinas are just as bad. They’re prejudice assuming that black women wont go that far or dont care to keep people around. This is SA, majority of the guys lie about what they want. They want sex over a companion. Then get mad when someone doesnt want them anymore because they’re catching feelings.

  95. matt says:

    Howdy. Does anyome have experience with Lonelyhotmomma from Dallas? She is asking who i bank with I am seeing if she is a waste of time or not

  96. hope says:

    Is giving out your facebook name if he gave you his okay?

  97. enough coffee already; if you cannot afford lunch don't message me says:

    *searching* is a smoker, but I think he has a much worse secret. Protect yourself ladies.

  98. Judy Baby Xo says:

    Beware of scottmark76. He just favourited me which is what the last scammer did to lure me in. This same man has used those fake pictures to scam me before.. I believe he’s just using a different account to do this and wants to try getting me again. Funny how he’s from Oregon but his English is poor in the profile write up (types the exact same way the scammer did!) and hes like “Don’t reply me if you are scammer.” when he is indeed the scammer LMAO what and idiot. He made it so obvious there. But yeah girls… You’ve been warned! Be careful sugas!

  99. Judy Baby says:

    Hey there. Have been a sugar baby for about a month and a couple weeks now but for some reason I keep attracting scammers! It’s been 3 times in a row now. They’ll start off faceless with no pictures and then they’ll send a long sweet message with their phone number or an email. Then you’ll chat for a while and see that their English isn’t as good as it was on SA. Then they’ll send you pictures of them with their family and/or around the worlD. I will admit as a woc (woman of colour), it has extremely difficult getting daddies to notice me and even when I take the initiative, they’ll either ignore me or after we meet up, just ghost

    I hate when people say that we’re living in a “post – racial” society because from my experience on here or just in life in general, I can tell you that that is definitely not the case. I’m sure there are other brown sugar babies that can testify to this too so the desperation for money has been really high lately. I’m terribly in debt from deenrolling from school and other expenses. I tried the whole work thing but was discrimnated by my manager because I had braids in the workplace. So I’ve tried. That’s actually the very incident that prompted me to start sugaring. But it hasn’t been easy on here wither. Just providing a little context as to what got me started and why I’m so frantic!

    Anyways onto this scammer I met today… So his username is: tomorrow11 which he actually deleted after messaging me (another thing to watch out for!). We talked all the day and he lied about everything. The biggest lie was when he said his daughter went to Harvard and knew the Kardashians..spending weekends with them. The last time I checked Keeping Up, I didn’t see anybody that looked like her so I had a bad feeling about that. However, what really set me off was when he sent me an email saying how his accountant needed more info for the wire transfer like.. the username, password, bank phone #, address and my real name. That’s the biggest red flag ladies! Once they start asking for your username and password with your real name you know they are a scammer! I don’t know why I entertained this fool. I shouldve been wiser but I guess 3s the charm. So with that being said.. Look out for those signs!

    1) Asking for your username/password/real name from your bank account

    2) Bringing up a fake accountant when they can just transfer it themselves!

    3) When it seems like it’s too good to be true

    4) If they delete the account on SA after talking to you.

    BIGGEST TIP! Report the user if you feel fishy about him.

    Additional details: He’s 56 and from San Jose, California. His name is Weah Pyeifer or something like that. Strange name for a white American male. Beware of fake names as well! Don’t let desperation blind you like I did. Good luck out there sugas if you were even able to read all of it! Lol 😉

  100. exposing says:

    What do you make of this statement from Hdude1970, “want sex with someone that wants it with me as well. The amount of sugar is what’s questionable here…..decent escorts are 150-250 $….no muss no fuss. I’m going to use protection anyways so what’s the difference. I would have to be less then that for a SB. She has to want to be with me aside from wanting the cash. More power to all to try and get as much as they can.”

  101. anon says:

    I was on seeking arrangement. I found 2 scammers. The first one says his name is Damien. Beware. He says he is from France, and Is in Orlando for a short time working on all the bathrooms in Disney. He had set up an arrangement for 2,500 a month and i would be on his payroll as his assistant. Well, the first time he wanted me to go to his hotel, i insisted we go to dinner. He didnt seem happy. I had to pick him up at his hotel, dressed like crap, and i had to drive him. He then wanted to go back to his hotel. I looked and he got condoms already and wanted sex. I told him not ready to, and the next day he messages me told me he doesnt think this is going to work out. Piece of shit.

  102. Be Warned says:

    Bicoastal Joe aka Jeff Wadlow in Los Angeles is a scammer, be warned!!! He wants to gain physical favors but gives zero money, says he is not into pros but yet he wants sex with NSA but doesn’t want to give arrangement and he wont tell you until its too late. Sugar babies…. Why do guys come on this site if they don’t want to follow through with their side of the arrangement? Has this happened a lot? So far I have only met one true SD, the others are all looking for easy sex with no pay.

  103. noone says:

    Bicoastal Joe aka Jeff Wadlow in Los Angeles is a scammer, be warned!!! He wants to gain physical favors but gives zero money, says he is not into pros but yet he wants sex with NSA but doesn’t want to give arrangement and he wont tell you until its too late. Sugar babies…. Why do guys come on this site if they don’t want to follow through with their side of the arrangement? Has this happened a lot? So far I have only met one true SD, the others are all looking for easy sex with no pay.

  104. Anonymous says:

    Also Worldclassguy in LA and orange county, is he a scammer? He seems to promise a lot but doesnt follow through with his promises…

  105. Anonymous says:

    Anyone had experience with the SD named AMEXblackcard? Is he legit?

  106. Desidenver says:

    JordanM1 is a fraud..
    He will try and meet and then claim his portfolio is a mess and cant live up to his word.

    • noone says:

      Bicoastal Joe aka Jeff Wadlow in Los Angeles is a fraud too!!! He wants to gain physical favors but gives zero money, says he is not into pros but yet he wants sex with NSA but doesn’t want to give arrangement and he wont tell you until its too late. Sugar babies…. Why do guys come on this site if they don’t want to follow through with their side of the arrangement? Has this happened a lot? So far I have only met one true SD, the others are all looking for easy sex with no pay.

      • Linda says:

        Yes and they don’t want relationship either and treat you like an arrangement without the money part, they are on artists looking for sex for free without any emotional responsibility. If you want true NSA you have to incentivize the woman otherwise you are just taking her body and her soul

      • Paris hottie says:

        Yeah I went out with this guy in New York. Definetly selfish and just looking to get laid but doesn’t give back anything in return like this site is about. People like this should not be on seeking arrangement. Duh! He was a total loser and predator, stay away

      • Tana says:

        Idk, these guys should at most waste your time, no SB should be able to say an SD is a scammer because he got sex and she nothing. Come on, who gives an old man sex without having received a solid first time allowance and u definitely see the potential for more. Otherwise, take the first deposit and give absolutely nothing. U should never be the loser here in terms of sex/money. Money can be refunded, sex can’t and had it not been for the money you wouldn’t be having sex with him in the first place.

  107. None says:

    Sexy chocolate ikande few other names is tiarra nikole mills she has aids becareful its on cl and google + she is trying to spread it

  108. Bianca Araiza says:

    about 99% of the guys on these sites are scammers. dont EVER give out bank info. if they are legit they will send you money via Paypal, reload a prepaid card, money gram, or western union. a huge giveaway is giving you a number to contact them right away. most use texting apps. they have Zero proper english, constantly saying “am” instead of “I’m” when or if you’re in doubt ask them flat out if they want bank info and explain you will not give that info out. 9/10 times they will not write you back. no real SD or person with common sense will ever expect that kind of info from you cause they wouldn’t give that out either. please ladies think with your minds an not your wallets when it comes to your personal information. good luck!

  109. Clueless “Hdude1970” says:

    says, “want sex with someone that wants it with me as well. The amount of sugar is what’s questionable here…..decent escorts are $150-$250….no muss no fuss. I would have to be less then that for a SB. She has to want to be with me aside from wanting the cash. More power to all to try and get as much as they can.”

    He’s mixed up. Sounds like a good one to avoid.

  110. Mark says:

    Watch out for a man by the name of Mark Sapir who goes by the username “ChiSweet”. He promised my ex-girlfriend a date and a certain amount of money to meet him when all he did was give her drinks (underage) and then took advantage of her and paid her less than the promised amount. Also his messages clearly offer a monetary value asking for sexual favors. Is there a way to report this man to the police?

  111. AnyonymousGal says:

    BEWARE: “Mefox” in SF bay area, he is Indian and says he is from France. Uses the name John. I met him at a 5 star hotel, and he scammed me after intimacy and left me at a restaurant. His account is now deleted, probably made a new one. His picture is in a yellow lamborghini. He is VERY aggressive. There are other comments on here about him also, so I know I’m not the first. Please be careful. He will also try to video tape you and have unprotected sex. Don’t let him!

    BEWARE: “sportsdoc” AKA “ARealDaddy916” in Roseville/Sacramento. He goes by the name “Jay” apparently his real name is Jason. He claimed to be a Pediatrician at Kaiser, but his new profile says he does real estate, so who knows. He has portrait tattoos of 3 kids on his stomach and other asian written tattoos. He will give fake checks and fake emails saying hes transferred money to your account. He’s another one who will try to have unprotected sex (claiming he’s fixed) and will record you on his phone even if you tell him NO.

    I have pictures of both of these men which I wish I could post on here so people can beware since I’m sure they changed their usernames to scam new girls.

    I have met 15+ guys on this site and luckily those 2 have been the only scammers. I have had 2 successful arrangements from this website and am in a great one right now. All the others I have met just didn’t click for me, but doesn’t mean they wont for someone else, some have been great men (or at least seem to be).

  112. Prissy2013 says:

    Well I had a sugar daddy that was like hey Ima send you 4000 if you send me 400 cause that’s the fee I did didn’t receive anything and they used paywisedirect he showed me the receipt and everything thing but then deleted his email when I sent the 400 now I have a new Sd saying he wants me to send him 100$ in iTunes cause he’s using HSBC bank not sure if it’s real or not he says he’s gonna send me 1,500 in allowanace any thoughts

  113. SDtalkstoomuch says:

    My sd talks about his home life too much and it bothers me. He is a big wimp and because i care it is hard to turn a blind eye to it. Now i have gone from pity to thinking he deserves it. The biggest issue is it disqualifies the little things he does for me when he tells the moaning stories of what he does at home just because he doesn’t know how to be in control. I love the affair but i don’t think attempting to hang out or know too much about each other is such a good thing. Lots of time vested, to just give it up. I am not going to feel guilty now either for sleeping him in the role he is in my life. Not more, not less.

  114. *warning* says:

    Regarding SD profile Europrince. He’s from the land of Novi.

    As it turns out, he is not looking for a SB, just some free attention. Considered high risk.

    I think he’s using someone else’s pictures.

    • noone says:

      Another high risk…Bicoastal Joe aka Jeff Wadlow in Los Angeles is a scammer, be warned!!! He wants to gain physical favors but gives zero money, says he is not into pros but yet he wants sex with NSA but doesn’t want to give arrangement and he wont tell you until its too late. Anyone else fall victim to this?

    • Princess says:

      Wow thanks he messaged me and I got a weird vibe and searched him to see glad I saw this!!

  115. Sarah says:

    I met with a guy almost a year ago and he offered to give me $1500 on the first date and so I met with him, and he was being really disrespectful about how I have to have sex with him, which I would’ve, but I just started to feel uncomfortable so we never talked again…. and now 10 months later he’s asking for his money back and threatening to call the cops on me? He doesn’t even know my real name and he’s texting me saying he knows where I work!!? I didn’t even tell him that!
    Am I in the wrong?

  116. Anonymous says:

    So is everyone who gives there number upfront in a message a scam? And clearly if they ask you for your banking information and (say they don’t use paypal or anything) without even meeting you first just texting and talking…that’s probably a scam too right??

    • martin-ini says:

      Thing is. Why can’t people meet? Why be on a site to meet someone when you can’t meet? I now prefer to meet fast so nobody’s time is wasted. I don’t expect to be everybody’s dream come true either. However, bad behaviour is disrespectful.

      • Bane says:

        Well if they meet they better also be incentivizing otherwise many guys waste girls time getting them on dates but then they don’t pay for her time

      • Rick says:

        I generally ask for a phone number once we’ve agreed to meet. I use it to confirm the meeting earlier in the day. Been stood up by SBs too many times. I’m sure it happens the other way around too.

    • EyesOnU says:

      Right, Anonymous

    • EyesOnU says:

      Yes they are, just like that, Anonymous

    • anon says:

      i had someone from cali do that to me. Asked for my acct info, his acct was going to depsoit money n my acct. and wanted my mobile bnking info. hell no.

    • Judy Baby says:

      Yes girl! Please do not fall for that like I did. Paypal is extremely sketchy but there are other ways for your daddy to send you money. There are interactive e transfers where I live and wire transfers internationally. I wouldn’t recommend sending your bank info to them unless you actually get to know them. Lots of scammers out there! Also beware of faceless profiles! Ignore him. Trust me. It’ll be for the best.

    • thaotherblkguy says:

      I’m new to this but I just recently got a sugar momma you just described perfectly. I don’t know if she is a scammer but so far she has kept up her end of the bargain so I don’t know.

  117. officeparty says:

    AC/DC asks for bank info and then disappears, literally. He is from Newton,MA and Tarpon Springs,Fl.

  118. AnonSB says:

    This one is from a while back (2013-2014) so I forget his name unfortunately. He was from Colorado, loved country shows and House of Cards, had no picture posted, was named Bill or something. Very overweight, said he was dominant. Met him in his hotel (had been expecting cocktails and dinner in the lobby, but was naive and went to his room) and he literally had the lights off and just started in on me. It was actually kind of terrifying and he was disgusting and I was too ashamed to scream or get out of there so I just let it happen.

    I was in a daze and freaked out so I stayed in the room while he then ordered calamari and for some reason abruptly let the maid in while I was naked in bed so I hid under the covers. He was naked. I got dressed and rushed off. Cried driving home. Also realized he shorted me, so I texted him saying in very minced smoothed over words that I had felt unsafe and he also didn’t do anything we agreed on. He called me a crazy bitch or something and at this point I was just worried for my safety so I didn’t respond.

    Next day he apologized and begged me to keep seeing him and offered to wire me $100

    No thanks you fat smelly rapist fuck.

    Other than that I’ve learned to SCREEN WELL, BE PICKY, AND NOT SETTLE and had decent experiences. Be careful out there ladies (and gents).

  119. watch out! says:

    J have just turned down a meeting with a sugar baby who wanted £150 just to discuss an arrangement. I have noticed that the sugar baby in question is online for hours at a time over the past week or so. Also the sugar baby was not interested in seeing a picture of me before meeting…..
    I guess the scam is you hand over the money and the promise of an intimate second meeting never happens….

  120. Guest says:

    Be aware of user: daddieslilgurl.

    I reached an agreement with her for allowance which includes intimacy. We met at a Starbucks and went to a hotel. During the whole ride, she kept texting. Right after we arrived hotel, she demanded to be paid. I told her it’s weird to do that in the lobby. She said no one would notice but I insisted not to. The hotel staff was new and didn’t seem to know how to make the key works. We changed several keys and even switch rooms but none of the keys works.

    I told this SB let’s do it another time. She demanded to be paid full. I told her that’s not what we agreed upon. She then raised her voice in the lobby. I didn’t want to make a scene so I took her to hotel parking lot trying to calm her down. All of a sudden , a guy showed up as asked her if she needs help. She said I owed her $$. I said that’s not exactly what happened and I offered to pay her half of what we agreed upon. She refused and the guy started yelling at me and stand very close to me. The guy has that Mexican gangster hair style and I know I’m in trouble. I again offer to pay half and take the lady home and the guy told me no need and pay in full. I ended up paying full.

    Back in my car, I saw them laughing and talking…

    I didn’t want to call police but I don’t want others to experience this either. I filed a complains to SA but I can still see her account activated.

    I sincerely hope SA take actions to this user.

  121. Ana says:

    I’ve met a man that pretends to be a swedish entrepreneur that often travels in Cannes (French riviera). His name’s Darius Stenberg, he will first be nice, open-minded, but someone who talks the talk and acts like he would do anything for a girl. He’ll say that the arrangement that he wants It’s just to go dinner and party with a girl and to get company during parties, he never mentioned about sexual relations in exchange. Just company, and exchange having fun, paying driving license (in France it cost $850-$1800), financial help. The next day after meeting him, we were supposed to have dinner and go party. But after dinner, he said “Let’s finish the night together” and went into a hotel. I accepted, because anyway he said he will pay me a sport car, dresses, trips in Dubai, Miami (he asked me where I would like to fly out, he acted like someone who was interested about to give something to girls). When we started having sex, he became kind of violent, he forced me to have anal sex, blowjobs and stuff, I didn’t refuse, because he pretended he won’t refuse anything to me too, so I did it. The next day he has to fly out to Stockholm, where he lives, so he bring me back home and said “See you next week?”. He kept sending me messages, to see me in Berlin, to meet, etc. Of course, he ghosted and I never had anything. 3 weeks later I was hospitalized and I learned I had chlamydia (the condom broke that night), of course it could only be him.
    This man is Darius Stenberg.

    • Tana says:

      DO NOT just up and have sex with these daddies on the premise of promises, not even if its not a sexual rship, get what u want FIRST. Am not for pay per meet but if ur fine with that, COLLECT ALL FIRST. If its a monthly allowance collect at least once, before delivering. Monies can be refunded, the use of ur body cant. Trust me, SBs are losing more than any SD. Whatever he is giving away is disposable income!

      • Tana says:

        I don’t even believe in meeting without being gifted. Something, just show some potential.

  122. guest says:

    hi i have a sugar daddy named eric who texted me first from one number, but then another one from a different area code. i asked him why he was texting me from a different number and he said the one was just a work hotline or something. anyway i opened a new debit card for him to deposit a check and gave him my log in info.. it says he deposited a 500$ check and then after he deposited it he asked me to do him a favor and get him a 300$ itunes gift card cause there was no stores near him. i said you can get them online and he said he needed a physical card with a number.. this morning he asked me if i got it and i said no your check hasn’t cleared yet and he got mad that i changed my banking password so he keeps asking me if it cleared (which it hasn’t) and he’s arguing there should be no issues and mad i’m not giving him access when it’s “his money so he wants to know” any ideas ?

    • bankersdozen says:

      Fell him you werent completely honest and that your going through a divorce and your soon to be ex husband had all accounts frozen for other reasons that have to do with litigation and a trustee is involved until marital assets are divided so this account fell under that umbrella because it is linked to your social. Etc. Even offer for him to contact the trustee directly.

    • Latin SB says:

      Your SD is no real SD. Just ignore him and close that account plus reject the check’s deposit. You can tell your bank not to cash it. His behavior is a red flag.

    • Judy Baby says:

      Yeah the dame thing hapoened to me except I didn’t actually set up a fake debit account. I wouldn’t use the money because from what I know, the scammer will reverse the transaction and you’ll be in debt while the bank will be coming after you for mone. Shut down the account completely and do NOT use the money. These guys think they’re smart but we SUGAS are much smarter! I’m so sick of them. Ugh!

  123. Anon says:

    Ladies in to CO area:

    ColoradoSpoiler may seem great and dandy. He’s not very attractive but seems to be able to promise “the world.” We spoke on the phone, he seemed like a real and honest man. He was willing to buy me a car and have me “pay it off” with every meeting we had. Fishy, but again seemed very legit. We even met for the first time at a car dealership HAHA
    NOTHING was given our first meeting. He asked to meet again to insure I was serious about the arrangement, I agreed and did things I’m not proud of, but nothing terribly out there. He asked me to drive back to him(over an hour away) the next day for my first month allowance of a large amount. Got a text in the middle of the night that night saying his mom was sick and he was sorry. At first I was sympathetic, annoyed yes but understanding it was an emergency. Never heard from him again, and now his number is disconnected? Seems very fishy to me and a scam to get you to do things for him. I feel violated and disgusted, so ladies just beware

  124. verifydata says:

    The best posts on here are where the scammers think they got away with anonymity but they forgot about one little thing that verifies their real or full name. After that everybody is an open book on the internet.

  125. ukguy says:

    If they are disrespectful and look down on you as a human and married then do it. If a guy just has problems communicating properly and doesn’t have many good jokes and anecdotes then that’s not a reason to call his wife or anything. While I don’t approve of doing this while married, if he’s not a piece of shit who is mean or disrespectful or perverted then don’t go and ruin the guys life. It would be like calling your parents because you were not very talkative or something.

    • sourlemon says:

      I think the difference is that calling a wife you get a completely different truth about the person whereas parents might just agree or disagree or have no opinion. Its all about being upfront and respectful. Fu ny that the people who need those things the most, offer it the least. Thats why they probably get busted.

  126. ukguy says:

    Word of warning to the daddys. Go out for drinks and stuff, sure. But don’t go clubbing and don’t buy too many drinks because, in my case twice, many sbs will just tell you what they think of you (“perverted for being on that site”, “give me money, i just use you for money”, etc) even if you have been perfectly nice to them the entire evening. They have known you for a few hours, they are still sketchy about you even if you have been incredibly friendly, not made a single inappropriate comment and been very kind. (No, I’m not married, I’m a similar age (within 5 years) to the girls I meet and I know this isn’t the case for all girls and I have just been unlucky. I would just advise against it).

    • needssexyman says:

      Wish you were in US not UK. I would treat you right. :) You sound special and like one of the good ones.

    • Vixxen says:

      I wish you were in India, or, I were in the UK. I could do magical things to you!

    • Judy Baby says:

      Yeah. Like @needsexyman said, you sound like one of the good ones. Many of the daddies I’ve come in contact with so far have been rude, msogynistic, disrespectful, “ghosters” and expecting sex on the first date when not all sugar babies are not escorts! I’m not from the US though.. I’m from Toronto but damn has it been
      tough! I’m sorry it’s been hard on you. This whole experience is overrated in my opinion unless you fit a certain demographic. 😔

  127. Ann says:

    Smith99 is a scam … Ask for bank Info , mention all the things as his accountant will add me on payroll then change up his story he needs me to go to Walmart and use a money gram to send the rest to charity . His profile said newyork , but gives a LA number … Beware ladies everything I gave him was completely fake including bank information …. He wouldn’t take anything other then bank info ….. Please stick to PayPal or cash.

    • YellowGee says:

      This actually happened to me and I didn’t even see the warning signs that it was a scam and unfortunately my bank account is now frozen nothing in and nothing out .

      • Kelsey says:

        You should get ahold of me , were trying to get to the bottom of this with him.

      • Marilu says:

        This just happened to me. My account is now closed and since you give your info out you cant even do a police report. Who ever this has happened to i would like to talk to you and know what you did to resolve and move on from the situation because right now i shook. I was also told that i was gonna be put on payroll…

      • Carla says:

        Hey there this happened to me just now can I get some info from you girls as to what to do!

      • Heidi says:

        Yes please tell me what you did.

      • Brina says:

        This happened to me very recently but I gave my true info now there were counterfeit checks deposited. Bank is talking legal action etc. Please respond

    • Kelsey says:


    • Judy Baby says:

      Yep. Check, check and check! Definitely a scammer… No paypal or Google Wallet, insisting on only using bank info, money gram, charity.. All of the same things happened to me. Good for you girl. You’re one of the smart ones 😉 Beware ladies! I actually posted my experience on the thread as well but I wish there was a way I could attach photos of the screen shots I’ve taken. Really shady stuff!

