9 years ago

9 years ago

We’re pleased to announce the first ever Sugar Baby contest