    • Sydney says:

      I’d like to get in contact with you–going through exactly this right now

    • Breezy says:

      Ugh this just happened to me and he acts all confused when I’m like yea your check didn’t clear and he’s like “you spent 1000 dollars already (the check was for 680) and the picture of the check looked fake. And I didn’t spend it, it got rejected due to insufficient funds

    • Breezy says:

      But he said all the same things about the payroll and that I need to never get on my account again. I made a new account just for that check so not as bad as giving him my current bank stuff

  128. Anon says:

    Scam Artist – SA name goes by Nikkkkkkkkki

    Says she is stuck and need money and will compensate in the next meeting. The next meeting never happen and keeps asking for money. She studies biology at Montclair state in NJ and is Syrian descent. Stay away ..

  129. Sabrina says:

    BEWARE of dimah_yah he’s a total scam…catfish…he asked me to pay for the hotel room…i said hell no! Who does that! Don’t do it. NYC watch out girls he’s a SCAM but the worst kind because he wasn’t trying to steal money he was trying to steal your time and sex!

  130. hollydaze says:

    So what makes some posts get censored on this blog? Sometimes my posts show up and sometimes they don’t. If one blog doesn’t post them another one will. If it isn’t breaking any laws or full of profanity do they just get lost in mod land?

  131. hollydaze says:

    I would say for every 15 ads 2 are real people and 1 is worth meeting

  132. SB16 says:

    Beware of Luxuryondi11. He pretends to be a wealthy young SD then comes up with an excuse the day before he is supposed to give you your deposit.

  133. Maiya says:

    Was talking to a guy named “James”, he asked me to text him, here’s is response: It’s lovely you got back to me,
    I’ll love to know more about you before discussing an arrangement,
    so tell me, do you leave alone or with family? you got a boyfriend or kids?
    what state and city are you now?? what you do for work and if you ll b
    up for fun during the weekends?
    Anticipating your reply.
    So I replied and he immediately went into talking about allowance, and adding me to payroll, not even meeting me first. I wanted to play with him a little so I kept going along with it, but was extremely hesitant about giving out my bank account information. I asked if he could do various methods of money transfer and he insisted on a bank account. So I created a prepaid debit account, that includes the routing and account number, then he said he sent the info to his payroll officer and then an hour or so said it was approved and then asked me if I did mobile banking. I said yes, and this is what he said: i need your username and password now and i will download the bank app on my device
    to monitor when she send deposits because she told me she will be
    sending my construction
    materials funds along with your first deposit and i’ll need you to
    send the materials funds to my labourer as soon as its available in
    your acct,
    will you be able to do that for me? you will have to send it through
    money gram or western union store. I said oh hell no! Then after he said that I was his “personal assistant” and that it would only be temporary, I said I am not your assistant, this is not what we agreed to, so why don’t you give me YOUR account information and I’ll just take the money out myself. He said “I should be the one earning your trust, not the other way around. So I said fuck that, you must think I’m real stupid to fall for this. And he kept sending the same photo. And when I came to read through some of these comments, it’s that Michael Bott guy or whatever. The pictures come from an Instagram account under the name of mikel_lz. Of course after texting me daily for a few days, after I exposed him then he decided to not respond. Oh and I gave him the account information, but never activated the account, so when or if he tries to put money in the account, it’ll just reject and get sent back to him. And the whole time he used a texting app so I couldn’t do a reverse phone search. Fuck these guys that try to play women. I’m about to message that guy on Instagram and find out if that’s the actual guy or if he knows that his pics are being used to scam people.

    • Plantonic says:

      I received the same exact message from two members and I fell for it this was 2 days ago one of them of course stopped talking to me the other one continued but I call my bank to add extra security nothing has happened to me financially however I’m hoping bad can be done I gave him information to a card that had nothing on it it was new …. I gave the bank name an AN and RN not the log in information but still it was stupid from now on its PayPal or nothing

      • Judy Baby says:

        Yeah I’m so sick of these scammers and the dame thing happened to me. I’m actually going to add extra security to my account again. This is the 2nd time I have to do this. Ugh… I just never learn.

    • joe says:

      Since this is a “matchmaker” site, the intro to this scam is unique, but the next parts (asking for your financial login information) are parallel to schemes that I see on a daily basis from overseas scammers that are trying to prey on people that take them at their word. Another might be that they send you a cashier’s check for $10,000 and they want you to send them back $1000 of it because that’s their commission that their boss won’t fairly pay them (or something similar). So, you send them $1000 and the cashier’s check, 30 days later, bounces. Your bank takes the money back and you’re out $1,000 (this one happens A LOT).

      Do NOT hand out ANY personal financial information to ANYONE, not even your family, unless you recognize the consequences and are willing to suffer them.

      Debit card with routing information? Where did that one come from? I need that!

      • Tana says:

        Cash in hand, a remittance service or PayPal. Nothing else. And I wouldn’t trust cash in hand entirely either. Those could be fake notes. Its why I don’t believe in pay per meet.

    • verifydata says:

      Post it here and i will call or text or post for you. I started yesterday contacting people and exposing them. I was treated very bad at christmas time and i am nobody’s dump ground for bad behavior. Return to sender.

      • babygurl says:

        You can contact Jeff Wadlow – username Biocoastal Joe, he is pretending to be a well of SD but once he gets sex he will give nothing in return these guys need to be exposed….thank you!!

    • Becki says:

      I received the same message, also from “two different” guys… one says his name is Jason and the other is Michael (he deleted his acct the MINUTE I gave him my cell number) Well, “Jason” said he dropped his phone and this is the number to use (gave me a cell number from Lubbock, TX) Michael had given me a number from Amarillo, TX. Long story short, I got the same EXACT message from both of them (it’s the same person): I’ll love to know more about you before discussing an arrangement, so tell me, do you leave alone or with family? you got a boyfriend or kids? what state and city are you now?? what bank do you use? what you do for work and if you ll b up for fun during the weekends? Adding me to “payroll.” He’s going to send a check to me (before we meet) to deposit in my bank account because he doesn’t want his (soon to be) ex-wife finding out. SERIOUSLY?

      • L_SB93 says:

        I have 2 guys doing the same as you described. Jason Johnson and Robert Micky. Are they the same ones? They both state they are out of the country and we haven’t even met yet and they are asking for bank info. Both refused PayPal. It seems very fishy to me so I won’t continue correspondence with them. It kind of sucks though because Jason seemed very nice.

      • Taylor says:

        Just finished dealing with the “michael” guy. my bank even suspended out relationship because the check he sent me was a counterfeit. I started asking questions and he got really defensive. His profile said he was from freeport maine but his number was a florida number. The company he told me he worked for was in the bahamas.

    • Keke says:

      I revived the same exact message about monitoring my account. I quickly ended things with him.

    • Hottstuff says:

      I am talking to him right now!!!! I was feeling leery about what he saying and decided to come see what everyone was saying and found this! he messaged me from a wisconsin number, but is listed as living in Texas and to be 28 years old. His new username is Jackfost, beware ladies!!!!

    • Dree says:

      I received the same story sadly .. about two weeks ago . And the pathetic part about it is the dude was acting as if he was two different people he scammed me the first time but I didn’t fall for it the second time.

    • Marilu says:

      Could i contact you… I have been SCAMMED.

    • Lisa says:

      Talking to a man who sent this SAME EXACT MSG right now. So glad I found this. He’s going by the name “William” but sent the same two messages word for word. I couldn’t find his acc on SA because I gave him my num months ago and he must’ve deactivated and I delete messages if they deactivate. Anyways same bullshit pay roll, two diff numbers, ask me who I live with ugh. Ima play his ass! DO NOT GIVE UR ACCT INFO to anybody you haven’t met ladies!!!

  134. Anonymous says:

    Anyone been on a date with HolidaySugarDaddy? Been in contact with him he left number and email?

    • EyesOnU says:

      I never trust that kind of guys… Why giving me so many ways of contacting him, when anyways SAA provides a mean of communication? That seems fishy to me.

      • R R says:

        I’ve done that all the time. After a level of comfort is reached w/ a potential SB/SD/SM it is natural, normal and CONVENIENT to use text and or email for communications going forward. But I’d be suspicious of someone that gives it up right off the bat. From my (SD) perspective, that is usually scam behaviour.

      • EyesOnU says:

        Thanks for sharing your perspective, R R. As an SB I apreciate it. But still, no matter how much trust one can earn/give from/to another person, I only give one of those means of communication. I always doubt until the very end. There is a saying where I come from: “Think badly, and you’ll guess right” Weird, but sometimes proven right. I even use apps that need no phone number in order to add a new contact, because a phone number can help people find lots of info about you these days.

    • EyesOnU says:

      I never trust that kind of guys… Why giving me so many ways of contacting him, when anyways SA provides a mean of communication? That seems fishy to me.

    • checkmembersince says:

      I am phishing for some info on a guy but not finding anything. It has propmted me to peek at a few forums that dont shpw up on google but you can used “find on page” with your phones feature. The keep seeing holidaysugardaddy in postings. I didnt read them and it may be a repost for this person that posted here. Just thought i would mention it just the same.

  135. anon SB says:

    I told this guy what kind of relationship I wanted. He acted interested, we texted and right away had me call him. He talked about how common it is for SB being on the site to find a place to stay, and talked about how his last two were successful. But later on I told him I was not interested after he asked me if I’d ever had a 3 some. I politely declined but he offered $800 to meet the next day. I said I would neer hookup on the 1st date, he told me he did not want that in the 1st or 2nd. SO I repeated what my understanding was, “so 800 just to meet with no expectations?” and he replied saying I needed to delete my account. This seems fishy, anyone else encounter something like this? no way I’m doing that.

  136. Anon Guy says:

    As a newbie SD, I have provided $5k upfront and after, she will find every excuse that something came up and so on. I just let her go and took it as a learning lesson for me!

    • EyesOnU says:

      Sorry that happened to you… but yes, asking for money upfront is a red flag.

    • R R says:

      Sorry to say, you had that coming. But some lessons are ONLY learned the hard way.

    • Anonymous says:

      I call BS. It never happened.

      • Anon SD says:

        Never under ANY circumstances advance “allowance” before the SB have completed ALL of their “chores”. Otherwise they will be done with you and move their gutter-butt onto the next naive SD that is willing to advance money.

      • sd says:

        @Anon SD (December 10, 2016 at 6:32 am)

        I’ve always given to her at the beginning of the date and have never had a problem. This is necessary to develop trust because so many past wannabe SDs are not paying at the end of the date. That is rape and I want her to know that I have more respect for her than that.

        @ Anon SD (December 10, 2016 at 6:32 am):
        If the only attention you can get is from “gutter-butts” than maybe you should man up.

      • sd says:

        found a typo & sa doesn’t offer an edit option…so here is the edited version.

        @Anon SD (December 10, 2016 at 6:32 am)

        I’ve always given my SBs the gifts at the beginning of the date and have never had a problem. This is necessary to develop trust because so many past wannabe SDs are not paying at the end of the date. That is rape and I want her to know that I have more respect for her than that.

        @ Anon SD (December 10, 2016 at 6:32 am):
        If the only attention you can get is from “gutter-butts” than maybe you should man up.

      • Anonymous says:

        “sd” at 8:22am is a 35+ SB

    • sd with open eyes says:

      Shouldn’t you mention which sugar baby you felt scammed by?

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m sorry you happened to get a fake SB. I’m a new SB and I have been scammed twice already and owe my bank $5,000. He wrote me checks for the money and had me send half of it back and I used the rest to pay my bills. Then a week later the checks bounced and I’m out all that money. It seems like there are a lot of scammers on SA so I would definitely be careful!

      • Brina says:

        How is the bank handling it? Did they say you were in trouble? I had the same happen to me and I sent him the money after he deposited into my account. They Want me to pay it back. Please contact me

      • Tana says:

        If I have to send back a portion of anything, its best u retain that portion as I resend nothing. What wealthy sugar daddy wants a refund of anything. Whatever u are benefiting from is disposable income!
        If its an absolute must u resend anything, its after it clears! Come on girls, when it comes to money I just don’t believe it till I feel it.

  137. Babybaby1 says:

    Has anyone dealt with Jon-M ? He is background checked and a premium member ? But now seems to have deleted his account

  138. JoelYRV…. bit time scammer will only ask you for money and will totally waste your time… he is a bum that deserves to go to jail. Be careful he has a network of people working with him from Vancouver Canada.

  139. HollyGolightly says:

    While I’m at it, both Melizareigns and Daddycare99 are scam accounts using images that are not their own. Most of these scam accounts list something about the oil and gas industry as their occupations.

  140. HollyGolightly says:

    User by the name of “heloitsdaddy” is a scammer. Using pictures from a gay model’s instagram in hopes of luring women into sharing banking info. Reported him to SA two days ago and they’ve yet to delete his account. Seems like SA is filled with scammers these days. Google image search will expose most of them for the fakes that they are.

  141. Kimber says:

    “Soulmateee” is another scammer. Has been sending weird photos and cannot commit to actually meeting me. Has a different story every time we talk. Wants to send me a 2k check and keep $400. Give the rest to his “agent”. Then he says he needs my banking login info and password. He’s a scammer big time. I called him on being a scammer and he called me and sounds foreign and nothing like his pictures and starts saying I’m making him very mad. Why? Because I’m calling you on being a bullshitter? Wasting my time. I’m so irritated because he has many privet photos of mine.

  142. Anonymous says:

    Michael Donald Phoenix is a scammer that lives in Nigeria.

  143. Lilly says:

    Anyone ever have moneyman1n1 contact them? His profile (that he deleted) says he lives in Brooklyn but is telling me he now lives in Arizona. He told me my allowance would be 3000 a month and then asked for my info to link our accounts. I only have him my account number, nothing else. And he doesn’t know my real name or address. I’m sure he can’t take anything out of my account because he legit knows nothing about me but I’m still curious.

  144. Anonymous says:

    Anyone have an experience with moneyman1n1? He claims he live in another state and we will see each other 2 times a month. He said my allowance would be $3000 a month and he needed my info to connect our accounts. I gave him my account number but nothing else and he doesn’t know my real name. Im a very smart girl so he won’t be getting anymore information but I just want to know if it is a full blown scam.

  145. Victoria says:

    I think a “Ben Ferrero” from “Spring Tx” is trying to scam me. I saw someone on here post asking on March 31st 2009 if anyone knew this exact same guy. I cannnot find the full post..does anyone else know him? I met him on a sugardaddy site and he is so willing to send me money and HAS..but it’s through a ppave called Paywise direct based out of Russia…HELP is this a scam? He’s asked for none of my personal info but sent me $4,000? I just “need to pay the $400 service fee he wasn’t aware of..scam?

  146. flo says:

    so i’m new to SA and I only speak to people who’s profile shows that they had a background check done if I don’t see that on the profile I don’t respond to the SD so my question is has anyone ever been scammed by someone who had the background check done?

    • EyesOnU says:

      If you find out let me know, because I decided to browse only background checked people, and if they are Diamond members then much better because it means they do have money.

    • Plantonic says:

      The background check doesn’t include criminal history and slightly if they actually have the one 20/20 did a show on it it’s on YouTube

  147. Natalie says:

    If you’re suspicious about a possible SD scam, just mention that your boyfriend or best friend is a bank fraud investigator specializing in cyber crimes.

  148. Anonymous says:

    Has anyone ever been given a supplementary credit card as a form of allowance? Getting offered one and I think it’s a scam?!

    • EyesOnU says:

      Prepaid Visa o Master Card is one of the ways for your SD to give you your allowance of pay per meet. That is not necessarily a scam.

    • EyesOnU says:

      Prepaid credit cards are one of the best ways an SD can give you the money he agreed to give you. I would not be worried if this is the case.

  149. Britain says:

    I’ve had several men use the same “pickup” verbatim:

    “I’m hoping to find something ongoing where we genuinely enjoy spending time together. There has to be a connection, or it really doesn’t nothing for me. I don’t expect it to get too serious, but a fun friendship with the added aspect of getting to spoil and take care of the girl financially that I’m with would be ideal. I feel that mutual respect in the most important thing with these types of relationship, and as long as that is there, it can be a lot of fun.

    I will say that ideally I would like the sexual/physical aspect to be there as well, given that there is an attraction of course. Not to be too blunt, but I am very oral and absolutely love to give it, so the perfect situation would be to be with a girl who enjoys receiving it often. That’s not to say I am only looking for a situation where it’s just hook ups, being able to go out and do fun things together is important to me as well. I’d love to hear your thoughts. Hopefully that is somewhat in line with what you are looking for.”

    When I said something about this, they stopped responding so I blocked and reported. All of the guys have similar mirror pics of different men wearing suits where you cannot see their face.

  150. Scout says:

    The easiest way to handle payments is to get yourself a prepaid money card of some kind, the reloadable kind. These typically come with account numbers and routing numbers you can provide for loading cash on the card, that way you are not giving your personal bank info out. SD/SM’s put the cash on the card and you transfer to your bank or whatever. That is safe for both parties and what I suggest every time.

    • Lacubanita says:

      This few guys text me and they give me there number rite away , they told me with out meeting me or talking to me , they want to start an allowance every week for around $300 but they keep asking me to open an account call Wells Fargo easy pay I told them I can’t that they have to used my PayPal account and they said they can’t it has to be by a bank account and then I told them I can’t and they stop talking to me rite away !! Don’t know if it safe to open an Wells Fargo new account for them !???? They haven’t even see a pic of me and they do want to help me with allowance even when I said am not meeting no body or have any relationship with no body I only want chat and talk that’s all !! They still want to send me allowance!!!!!! Do this is scam !!!????

  151. Lyrica says:

    And also beware of the so called Sugar daddys that leave you a message with their number and then you see you can no longer respond SCAM SCAM SCAM. They’re trying to lure you in for a relationship and make you think their sweet and all. Remember if it seems like its to good to be true then certainly it is.

  152. Lyrica says:

    This guy by the name of Sugardaddy he’s goes by the name Donald he left me his number and then after I read the message I notice he was no longer active, so I text the number the usually hi and hello he started getting straight to the point with a relationship asking me tons of question he even asked me to send photos, so I did the ask me to go delete my SA account the he ask who I was banking with I told him what bank, but I did not give him my account number are routing number what so ever I’m to alarmed about these scams I was just seeing how far he would go he said he does engineering and has this business in London, but his profile said San Diego, California he said he was 47,but profile said 51 RED FLEGS since he was moving fast I asked him can he send money he act he couldn’t wire it another RED FLAG!!!! he told me I needed to buy 100.00 itune gift card then he needed digit numbers in back of card, but mind you I wasn’t buying no itune gift card and you could wire the money , so then I went look up any scams with the itune gift cards I kid you not they are scamming making people purchase them and give them the digits on back and also those gift cards aren’t traceable once you give them the money that’s it. Then I pay with his head I ask him …I said after I give you the number then what?? He said then I will need your banking information and mobile deposit it. After I read those complaints and everything he was telling sound like those scanners. I confronted and said YOU F***ING SCAMMER …I did not here from him anymore after that. Lol scum bag

    • Lyrica says:

      Watch for the itune gift card scammers.Beware

    • Anonymous says:

      He tried me too. His real name is Michael Bott, he’s a storage engineer but he’s into gaming. His twitter is @mabott. He made the mistake of giving me his email address so I found his real LinkedIn and twitter account. He looked nothing like the pics on his profile and pics he sent me. He asked me what bank to start allowance when he hasn’t even met me 😑 So I kept lying to him he told me he could only use certain banks and he wanted me to open a federal navy credit union account. And when I reverse image searches the photos he gave me it was some guy named Mikel_lz on IG, totally not him

    • sarah says:

      omg reading this is so hilarious.. i had donald not later than yesterday do the same thing to me.. but since im an expert in detecting scams i felt it right away.. when we first started to talk i thought he was legit , the moment he said im in the UK i was like okkkkk another scammer.. i reported blocked his as and told him get a job you scammer.. then he started flooding my sugardaddy acount.so i had it deleted and opened a new one..
      from now on, im meeting only face to face , if the sd doesnt want to meet then bye, and CASH ONLY, no transfer no card nothing.

      • Anonymous says:

        Same guy wanted me to buy a Wells Fargo. Hes used Gracious Daddy and now has an account DaddySpoiler007.

    • Anonymous says:

      Was this guy Black? I probably have come across him. He says he is 52. We have bee talking for 3 months. His profile Said Philadelphia 😩😩
      I have been scammed

  153. Desiree says:

    I have a SD who deposited a total of $1,500 and stated he wanted to me give him my account info so he can do a deposit with the check it was done and I’ve had my bank look over my account plenty of times and no changes have been made, I did in fact change my password from the one I gave him however I have not spent the money and he keeps asking me if it has been deposited because he wants me to send some of it to a charity since though money gram since he does not have time, I keep saying no it has not been deposited, he also wants me to visit him on a trip to Miami, I am not too sure if it is legit or not. Any advice?

    • Alexis. says:

      Dont do it. Its a scam.

    • Anonymous says:

      Don’t do it & don’t spend it. They ask you to send money to “charity” or a family member or friend it’s most likely them. They deposit bad checks then have you send the money out back to them. When the bank realizes the check is bad, they’ll close your account and either take 1,000 from your money or send you to collections for that 1,000. Another thing they do is deposit the money with their real money then have you send it to them, then afterward they cancel the check and get refunded the money and they keep the money you sent to “charity”

      • Tana says:

        As I said, am not that generous, I resend nothing so if ur mama died, too bad, ur a sugar daddy that should have been provided for.

  154. Anonymous says:

    I have a SD who is not all that sweet.
    He promised 2 a month and has only given half of that.
    Now he is asking ME for money claiming he is falling on hard times. Are you kidding me?
    Why were you even on thin site?
    Also he doesn’t want to use a condom anymore because he says we are past all that.
    I’m not! And I’m not giving you money.
    Back to the drawing board. :(

    • Anonymous says:

      Is his name CEO?

    • EyesOnU says:

      Publish his SA name, and report him as scammer to the website. If you have screenshots, submit them as evidence. And as for the sex, DON’T DO IT. It should be a deal breaker for you. Go back to the SD search. I know it is very hard, but it will be harder getting screwed over by a random guy.

  155. Anonymous says:

    onetwothreefourfive in manhattan using photo of the hawley’s (famous couple) as their photo.

  156. Anonymous says:

    Attention LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! As a new SB on seeking arrangements, I feel so naive falling for these scammers. I live in Canada and have had multiple men in the States message me insisting on promiscuous pictures/video to prove myself worthy, or insisting on an upfront allowance deposited into my account. If it is someone ESPCIALLY from another country insisting on either; IT IS A SCAM! Always meet someone in person FIRST you should not let any price make you desperate! Do not consent to giving any “sexy photos” for any reason! I have done this and then would be left without a reply and I feel violated because a couple men have photos of me and know my name. Perverts are probably nutting to it now. I have been asked for my password and username for my bank- YOU DO NOT GIVE THIS INFO TO ANYONE! If it seems too good to be true, IT IS! Again, always meet in person off the bat in a PUBLIC place! Do not risk your safety for a price! Do not give these perverts any photos of you before meeting. Try to stay as local as possible. Cheers

    • Anonymous says:

      Also, they will try to convince you to send certain funds to whomever, wherever, while receiving your allowance with it. They will also mention you being put on a payroll by an account officer or manager. Red flag. Delete. Report. BLOCK! Cash. Only. You only need an account # provided for direct deposit, or an email provided for e-transfer.

      • Newbie99 says:

        I want to thank you for typing this!! I was deciding to try something new and well it seemed too good to be true once they asked for my bank decided to look it up and you even included the site!! Thank you!!

      • Anonymous says:

        There is a Profile called SugarDaddy that is doing this right now with me. But I felt something weird and I am here now, reading all this. He said he needed a favor from me, since he will deposit money for me, but he will be busy this week, so he wanted I send the rest of the money to a friend. I said is to much responsability and I did not give him any information about my Bank account.5 Min after, another guy I was talking profiled SugarDaddy too aske me for my Bank accounts to start my allowance. I know is the same person. Both deleted the profile in SA.

  157. OH HI NO says:

    Coffee date time waster, Stable, from Maumee, Ohio, wandered onto SA, but is seeking a free girlfriend, not a sugar baby.

    • Angry SB says:

      My SD is asking me for money now.
      He hasn’t even given what he agreed.

    • sd with open eyes says:

      Salt daddies and Sugar Babies who post 20 year old pictures are annoying but they are not scam artists. This thread should be for reporting sugar daddies (and sugar babies) who are running financial scams or who are physically dangerous. If everyone reported bad dates there would be 100 times the traffic on this thread and people would miss reports on dangerous people.

  158. OH HI NO says:

    *Alert to another coffee date time waster

    More salt than scammer, but he shouldn’t be on SA.
    Stable from Maumee, Ohio explained how he’s seeking a girlfriend, Not sugar baby.

  159. Anonymous says:

    Girls in the New York area “Danny__B” who claims to be a 49 year old divorcee from Birmingham, MI is both married and over 80 w/ a hearing aid. He will not share photos or identifying information until you waste the time to meet him in person. This is a heads up, if you’re into old men, go for it. But you should enter with all the information.

    Also NYC babies, “FitTech” is using multiple photos of a Florida based model pulled from that model’a public tumblr page and representing them as his own. Also a heads up, definitely seems like a scam as he asks for photos to be sent to his email address.

  160. Has anyone meet a Ben Ferrero from Spring Texas.

    • Oh yea says:

      I’ve never met him in person but I’v been emailing him for a few days now. Said he owns a construction company and is located in Russia presently. He seems like a nice guy but I’m not 100% sure I trust him

      • PRINCESS says:

        He’s emailing me right now don’t trust it. He”all send you fake screenshots and everything to make it seem super believable. He’s going to “send you $4000” and tell you you have to send $400 in order to get it. Lucky I didnt have it and I didn’t send it because it seemed fishy so I googled it to see if anyone knew anything. Turns out they do this all to time to people and they send you the same transaction code as everyone else. If he send you $4000 run. He asked me to delete my profile as well, he seems really believeable but he isn’t at all. If the transfer code imends in 4421. RUN BABYGIRL

      • Oh Yea says:

        Its a scam!I got his long email telling me that he sent me $4000 and that I need to pay $400 service charge. This one is really slick. I didn’t send the money because it just seemed too fishy. I googled the website for the PayWise Money Transfer company that ‘was his only choice’ and it looks fake from the onset. WU and MG are located worldwide. My belief is that he does not own a construction company. What he owns is that website that he uses to scam unsuspecting people. Don’t fall for this trick.

      • Msnikkibabyyy says:

        Everything princess said is the exact emails I got from Ben. Says he’s in Russia, extremely busy. Felt generous so he wants to give me something before we meet cause he’s in a good mood. That he didn’t know about the service fee of $400 and can’t fly back into the city because his army guys will think it’s a waste just to pay the service fee for me so if I could just pay it and I will get the money. This seems way too fishy and I am way to cautious. He sent me a sc of a receipt and I analyzed the shit outta that and it alone looks fake. Also some emails from a “business partner” that received money from him to prove he is legit. Also asked me to remove my account cause he don’t want no other daddy scooping me up… he a mess. Missed me with that bullshit

      • Victoria says:

        Yes!! I’ve got the same guy in my emails!! Thank god I found this site!! Same thing for me $4000 amd a $400 service charge!!/

    • Jenni says:

      He’s emailing me as well. DO NOT FALL FOR IT! Anything that asks for money to receive money will always be a scam! He deleted his SD acct on the SugarDaddy for me site. If anyone sees him having an active acct, report it immediately!! He deletes his accts so that they cant be reported, but if hes caught before deletion, they can block his ip, etc.

  161. Anonymous says:

    I’ve been on this site for many years. I’ve never had a male inquire about my bank account information. I wonder why that is.

    sugar baby

  162. tAI says:


    • tAI says:


      • Anonymous says:

        Your talking about Michael47. I did reverse photo search (like on catfish). He uses other people’s photos. And I looked up his email that was linked to his LinkedIn and I found who he really was. Some broke raggedy guy named Michael Bott in California. He basically begged for account info, he even asked me to make a navy federal account specifically for my allowance. It’s probably an easier bank for him to do his Fraud

    • sarah says:

      yup got the same loser too

  163. Anonymous says:

    I wish I saw this thread before I got scammed twice!

    • Gabby says:

      Girls, don’t ever give out your online banking or use your name to create an account so that someone can login instead of you. Nothing is free in this world and if it sounds too good to be true than it must be.

  164. Sparker8989 says:

    So I met this guy on SA and I told him a little about myself and he said my allowance would be 400$ a week. He wont tell me his place of business just said he’s working on a 20m project he sent me a picture of a Porsche he has a Facebook account with the same name. He wants my bank account and routing number and online access I have -2.00$ in my bank account lol I’m broke as a joke but could he be trying to scam me? He doesn’t seem interested in me he just said be loyal I have money to buy you anything you want. He said he will start the allowance and then we will on the arrangement. Help ?!

  165. Anonymous says:

    Hello there is this man in the SF Bay Area Location named Mefox or Meftah ( he changes his name) hes been on SA since Nov 2013. He has a picture of himself in a Yellow Exotic car. He promotes prostitution and is obsessed with child porn. Please watch out for this man. He offers 2k per meet. He states hes indian decent and that he works as an investor. He tried to get extremely physically on the first meet and ran off afterwards. Blocking me on his account and forwarding all my calls. He has been reported to the Police department. Please be extremely careful.

    • AnyonymousGal says:

      OH MY GOD! I met this guy too. He claimed his name was “Jonathan” and I met him at a top notch hotel in SF and after very intense almost painful intimacy, we went to go eat, and he left me at the restaurant. He is a HUGE scammer. I went back to the hotel, and couldn’t find him. I was so embarrassed, stuck in this city I didn’t know. I wish I would have read this before I went to meet him. My mind is blown.

  166. Zofia says:

    RED FLAGS: A POT offers you money before meeting. Especially if he says anything about a ‘personal accountant’ or the like. If they ask you ANY questions about your personal finances or banking do NOT give them that information. Please don’t be blinded by greed (like I once was) because that is a prime scenario for a scammer. Finally, do NOT let any SD guilt you into doing something you don’t feel comfortable doing or bribe you to do something you don’t want to do. This is all coming from a seasoned sugar baby.

  167. SbabyFail says:

    So, dude sends me four $999 checks and has me send them to f**king Nigeria and my dumb ass is being a good baby and listens. Now I am $3000 in debt because after I transfered the money, they pulled the checks. I’ve been talking to him and he said he’s gonna get everything straight this week. Do I trust him? Do daddy scammers still talk to you after they’re done with business? He’s even answered my calls and told me his account is also in the negative and that he’s trying really hard to work it out. Would scammer daddies stay around just to reassure or what? Because I am a full time college student who’s already broke asf. I came here to get money, not lose it!!

  168. Anonymous says:

    Has anyone ever messaged BenBrown51? He claims to send 5,000$ a month on his profile
    he’s asked for my email address and skype and then when i asked about allowance and said $500 a month to start which is nothing compared to the allowance on his profile he messages back that he needs to ” sleep on it ” i am new to this is this a scam?

  169. 1NervousSB says:

    What about the Daddies who contact SB only seeking sex and up front ask how much? Is this a potential scammer?

  170. 1NervousSB says:

    Does anyone know anything on SD with profile name: Jg1282 from Ventura/Camarillo area in CA? Says his name is Jesse.

  171. Anonymous says:

    There are certain scammers like a girl called Destiny Pemelton that makes new profiles every once and then to look new. She is divorced and much older that she writes in the profile. complete scammer takes you money and goes away without anything in exchange, her profile now is Alluring Texas Blonde, at first was your Destiny and had another couple.

  172. Anonymous says:

    Unfortunately i got scamed by some “43 year old guy by the name of James Reid. Said he works for delta airlines as a co piolet and is from baltmore, maryland. Sent me $2000 told me to keep half and send half through western union to his “godson” i felt something weird was happening… when i called the number he provided for his “godson” a lady answered from some office… i knew it was a scam do i email him back and told him I wasn’t comfortable doing it anymore. he told me to send the money back to him or he will get my account investigated fir fraudulent activity and have all the funds he send me reversed. Now he has my credit card number in which he sent the money directly to from a checkings account… i have screenshots of it all. I told him ill send the $1000 back that i was supposed to send through western union and he wouldn’t give me any info to do so… just said he will get his bank to reverse the funds… im scared because i had no money to being with and now im afraid that i will owe a huge debt on my credit card… :/ someone help please I already know im an idiot for not catching on sooner i just dont know what to do and ive already spent the money because i thought it was a legit gift and i was mad he tried to scam me so i spent the other half to i pretty much just wanna off myself how could i be so f****** dumb!!! :'(

    • Rick says:

      You are probably OK. Just don’t send him any money.

      Just keep whatever he gave you and wait for a couple months. It will probably get reversed from his bank, so don’t spend it. If it’s still there after that time, well, then good for you. Block him and ignore him. And watch your CC account carefully for any fraud.

    • hi' says:

      Just shut your bank account

    • EyesOnU says:

      Just report the guy’s profile before he closes it, and state on the report he is a thief or a scammer. Also add whatever screenshots you have to support your report. And go to the police.

    • Anonymous says:

      Did anything ever happen to your account? I think I may be experiencing this as well from the same guy

    • Concerned says:

      I need to know if your funds got reversed. Same thing happened to me

  173. Nikki says:

    mikegreg108 FRAUD. Trying to give me $300.00 per week when my profile clearly says I live a substantial lifestyle. Also asked me who I banked for

  174. Anonymous says:

    Well ladies I dug myself into a hole. I was stupid. I set up a bank account and gave my sugar daddy access. Long story short, now I owe the bank $900. And it’s not like I can ask my parents for help. The guy completely ghosted. Please don’t ever make this mistake. I wouldn’t wish this on anyone.

    • Cinnabon says:

      Then you are going to have to make a police report. Don’t ever give anyone your information. No matter what only accept cash. If it seem to go to be true. Don’t go for for it. If they don’t want to give you cash don’t waste your time. If they talk about allowance without even meeting. Don’t they are scammer. Remember to discuss when you meet them what you need. Real SD will not talk about financial upfront. Just be careful call the bank and ask how you can fix it.

    • Anonymous says:

      If you don’t mind me asking, how do these scams work exactly? So you set up the account and how did he get money from you? And why do you owe the bank?

      • EyesOnU says:

        basically they ask you for your bank login info (when they only should ask for your account number and routing number), wire you money or direct deposit it and then cancel the transaction, after you probably spent the money already and then you end up owing the money to the bank – and the guy.

  175. Brandon says:

    London Girls be wary of ‘Dan-T’.

    He seemed nice enough over the phone, messaging. Polite, formal, somewhat boring – not really a big deal. But he did state that intimacy would be a part of it. Fair enough.
    We met in a restaurant, he made a suggestive comment about my long hair and needed something to ‘tie it back later’ as we would be getting intimate. Not sure about you but I would rather not sleep with a guy before some sort of financial arrangement has been finalised. We are on the site for a reason, but it was my first ever potential meeting and I was a bit shy about everything. I had asked him for some money upfront to sort of prove he was genuine and he was like “You’re not a prostitute”. Anyways, he showed up with a cold. Coughing and sniffing between sentences. When I pointed this out, he suggested that I was being dramatic. I was trying to be nice about it, saying that we could just enjoy this occasion as a nice evening getting to know each other and I made him a mug of Lemsip (which he had brought with him) but he wouldn’t take no for an answer. On top of this he had asked me to make the booking, I had told him that I didn’t have the money for it so he had said that he would pay me back. Instead he got up to leave, and I was like can I at least have the money that you said you would give me. He was like, send me your bank details I’ll transfer you and blocked me as soon as he shut the door. I’m financially worse off then when I started. Oh ye and he’s suggesting an allowance of £10k mhm..

  176. Mari says:

    I was scammed by a sugar daddy. He claimed he was going to pay me $200, but put $350 in my account. He then asked me to send a money gram of $150 to his worker in Nigeria, and since it was in my bank it would’ve been all in my name! I said no, take your money back and send the money yourself but he kept begging me, sent me some googled picture of a messed up road, saying his worker in Nigeria needed the money to repair it. My bank account ended up getting shut down and is now being investigated for fraud! ALWAYS USE PAYPAL. Never give out bank info, especially when they want more than just your routing and account number, which is all they need if they are depositing money. If they ask for usernames and passwords it is to steal your money and identity!

    • Anonymous says:

      i almost fell into this scam but I asked him to send more photos and I photo reverse searched his photos and he was using a guy’s photo named Mikel_lz

    • Erica Wood says:

      Same thing just happened to me Luckily its only $500, how does the fraud thing work when it wasnt our faults?

  177. Anonymous says:

    I feel so bad right now. I was texting with a SD and we exchanged photos (some intimate on my end). I thought everything was going well but he very out of the blue and abruptly stopped responding to me. I understand he might not have been interested although he seemed to be. I sent him a text and message confronting him about it, but he hasn’t responded and either deactivated his account or blocked me (I’m sure he blocked me). Although my face wasn’t in the pictures he knows my name and has those pictures. I feel violated in a way. I know I was naive to send them now…

    • Zofia says:

      I’m sure you’re fine dear. The guys on sites like this get tired of us gals quickly.

      • Zofia says:

        What I mean by that is they probably won’t care about pictures that say you or I were to send once they start talking to this that and the next girl.

    • ukguy says:

      You can reverse image search on Google images or Tineye if you still have the picture. If it’s uploaded anywhere, contact the administrators and tell them it’s a picture you did not consent to being posted and ask for the IP of the poster. You can also send a DMCA notice to the website if they refuse: look at WARP (Women against revenge porn) for example DMCA notices and laws about posting unconsented images. If you need any help with the legal matters or anything at all contact my email: warpdoc at gm ail (im not associated with warp in any way, thats just the email)

  178. Lisa says:

    Beware of coverdoc1 . He will start off by asking you what’s on your playlist . Then he will want To meet for dinner . Will call you and text you and lie very very well . You will go to a restaurant to meet him and he will never show up . He has admitted to having multiple profiles and to tricking at least 25 girls .

  179. Honey says:

    Encountered a man named sugar daddy on here from Los Angeles. Apparently his name is dylan b from the email account he sent me. He deposited money into my account and now 2days later capital one is asking me to call in am I being scammed? He also says he put me on his “payroll” I don’t believe it anymore.

    • Agamemnon says:

      I’ve recently been talking to this SD with the same username but said his name was Dave stating he lives in Chicago with his 3 year old daughter which is hard to believe because his profile said he was 50 that’s a pretty intense age to have a 3 year old. Anyway he asked me which bank i used. So of course I lied because I’ve been hearing too much about scams and things of the sort. So I said I only had PayPal because I’m a waitress and i make my money every night and don’t really get paychecks. In turn he prompted me to make a Capital One 360 account in which I did because what if it isn’t a scam, but he asked me for the password and the security question answers and I told him that all he needed was my routing and account number. Haven’t heard from the scum since.

      • Anonymous says:

        Intense age? You just mean old right?

        This part isn’t really a response to you exactly, but more of a comment to everyone….I’ve been on this site for many years…. and I have never had a male inquire any bank account information from me. Other people have mentioned this happening, I read it often in fact. They can’t all be making it up right? So why I wonder, have I never run across this? Arrogance aside, I can only assume that my profile is written so well, that they recognize I wouldn’t fall for such nonsense.

        Are there other opinions? I can’t be the only one that’s has never experienced a scammer on this site…bank info scammer that is.

      • Ugh says:

        Same thing girl, I encountered the same dumbass. Someone please report this ass.

  180. Anonymous says:

    Sugar Daddy from Los Angelos, goes by Edward Dennis, 46 years old, seems like a great guy, super nice. But then tries to tell me he needs my bank account number, routing number, account security question answers, etc etc. He says his account officer needs this to monitor the funds. Won’t use MoneyGram, Paypal, etc. I got suspicious and looked him up, he’s no longer on the site I used. Turns out he’s on another site by the name of Dennis. Once I told him I would set up a private account in a separate bank that doesn’t have money in it, he shuts me down and tells me we are done. 775-476-5*** is the phone number (minus the last three digits.).

    • Anonymous says:

      Username is Ambidrive157
      59, Macedonia, Ohio, United States
      he asks for nudes and wants his accountant to deposit funds but the only needs “full access” username and password to your acc.

      • Anonymous says:

        This guy is in the middle of scamming me right now. Different phone number and he found me on hepays.com 209-583-54** Goes by Edward Dennis and said he is a single father from Los Angeles California. Was spewing bullsh*t about sending $200 twice per week in exchange for my love – gross. He said the same thing about transferring funds to my bank account but the minute i read that, i knew something was up. Searched a whole bunch of stuff and finally came across this. Be safe out there ladies and f*ck these guys who think they can mess with us.

    • anonymous says:

      This guy is in the middle of scamming me right now. Different phone number and he found me on hepays.com 209-583-54** Goes by Edward Dennis and said he is a single father from Los Angeles California. Was spewing bullsh*t about sending $200 twice per week in exchange for my love – gross. He said the same thing about transferring funds to my bank account but the minute i read that, i knew something was up. Searched a whole bunch of stuff and finally came across this. Be safe out there ladies and f*ck these guys who think they can mess with us.

  181. Anonymous says:

    Profile stats:
    Name: John231
    Age: 42
    Atlanta, Georgia
    Empty profile

    He says, “hello queen, i was checking profiles, your profile stood so nice to me and i’ll love to give a try in you. i can be your perfect match if you’d like me to. Text me 614-699-6842 We can share pic and ideals”

    Me: And I’m supposed to be impressed by this? I’ll bet he is one of these account number seekers.
    I would never consider texting anyone before meeting. I never dealt with these losers before making my profile searchable. I do better when it’s hidden. :/

    • Anonymously says:

      I received the same message from him, but the number was different. We texted he sent a picture of himself and asked for account information to send my allowance..but wait he is in Turkey for a contract he just accepted. I declined and said I feel no more need to be exchanged until we meet face to face…. Haven’t had another response from him.. When he sent a picture I assumed it may not be him…guess my gut feeling was right

    • Anon says:

      He sent me the same message with a different number as well! He asked me for nudes and said if I make him happy then he’d make me happy. I said “prove it”. He told me to give him my BANK ACCOUNT LOGIN info (username and password). I lied to him and told him that I did not have online banking set up, so he could just send me money through PayPal. He told me that he doesn’t like PayPal and insisted that I give him my bank account login information. Don’t fall for this, girls! He’s a scammer!

  182. Cinnabon says:

    Beware of sugar daddy new. Base in new Jersey. His phone number from Pennsylvania. He won’t answer any questions so he is possibly a scammer. He got mad cause i ask him too many questions.

  183. Anonymous says:

    Beware of Bradley407 number says he a construction engineer. Also I guess his profiles expired which resulted messages from my inbox being deleted… Anyways he tried to get my bank information be aware maybe I’ll just stick to guys in my area

  184. Keithpierce159
    Says he is in the us army in Afghanistan on last deployment
    Wants to give money right away with out meeting…when I questioned this he got upset…said he didn’t want anything in return that he is a good man.
    Wants you to give him banking info password and security questions and answers wanted to send me money for his return to the USA and could I send the money to army financial secretary and I could keep 500 for myself.
    Sent me a pic of his bank account house cars truck bike etc…..trying to prove he has it all and just wants someone who is honest and wot hurt him…..imagine….poor fella.
    Anyway he is reported and just beware.

  185. Anonymous says:

    I just met this guy to today and we exchanged numbers he seems pretty decent but then I go to look at my messages and he’s no where in my inbox and I can’t find him anywhere on the site. What did he do? How did my messages get deleted??

    • Anonymous says:

      I had messages randomly deleted as well and I was curious about this as well. Also his account is no where to be found. He sent me his number last night in the message as well, in the message he is asking to be the one to take care of my needs. Is it a scam? His profile said New Jersey but the phone number is from Detroit.

  186. Teresa Guerrero says:

    Has anyone had any experience with AmericanExec258?

    • Cinnabon says:

      His account is hidden. If he was to truly deactivated his account it would tell you and your message would still be visible. Any SD that immediately Delete their account should be a red flag if you just started talking

  187. Anonymous says:

    Beware of richpapi

  188. Olivia says:

    Papibear08 attempted to scam me as a potential sugar daddy. He is 52, attractive male, says he’s from San Diego, California with an area code to match but claimed his permanent residence was in my area and he was just in California on business. Here is what his profile said: “About Me
    I am social, romantic, passionate, intelligent, adaptive, have a big heart, love a sense of humor… I’m a hardworking man and I love to take good care of my girl
    What I’m Looking for
    I want a woman who knows how to treat a man and is not afraid to show it” and his first and only message through SA: “Hi pretty! I checked out your profile and you’re really so beautiful and gorgeous, gonna love to be the man for you and satisfy all your needs, do text me on (phone number)”
    Here is the following report I filed with SA:
    “During first communication, Papibear08 gave out his phone number. His location does not match the one he told me via text, nor does his phone number have the same area code. While texting, he repeatedly asked for my address, when I told him I didn’t feel comfortable giving it out and that I’d prefer cash in person AFTER we met, he insisted. I created a PO box and felt safe giving him that small bit of information. He promised to send a check before we met for $1490.00, of which I would spend $200.00 to buy an outfit and give the $1290 to his “assistant” to pay for lodgings and “comfort” for the weekend. At that point I typed my situation into google and found that many scammers employ similar schemes. After I told him I thought it might be a scam, he told me that was ridiculous and said how could a kind gesture be a scam. I told him I would only do it if we could change the arrangement. Then he asked if I had a bank account. I said I would not ever be giving out my bank information, said I don’t think this will work out, and blocked him.”

    Please be safe, reading this blog when I felt a red flag go up helped me steer clear of this scam. Don’t accept any checks, they can bounce and your account be negative. Especially don’t give any money back to anyone if you do cash a check. Even calling a bank to verify funds isn’t foolproof; the funds may be there that day, but that can change and you could be in trouble. He also said he had me “approved with his payroll officer” as his “personal assistant.”

  189. Anonymous says:

    Is it a scam if a SD ask for my venmo or is that perfectly safe? He asked to send me payments per meet after the meet. Is this safe and any way he can reverse or cancel the payments? Or should I stick to cash?

    • Alternatedating says:

      On the guy side, I like Venmo. It’s an easy way to transfer money and is backed by paypal. I never heard of a way to do a scam with it … then again, I’m not in the scam mode. If there are concerns, I’d like to know so I can find a different way to send money.

    • Rick says:

      Payments after the meeting? I give mine at the meeting, and I suspect you’ll never get anything after the meeting.

    • EyesOnU says:

      Your question I think is one for Venmo customer service anyways.

  190. Anonymous says:

    Smtih48 SCAMMED ME out of over 4000 dollars. He told me he was going to put some money in my account and asked me to drop some of it off at moneygram. Once this was done, he reversed the funds. Now I owe the bank 1700 dollars. I dont know what i am going to do, I was already a stuggling student. He stole every dime I’d saved for my car.

    • Amber says:

      I recently got scammed on Weds. but I was able to file a police report because it involved a fraudulant check. I encourage every to always write down any information you get from them in case this happens. Also, ALWAYS ask questions and never give out your personal financial info. I was naive as well when I got scammed so I know exactly how you all feel. Just please be careful.

  191. scam says:

    Yesterday I was contacted by user Fredstar A (Ohio). In his first message, he gave me his phone number. I always avoid these guys or at least casually mention that I would like to get to know them better here prior to exchanging numbers (and at that point they disappear hella quick), but his pictures (whether they were his or not, idk) were attractive so I said screw it. He was fine until discussing allowances. He was very demanding with knowing what bank I used even though I told him I would only accept a cash allowance due to obvious reasons. I asked if cash allowance was an issue, and he said YES, and claimed it would be easier to just transfer the money to me. I asked why couldn’t he just give me the cash allowance during our meetings? No response. Not sure if he blocked me or deactivated, but I can’t view him now.

    Definitely avoid this one!!!!

  192. Anonymous says:

    Apparently I fell for the online banking now my account is being closed for fraudulent activity luckily I went to get a new account for this matter but be aware richpapi14 he scammed me and now I’m paying for it and I’m already a struggling student .. learned my lesson ! PayPal only

  193. Honey says:

    has anyone come across SD user name Bigdaddy26088? Says his name is James and is a civil engineer. He pays me 400/ week but then asks me to western union extra money to someone out of the country I’ve done it once. Scam???

    • Cinnabon says:

      I have the same thing with a an sd. He sent many pictures. Spoke for a short period then ask about allowance upfront then ask me todo a favor and send his employees money either through western union or money gram. Idk if it a scam. It he delete his sa account and discontinue speaking.

    • Anonymous says:

      Michael James Bott is his full name. He tried me too but I reverse searched his images and it was from some guy named Mikel_lz on inatgram

  194. WOW says:

    So my time here has been up and down, but mostly down, which lots of bad incidents. Just going to throw out some of the ones that particularly stood out to me:

    Daddy4CollegeBaby – Florida area: He claims to be a daddy dom, but he was very aggressive in texting and treated me like a lesser person. When I mentioned that, yes I am submissive, but firstly I am an adult and that needs to be respected, he freaked out and posted my private gallery pictures elsewhere on the internet and provided lovely screenshots! As an experienced sub, I can definitely say stay clear of him (either you are into BDSM or vanilla, because this is some signs of abusive behavior).

    Chrisfalla – Alaska area: Potential scam alert. He was very insistent that I give him my bank account info to be put on his “payroll” and when I mentioned I needed to open an account first, he was very demanding with how soon I needed to do it. Instablocked.

    Scouter 12 – Louisiana area: Potential scam alert. She claimed to be a talent scout and said upon an interview and “informal portolio” that she would compile, she and the company she worked for could help me get into modeling. However, the questions she asked didn’t really seem like anything necessary for modeling (asked about my relationship status and sexual orientation). She requested five of my best pictures, which I sent. All were fully clothed. She then insisted that I send nudes. Sorry sweetheart, I’m noping out of this one.

    Pittsburgification – Pittsburgh, PA: He seemed legit and sweet upon texting and talking to him on the phone, but he instantly got creepy upon meeting. The conversation went from him asking general questions about me to very sexual questions. He then got way too handsy. Very demanding Scorpio. I am now investing in pepper spray.

    Craig – Ohio area: Again, he seemed fairly nice while first chatting on the site. He made a sexual remark partway through our conversation and I mentioned that I didn’t want this to start out on a sexual basis (especially because, wow I haven’t even met him yet and knew nothing about him). Anyway, he claims he would “love to get to know me better” and so we continue into texting. Fast forward to another sexual remark, and me pointing it out, and he goes ballistic. Apparently, wanting to be respected while getting to know someone means: you are full of drama, you are crazy, paranoid, rude, and insolent, and you deserve to have your looks insulted, despite being earlier told you are incredibly sexy. Again, another Scorpio… way too mental and intense for me.

    siegel in nyc – New York area: He is nice enough in talking, but he is using fake photos (both on site and on other internet platforms with his name). If you do get involved, ask for a photo upfront so you know what you’re getting into.

  195. Anonymous says:

    I’m new to SA. So if they are not willing to send you money through PayPal and instead ask for bank info to “directly put it in his payroll” it’s a scam?

  196. Wtf! says:

    Another Gem …
    Someone kind who will spend time with me. I don’t mind about the age gap as long as we’re both comfortable (so if you’re looking for sex don’t message me lol) I’d like to meet someone mature, respectful and sweet

  197. iwontdothat says:

    Anyone know a guy named Jovani ? Giovanni ? Thick accent and wants you to get a hotel room with your money ? Largo and Tampa area ?

  198. lily says:

    Be careful of XoXo10021 (Tarik) – Major Scam, spent 4 days together then left the country without a word… Definitely learned from this experience, but I want to warn others who might also get Scammed.

    • N says:

      I got scammed by him too, he said the same thing about leaving the country, which is a total lie, because days later he was online and his profile stated he was still in the US. We should make him pay.

  199. EC says:

    Ladies in London / UK beware of profile ‘Call Me Al 1’- the guys is crazy, delusional living with his parrot. Asked me for account details, full name, D.O.B and passport number… these guys must think is girls are dumb. Have met too many fakes on this site – people need to be monitored better IMO, or men have to to do the background checks?

  200. Guy says:

    Hey, I am a newbie SD. Have met a potential SB expecting $$$ per meet and she definitely sounds like real SB. However, she is expecting me to provide my personal info to prove who I am, which is fair to ask for her own safety, which is fine with me. However, she is not comfortable to share her personal identifiable info as of now. Is that normal for an SB not to share her personal info, but expecting SD to share? In such case, what kind of info that an SD should get from SB to ensure SD’s safety and not getting scammed/tricked.

    • Anonymous says:

      I always err on the side of caution as a SD. Unlike most dating sites, we have the upper hand and can afford to be picky. If there is anything about a potential SB you don’t like, drop her. There are tens more just around the corner.

    • Rick says:

      Allowance just to meet is a HUGE RED flag. Once I meet someone, if we connect, then I’m fine with exchanging info, but certainly not before. There’s nothing she needs to know in order to meet you in a nice public restaurant where she is perfectly safe.

      And honestly, I don’t expect SBs to provide much ID, they have a lot more issues about personal safety. Just enough to know she’s over he legal age. :-)

  201. Richard says:

    Hey, I am a newbie SD. Have met a potential SB expecting XXXX per meet and she definitely sounds like real SB. However, she is expecting me to provide my personal info to prove who I am, which is fair to ask for her own safety, which is fine with me. However, she is not comfortable to share her personal identifiable info as of now. Is that normal for an SB not to share her personal info, but expecting SD to share? In such case, what kind of info that an SD should get from SB to ensure SD’s safety and not getting scammed/tricked.

  202. heiressgalore says:

    I really see the need for a new type of site that sets parameters and does discriminate. I am blown away at some of the stuff i amreading but also the results from sugardaddy sites lately. There is so much bad behaviour going on, on both gender’s sides. Maybe i need to create a site that is somewhere between these sites and sites like patti millionare match’s. Something middle of the road. Yes, if you doing any banking with a stranger give or take it is a scam. Yes, he recorded the sky and has uploaded it and made his rent fromthe bings. Yes, she will call your wife. Yes, he will lie and say you will get an allowance on friday. All of this is bad and you each are independently lowering the standard of something that has been such a good thing for a pretty good amount of time. Its like all of a sudden bottom feeders arrived and there is no station anymore for an sd or an sb. This shpuld be an elite exclusive arrangement between 2 people qualified to bring it. That does not mean simply looks and wallet. It means somuch more then that.

  203. jasmine says:

    hey so this one guy has agreed to give me $500 a month but says he wants an address and name so he can send me my check.i asked if he could just give it to me upfront but he says he doesn’t travel with his money. I find it so sketchy cause we haven’t even met yet and he wants to send me the money before his arrival.?

    • jasmine says:

      I mean a week.

    • postofficebox says:

      Get a po box or before you bother to get one tell him ok and start to give him a po box and see if he starts right then being like wuh uh oh uh i need your real address

      • Donoughts says:

        SCAM. Dollars to donuts the check is kited. You cash it and he gets in touch and says you need to give him half the amount back. You do that and then 3 BDs later your bank says the check is bad and takes the whole $500 back. Don’t do it. If he’s legit tell him to send a postal money order to the PO box.

  204. Anonomous says:

    Don’t waste your time with Jerry, aka guyinkc on SA! I have pics and a phone number for anyone who wants them.
    He used an unexpected “I’ll PayPal you a gift when I get home”, which no one has ever tried before, and though I thought that was at least weird and a risk, I went ahead, forcing him to promise he’d get it to me. Always listen to your instincts, aka your BRAIN!! Duh! I was blinded by my anxiety due to a financial crisis, and this is what happened. Never give strangers the benefit of the doubt! If something doesn’t sound right, it usually isn’t. Fortunately for every scammer, there’s probably hudreds of honest people. Hope this helps!

  205. Anonymous says:

    Beware of teddybear64 dumb ass bitch giving out my num and saying it’s hers I’m getting all these messages from people I don’t know and I didn’t sign up for this shit

  206. Stephanie says:

    please beware of this old ass man in norfolk Va he claims hes an attorney and he goes by the name Mike really old man always doing sketchy things he wound up taking my bank account information and i never saw him again !

    • Anonymous says:

      There’s a guy I’m taking to know asking for my online banking info. Talking about he needs it to connect his account to mine so he can automatically send me money every week.

      • Anonymous says:

        Is his name Steve Richards ?

      • jess says:

        omg he just messaged me and said he needs my log in info for my band so i can be on his “weekly 2k plan” he claims he can “change my life” lol did he say the same? everytime i try to ask a question he says he dosnt talk much and hell call me in 2 weeks haah

      • Amber says:

        I am pretty sure this is the same guy that scammed me last week. I was stupid and naive, I know but I filed a police report today because a check he put into my account was a fraud so now Im out almost $1k. Anyone still have the number he text you from? or even an email or ANYTHING?

  207. Anonymous says:

    Beware of this message. I received it from 2 different people on SA.

    A little about myself, i live in Maryland , but i work all around the country,i was raised in the Uk till 1999 when i decided to relocate to the U.S where i have my company’s head office now. my dad and mom died in a fatal accident .I am into supplies of engineering and construction equipments, i have shares in over three companies in the states.and outside
    the country, i travel a lot because of the nature of my Job. I filed a divorce in 2010 when i found out the level of her
    weed intake was unbearable. I have a child, i am a young man, looking for someone to have a funfilled life with,just be rest assured i’ll take care of you honey.. I’m presently in Paris for a tower construction project and I promise to spoil you.

  208. Anonymous says:

    I just signed up today and I already have POT
    I was so nervous that I blindly did everything he wanted which included a skype and show off my goods was i wrong to do this of is this normally
    pleas some one tell me cause since then i haven’t stopped calling myself stupid

    • Freddie says:

      I unfortunately agree (I’m sure the lack of response here is that everybody else does too, or SA is doing as usual in not moderating in a timely manner).

      Note that he could have been recording your Skype session too (anything can be screen-captured).

    • Anonymous says:

      I don’t show “my goods”. I’m new here but it is my belief that there is a progression of things. We like profiles, message on the site and exchange numbers, have a phone call. Then a first meeting to get the feel of the person- see if there is any chemistry or not. If so far so good then some sort of arrangement is made. Even at this point there is no showing of “my goods”. There is no guarantee that we will get in bed on or next meet because I am not a prostitute or a call-girl. My time and company is valuable and as such I do want some monetary compensation for it. I dont ask for anything on my first meeting and if given the option I choose a simple meeting place because I don’t want to take advantage of anyone. I simply want to find the right SD. One that I can be my self and give my SD what he is looking for. Its not all about the money.

  209. Anonymous says:

    Sugar baby profile name [Alexi S25] otherwise known as Nikki. She will be happy, and pushy frankly, to take your money and then never see you again. I guess you live and learn.

  210. Anonymous says:

    Girls beware of a con artist named Patrick Sanders on seeking arrangements. Convicted felon, check fraud, and does meth. Smooth talker. Just beware. Hes in Orange County (Aliso Viejo, ca) total scum.

  211. NoName says:

    How would we know if a SD is not scam? Would we have to meet first and receive cash?

    • Anonymous says:

      The same way that a SD knows a SB is not a scam. Give out nothing until you have met in person and decided on an arrangement. And no promises or obligations from either SD or SB for the first meeting.

    • Rick says:

      A legitimate SD will want to meet you. He won’t ask for online banking info, he won’t ask you to send nude pictures or do naughty Skype shows. He might ask to Skype, in the same way he might want to phone you.

      Intimacy and allowance should happen at the same time, that prevents scams. And cash is ALWAYS the best.

  212. About : archangel4ever says:

    About archangel4ever in Lapeer Michigan
    “Sexy, mature , educated, fit , intelligent, endowed and most importantly rich I have it all in this world looking for my goodgirl, contact me sick of paying for these sites bs. let my membership lapse because i wasnt getting anything from this anyway, if you want to really become a sugar baby contact me
    What I’m Looking For
    Looking for that sweet suga baby, must be respectful I am in charge , always, if not I’ll replace,”

    He supposedly makes 400k annually, but doesn’t have a handle on spelling, proper grammar, or punctuation, but he’s INTELLIGENT. I noted that occupation was left blank too; wonder if he even has a job, lol
    Age: 39 …Well, there you go. smh

  213. Anonymous says:

    A sugar daddy asked for my name, account info so that he could quote on quote log in and link our accounts and deposit money whenever he needed too and when i simply implied that i’m not comfortable sharing my online account info he immediately seemed upset.. As if i offended him by not comlying but we just met why would i be dumb enough just give up info that quick.

    • Anonymous says:

      Had the same request today. He says his name is Kevin, a miner. It’s BS, you can simply provide your account number or name+name of bank to send money. I’m no dummy. I’ve been at this a long time lol

      • Rawr says:

        Omg!!!! I swear that is the same guy that tried that same line on me. I’m not going!!! I told him there’s no way. He said he was going to set me up on his payroll for $400/week but needed my online bank information. I definitely told him there’s no way that’s going to happen.

      • Anonymous says:

        Was the guy’s name Paul? I was talking to one, today and he said he would tell his accountant to put me on the payroll and I just needed to give my bank info. I told him I would like to meet in RL first and he can set up funds outside of that. He told me he would send me a money order. I didnt respond to that comment. Just said I would feel better meeting first.

      • Anonymous says:

        OMGGGGG A guy named Kevin said “Ill recieve a weekly allowance of $400/per week, at first it was good with me however everyday would be a diffrent number from him and when i looked up the area code each time it would be from diffrent states, and that’s what made me wonder something is up. I asked if he could send the funds through papypal and he replied his account officer wont let him use it. Another RED FLAG, so then he start asking for my account information such as Account name, Bank name, Online username, and password. And it almost seemed like he was demanding these things.

      • Jo says:

        This happened To me and I fell for it. Now my accounts are being closed for check fraud. I have to go file a police report tomorrow. I’m praying the bank doesn’t take any legal action because I was completely unaware. I hate that being so desperate made me naive.

  214. Anonymous says:

    I had a SD ask me to set up a bank account at a very specific bank and send a picture of my id. He told me to set up online access. Does that sound right?

  215. Gerald99 says:

    I was scammed by missp30, real name, Priscilla Ham, aka Priscilla Kent. Basically the old “wire me some cash up front” scam, feel like a fool but she is a crook based in Cornwall England

  216. Sb says:

    Any info on sugardaddy290

    • Freddie says:

      There are too many SDs at SA to wonder if each is legit… and fill this thread with something other than known scammers or scam techniques/avoidance.

      But, given many SB’s are asking the same question in this thread (of different SDs), it does beg (once again) for SA to implement a feedback/rating system. I realize somebody (probably a stooge from SA) will counter that it’s infeasible/nonsensical, while it remains both feasible and sensible.

      • Anonymous says:

        Any feedback/rating system will do more harm than good. Enjoy getting negative feedback and having your rating tank from all the rude escort-like SBs who immediately make demands and then get pissy when you explain that you want to meet in person first before giving anything. Yes, I have had such cases.

  217. anonymous says:

    66. He was nice in the beginning but quickly became demanding. He begged me to Skype him over 50 times and after refusing he threatened to post me on a gossip website. He threatened to post my first and last name with the hope of ruining my online reputation. I just received this threat a new minutes ago so time will tell if he follows through. But ladies, avoid this sociopath!

  218. anonymous says:

    beware of MRG83166. He was nice in the beginning but quickly became demanding. He begged me to Skype him over 50 times and after refusing he threatened to post me on a gossip website called TheDirty.com. He threatened to post my first and last name with the hope of ruining my online reputation. I just received this threat a new minutes ago so time will tell if he follows through. But ladies, avoid this sociopath!

  219. ZZZ says:

    I told a POT SD: “For $2,000 per month, I’d do anything.” He asked me to paint his house. Is this a scam?

  220. Mil says:

    have a POT named sweetwalter…says he’s from Arizona and is 50. He seems like a nice guy. We have been talking for a week through email and today text. he asked me about the kind of arrangement I’m seeking and I told him straight out. He then said he wanted to give me 3x as much as I was asking(was looking for an extra 1000 a month, he says he will give me 3000 instead). I’m excited but then he asks me for access to my bank account to send money whenever he wants. A little red flag popped into my head immediately so I asked if we could do paypal or quickpay instead so he can send money at his convenience and I can keep m personal bank account info private. he then proceeded to say that if there was another way to send it he would but he cant and our relationship should be about trust. Yes I would love a sugar daddy to help me with these bills but mama didnt raise no fool…this sounds to good to be true. What do you think?

    • Freddie says:

      Scam. Never give any personal information, SSN, bank-account number. Don’t accept a check: it’ll bounce. Cash at first.

      • Freddie says:

        … and that includes a cashiers check, as those are often fraudulent (even though your bank will credit you immediately if it’s a cashiers check, when it’s deemed a fraud two weeks later, they will back the money out).

    • koray says:

      he asked me the same thing … do u think its a scam

    • Hdbsh says:

      Don’t do it that’s a set and he’ll ask you to give some money to someone or an organization, nope or even if he says he wants to monitor the money it’s a set up never give someone your bank account they can do illegal things

    • R R says:

      Any man of quality would completely understand your reticence. Any man who gets defensive or abusive if you’re simply looking after your own welfare cares nothing about your welfare.

  221. YBbag says:

    they asked for my routing/account # and my user name/password and me, being the stupid girl I am, gave it to him but had second thoughts IMMIDIATLEY so I right away changed the user name/password and emailed my bank saying I am only using the mobile banking on my phone browser and mobile app. I just wanted to see Def Leppard up close and have some extra money for college.

  222. Bee says:

    Ladies look out for JP91301
    he is desperate gets mad when you tell him you need your allowance upfront he is pathetic ! Seriously do not waste your time with this POS

  223. Nati123 says:

    Well I’m new to the whole SB scene, and I’m talking to a SD and I gave him my credit card number to put money in to my account because he said he’ll pay for it. Even though we haven’t met. And he did he payed my total balance on my card but after he put the money in a day later he asked me to do him a favor and pay off one of his engineers thru western union. With the same money he put in my credit card so right now I’m super confused to to what he’s trying to do, like the money is in my account but when I asked him why doesn’t he do it he told me he’s busy doesn’t have the time. Can anyone help me I don’t know if I should do it or not ???

    • reply to Nati123 says:

      Sounds like a scam…and now he has your info.

    • sd with open eyes says:

      You should do it, because going to jail for money laundering is fun!

      Actually, you should report this guy to the police immediately.

      • Freddie says:

        I think the scammers in this case have found a new ripe victim in SD’s/SB’s that are unlikely to report it to the police (or wives), as they don’t want to explain what they were doing online when the money was stolen. As an SD who’s been ripped-off, I know I’m powerless to do anything (and I know her real name, where she lives, even her real facebook page!)

        Since we’re seeing the old “Nigerian Prince” scam played against SB’s a lot lately, SA should post a warning at login.

    • Jaybird923 says:

      It’s a scam don’t buy anything or use that money at all!!

      You the bounced check scheme. You give someone a bad check they deposit it they then ask you to buy something or wire some of the money to them. You do that and when the bank processes the check/payment and find out its fake or insufficient funds in his account they reverse the deposit and you owe the bank for the money you used.

      Come on girls wake up and use some common sense!!! No one is going to give you something for nothing.Wealthy people didn’t get that way by being stupid. Why would a guy you’ve never met give you a shit load of cash? Would you do it? If it sounds to good to be true than 99%of the time it is

    • Freddie says:

      Do not. This is the oldest scam: whatever was used to pay-off your balance will bounce, and you’ll have both the debt and have paid unrecoverable money through Western Union.

    • Kitty91 says:

      Don’t do it

    • Tasha says:

      This guy tried to do this EXACT same thing to me last night! Once he said he was so busy and he needed a sugar baby that would would relieve his stress and help him with his job I knew something was off. He then said he needed me to pay his engineering partners by doing cash outs and I told him straight up that I want nothing to do with illegal work and maybe he needed to find another sugar baby. He tries to bribe me with money of course but no amount of money could make me risk my freedom lol

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, this is a scam. Your card is funded using a stolen account and then you authorize the release of available funds. You should expect to firstly, have your account forced closed. Secondly, you will owe the funds he put in, plus the amount you paid out. In other words, you’ll owe double.

  224. FLAG *Casual_fun* says:

    I used to think that California was only 3 hours behind Michigan.
    I’ve discovered in the fantasy world of SA, one can now hop aboard a plane, hit a worm hole, and travel back in time, now making them 36, instead of 44.

    The only discretion this person is concerned with is their own.

    • Freddie says:

      Imagine flying her to Hawai’i only to find out her pics were -40 lbs ago 😉 … that’s when I was naive (er). Every time I buy a plane ticket, I just ask for a snapshot of their DL… as some don’t even recall their middle name correctly (and don’t understand that the TSA will not go for their SA profile), and they always say. before giving it to me “I lied about my age on my profile…”, usually to get them back-under 30. Like I really care about a couple of years (but, yes, 36 vs. 44 is extreme… you might want to drop her name here, as SA would do nothing about it). Expect lies in the profile. “Average” is the new “overweight” (and that’s not a lie… that’s our demography.)

      • FLAG *Casual_fun* says:

        To Freddie,

        Actually it was a SD profile and that was the name, I think.

        I do sympathize with your experience, if I understood it correctly.

        While I don’t normally Skype, I’d be more inclined to do so with a distally located potential SD. It’d certainly eliminate the possibility of that form of bait and switch.

    • Anonymous says:

      y’all are hilarious

  225. Anonymous says:

    Ferrarilover78 has asked me for my bank account information to “prove his self to me” but when I told him that I would like to discuss arrangements after we’ve meet and gotten to know each other he insisted that I give him my account information so I can be added to pay roll. I played along like I was really going to give it to him and his account is no longer ha I’m not dumb nor desperate good luck on your next sucker Charles

  226. Anonymous says:

    Any info on bigdaddyforone. Hes been texting mee, asked me for my bank info to “deposit money” and deleted his sa account because hes a “one woman man”

    • Brit says:

      what was his name? I probably had the same POT. we emailed each other, then texted. finally asked about the kind of arrangement I was looking for and we came to an agreement. I personally tought that we would probably discuss money more when we first met but he suddenly asked me for my bank account info so he could put money in whenever….I suggested paypal or quickpay as an alternative and haven’t heard from him in two days….Scam

  227. Anonymous says:

    mandabby13 is from Denver and she will try and tell you she is living in a hotel but asks you to wait at a bar while she is getting ready so you are drunk.. once she shows up (hoping you are drunk) she asks you to meet in her in at her car and then tries to take off with your money.. she tells you she needs the money upfront since some other man from the site tried to scam her..

    • Anonymous says:

      I have to second this one, avoid Mandy/Abby, she was six hours late for an all-day date so we went to dinner. I gave her some sugar, and drove her to dinner. We each had a beer & a shot while waiting for food. Without eating, she complained of a tummyache and wanted to leave. Luckily, I’d eaten earlier, so the two drinks I had weren’t too much to deal with (I’m a big fella).

      But when she drove off and ditched me (supposed to be an overnight date, I called another gal and we had a good enough time to come to an arrangement) after getting back to her car 20 minutes later, she was drunk, small gal empty stomach. I should have written down her license # and called the cops, oh well I learned my lesson I guess. There is nothing on the level about mandabby13 from Denver, wish I’d checked here before our date last week, total scammer.

  228. Scammed says:

    Do NOT talk to zamtime on SA. His account is deactivated right now and I know why but he might reactivate in the future. He told me a 3000 per meet allowance and that he’s from Australia and can’t text but that we should use Skype. He asked for nude photos and videos and said that he would send $1000 through PayPal in a few hours. I know it seems naive and I can only blame myself but I have met guys who are very generous and he seemed very sincere. So I gave him what he wanted and he claimed he would send the money by 7pm my time, which came and went. I sent him dozens of messages and never received a response. His SA account is gone. I feel so used. Has anyone else experienced this?

    • Eva_angel says:

      NEVER send nude pics of yourself for money. You’re nor a prostiture right? Stop spoiling the reputation of other girls here because YOU are desperate!

      • SMH says:

        Eva_angel, she’s asking for help, you don’t have to call her names.

      • Tasha says:

        You DON’T have to be rude to her!

      • Anonymous says:

        It’s not her fault. She’s in a financial bind and these guys know it. They’re predators who rely on the fact that desperate women will be a little more trusting, in the hopes that they’ll receive the money they need. I’ve been scammed a few times myself. I told one man I needed $1000 for an attorney and that I didn’t expect him to pay it all, but it would help if he could give me a portion of it. He said, No I’ll be able to give it all to you. After our “date,” he hands me $100. I am livid. I ask him, where is the other $900 you promised me. He tells me, after you complete the other 9 dates you’ll have it all.

  229. Anonymous says:

    Watch out for SummerLane from Denver.. she will tell you a sob story about her dying mom and how she needs money to get her transmission fixed the next day to get her to the hospital. Seems sketchy! Never decided to meet her in person but when I canceled after hearing this sob story she blew up about wasting her time..

    • Freddie says:

      The right response would have been “no problem, I’ll take her to the hospital… what time should I pick her up”. Nobody gets their transmission fixed in one day… how stupid do they think we are?

    • Freddie says:

      The right response was “No problem! What time can I pick her up and take her to the hospital?” Transmissions aren’t fixed in a day… how gullible do they think we are! A better scammer would send you some tasty pics to distract you from her nonsense.

      • Anonymous SB says:

        So idk about the lady with the dying mom and her transmission, but don’t always judge by that. I have a dying mom on hospice and I talk to people about it all the time, especially my sd. I have never needed anything because of it, and my car is fine. I do well with or without a sugar daddy, I am very picky. And I never take $ from a potential sd unless I’m ready to commit to an arrangement with that sd. I recently had a lot of these send me your bank account info for payroll guys and I just toy with them, any of us with a brain can see it’s a scam.

  230. Naive or not says:

    I am new..I have been on SA for 3 weeks I wish I had found this sooner anyway, I met a Pot SD for a date I thought we would meet and discuss the arrangement, he was evasive but charming we met in a beautiful restaurant in a very expensive hotel after a we had our meal and a few drinks.. I told him it was time for me to go home he said he would walk me out but he had to get something in his room first I was a bit surprised that he had a room there since he lives in the same city. Anyway we get to the room had a few drink and one thing led to another… it wasn’t bad I don’t feel bad about it he gave me money for my transport when I said I had to go. Now my problem is he wants it to continue this way! He is being evasive about allowance and basically just wants to take me out and have sex I have been avoiding him.. Now should I just tel him why? I am not all about the money but I have bills to pay…that was my incentive to join

    • Rick says:

      It’s an arrangement, he’s not keeping up his end. Tell him politely that you can’t continue the arrangement until there is an agreement on an allowance. He knows what SA is and it sounds like he’s just playing you. Best of luck

  231. sd with open eyes says:

    There is a new scam going around: Girls from China will create profiles saying that they are in your area (even though their resent location is China). Parts of their profile will be in Chinese. If you contact them they will say after a couple of messages that their English isn’t good and ask if you have a “perdate” account because “it has a translator”. perdate is a scam site.

  232. Anonymous says:

    I have run across the same scam 30+ times now. On the site they talk normal. Once they have your phone number they start texting and offer you to sett your own allowence limit. Then ask for bank account number and routing number. Then claim they need your passwoed and username to do a direct deposit. They are not willing to send money in any other form. It is alwaya a different screen name a different state but always seems to be the same MO and the samw story juat tweeked a bit different. If they were not so normal on the site they wouldnt get my number. Good thing i am no sucker i report them and send text message screen shots of evidence of there scam. Block number and move on with my day.

  233. NewNotNaive says:

    Stay away from “Ferrari CEO” on SA. Obviously full of shit. He claims to be 32, from Miami, and worth 100 Million+. He sent me this message a couple hours ago:
    “Hey how’s it going? You are gorgeous….
    So my budget is $20,000 per month – Would that work?
    If so, I hope you’re ready to hop on a plane to come and see me…. :)
    Bonus points if you like days at the spa, restaurant hopping, and shopping for shoes and purses..
    If that sounds good, shoot me a text (along with pics so I know it’s you) at xxx-xxx-xxxx
    P.S. Don’t message me on here because it’s a major pet peeve and I won’t respond anyway lol..”

    Obviously not a real SD. His account is only 1 day old which probably means he was kicked off before and made a new account. Anyone have experience with this guy? If so I’m going to report him.

    • NSA says:

      Also stay away from Maecenas60(guy wo threatened me) , has created a new profile English chap (completely different profile) . Maecenas is offline while the other is online, but they come and hide their profiles at exactly the same time . They are fake and that guy is doing this since 2015, changing profiles. He only want sex without arrangements!!!!!I call him an SD scammer/faker, don’t know the name for such guys, they promise dinner in a hotel and if you’re stupid enough to go to the room, ….STAY AWAY!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes I have experience with “ferrariCEO” except now his name is “Gentleman CEO”. He asked me to get on a plane to Detroit Michigan and to pay the expenses for the plane flight and hotel but that he would reimburse me when I meet him in person. When I said I cannot, he said “ok” and sent a picture with 5,000 dollars. Scary. And why Detroit of all places when his profile says Florida?

      • Kaswela says:

        Yes I no gentleman CEO and yes he was a big FAKE!! He said the same things too me and also he wanted me to bring him a gift of some boxes on the first date so he knows I’m real. I immediately knew it was a fake and blocked him ASAP

  234. NSA says:

    What about SD that continu sending mails and only want sex during a first dat, no arrangement, nothing. In his mails he says he doesn’t want to give up. One evening he wanted to come immediately to my house for a cup of coffee. One mail later it was for sex. This man want only sex dates . I onder what would have happended if I had given him my address SCAM???According to the founder tis is not SD/SB and such persons don’t belong here. I’ve reported it, but knowing that they won’t do nothing about it, I also gave it to a journalist that I know quite well, removing personal details, so no ones privacy is broken. I also contacted a lawyer who says SD/SB is full with scammers and people like that. The site is also not as big as they say. I didn’t pay for such man.

    • Freddie says:

      Do not give him your address under any circumstances. Him asking for your address means he is absolutely a scam, and you need to block him.

      As far as “This man want only sex dates”, that’s typical. This is SA. Once an arrangement has been made, it’s most often the SB who no longer wants to be seen in public with me (only in private).

      If you’re looking for a non-sexual relationship, you should state that in your profile.

      • NSA says:

        I didn’t but he starts saying that he will use his contacts with forensic department (i sort of police in the Netherlands)

        I said I would made all his 700 mails public and that scared him off and that I would ask a lawyer to contact forensics because they don’t have the authority to do such things.

      • NSA says:

        I’m off the site, my friends are still on and see that he now has hidden his profile and is only online for some hours , before that the whole day ,a hidden profile can not be found by SB’s….

      • NSA says:

        To all SB’s , don’t be afraid of scammers, NEVER give personal details (address, your real name ,no bank account, only cash, try to use a public area where you make your mail address and mail at first only from public areas. The guy who sent me 700 mails and threatened me is hidden know because I wasn’t afraid of him. Be careful for meacenas60 of Rotterdam (Netherlands). Why is he suddenly hidden??? Because when I make the mails that he sent to me privately (which I legally can as he threatened me) his identity will come out and he is certainly afraid for that. He’s probably already making another false account, you can be sure of that, but please don’t let them scare you. Off course I’m in the 40’s and single and live in another country than he is.

  235. ScammedAF says:

    I think his user name is sportsdoc33 — anyways his name is Jason. Totally scammed me. I just wanted to be able to afford my textbooks. He said he’d give me an allowance, but every time I tried to get it something happened that made it impossible to receive the money. He did a fake paypal thing (even created fake emails), fake bank deposit (more fake emails), fake western union (again, more fake emails), and last night I sent him off with my Walmart Money Card to put money on it, again no money as I’ve checked my account. He gets really defensive when I ask him about the money. At this point I have to drop out of school cause I was relying on him for the passed two weeks to buy my textbooks. Awesome. Please be safe.

    • AnyonymousGal says:

      I met him too! He said his name was “Jay”. First time we met he showed me the fake deposit into my account that never went through, and the second time he gave me a fake check that bounced. Now he is back on the site with a new profile named “Arealdaddy916”. He is a major scam. Not to mention I let him record us… EW. Also, he will say he had a vesectomy so he can ejaculate in you, do NOT let him. He is disgusting. He has portraits of 3 kids inside of star shapes on his stomach, I have pictures of him saved too if anyone needs to see them.

      • Tana says:

        Girls, u all are way too liberal with sex. If I get cash upfront, those notes have to be verified by the bank before I proceed. Let’s not even talk about checks and what not. These guys should never touch you until you have received your first allowance, ALL of it and at all times your allowance should precede the ‘meet/s’.

  236. OverTheseLiars says:

    Just a warning for sugarbabies, if you’re contacted by WorkoutJ in Maryland, he is a liar who offers $800 a week for a Skype arrangement. He asked me to send him pictures and videos and claimed he would send me money over paypal when he got home from work. Thankfully, I figured he was lying so I only sent him two pictures partially clothed. He then kept texting asking for videos and if we could Skype that night. I said we could after he paid me half upfront and then half after. Didn’t reply back after that. He is just trying to collect as many pictures and videos as he can for free. Beware of this liar.

  237. anona says:

    Seeking arrangement
    Jason B ET
    Claims to be 32 years old, from Baltimore MA

    “Hello there! My name is Jason and I just joined SA recently. I have been a sugar daddy in the past however, so this isn’t entirely new to me. I’m looking for an ONLINE only arrangement through Skype. This would consist of conversation and shows for the most part. My allowance is very generous and if you’re interested, I normally pay between $200-350 per show depending on what’s happening :) Send me your Skype username and we can talk details on there and hopefully get started soon! :)”

    I pushed for more info and he replied

    “A show usually means that you would strip and masturbate. Thoughts?”

    Ladies, stay away from this one

  238. DelRey24 says:

    What do you make of SD that messages you and later if you write back to them, their account is suddenly gone? I had several SD that tried to scam me, but when I look in all of my messages, they aren’t there anymore

  239. Anonymous says:

    To be honest, I’m starting to be a bit scared of this site. The first guy to message me is named Danny White, but I don’t remember his username. He lives in San Francisco, California and claims that he comes to my city every other week (which is in Virginia). The first few messages sounded ok, but he had bad grammar. When we exchanged phone numbers, that’s when he started to ask for nude photos of me and my bank account numbers (which I never did). We never met in person before that and that’s when I blocked his number.

    • Jizzle says:

      Yeah I got a message from the guy and had
      The same experience. And I live in southern Cali also at the same time another guy messaged me saying the same things in the same bad grammar and wanted me to open an account and his name was John White lmao like cmonnnnn

    • Anonymous says:

      OMG!! I’m dealing with Danny White right now. Same thing as you’ve discussed. I caught on real quick!
      Thanks Ladies!!

      • anonymous says:

        The same Danny White messaged me asking for my bank name, routing and account number. He refused to pay via Venmo, PayPal, etc. He told me “Just give me your user name and password so I can transfer you money. Once I give you money then you will know I’m not scamming you.” What a Quack.

      • Blank says:

        Omfg!!! This Danny white guy is all over I guess!

        I’m new to this stuff, so stupidly I believe him… But then he asked me to send the money to his “engineer” through money gram and I right away called and closed that bank account, changed my name passwords everything!

        He said he told his payroll officer I was his new assistant!

        I just figured the dude was dumb, said he only knew that way to do it because that’s how he pays child support!

        Ugh I wish I saw this sooner! I wish I stuck with my gut instinct!

        I knew it was too good to be true!

      • Blank says:

        Unfortunately I fell for this Danny white scam. I called my bank tonight and closed my account. Changed everything.

        I thought it was too good to be true, but after messaging for weeks I was hopeful.

      • Anonymous says:

        Oh my God I just dealt with this guy a little while back! He claimed to be in charge of the construction going on in my town which made him believable! After he asked for my banking information and refused to pay via PayPal, I cut him off!

  240. Sweet21 says:

    Hi im a young 21 sb and its weird this pot sd checked my profile twice and asked for my provate photos which is just another face photo. I granted access and he hadnt texted me in a week or 2 so he just texted me out of the blue saying check his instagram for pics of him. His one provate pic was of a beautiful lady and a blurry guy to the side. He claims to hang with the rich and famous yet i cannot find him. His instagram has no posts only a profile picture of a latin lady. Username : DalePaz 40 from tuscan ,arizona.
    Anyone with any experience with him?

  241. Anonymous says:

    Has anyone had any kind of experience with a ‘Torben’? He’s a 50year old caucasian man from Castlehill NSW, Aus. He messaged me today telling me a little about himself and said he does not want sex but just wants to massage me and will pay me $200 every massage?

  242. Glen says:



    Is only 17, underage! I figured it out before it was too late. She admitted her age and is still on the site.. beware!

    • Freddie says:

      This is one instance where reporting her to SA will get her quickly booted off.

    • Anonymous says:

      Age: 19
      Member since: 2013

      Saw this in a profile today. Makes you think…

    • Myob says:

      17 is age of consent if you wanna get technicial

    • Anonymous says:

      Age of consent applies when both parties meet locally AND money is not involved. When an out of state website is the intermediary AND money is involved things change.

      Consult a lawyer about how age of consent plays out when using SA.

    • Anonymous says:

      This site does not allow members under 18, right? You do see SBs who have in their profile their age as 18-20, and yet calculating from their date of joining, they would have been under 18 back then. Apparently SA allows changing your birthdate for some reason. So either those SBs were lying about their age when they first joined (as under 18), or are lying now and older than they claim.

  243. Cory says:

    His name is AltruisticMan and he is disgusting! He doesn’t actually have money.

    So first, I want to start by saying I asked him if he was white (I know, I sound like a dick) and he goes “Im turkish”. I could tell by how he was texting that english wasn’t his first language .
    He gets to my apartment and I say I don’t want to have sex. I start to talk to him to try to see if he’s worth my time and I immediately have a bad feeling. I’m alone in my apartment and I wanted him to get out. I regretted even signing up for the website. I should just babysit for rich families on upper east side, is what I was telling myself.

    He takes his gross thing out and I try to end the date. Then says if I hook up with him he will wire the money. I just wanted him out of my apartment. He’s out of shape, hairy, and I can see why he’s on the website. A voice in my head is like why the hell are you not calling the cops. I should have. I hooked up with him so he would leave, so yes technically I voluntarily did but I feel terrible. He didn’t even wire the money. I had only had sexy time with 4 guys in my life prior to this creep tree and they were all my age and normal boyfriends.

    So to sum it up, the guys name is AltruisticMan, he;s Turkish, in Manhattan, says he’s like 32-34, says he has a Bentley and a driver, only sleeps with models. He says he has a house in the hamptons. I really doubt any of the things he says are true (he doesn’t even have an iPhone soooo ahem) but just letting any girls know do not meet up with him if he says any of that. I feel like I should give out my insta if people want to message me if they have been receiving messages from the same guy so I can warn them but I want to protect my idenitity. UGH

    • Freddie says:

      Your first meet was in your apartment???!!!!

      … you might want to consider moving.

      There have been very few SBs who’ve allowed me to pick them up outside their apartment, never into their apartment, and that was after assuring the chemistry was good at prior meetings in public. I’ve even had some long-term SB relationships where I barely new what city they lived in.

      You never know where these relationships are going to go. It’s best you keep your home address private permanently, and initial meetings in public.

      • Freddie says:

        I feel my comments were insensitive: you were, by my definition, raped. Your feeling of regret for signing up to SA is well founded, and you should get off.

        I also didn’t say anything about believing someone who says they are going to wire the money. That’s well covered in this page.

        There is a certain level of savvy required by both SBs and SDs. I know I didn’t have it when I started, and was scammed because of it. Whenever I meet an SB who’s new to the site, I always point to this page as a great way to learn the problems that exist. “First meet alone in my apartment” has never been discussed, possibly because it’s such an obvious mistake (again, sorry to be insensitive), but shows a degree of naïvety that just shouldn’t be on SA in the first place.

        I’d also like to re-iterate the need for a ratings system on SA (as discussed before). Just naming the worst of the worst on this page is insufficient and probably ineffective. If SA wants to help minimize scams, they should institute a ratings system.

      • Jaybird923 says:

        She wasn’t raped or forced to do anything by her own admission

        ” He takes his gross thing out and I try to end the date. Then says if I hook up with him he will wire the money.”

        I really wish people would stop misusing that word just because you regret sleeping with someone doesn’t make it rape.

      • Anonymous says:

        This is questionable territory because she claims that she had sex to primarily ensure her physical safety. The money part she pretty much believed wasn’t happening.

      • Anonymous says:

        Rating system will not work. Either they come up with a complex algorithm, or allow eBay/Amazon like rating/review. How many men would be interested in an SB rated positive or negative by 100, 50 or even 25 men?

      • Jaybird923 says:

        @Anonymous 10:04am

        She never once mention she’s in any physical danger. Her only complaint is that the guy is gross. She was expecting money after sleeping with him.

        Her words:
        ” …so yes technically I voluntarily did but I feel terrible. He didn’t even wire the money.”

        If he would’ve followed through on giving her the cash we probably would not be reading about this man here.

        She made many bad decisions and she needs to own them. Making excuses for people just allows them to continue to make bad decisions because it’s not them it’s everyone around them fault.

        She was lied to and she was used but she was not harmed. Hopefully she has deleted her account and gotten out of the bowl because this isn’t the right place for someone who didn’t see anything wrong with inviting a total stranger she’s never met into her home for a first meet…

      • Freddie says:

        @Jaybird923: note that I said “you were, by my definition, raped”. Feel free to have your own definition. As far as a legal definition, she obviously (and unfortunately) wouldn’t get anywhere in court. Given the story she told, she asked him to leave, and he wouldn’t, so she felt pressured to have sex. She didn’t change her mind during or afterwards, she had sex unwillingly from the start. By my definition, that’s rape. I do concur with all your follow-up comments.

        @anonymous saying “rating system will not work”: true, this isn’t eBay, and the ratings system would be very different (see below in this thread of how it might be setup), and an SB with 1000 positive ratings, as you suggest, makes no sense. But, five or fewer positive ratings (even a single positive rating) from bonafide SDs would be a good hint that this wasn’t a scam, and scammers would be quickly identified (and probably close their accounts), and you’d be rightfully weary of any newbie who was unrated. Look at all the posts in this thread of “is … a legit SD”: a total waste of time and inappropriate for this topic, but there needs to be a place to share this information…. to see what other SBs/SDs have said of their encounter with the SD/SB. It would not rid SA of scams, but make a significant dent in the problem.

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree with Freddy. It’s a form of rape if she did it because she was scared for her safety.

  244. cutiepie says:

    FeelGoodLA from Los Angeles is a scam

  245. PT says:

    Guapie from Michigan is a story teller.

  246. Anonymous says:

    Jaymie21 from London, big scam artist, asks for £100 before a meet due to “previously others wasting her time” and then disappears once you pay her. Learnt the hard way, but never again! I have used Paypal using my credit card, so I have already alerted my bank about this transaction to get my money back.

  247. cominsgetscammed says:

    Chris Comins is a total pig. Orlando area.

  248. Vivi says:

    Hello girls do you have any info about DR RK from London ? He said his name is Roy looks like he is in the site from around 1 year ? Thank you in advance

  249. Eva says:

    Girls has anyone been scammed by a David London?

  250. Anonymous says:

    Met a SD that’s a contractor. He paid off my credit card but then said that I will
    Have to western union $400 to his engineer. Scam?

    • ohPlease says:

      Scam. If he wrote a check top As y it off get ready for the payoff to reverse when the check bounces or is reported stolen. If you send money to the 3rd party while your card looks like funds available fromthe payoff then you can be
      charged with 2 crimes. This process can take weeks. If it was 6 months ago then probably not a scam but he will probably disappear after.

  251. Anon says:

    Beware of “KissableLips” from New York. She asks for the email and sends her bikini pics. After a couple of email exchanges you’ll receive an email which looks like its coming from SA signed by CEO asking for verification. They aren’t even intelligent to know that SA send email only to the registered email ID. I happened to use a different email ID and I get this email asking for verification. DO NOT click on it. It will install malware. The email comes from “seekingmanagementceo@gmail.com”.

  252. anon says:

    possible scammer is RichmanRusell (probably has number in it but can’t find his profile anymore), 48, seattle area but is in the military and overseas. He copy and pasted the same message to me and my roommate. After a couple of days of me talking talking to him, he told me his account officer needs all my bank info including username, password and security questions with answers. I’m new to this but it doesn’t seem safe

  253. Anonomnomnom says:

    62, Carbondale, Colorado, United States

    just wasting your time with text and will not pay. at least for me.

  254. Datofella says:

    The ‘good looking women’ are 95% scammers. Lots of profiles are run by one person and they forget sometimes what roll they are in. I had one named Kristen something PM me and say “Hi Im Carl”– 5 secs later “Oh sorry i made a mistake-Im Kristen Ahahaaha. I just got of the phone with an ‘NYU College Girl” She didnt know where the President of NYU’s office was or what his name was-She sounded 30 and was supposed to be 19- Ahahaha-I also had a ‘girl’ who was going to do a Skype show for me at a cost. She was very clearly Trans – a voice like a man imitating a woman and Bad Doctor Lips the size of my fist.
    Im having fun exposing them. When they know I know- they delete their ID

    I guess they are finding some suckers but they ain getting me

  255. Lourie Fuentes says:

    Steer clear from Rivera001 – Total Scam, wanted me to send my account info so that his officer can wire me funds, when I said no he started to harrass me.

  256. Anonymous says:

    A SB in East Baltimore claims to like sushi and uses photos of a stunningly attractive person. That SB uses multiple accounts as the old ones get banned. You will never get to meet that SB.

  257. Anonymous says:

    James from Portland Oregon. British guy. Married. All salt. Will promise you the world, deliver nothing. Married men really do make the worse SD’s because they have to hide everything from their wives. Doesn’t leave a lot of room for generosity…. Stay away ladies. Stay far, far away.

  258. Bee says:

    Please look out for TAKEACHANCENOW he is an older overweight Indian man from north ridge , he was very nice at first offered to pay for my uber which was a total of 160$ than we met at a Starbucks and agreed on 3k monthly. Than we went for a hotel when I told him I need my monthly allowance upfront before anything. He gave me 200$ like I was desperate I said no! And he said I’ll give u the rest next time or I will wire it. Ladies I let him get undressed and left the room got my own uber and went home!!!!!! Always get your full amount upfront don’t be dumb.

  259. Wah says:

    I really don’t mind sending someone some tease pics. I’m confident in my body and self, it’s that the younger “sugar” or should I say, SPLENDA- daddies, want you to send them EVERYTHING. If we were meeting, and I agreed to be intimate if things went well, why must I send a photo of me naked from every angle? They’re pic collectors and looking for texting bodies and anyone in NYC who would love to save themselves the time I wasted, gladly comment so I can expose their usernames.

  260. Wah says:

    So here’s what I’ve learned so far about this website.. (Me- 20 y/o, college student, NYC, tan skin, hazel eyes, thin)

    -The younger “sugar daddies” are so disgustingly rude I really have actually been messed up for days now giving some 27 year old my number. The stuff he was texting me felt like it was high school all over again. They ask for tons of naked pictures, to face time, they actually expect you to “sext” with them- it’s a
    joke. Ladies, your real deal is with guys 40+.

    -A bunch of dudes who are “self employed” join here when in reality they can’t provide any information on what school they went to, major, or job- just they “g0t m0ney”… Right, luckily I grew up in east NY so I’m very used to their tactics.

    -90% of them want sex. Really when it comes down to it, they’re just looking to have sex with you. Make decisions with your own discretion
    with that, we’re all consensual adults.

    That’s about it. Still yet to meet someone I don’t get a rotten feeling about.

    • Anonymous says:

      Uhhhhh can I vent about how all these guys are assholes really fast?! Same.

    • Anonymous says:

      “90% of them want sex. Really when it comes down to it, they’re just looking to have sex with you.”

      The only part of that that should be even remotely surprising to you is that it’s only 90%.

    • Anonymous says:

      Be glad that they are interested in you even for sex. When sweettalking sex dolls are as good or better than what women provide then the only men that would pay attention to would be those looking for kids and human nannies.

    • Anonymous says:

      Similar argument can be made about men that they are as good as their sperm.

      However sperm banks have existed forever but women want men for their money and other resources.

    • anonkit says:

      can i please know this 27 year old’s account name?? i feel like i had an encounter!

  261. Ineeners says:

    I don’t understand why SD would want to scam a SB… Obviously we do not have the money to give away, what makes them think so? I haven’t been scammed. Everyone person I’ve been with off this site has been a serious, mature and honest person. The only issue I’ve come across is my recent active date. I get random messages throughout the week so I check them not that I’m interested so I always get questioned by my SD. He said he wanted to see how committed I am to him.

    • Anonymous says:

      Ya why would they try to scam for money when I’m broke and want money from him. He would have to be stupid

  262. New to this says:

    Does anyone have any info on papabear90? Trying to make an arrangement and he said he won’t send money to PayPal only bank account which seems fine but then he asked me to open a new account for our arrangement

    • boricuamorena says:

      NO. Take CASH.

      • New to this says:

        He lives in a different state than me

      • obvious says:

        That is a common scam!!! The money he places in your account in not his, just information and accounts he/she was able to grasp. NEVER open an account for anyone, it will only lead to you being in trouble for fraud

    • NC_HUSTLER says:

      DON’T make arrangements with people from different states, especially the ones asking for your account information. God, why are so many people so naive? Use common sense.

    • Anonymous says:

      Don’t send him anything. He is asking for my account login for my bank. I had to report him.

    • Anonymous says:

      Be aware of Papabear he wanted my bank acct info and told me I would be getting my allowance on mon and wed of 7k on each day then he was going to deposit more into my acct and i was to take the rest and to wire it to the orpanage he was going to confirm it with his AO AND GIVE me all the info but he wante the login and password to my computer and i said no he got pissed i told me i lacked trust and told him he didnt need it i knew how paypal worked and if he couldnt do this way then forgetit and havent heard from him since

  263. Janet says:

    So I’m new to the whole “sugar bowl” & I started talking to this guy. The first couple days we were talking he said he wanted to buy me a car but he wanted me to put a deposit on it (to show im really committed). The problem is something in me says it’s a scam. When we first were talking he said he would start my allowance if i sent sexy pictures but I have yet to get it. He says I’ll get it after i put a small deposit on the car. He has sent me several pictures we just never spoke on the phone. What should i do?

  264. Me says:

    A guy name Americ is fake sugar daddy. He mentioned offered $5-$8k a month for allowance but after once he will not be contactable.

  265. boricuamorena says:

    ((NYC CHECK)) I’m new and really paranoid..

    Andy (36)
    Sammy (50)
    Alex (40) (yellow lambo in his pictures)

    And- ****ALERT*** @attystud is a PEDOPHILE who admitted into messages having sex with a 15 year old, then said they would gladly with a 13/14 year old old and wish they did!!!!!!!

  266. SeriousSD says:

    Talking to a girl from another state. She used to live in my current state, but moved recently (can confirm that her current area code is from my area). She is planning on traveling here next month, and asked me to get her a hotel room for 1 night as her flight arrives at midnight. Is there anything I should know or be wary of? I don’t see too many problems with this, and booking a room far in advance shouldn’t be too costly

    • Freddie says:

      All she’s asking for is the room (she’s doing the airfare)? That money is, of course, at risk: she could just need a place to stay before visiting friends and has no intention of seeing you (and the cancellation policy is probably 24 hours). You would guess she’s also setting-up a first meet, where you’d see if the chemistry works? Just make sure any other money promised is P4P (cash), and not in advance or even at the first meet, and all you risk loosing is whatever you put-up for the hotel room. It is common for scammers to just get you for a low-ball amount like this, thinking you’d not waste your time going after them. But, if she doesn’t show: make sure to report her here.

    • boricuamorena says:

      Hide your wallet while sleeping if you’ll be staying with her. keep your credit cards you tag along with you limited. Remove any SS card or medical card from your wallet. Somebody stayed with a SB at a hotel and woke up robbed.

  267. slimcaramel says:

    ok there are two guys that just tried to get me today within 30 mins of the other.

    • Tonya says:

      I just had this similar experience yesterday. Have been talking to a guy for a day or two. He then told me that he will start giving me allowances and will deposit every Monday. Monday came and he asked access to my account claiming that there was a problem when he was trying to deposit my first allowance. My gut told me right away that this is some sort of scam. I truly believe that there is a lot of individuals on this site trying their monkey business thinking that we are just going to fall for their scheme.

      • ohPlease says:

        You should give him a wrong lovin and password then say hold on and hit mute and say that the back just called and is tracing his attempt from a new ip as security and now that they have the profile and requested you change it that everything is good and give him ANOTHER password and when it doesnt work tell him the bank had issue come back on profile system made for his ip. Etc

    • Jessie-X says:

      Been talking to this guy for 2 days (diligent). He laid the bank info line on me today. *blocked*

  268. Annoyed says:

    The user by the name of helpandassist is a scammer DO NOT SPEAK TO HIM OR GIVE HIM YOUR NUMBER.

  269. Anonymous says:

    What about a user by the name of sugarlover120? Age 60, location unknown. Claims to build high towers.

    • Jay says:

      Im talking to him currently his names danny. We have been talking for about a week now we are supposed to meet in 2 weeks. He linked my account to his wells fargo acc & it sent two small trial deposits for verification. Hes been trying to send me $300 so we will see what happens. He seems genuine so far. We have pretty good conversation so far hes sent me pictures. He doesnt seem creepy. Just mature

    • He messaged me also saying the same thing . He’s Actially messaging me now . Feels like a scam . He doesn’t answer my questions & keeps trying to get me to send him my bank account info . Feels like a scam

  270. Lull says:

    Girls, I have just notice one thing that a lot Fake SDs has in common. Especially to those SDs who seem to be real. He could be in the diamond club, he could be back ground check. You two might have already met up for the first date.

    He has his “Last Active” date and “Member Since” date hidden. Think about that, there is no reason for anybody to hide it if they are serious (no matter a SD or a SB). When I first came to the site as a SB, I hided these two things because I didn’t want A SD to know that I was new. Therefore there is also no reason for a guy to hide it if he is not lying.

    • sbforsplenda says:

      As a SB who has had a premium membership before, I respectfully disagree.

      With my premium membership, I could hide both of those things if I wanted to. Sometimes I hid them because I didn’t want potential SDs to know how long I had been on the site. Furthermore, I felt a little embarrassed to admit sometimes that I checked the site multiple times per day, and didn’t want potential SDs to see that I checked it frequently.

      So, those details could very well simply be hidden out of mild embarrassment. I definitely have never considered them to be a deal breaker. YMMV.

      • Ineeners says:

        I definitely agree with “sbforsplenda” comment. I was seeing a someone off the site and I would still get messages on my account which I’d view and apparently the current SB was checking my profile to see if I were active and searching for anyone. I had to explain it to him multiple times but he seemed hesitant which made me walk away.

  271. Great post!Great confession! jeje

  272. Lana says:

    Does anyone know about jens11? I’m a first time sugar baby and need some guidance.

    • Tina says:

      Hey Lana!!! I am a SB and new to the sugar-bowl too. I have never heard the guy you talked before. But here is my story, wish it could help you a little.
      I had met 3 guys from this site by now and nothing worked.
      The First guy I met couldn’t even afford $2000 dollars a month and we both live in NYC. But he was probably the “best” in these 3 guys. At least, he wasn’t lying or doing creepy things.
      He gave me 200 dollars in total of two meetings, nothing happened between us, except 2 dinners in town.

      The 2nd guy I met was an Ivy League graduate. We first agreed to meet at a fancy restaurant at manhattan. But he changed the place 10 minutes before I arrived saying he couldn’t find a sit. He tried to sleep with me that night and of course I refused, but we agreed on meeting again. But he canceled the date a minute before I went out the door. Oh~ He texted me a couple days ago (about 1 month after his disappearance) asking how I am doing this summer. Of course, I cursed him and told him he was a liar and a loser, then blocked him.
      I only got $50 from him.

      The 3rd one could be the worst (or may be the 2nd one). He messaged me first and told me he lives in Orlando and had a 2 years SBSD relationship with a girl who attended NYU, but she moved back to Korea a couple months ago. He told me he would fly me to Orlando twice a month and pay me $1500 every time we meet. Yes, we met and had sex the first day. I got 1500 dollars. I actually asked him to book me the flight for the second time before we slept. 2 weeks ago, we met again in a nice hotel of Orlando. And I got another 1500 bucks. But guess what!? He disappeared after that too!!!! Wow!!!! I guess if I had not asked him to book the flight when I was still at Orlando during our first meeting, he would be gone by that time. Also, I know his real number, his job, his real number. But I can’t do nothing about it except wish him to die. Because we live 1000 miles apart.
      I got 3000 dollars from him.

      Now I am trying to take a break from this.
      A couple things I have learned from those 3 fvcked up guys are.
      1: Don’t do Pay per play or per meet!!!!! Never!!!! That only means he wants sex.

      2: First meet should just be a dinner or a lunch no longer than 1.5 hours.(If you are dealing with a local SD) No matter what he says or what he does, DO NOT Go Anywhere Else With Him.

      3:The men on this site are a lot smarter than us (I am sorry but this is the truth). At least they have 20 years more life experiences than you do.

      4: Have your arrangement discussed on the first date or even before that.
      Do Not trust him if he says I want to get to know you more or I have to test you. He could be a player.

      5: When you are dealing with long distance. It would be the best to have him fly to you for the first date.

      6: Do not think you will meet someone special on this site. I thought I might have a different experience than the other SBs and meet a cute guy with a lot money, I Was Wrong!

      7: Trust your gut feeling. For the first guy I met, I never felt nervous about meeting him and I didn’t know why. I just knew he wouldn’t be harmful. But for the last two guys. I didn’t feel right to see them, but I thought I was just too nervous to meet them up.

      • Rick says:

        I’m a bit confused, you got $1500 each meeting, why are you upset? Sounds like a pretty good deal to me.

        I do agree with #2, that the first meeting should be dinner or lunch but why put a time limit. Sometimes a good meal takes a while.

      • Freddie says:


        I have to take exception to a couple of points:

        1) I demand pay for play at first, until trust is built. That keeps me from being scammed (as I have been too many times). The “only wants sex” part is mostly true, but, I wouldn’t say “only”… maybe 50/50… there’s got to be a connection on both sides (which is why I don’t take exception to #2). This isn’t a dating site. Admittedly, I started at a location (SLC) that is nearly 100% SB scammers (having since moved, I’ve found the number of scammers dropped to zero, and P4P doesn’t need to last even an hour).
        3) You’re the first person on this site I’ve heard think the SDs are generally smarter than SBs. I think the fact you’re missing is: we’re not thinking with our heads (the shoulder-based ones). Then again, if you run into a psychopath, they will easily manipulate you, so good reason to always keep-up your guard, no matter how nice they seem to be.
        5) If I fly to you, I take all the risk (money and time), you take none. There needs to be a balance of risk… at least those risks that can’t be mitigated. Now, you should have some precautions when you fly: have the SD rent you a car and/or reserver a room in your name for at least the first night (which gives you a chance to reschedule your flight if needed). I once flew-in an SB who wanted a late arrival: I picked her up at the airport at night, and drove to my place way off the beaten path late at night; that should have terrified most (but, we had a great time). Given you can’t assume a legit SD like me, have that car so you can drive yourself and make your getaway if needed. Also look into tracking apps on your phone so you can share your location with a confidant back home.
        6) I reiterate: this isn’t a dating site. If I was good looking, I wouldn’t be paying for it (but, I more than compensate, in many ways, for being fugly).

      • ohPlease says:

        Rick sugarbabies do not have prostitue envy.

      • immortal walker says:

        I think Freddie is correct. Until trust is built, there is no allowance per the entire month, but just pay for play, period. This is simple, either the POT SB will accept that, or she won’t, but let her be mindful that her willing replacement is standing next to her in this site.
        I have been scammed about three or four times by POT SBs already in the past. The first time is shame on them, but the second time is shame on me.

    • Tina says:

      To others the third guy might seem to be good according to what I wrote. I can’t simply explain what happened between us just by writing. However, I really still think he was the worst among all 3 of them, even worse than the guy who canceled the meeting very last minute.

  273. BabyG says:

    Does anyone from the DMV area know about experiencedSDJim he’s a white male, networth is 10milll and he makes 300,000 a year. He’s seems really excited to meet me and is offering 1,000 per meet and wants to meet weekly for dinner and shopping. I feel he maybe fake but has anyone had an encounter. I did a reverse search and it comes up as a Verizon mobile number but that’s about it.

  274. Me says:

    A guy with profile name Americ is fake SD. Claim he willing to offer $5k-$8k per month but after first time just finding excuse said you offended him and he don’t wish to continue and not to give any single cent.

  275. Kady says:

    to talk to me. I really don’t remember much of him because we never met. He asked for my account & when I didn’t give it him he stopped talking to me.

  276. Tyki says:

    Beware the daddies that say shit like this
    “But baby I got my funds controlled by my account officer and she does just bank dealings”

    I’ve had one drop this and then say later that “his officer was out of town” so he wanted ME to buy HIM something! As if!

    Girls it’s a waste of time, if they say that run for it. They aren’t worth you

    • lala says:

      i think i met a guy and he was talking about having his account manager send me funds 😩 did you find out after or before you sent him your information ?

    • Tiara says:

      Omg the same thing happened to me my new sd said he had an account officer and asked for my bank info. But I kept telling him no and then he just stopped responding to me.

      • Anonymous says:

        I Do not recall his user name but this his name Jimmie Young . We emailed back and forth it was sweet talk on his part and we exchanged number for about 2 weeks then he told me he was coming to my state, and that changed when I wouldnt give up the idea of him depositing a big hunk of money in my acct and taking his share out and taking it to another bank for him he wanted on line access to my bank acct and a address I i did not give him the on line info but he has my acct info, my bank is on alert and he has a address I have a official watching. I pray that jerk gets what he deserves.

  277. san says:

    Do not approach below users in seekingarrangement:
    QueenBeeChels (boasts about going to gym and pinot grigio)
    Catie Chanel (swedish, no face in the profile)

  278. san says:

    Do not fall for any girl without a UK number.
    Do not pay any girl in advance

  279. Lola says:

    seekingarrangement name: Seeking FLR
    Name: Jeffrey

    After well over 50 emails I found out what he was all about. Him pretending to be sub wanting a Dom as per his ad, but that is untrue. He finally proposed a job as a escort for his agency! He’s quite nice at first so emailed outside the site; but he is a passive aggressive dangerous psycho once you refuse his proposition! Steer clear of this one!

  280. Scammed SB says:


    The user Jay H. B. at seekingarragment website is a scam!!!
    He seems to be a very serious man, promisses you a monthly help that he will pay every two weeks.
    On the first date he asks you to book the hotel yourself, because he is a public person (diplomat), so he cant get his name involved in any scandal if anything goes wrong, because he doesnt know you, ‘how could he trust you’, thats what he says. All the story he tells makes perfect sense at the time, but sounds so stupid after you realiz what just happened. He says he will reimburse you on the correct date.
    Guess what? he disappears after that first date and you are left with a bill of a couple of hundreds.
    GET AWAYYYY !! Jay H. B. is a scam
    (English is my second language. Excuse my mistakes. )

  281. Becca says:

    anyone know anything about a young guy, his current name is “damn, daniel”? real name anthony?

    • Kady says:

      Do Not talk to him! He tried to talk to me. I really don’t remember much of him because we never met. He asked for my account & when I didn’t give it him he stopped talking to me.

  282. Gia says:

    Also anyone in the DC/MD/VA area stay away from Arm Puller. He’s just crazy and insane.

  283. Gia says:

    Does anyone know anything about John R85?

  284. Sophia says:

    I’m new here and I had a request to send photos to a distinguished gentleman who couldn’t reveal his identity. Lots of emails transpired and I sent photos . Is this normal protocol ? Send pics first ? How far do you go with nudity etc?

    • Freddie says:

      If he’s asking for nudes, he’s a scam. I do think it’s reasonable to ask for a recent full-body pic (if you don’t already have a recent one in your profile), but clothed. No need to include your face.

      “Average” can mean overweight, since the average person in the US is overweight… so the profile data can be misleading, and I do find SBs who do carry a few extra pounds don’t include full-body pics, or one that is 30lbs outdated.

      Always take the pics you send or put in your profile to images.google.com (may need to use “Chrome” if the camera upload icon doesn’t appear), and do a binary photo search to assure the photo can’t be reverse-searched on the web to reveal your identity.

    • dontwasteyourtime says:

      You are being chadded google Chad

  285. Randi says:

    DC/MD/VA Sugar Babies: Stay away from Mike_Ant. He lives in Reston VA.
    He will say whatever you want to hear regarding a monthly allowance, then promise $700 for the first meet, only to stiff you.
    I admittedly made every rookie SB mistake with this guy, and he definitely took advantage.
    The punchline is: he actually reached out to me for another meet – after stiffing me the first time!

    • Randi says:

      …. and he struck again!!
      He created a new profile/profile name (he’s now calling himself DaveB2B in Fairfax, VA), used phony pics, so I replied.
      His first message was almost identical to the first one he sent as “Mike_Ant”, but it wasn’t until he asked me to meet him at the EXACT same place in the same shopping center that I put it together.
      I put it together by asking him questions and giving him the rope to hang himself. I obviously declined his offer to meet, and he still had the nerve to ask for pics, claiming he would send me money via PayPal “afterwards”.

  286. Rachel C. says:

    Has anyone met some guy on SA called SuperAlbert? If you did, is he real or am I just wasting my time?

    • Tyla says:

      Rachel C. Yes I have met someone named superAlbert and I am wanting to know the same thing.

      • Rachel C. says:

        Thanks for responding to me. Has he promised you a weekly allowance immediately of like $400 and gave you his number? That’s what he did to me and I’m texting him and he seems like a decent guy. He hasn’t brought up any arrangements so far.

      • Rachel C. says:

        Tyla…SuperAlbert is a scammer. Don’t bother talking to him. This makes the second time I’ve caught a scammer trying to get info.

      • dontwasteyourtime says:

        Just google or pay the 3.95 to check out these phone numbers. Lots lately have come up as being serviced by TextFree (an app) then from those numbers being googled police stings. If you dont do anything illegal you sure dont need entrapment.

  287. Anomomomom says:

    Yeah being assaulted is never fun. So carry a knife or something. There us this app called companion. It helps. Also always have someone you trust waiting for your call.

    Some of these men are crazy.

  288. Aaron says:

    Daisy says:
    May 11, 2016 at 12:19 pm

    I think his account is disabled or deleted but be on the look out for C12H22011Daddy the dude will send you the most disgusting message you’ve ever read. And he opens by stating he has herpes (HSV-2 specifically) and tries to tell you that it’s just part of the risk of being a SB and what not. And then states these outrageous requirements he has of his sugar babies. He is married and his wife knows. He also has children.

    Here are the messages he sent me:

    The real SD on this site are older and married, whether we tell you or not.
    I am seeking an OKC area sugarbaby.
    I am positive for HSV-2. The risk of you contracting HSV-2 is the same as the risk of becoming pregnant using an oral contraceptive. Yes, there is risk in being a SB.
    I am the real sugardaddy deal. I am married with child. My spouse is aware of, but does not appreciate my hobby. You will be the “another” woman (mistress). I am a dominant, successful man who has earned the spoils of war. You are my shiny new toy and I am your ATM.
    Do not attempt coy seduction skills that work on hourly employees and bar boys, as you will be next’ed. In my world you will be cared for and are required to be direct. I expect poise, grace, charm, and situational awareness. You can easily cost me much more than your value by not understanding your environment. My interests are my businesses. My taste in entertainment is diverse and eclectic. I enjoy casinos, theater, and concerts. I have very limited time. This requires a dynamic SD/SB relationship. As I mentioned in the profile, I am not your spouse or boyfriend. I will see you when I am available. I will meet you in OKC or surrounding areas. We will have primarily overnight engagements and some afternoon engagements. When I travel, if appropriate, you will be invited. You will be given extended advance notice to make any arrangements. Just got back from a week trip to Seattle (you could have been invited for this one). When attending conferences, I desire a travel companion.
    I require intelligence and the ability to speak intelligently or at least listen with interest to other intellectual elites.
    Many women use this site for prostitution for which I am sure there is a market. However, my view is the SD/SB relationship is more than the base aspects of a sexual relationship.
    I see the SD/SB relationship as having benevolence (both the positive and negative connotation) in that the SD desires to accelerate the SB’s intellectual/economic/educational development while the SB allows the SD to partake in her youth, dreams, and beauty. At least that’s my opinion.
    Additionally, as in any relationship, quid pro quo is the requirement. I assume you understood this when you signed up for this site. To remove sex from the SD/SB relationship removes a key element of the relationship and is a deal killer for any SD. A dominate male wars in nature or business for the femininity of the female. If you don’t understand then either you are naive or just gaming for self-esteem. If you are struggling with your self-esteem, you are perhaps trying to be masculine and competing with males instead of recognizing your value as feminine and complementing males. From your profile, it appears that you understand this truth.
    Either my directness has intrigued you, pissed you off, or perhaps both.
    Let me know if you wish to put your plans into action and we can arrange a voice call to assess comfort.
    I hope that I will hear back from you. If not, I wish you the best. Should you reply, please specify your expectations and provide contact information for a phone interview to assess mutual comfort with escalating.
    Finally, please send high quality face and full body photos to:
    Please include standing swimwear or bra/panty photo to allow assessment of your abdomen and physique.
    Respectfully submitted for your consideration,
    A Real SD

    • Anomomomom says:

      I’ve gotten stuff like that before. It’s creepy. One guy wanted to know my measurements and bathing habits. It’s weird.

    • Anon says:

      While I too wouldn’t want to be in the same room with him, let me be a contrarian: if you want to f* your way to the top, this is exactly the type of SD you’re looking for. He’s arrogant, self-centered, narcissistic, demanding, and has no problem getting rid of people he has no more need for, psychopathic (but not criminally, just lacks the ability to feel guilt): obviously a CEO. Read his text with Donald Trump’s voice, and it’ll make perfect sense.

      His wife might hate his hobby, but (I assume) she enjoys a fancy house, cars, jewelry, maids, …. She may not be happy, but she is wealthy. Isn’t that what you want? He sets an exacting prescription that tells you how to get it from him or his ilk.

      He does get straight to the point of what he wants (and he’s not crass in asking for nudes like the slimy SDs). Study that and follow his prescription and you might last awhile in his (or other CEO’s) company. Make sure to set high demands initially (and be as direct in your demands), because there’s a good chance he’ll quickly tire of you.

      So, maybe “next” him for herpes, but, otherwise, study that text if wealth is your goal.

      (Listing the atomic composition for a sugar molecule in his name suggests he might not be stupid… and may have a sense of humor.)

      • Anonymous says:

        It is interesting to see the wide variance of perception to my introduction.

        My experience is that it is also rather diagnostic the “voice” a SB hears when she reads her first message from a real SD.

        Your specific perception is accurate, minus the psychosis. One caveat, I would add is there is a difference between a CEO (hired hand) and an owner. Owners will things into existence and assume the financial risk in doing so. CEOs cash a payroll check.

        Perhaps this will clarify a SB candidate’s perception, when she encounters the open, honest, and direct message from a real SD :-)


      • Freddie says:

        Note that I didn’t say “psychosis”, I said “psychopathic” (and not criminally). It’s basically an inability to feel guilt, which is necessary to get where you got. It’s very common (a prerequisite actually) among CEO’s and owners.

  289. jessika perry says:

    Anybody heard of clarke out of show low Arizona or is he scamming wanting my account info to link to his for transfers

    • Rachel C. says:

      Do not talk to Clarke Clive at all. He is nothing but a scammer!!!! Do not give him any info at all. I’m serious!!!

      • hello says:

        i gave him my information but for some reason I felt like something was off I been talking to him for awhile but I was told his last name is ginther until I looked at the email address name and other things. So I googled Clarke clive and his badoo account came up. I’m getting everything changed.

    • SB says:

      Did he have a daughter?

      • Me says:

        Omg. There’s a guy named micheal blaine. Said he would give me 500/week. N he would come biweekly, n he would send me checks. The first check was 1950 and he said it was a mistake. He said to deposit 500 to my account number send the rest to his client. So I told I wasn’t going to do it because I thought it was werid and made me uncomfortable. He said to rip the check and send him a picture. So I did. I thought it was super sketchy and of course didn’t even think about keeping that money. Now he said bye and offended because I didn’t want to dorder what he asked for. Total scam.

        He claimed to have a daughter and to be an engineer

  290. pleasebeware says:

    Mantrust1 is a scam and a sting operation. Not safe at all for a meeting in private. ONLY MEET IN PUBLIC, IN THE OPEN, WITH MANY PEOPLE AROUND.

  291. scamALERT says:

    Avoid jeffycool278 bizarre and linked to escort, lying about gender, various acusations from being a sting officer to a full blown escort

  292. West Coast says:

    Watch out for a guy named Willbert Scott. Claims he works construction and is in the UK. He will send you emails saying how he only wants a real trustworthy woman to love and he will send you spending money for the week but only after he trusts you etc but his grammar is off and the whole dance gets exhausting. I searched his image on google and BAM! Scammer!!! He went by Scott something. Another one is Brett Harrison goes by pamperbybaby on SD. He will be very brief in texts and right away wants to send $5,000/month. Wants to do it on Interlink with him as the guarantor so his wife doesn’t find out. Eager to send even tho he has never even spoken to you! Also wants to by his first SB a new car and house. I keep wondering how hes gonna do that without his wife finding out. Anyway…stay away from that. Anyone else know these guys?

  293. hithere says:

    has anyone had success with a promise for direct deposit or are those ALWAYS a scam?

    • Anonymous says:

      scam if you have never met the person.

      • Evangeline1000 says:

        I have had success with wiring out money to me without even meeting.
        We have been talking for a month now, we live in different countries. And planned to meet in a couple of months. He has wired allowance three times already.

  294. nadia bonnet says:

    I am trying to see if, I should go meet this SD. I am from Houston, and he want me to drive to Austin. He sent me a long email explain his wants and allowance, looking at these “scam confession” have me think that this bullshit! After the email(below), we start text, he rarely text “saying he is busying”. He said that he owns multiple company but he never sent a website for any. I also think he is bullshit because he said he live in Hidden Hills,California where mostly celebrities stay.He also using a google number to text me. He wants to meet at a hotel, and have sex to seal the deal.

    “Below is the information explaining/answering the questions related to me and what I am looking for in an arrangement. PLEASE DO NOT REPLY IF YOU ARE NOT WILLING TO COME TO AUSTIN/DALLAS/SAN ANTONIO FOR OUR FIRST MEETUP The specific details of our arrangement will be discussed during the first meeting. We will NOT have a 2nd meeting if I feel we do not have the “chemistry” for an arrangement (mental, physical, emotional, sexual, spiritual). However once you read this fully, then perhaps you will understand why I’m willing to be so generous.
    1. At the beginning of the arrangement (usually within 2 weeks, but sometimes sooner, depending on when the paperwork is finalized), I will deposit $5,000 into your bank account (or preferably we setup a Paypal account). That is money that you can save and not have to spend. I will deposit this every week for as long as we are together. If you are with me a year, you will have saved up to $260,000. If you continue to stay with me, I’ll pay the taxes on that money. Only you will have access to that money. Once I give it to you, it is yours. YOU ARE WELCOME TO USE/SPEND THIS MONEY IF YOU LIKE, BUT I WOULD RECOMMEND AGAINST IT. Look at this as an “insurance” policy that you will hopefully never have to use (if you don’t use it, then it means that we are still together). The main reason I put this “carrot” out there is to hopefully solicit a reply from a “quality” female. Any woman who has some self respect about herself isn’t going to “give up providing for herself” in order to be with a man, unless she has some “assurances” that no matter what happens, she will be taken well care of.
    2. I will pay for all your expenses by providing you with an American Express Black Card in your name (and building your credit rating). RENT, Clothes, cars, jewelry, trips, cell phone, going out, gifts, pampering yourself(hair, nails, gym memberships, massages, etc), all the stuff that goes into being a woman, I’ll pay for. It takes approx. 30 days for you to receive this card in the mail.”

    • Anonymous says:

      Complete scam. Don’t go and block his booty now!

      • Freddie says:

        Your response probably needs explanation:

        1) “Discuss the details at our first meet… where we’ll see if there is sexual chemistry”. That’s code for “the first time is a freebee for me, and you’re paying your way here too”. There won’t be a second meet.

        2) He’ll be depositing the money two weeks after the first meet, and you’ll get a credit card a month later… i.e. you’ll never see any money. CASH UP FRONT UNTIL TRUST IS BUILT. If he wants to give you a check (etc…), you need to make sure it clears and the money is in the bank before you see him, which makes the risk all his (that you’ll even show once you have the cash), so again: CASH UNTIL TRUST IS BUILT. Pay for play to start. I know SA hates that, but with all the scams, it’s the only way.

        3) “SPEND THIS MONEY IF YOU LIKE, BUT I WOULD RECOMMEND AGAINST IT”… because it isn’t ever going to happen. Being a millionaire in four years is “too good to be true”, so don’t be deceived. His tax math is wrong too: if he pays the taxes, that constitutes another gift, which then need to have taxes paid, recursively: he’d end up spending 400G, and would be better-off just giving you 350G and letting you pay the taxes (so he obviously doesn’t have the business sense an owner of multiple companies would have),

  295. Daisy says:

    I think his account is disabled or deleted but be on the look out for C12H22011Daddy the dude will send you the most disgusting message you’ve ever read. And he opens by stating he has herpes (HSV-2 specifically) and tries to tell you that it’s just part of the risk of being a SB and what not. And then states these outrageous requirements he has of his sugar babies. He is married and his wife knows. He also has children.
    Here are the messages he sent me:
    The real SD on this site are older and married, whether we tell you or not.

    I am seeking an OKC area sugarbaby.

    I am positive for HSV-2. The risk of you contracting HSV-2 is the same as the risk of becoming pregnant using an oral contraceptive. Yes, there is risk in being a SB.

    I am the real sugardaddy deal. I am married with child. My spouse is aware of, but does not appreciate my hobby. You will be the “another” woman (mistress). I am a dominant, successful man who has earned the spoils of war. You are my shiny new toy and I am your ATM.

    Do not attempt coy seduction skills that work on hourly employees and bar boys, as you will be next’ed. In my world you will be cared for and are required to be direct. I expect poise, grace, charm, and situational awareness. You can easily cost me much more than your value by not understanding your environment. My interests are my businesses. My taste in entertainment is diverse and eclectic. I enjoy casinos, theater, and concerts. I have very limited time. This requires a dynamic SD/SB relationship. As I mentioned in the profile, I am not your spouse or boyfriend. I will see you when I am available. I will meet you in OKC or surrounding areas. We will have primarily overnight engagements and some afternoon engagements. When I travel, if appropriate, you will be invited. You will be given extended advance notice to make any arrangements. Just got back from a week trip to Seattle (you could have been invited for this one). When attending conferences, I desire a travel companion.

    I require intelligence and the ability to speak intelligently or at least listen with interest to other intellectual elites.

    Many women use this site for prostitution for which I am sure there is a market. However, my view is the SD/SB relationship is more than the base aspects of a sexual relationship.

    I see the SD/SB relationship as having benevolence (both the positive and negative connotation) in that the SD desires to accelerate the SB’s intellectual/economic/educational development while the SB allows the SD to partake in her youth, dreams, and beauty. At least that’s my opinion.
    Additionally, as in any relationship, quid pro quo is the requirement. I assume you understood this when you signed up for this site. To remove sex from the SD/SB relationship removes a key element of the relationship and is a deal killer for any SD. A dominate male wars in nature or business for the femininity of the female. If you don’t understand then either you are naive or just gaming for self-esteem. If you are struggling with your self-esteem, you are perhaps trying to be masculine and competing with males instead of recognizing your value as feminine and complementing males. From your profile, it appears that you understand this truth.

    Either my directness has intrigued you, pissed you off, or perhaps both.

    Let me know if you wish to put your plans into action and we can arrange a voice call to assess comfort.

    I hope that I will hear back from you. If not, I wish you the best. Should you reply, please specify your expectations and provide contact information for a phone interview to assess mutual comfort with escalating.

    Finally, please send high quality face and full body photos to:

    Please include standing swimwear or bra/panty photo to allow assessment of your abdomen and physique.

    Respectfully submitted for your consideration,

    A Real SD

    No you are not a real SD. You are an arrogant pig who needs to calm down.

  296. Anonymous says:

    So I met someone on SA. They told me that they’d send me my money on the 5th then there was a family issue and they’ll send it too me 5 days after that. Are they scamming me or are they genuine? I’m really anxious because i really need this money.

    Any help would be appreciated.


    • Freddie says:

      … but, that is a red flag. The reason doesn’t make a lot of sense: did the family cut-off his money?

      Cash, up front. If he wants to do a check (or other), make sure the check clears first and you have cash in hand or safely in the bank.

      You have to decide how badly you need the money vs. the risks/possibilities of being taken advantage of, or worse… and how to mitigate those risks (i.e. think ahead of what can go wrong, and things you can do to either keep those from happening, or be sure you can quickly exit if they do). Also, make sure you know enough real information about him, that you can get revenge should he take advantage of you.

    • Anonymous says:

      You are being scammed.

  297. JL says:

    Indplsgent4fun keeps asking me for my bank account info and also asked me to pick up 4 computers for him. Beware!!

  298. mas says:

    let’s not forget about the scammer sugar babies all over this website who are like “send me money so I can 1) pay my cell bill and txt you 2) get a wax job 3) get a babysitter 4) pay for the accident I had driving to meet you 5) on and on and on” I have ran into so many of them that I put in my profile “* I will not send you any money for any reason before our first date, so don’t ask.” It drives away the time wasters. And it’s sad that enough men are stupid enough to send the $$’s.

    • Freddie says:

      … Don’t forget the blackmailers too.

      I’m seeing this as location-dependent: Utah was 80% SB scams, 1% legit, while I haven’t been hit by a single scammer in Hawaii. I guess that goes with Utah being the fraud capital of the U.S..

      Conversely for SD scammers, reading here, when location is mentioned, it’s usually Houston. I don’t mean to say it’s all Houston, just disproportionately so.

  299. GirlFromLa says:

    Post about Maximus65, his name is Stephen Cobos, ladies please beware.

    • GirlFromLa says:

      I’m still being harassed, he’s deleted his profile here temporarily but it will come back! He is also on other dating sites as Maximus65

      • Islandgirl35 says:

        Would you mind telling me more?
        I’m suppose to meet with him tomorrow but will probably cancel.
        He seems nice and we’ve had two dates and he didn’t even try anything.

  300. GirlFromLa says:

    Post about user: Maximus65

    He took advantage of me in every single form and has made me scared for my well being. He needs to be stopped because if you are nice, attractive and trusting he will say and do anything to control you to only treat you like trash. I’m lucky and got out of the situation before it further escalated and I hope my post prevent atleast ONE future victim of his.

    • Anonymous says:

      I am about to meet someone of the same name. What line of work is he in? Just want to verify it is not the same person. Los Angeles Area.

    • Anonymous says:

      Stephen Cobos is a manipulative liar. He will promise you thousands and not give you a cent.

    • Anonymous says:

      I am meeting him, can you be specific in how he made you scared for my well being? I feel weird, maybe I should cancel.

      • Islandgirl35 says:

        When are you suppose to meet him?
        I’m suppose to meet him tomorrow and am now kind of hesitant.
        He seems really nice.

  301. Anonymous says:

    Anyone met up with DrGoldman on SA?

    • Anonymous girl says:

      He’s a fraudster. He conned one Australian woman out of £20000! Please do not trust him. He has a wife (russsin fake looking Barbie), girlfriend (who is also in on it), and friends. Do not trust any of them. He will ask you to take him items promising to reimburse, then when he doesn’t give you a fake present. Beware.

  302. Darren do little says:

    Elke Bollington from Currumbin Queensland will black mail you for money.

  303. Anonymous says:

    Frank Is My Name: Montreal. He makes promises about allowance and seems kind, but really he is a cloud of cologne, weirdness and lies and his bills are counterfeit.

  304. syrupp says:


    Remember that face on that profile because the changes it a lot. He has no money and will ask you to drive to the woodlands to be and promise to compensate, his compensation will come in the form of a fake payroll check, do not fall for any of his tricks in fact if you do decide to meet you should take videos of him making and printing fake checks so he can be turned into the authorities.

  305. mantrust1 says:

    Mantrust1 is really from largo fl

  306. Annoymous says:

    Really nervous had a sugar daddy over first time, he said to transfer 5k showed me on his laptop, I checked bank account wasn’t there but he said should appear I double checked my details and that it was debited from his account it was. So we had fun and then he’s gone and I’m nervous the money won’t ever show in my account. Can you cancel direct payments?

  307. Anonymous says:

    Keep away from a black guy in his 40’s named silk. He has bad anger problems and turns attitudes fast.

  308. AnySB says:

    Mid-40s & bald. Married out of MO. Business traveler

  309. AnySB says:

    he goes by Dean. Also rich harper

  310. AnySB says:

    dean000096 is user handle

  311. AnySB says:

    Sugar babies….watch out for “Dean”, user profile Dean000096 on SA. Aka “Rich Harper” according to email address info. Mid 40s, Caucasian, married out of the MO area and travels on business. Wants you to come straight to his hotel room on a first meeting and also accept a Visa gift card as a “spoiling” gift, instead of cash. Claims he doesn’t carry an ATM card. Huge time-waster, like 2-3 days of rescheduling dates and then at the very last minute, the date plan is incredibly sketchy. Beware

  312. AnySB says:

    Testing this out. Last week’s commentary never showed

  313. Karina says:

    Here is douche bag of the day scam artist who will essentially end up catching some incurable std HOPEFULLY. He scams you by saying he will WIRE you 8k a month, asks you to do a three way with his African American partner and claim he is straight this is his fun. And tries to force anal and have sex with you multiple times and on a side note he is from Russia and goes by Alex or “Alia”. Thanks for using a poor innocent girl who doesn’t have either parents way to trick young girls.

  314. FooledDaddy says:

    Just checking whether anonymous posting works before wasting time writing a long warning …

  315. E says:

    I met a fake sugar daddy on seeking arrangement based in Sydney Australia. He claims to be 28 and he is of Asian background. His user name on SA is arrangementoz and he goes by the name Alex. He lured me to a hotel with the promise of an ongoing arrangement (cash in exchange for sex and companionship) and told me he would transfer the funds to my account when I arrived and send me the transfer receipt when I got to the hotel. Four hours later after engaging in explicit sexual acts I looked again at the receipt and started to panic because I knew something wasn’t right. I called the bank and they confirmed it was a fake. He stopped replying to messages. I’m now also afraid he may have taken photos or videos of me during our meeting without my consent. He asked me before hand and I specifically said no but he picked up his phone several times during our encounter. Beware ladies

    • Anonymous says:

      Wow I think I met up with this guy today for coffee! He was watching his back the whole time we were chatting. He then saw a girl walk into the cafe and said he had to leave immediately. So he did. Then the girl came up to me and warned me that he is full of crap and promised her friend a lot of money that never came! He was claiming to be a sound engineer/work in the music industry. He offered ridiculous $1500 for 4 hours or $2500 overnight. Knew it had to be too good to be true. Told me it would be transferred beforehand and that he would show me the receipt. Glad the girl walked in when she did and that I have read this. Although he seemed like a fairly shady character to begin with just because a lot of his stories didn’t really add up and he seemed too young to be able to throw that sort of money around. Sound familiar haha? Maybe it was even your friend in the cafe?

  316. She says:

    The scammer profile name is Gmann66. He says his name is Greg. Greg Thomas. He said he is married and has kids. But anyways, he promised 6k monthly and will be paying 3k every other friday and through his company since he doesnt want his wife to know and also if he should get a divorce, the money wont be trace back to this. I stupidly agreed. I met him on a thursday and he brought some seeking employment application to fill out and also how the money will be transfered to my account
    .i was supposed to be paid the next day. So we stayed in a suite and he promised to see me the next day so we can go to the bank. Next day comes and he refused to answer my calls and n text..what a motherfucker. I wish nothing but bad for him. He is in Houston/sugarland. Don’t fall for that lies. He only wants have sex for free. Beware ladies.

    • She says:

      The second time we met he made me pay for the suit which was 30bucks. He said he was going to reinburse me since he doesnt carry cash. I believed this because i was desperate. I learned the hard way. I’m short 30 dollars. I hate that fat idiot. Yuck. Bald looking idiot. Ugh. His name is Greg Thomas.

      • besmartgirl says:

        300 or 30? That doesn’t sound classy enough if $30. That should be first bright red flag. I am now writing a book. I don’t even care if i get hit with a libel lawsuit from some of the names i am going to drop. The sheer arrogance of some of these people at someone else’s expense!!!! It is not anyone’s job to step upand protect cheaters or scammers. There IS exceptions to all rules but there is also repeat offenders who take you and your silence for granted. Your silence too, was a planned gift, you planned to give them…… Ya know, just like the one they planned to give you but didn’t.

    • Anonymous says:

      Write a rape claim, he clearly has violated your supposed contract or agreement.

    • besmartgirl says:

      As per some of my other comments!!!, which you probably didn’t see before is that married men suck SUCK suck SUCK as sugardaddies. There was some rebuttals to my statement but i truly believe tbey were posted by a married man and not a sugarbabe.

      • Howmuchsugar4adime says:

        I am sorry that you had a bad experience,but consider the possibility that the same SD might have been just as disappointing if he had been single. Not all married guys are inconsiderate or jerks. It does tend to complicate things though. Good luck in future endeavors.

      • callhiswife says:

        If they admit to being married ok. If they lie about it or about being seperated then call tgeir wife. I am not protecting a disrespectful liar. Period.

    • Her says:

      Greg Thomas scammed me too. He told me the exact same story, he doesn’t carry cash and that this was the best way for him as it worked with his previous SB and will protect him in a divorce. Met him and filled out the employment info, even had him fax it to me for my records. (this guy has time on his hands for scamming). He also told me that he has had only 1 SB for years but since she moved away he was looking for a new one. Cleary this wasn’t true because he began seeking an arrangement with you. Met him twice, believing I would get paid the following week like an employee. Friday comes and he is a no show with my check and doesn’t answer calls or texts. What a liar and a loser. Greg is probably not his real name so his description is white male, bald, possibly 6-foot and fat. He’s pretty big. He is in the Houston area. He acts super sweet and sensitive but is a big, fat scam. As She said he just wants sex for free. Don’t fall for it, I have learned my lesson. Ladies, trust your instincts if something doesn’t sound right trust that and let the sketch SD go. Better safe than sorry.

  317. Anonymous says:

    create another profile

  318. Anonymous says:

    Talked with one SB guy on SA, then he asked for email. We chatted, and I agreed to fly down to meet him. Two days before we met, he blocked me. We continued to chat via email. He said closes his account since we are chatting. When it came time to meet, he was “sick”. Good thing I did not fly him to me. SA says his account is no longer active. How do I tell the difference between being blocked versus his account is no longer active?

  319. Anonymous says:

    Talked with one guy

  320. orlandomap says:


    This is a fake. Any correspondence is stupid and he says he wants a smoker to smoke cigarettes and asks what brand etc almost like a fetish.

  321. George of the Jungle says:

    Extortion. She wants to immediately take the conversation to a cam-to-cam skype session. Her skype name is “Rica Mille”. No audio, and her texted english is poor, even for a millennial; I’m guessing she’s in Eastern Europe or Russia (and not Alabama, as she claims). She asks a lot of Q’s you wouldn’t expect… so I knew early on this was a scam… and lied. She does a wonderful strip-tease, that I recorded (too bad I can’t attach here… as a pic of her face is probably all that will survive to identify, since her accounts will go away). She then asks to “see yours for her to continue… a short flash later, she says she’s going to splash it all over social media. I had her blocked at SA and Skype before she could name a ransom.

  322. Sugarbabby says:

    New married sd say only send money by interlink loan company that’s way his wife won’t find out about . Apply loan w my name he is guarantor write his info ….
    I never met him only texts . Is this scam ??

    • besmartgirl says:

      Call his fucking wife if it is a scam or a joke. I really wish the married SD’s would GO yo adult friend finder. They make awful sugardaddies. Only divorced or not ready to marry make good SD. The squirrely married scaredyboo f’ers have got to get out this game. Rin them off and burn them withno mercy if you do give one a chance and he is stupid enough to waste your time.

      • Anonymous says:

        There are a lot of SBs that disagree with your opinion about married SDs :)

      • Anonymous says:

        I think there is room for married SDs on SA :)

      • Anonymous says:

        These comments sound like they are posted by a man/men. Truth is, married men may start out an ok sugardaddy but give them time, they become awful. Their mouths move to much with nonsenses or pity cravings. They want respect and freedom so bad like a single man has. When they realize sd took themin the opposite direction the caged animal comes out.

      • Anon says:

        I can tell there’s one or two of you with a bit of angst against married men. No problem: there’s a check-box to weed them out of your searches. Maybe a cathartic release here helps, but I wouldn’t file all “married men” under “scam” (the purpose of this post).

        As always, there’s two sides to the story: I’ve had an SB run (supposedly) over her guilt that I was married (then again, it may have just have been a scam diversion to take the money and run).

        And, there has been a time when I’ve used that same excuse to soften the blow: I wanted to break-up with the SB, but, not wanting to go into detail about what I didn’t like about her, I used my guilt over my being married as an excuse to end it.

        We’ve obviously taken up lying and cheating as part of our character, so there’s definitely a reason to doubt.

      • besmartgirl says:

        Coughing …and tapping my megaphone….
        REPEAT: MARRIED MAN-vaGINA suck as sugardaddies.

        Not even the reasons that you think but because right off the bat you are stepping outside of an alreasy established commitment because you are weak. Too weak to honor it, too weak to leave it, worried about getting caught etc. I can’t be with a weak man (single or married). Clip is, if the wife knows and doesn’t care then the man has already allowed his own value to be lowered. So then you are just asking for more abuse.

      • besmartgirl says:

        Ps: no guilt OR guilting here. Probably another reason married doesn’t work with me.

        If you let someone down- it just is, what it is. Even if that person is yourself. I have a paradox acceptance when someone attempts to guilt me because i not only don’t feel guilty but will actually start to justify my naughty behavior. Even then, i would rather be a hippocrite then weak.

    • Anonymous says:

      If you’re applying for a loan using your name, then you are the one who is legally responsible to pay it back. Do not participate.

    • Anonymous says:

      If you’re taking out a loan in your name, then it will be your responsibility to pay it back. Don’t participate in this obvious scam.

    • Heidi P says:

      OMG I had this guy too. Did he go by Brett out of NY? Same story! Im on here now trying to figure out if he is a scam. My gut told me so as soon as I was asked to pay $85 for his $5,000 “loan payment” through Interlink. Said thats the ONLY way he can do it so his wife cant trace it. He never wanted to call me and his texts were brief. Weird that he didnt mind sending me 5k without even talking to me. I told him this whole thing sounded sketchy. He tried to convince me to do it and its real..havent heard back lol

  323. levymkr9 says:

    Should have listened to the gut feeling. Her name on here is KatieC and her profile says Los Angeles, CA. 22, attractive. Says she is married and has had a SD before in NY. We texted back and forth for a couple of weeks and she jumped right into wanting to meet which I thought was strange as we did not spoken to each other at that point. I asked her for her information to schedule a flight and pay for it but she did not want to provide as her husband was well known in Hollywood. So she gave me some flights and the cost and we agreed she would fly in this Friday. I went ahead and sent $1k to her through paypal. You know the rest. Have not heard back from her. $1k was no big deal but but stay away from her.

    • bemyguest says:

      I am shocked that the nice guys are out there but women like this ruin it for the rest of us. Try not to get jaded. It works both ways because I am frustrated to find a missing puzzle piece. I need the perfect fit for an arrangement to work. The clowns exhaust me and make me want to give up, but I refuse. I know my sd is out there.

    • NancyR says:

      I won’t stand you up 👀

  324. appleBee says:

    This person is false representing. The phone number he calls from is linked to various complaints online regarding credit card calls and phishing scams.

    • floridianheiress says:

      I was just looking up that handle and Tampa to see if anyone else had posted how creepy this guy is!

    • dontTrust says:

      Mantrust1 is a tampa profile for a 47 year old man. He says he is a surgeon(brain and neuro etc) and he cant remember his own stories about which hospital etc. He says his name his Jovani. He says he is italian and he does have an accent but not sure it is italian. He drives a white truck. He says he is going through a divorce but still in same house as ex? Probably not true about the divorce. Why do these men think women will put up with these lies and games?

  325. racegirl says:

    It is going to take an “in your face to prove i am for real” kind of man to win me over and calm me down enough to play “cleopatra and cesear”. I am my own queen and recognize expecting nothing less in a man regardless if he is my lover or long term holder of my heart.

  326. racegirl says:

    Also, another one calls me from private number and will only give out his email which does deliver to his phone. I asked and i.e. said his friend had huge issue with a girl who had his number. So now i will not ask i am just paying monthly for an app to decode numbers and at first meeting wrote down his tag number. Second meeting the restaurant had a wait so i was going to another had couldnt call since didnt have his number and saw he was arriving but he didnt know i knew his car so he acted like no i not close yet but will just go other restaurant etc. He didnt get that i know what he drives. I said oh i thought i was passing you on road he said no no but just pulled around back of building. This one sets off more alarms about being a cheater then a predator. Thing is, dont treat me based on someone elses mishaps like your “friend’s crazy ho”. You have to be resourceful to plays these games with men.

  327. racegirl says:

    What about a guy who says he owns racetracks? Sends these old outdated photos. Offers huge allowance but always wants to meet on weekend but will have accountant take care of money on monday. So i suggest take care with accountant first and let risk be yours and not mine. Oh no, he can’t do that. Then i suggest meet on weekday so accountant at work. Oh no, he can’t do that. Then gives spill about savings account or a prepay and i have all those but off the topic. The real kicker is he sill not meet in public first and wants you to come to a travelodge because he says thats where most his contractors stay and he is meeting with them. Well that is creepy so i go back ti meeting in public etc but then he sayshe flew i to private airport and had to take a cab. I said whats that matter? Take it out of allowance? Or if you really fueled a plane who cares about a cab fare. Then he gets defensive. I finally said witch is more far fetched that you are begging me to help me and be my sugardaddy or murder and rape me or take advantage of me? Think! Someone really willing would either take risk first and be ought a little money ir say screw it and help someone else. He says his name is kevin but i doubt that is true. Also, when i played along at first to the creepiness he was saying something about coming in a side access door at travelodge off i4??? Oh so no witness in lobby sees you? Be smart people.

    • Jade says:

      He is a scam. Is very Charming and knows how to get you interested. Gets defensive once I asked questions once I saw this, he then tried to blackmail me since I am on the “site” and prefer to be discreet.

  328. Anonymous says:

    Yikes. Reading these stories really put things in perspective. I recently got scammed. A man used multiple phone numbers to talk to me, thus pretending to be various potential SD candidates. I finally met up with “one” of his identities, and he got upset because I wouldn’t go back to a hotel room to please him. It ended with me getting chased by him as I walked to my car — and getting threats from numbers he had posed as. Luckily, I did some detective work (he left some slip-ups behind) and found out his identity. Let’s just say, the police are aware of this character and his manic episode.

  329. elaine says:

    Before jumping into the sugar bowl and get scammed prepare yourself and do some research:

    1. Google “catfishing on line dating” and ” scam sugarbaby” and read the stories.
    2. Check Tumblr and Instagram pages and see how “rinsers” operate and advice each other.
    3. Check rooshvforum.com to see how fake daddies operate to get free sex.
    4. Never let your greed take over.

    Use your brain and follow your gutfeeling.


    A bit of self critisism helps a lot too:

    How realistic is it for a shrewd businessman SD to want to pay you 10k per month to be his SB?
    How likely is that stunning 20yo beauty to be your SB for $1000 and 8 meets pm when you could be her grandpa?

    Know in what league you are playing!

    • Freddy says:

      Excellent. One article says SDs should do “pay to play” to avoid scams, another says SBs should avoid “pay to play” to avoid scams.

      • elaine says:

        It all boils down to the intention of the P4P.
        I was very much against it years ago when I first entered the sugarbowl, but times are changing really fast.

        So now I think breaking down a monthly agreed allowance in 2 parts in the beginning is just a reality that protects both SD and SB to be scammed.
        After confidence is built it can become a monthly payment.

        It is just a way of protecting yourself and dealing with the reality of SA going mainstream, the influx of scammers and rinses and the rise of theTumblr/IG sugar crowd.

        But P4P as in :”Hey, I pay you $200 for 2 hours of sex in a motelroom” is a kind o P4P that doesn’t belong on SA but on BP.
        I haven’t changed my mind about that.

      • Freddie says:

        You at least have to start with P4P, until trust is built. It’s not BP, as you are trying to build some sort of relationship, but need to start with minimal risk. Even a weekly allowance is too much risk for this SD at the start (why hand-over $1000 for the first week, and get blocked after the first “meeting”).

        Interesting that many of the articles say “don’t take the conversation to email”. I don’t see a problem with that, as long as the email address is used for nothing else (i.e. not the same as being used on FaceBook).

        Maybe just anecdotal, but my experience is scammers are willing to meet face-to-face, but not Skype… I’d think it would be easier to deceive using Skype.

      • elaine says:


        Well you say you are intended to give $4000 per month allowance ($1000 per week) right?

        And then worrying for being cancelled after one date and having handed over the allowance for that week !?
        So what is the damage?
        You expected 2 meets that week, 3 maybe, for your $1000?

        Pffew, now THAT’s a loss indeed!
        Maybe you should reconsider being a SD in that case.
        If you cannot afford such loss, I highly doubt you can afford a $ 4000 month allowance to begin with.

        I am NOT saying it is ok to be scammed for a week allowance btw, but c’mon……

      • SugarD says:

        @Elaine I think he means $1000/month and get scammed for the whole amount -right Freddy ? Besides, no one wants to get scammed no matter how much we’re talking about .

        If he is talking $4000/month then a fool and his money soon part. For $4K my SB would have to work full time – coming over on booty call prn ,clean my house ,fetch my laundry ,iron my shirts, mange the help –you get my point. Most upper crust households run on that amount . SBs seem to have expectations way beyond any rational number. I even think $1000/ month is ridiculous . It is an entire college tuition for one of my kids .

      • Freddie says:

        I think we’re getting off-topic with questions like 1) how gullible I am and 2) the set value of a particular SD/SB relationship, but 1) very, and 2) Elaine was close with three “meets” over an eight day period (as much as I’d be in-town).

        But, it does point-out the logic to settle the often debated issue of whether SBs or SDs are scammed more. The Grateful Dead will tell you “the women are smarter”, and I’m on board with that conclusion, plus, any old SD getting the adrenaline rush that occurs when he opens an email to find some young SB saying he’s handsome is surely not thinking with his head (the one with the brains). I can’t imagine the attraction of money to an SB ever being as potent a drug. The SDs are getting scammed more (but not worse, as we’re talking money).

        But, back on-topic to P4P: even if it’s to assure that should one or the other get cold feet after the first or second “meet”, there’s no awkward refund due. So, I’ll stick to my guns with: P4P until confidence is built.

      • Anonymous says:


    • Anonymous says:

      There’s a broad and complex spectrum on which relationships sit, including financially dependent to financially independant in many married situations. SD/SB is just another variation. When I see, hear or feel the focus turn to money, Pay4Play,and negotiating allowances, the element of caring and genuineness towards the other person turns into a business transaction and following on from that, scams and people feeling they have in some been ripped off or worse.

      P4P in my opinion is prostitution. An upfront negotiated allowance is prostitution on retainer. and with both the risk of being scammed goes up. just as is the case with conventional prostitution. And i don’t think that that is what SD/SB relations are about… at least for me.

    • Anonymous says:

      How do you go about finding or researching these men on Tumblr or IG ? Needing a username or do a lot use the same name as on here ?

    • Anonomnomnom says:

      omg rooshv. UGH!

  330. Barry says:

    I was scammed by a person from Colombia with the tag agzlag reported it not once but 3 times and the administration has never taken any action. i urge people to be careful on SA in particular they DO NOT DELIVER WHAT THEY PROMISE IN THEIR TERMS AND ARE FULL OF SHIT WHEN IT COMES TO DEALING WITH PAYING MEMBERS.

  331. Drew5555 says:

    I have quite a few women who reach out to me, tell me how handsome I am, set the meet then nothing. I started asking them to do the following:
    “You seem legit, but would you mind emailing me a photo of you doing a “thumbs up” selfie to my ? A lot of profiles seem to have photos that could be taken from someone’s FB and NOBODY posts a “thumbs up”. Thanks, and I hope that you understand :)”
    Sadly, the 5 people who were very excited to meet me that I sent this to have not responded at all, making me think that they are all not legit. Thoughts?? Is there a better way to vet them?

    • Freddy says:

      There is no perfect way to vet. The millennial generation is flaky by design… so a lack of response really has no meaning. You’re lucky they just “don’t show” or drop communications… For me, the communications stop after we’ve made an arrangement and they have the money in-hand. I just got scammed again, and this one seemed so honest and sincere, I still don’t believe I was scammed (and I really thought I could spot an SA scammer). Maybe this generation is filled with psychopaths?

      I’ve seen this written elsewhere below: no monthly allowance, rather, money at each “meeting”.

      What’s really strange is the most honest SBs I’ve met at SA were escorts (or one-shot SB’s?). Pay as you play is the only way to go. Unfortunately, they get shut down by SA (while SA won’t shut down the scammers).

      I find one approach with most scammers, who tend to say “they’re new to this and have no experience”, is to tell them to “watch out for scams” and point them to this page. That won’t stop a psychopathic SB.

    • Freddy says:

      There is no perfect way to vet. The millennial generation is flaky by design… so a lack of response really has no meaning. You’re lucky they just “don’t show” or drop communications… For me, the communications stop after we’ve made an arrangement and they have the money in-hand. I just got scammed again, and this one seemed so honest and sincere, I still don’t believe I was scammed (and I really thought I could spot an SA scammer). Maybe this generation is filled with psychopaths?

      I’ve seen this written elsewhere below: no monthly allowance, rather, money at each “meeting”.

      What’s really strange is the most honest SBs I’ve met at SA were escorts (or one-shot SB’s?). Pay as you play is the only way to go. Unfortunately, they get shut down by SA (while SA won’t shut down the scammers).

      I find one approach with most scammers, who tend to say “they’re new to this and have no experience”, is to tell them to “watch out for scams” and point them to this page. That won’t stop a psychopathic SB.

      Note that the art of the scammer dropping communications is defined below by HanaiHI: they will get back to you in a few weeks, apologize for their absence, and tell you that they’ve been trying to make rent, and are $300 short, and fill-in some other horrendous reason why they need money ASAP.

      Also, I text those I’m meeting the morning that we meet to verify the place and time. They’re pretty good about “I forgot all about it” (etc…) at that point, so I’ve never been stood-up at a meeting. For those who “forgot all about it”, I give them maybe one more chance, otherwise, I figure they weren’t interested enough to keep a date.

  332. Anonymous says:

    Scam potential here is high. I’m new and it’s been my fault getting in these situations. I’m smarter today. ONE-meet great gal, monthly up front and together, another date. Gone. TWO-meet great gal, in pool, she has to go to the hotel room to get something, robs my cash. Gone. THREE-meet great gal, in room, p4p exchanged, pepper spray / mace, robbed my cash and threatened rape. FOUR and FIVE- emails from “Malaysia” , establish chemistry, USA gal, she’s there on business, all of a sudden tragedy strikes and needs money for a permit to ship exotic wood or antiques for shipment are held up at customs and wants me to loan her $$$. My rules have changed 100% and SA doesn’t do much to clean it up. Actually met a good woman, but what I’ve been thru is as much SA’s fault as mine. Live and learn!

    • Anonymous says:

      Live and learn is right. Too much lower class scum here.

    • Freddy says:

      Why is it “your fault”? It’s not… it’s totally SA’s for boosting their revenue by making us deal with all the scammers by not allowing any sort of rating system that would weed them out. This can be a great experience, as there are a lot of legit SDs and SBs out there… I just wish we all weren’t forced to deal with (and pay for) the scams in order to find who is and isn’t legitimate.

      There is always some risk: you can’t create a viable meeting scenario without some risk on both sides. SA could minimize their customers risk in using their web site, but have opted for the additional revenue the scammers bring them, to the harm of their legitimate customers.

      Somebody’s going to get hurt badly someday because of this, and the blame will be squarely on SA’s shoulders.

      • Anonymous says:

        People have already been hurt badly on here. Women have been beaten, raped and dumped at night in the middle of nowhere or even worse the middle of a crime ridden area. Wake up it’s already happening

    • Sabiá says:

      Geez, that’s crazy. Scam potential on here definitely is flippin high. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. I didn’t allow a third one to take place. Make your rules and stick to em! If the other person can’t respect that then they’re not what you’re looking for cause this scamming crap is some B.S.

      Actually had an SD try to make me feel like I was missing out on something great claiming to have all this money that was ‘coming’. This fool really wanted me to waste my time with him to receive an allowance ‘later’. “You’re looking a gifted horse in the mouth”, he said…

      and my response??
      “…anyone could see there isn’t much to this gifted horse and would’ve sent its ass to the glue factory a long time ago…”

  333. Kay says:

    So called SD wrote me a check at the end of the night. The check BOUNCED. Lost money from my account. The FIRST experience I had from SA. HIGHLY disappointed in the site. They should really verify these men better. His username is Je_voyage STAY AWAY LADIES!!

    • Freddy says:

      It’s the fact that there’s no feedback on SBs or SDs that allows all the scamming on SA. I’ve talked to SA about this, but it’s fallen on deaf ears. There are easily 100 SBs in my area that make their entire income scamming SDs, with SA’s blessing.

      There should be a rating system allowing scoring ranging from “dangerous” (abuse or extortion), to “scammer” (promises to give but just takes and runs), to “wants something for nothing” (not actually stealing/reneging, but looking for a free ride), to “fails to show-up for meetings” (flakey), to “gives a little, but not enough” (legitimate, but marginally), to “does what they say” (fulfills their part of the agreement).

      The scale/feedback would apply to both SDs and SBs.

      The problem is, if implemented, eliminating the over abundance of scamming SBs would reduce SA’s SB:SD ratio… which is the keystone of their marketing. So, don’t expect the abuse to change any time soon.

      • noname says:

        freddy not sure how your being scammed you mentioned ones that fail to show up ive had some dop that its no big deal just stroke them off your list and move on they are not scammers just time wasters people get cold feet at the last moment as for the others some will ask for money before meeting you saying they have something urgent to pay for just don’t send money to anyone you havn’t met good luck in your search it can be dificult to find the right one but keep looking they are out there good luck

      • noname says:

        do not dop

      • anon says:

        Freddy, I can guarantee there are more male than female scammers on here. Even though I’m not new, guys still pull shit like being nice on the first date, the second hits and he wants to go to bed, but oh there’s some kind of problem with the allowance. Maybe it’s a supposed bank account problem, and I’m so mean, judgemental, or a “fake sb” because I won’t trust that he’ll come back after with my allowance, and I’m making it feel like a transaction.

      • Freddy says:

        Anon: How would you know there are more scamming SD’s than SB’s? If SA doesn’t allow ratings, you’d never know. I see your point though: while SA needs to maintain a high SB:SD ratio to attract SD’s, they also need to have lots of SD’s paying $70/month. So, even more reason they promote they scamming and won’t allow the scammers to be exposed.

        Noname: so your point is there is no reason for a rating system, as you’re perfectly willing to waste your time weeding-out scammers yourself on two of the five points I mentioned?

      • Marie says:

        Oh my gosh. Never ever accept a cheque from someone you hardly know!!

      • noname says:

        freddy i didn’t say a rating system is unnecessary i said i didn’t understand how you were being scammed now you have made your self clear im ok with a rating system but how would that work would the person being scammed report it if so istn’t open for abuse too assuming it was honestly done you can still be scammed someone would have to be scammed before it shows up as a negative rating that people would avoid what i think you really want is to kick the bad people off the site which you have all ready said the reason they will not

      • Freddy says:

        Noname: you’re absolutely correct that a rating system has the potential for being abused. If implemented correctly, abuse could be minimized (i.e. proof of scam, and reverse-rating of the reporter).

    • KnownAim says:

      Bouncy cheque is a very very very old scam. Here not even a shop would take a cheque 😀

    • je_voyage says:

      To Kay’s response, she was on her phone 100% of the time even when I asked her to get off. Not to be mean, but I did say a few times she needed to pay attention to the date we had or go home. So as much as Kay would like to say, I scammed her. I didn’t.

  334. Anonymous says:

    Well I won’t put their numbers up but I will say….Stay away from Countryloving he’s another waste of time just trying to get you onto dirty subjects so he can have a wank, I don’t mind a bit of kink, I’ll banter with it but he’s a total waste of time. I then discovered he lied about a couple of things( I know of) as he had messaged another girl I knew on the site. Also Nicecitytype,,,,scouting for pictures and 3rd although their likely the same person Andy1960 (I think) claims he’s 34 has one private pic. thought he was sweet but just another photo jacker,,,,planned to meet me twice, flaked out because I’m too hot! “ok then” so I’ll not be sending anymore pics or giving out my WhatsApp. It’ll be KIK or we talk on the site and they’ll be no full lengths until the 2nd or 3rd date if I even go that far after the experience I’ve had in my 1st month. Still very new to this already thinking about getting out before I’ve gotten in now especially after reading all this. These guys are all UK by the way. I’m lovely too just pisses me off why do us sweet ones get screwed over? Probably we’re not meant to be there. I’m gonna go find a pay by click ad job online lol

  335. Kali says:

    Hey everyone. I’m a sugar baby on seeking arrangement . I just got home from seeing a daddy, we spent all evening after making am arrangment. I spent all my money getting there and back, paying for my ride and babysitter. The guy gave me a check. I got home and realised I could verfiy it over the phone. No money closed bank account. He also closed his SA account and blocked me from the phone. I can’t believe it I spent my rent money and everything. I feel like such a fool. I feel sick I don’t know what to do. Can I do anything? I have a photo of his drivers licence and the bad check. Any ideas?

    • DamnVixen says:

      Turn it over to the local State Attorney’s Office as a bad check. It’s doubtful that he’s going to tell them that the check was for “sex” …

      • elaine says:


        I have copied your mail to the most actual blog where everybody is hanging out now if you don’t mind?
        It is important but here nobody reads your post.

      • DamnVixen says:

        If you have the bad check, his phone number, and a photo of his driver’s license, contact this site and give them the information so that they can prevent him from opening another account (or shut down a new account if he has created one). Since the guys have to pay to message the women, they have his name and info.

      • Freddy says:


        Where is this “better blog site” to post scammer activity?

      • elaine says:

        I wouldn’t know of “better” sites
        But there is some sites where you can post scammers. Google them.

        I recommend to post it here, and copy it also to the latest blog where the regulars hang out.

        Try also the “Let’s talk sugar” blog”?

  336. Aeneus says:

    Yes, I’ve been scammed. By Seeking Arrangement.

    This website is a scam. If you’re going to populate the site with fake profiles, at least don’t waste people’s time driving to dates only to have the fake profile flake out at the last second.

    I’ve now had FIVE profiles in a row act interested, txt me, arrange a meetup, then cancel super last minute. The exact same pattern. 3/5 even sounded the same, referring to me as “love”. This is incredibly disrespectful to your customers. Just don’t arrange a meeting in the first place, please. We’re already paying significant cash just to be here, can you not waste our time and effort as well? One of the fakes put so very little effort into her excuse, she sent me a fake picture from the first page of google image search as her excuse. So transparent, it’s ridiculous.

    I will make sure to communicate to everyone that this site is a scam and the operators are employing the same deceptive tactics as match.com and other sites filled with fake profiles. I will also file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. If this was an honest marketplace that would be one thing, but maintain fake profiles in order to provide an illusion is downright dishonest if not illegal.

    • Anonymous says:

      Thanks for the warning.

    • Anonymous says:

      Good luck, but it was probably just five regular girls you got in a row. There are so many girls who come here for fantasy play now. They carry it up until a meet and then they move on to the next fantasy that makes them feel like a princess who men would pay money to be with.

    • HanaiHI says:

      SA is full of scammers, and although they’ll get rid of the credit-card scams, they won’t get rid of the ones who take the money and run, like “V.S. Lovely” in Utah.

      The general sequence of events is outlined in my profile as a tongue-in-cheek “what I’m looking for” that I hope any legitimate SBs (should there be one) would share with other SDs:

      Looking for the standard SB at SA:

      1) An SB that will say all sorts of nice things about me, like lie about how handsome I am and how you feel an attraction and feign compatibility.
      2) Fail to show for planned meetings, and later provide a lame excuse as to why (“amnesia” being my favorite). This adds the “hard to get” component. Keep me guessing.
      3) Don’t respond for a few days, then send an apology saying “sorry, but I’ve been busy trying to put together rent this month… And need some cash immediately/desperately”. Embellish with a few tragic events, my favorite being “my dad just committed suicide”.
      4) Agree to whatever I request for an arrangement, take the money, then block all forms of communication.

      I know I’m not Don Juan, but, In the end, I feel like Quasimodo. These SBs must find me so fugly, they think I deserve the abuse.

      I figure I don’t need to pay $70/month to take this sort of abuse… so I’m gone.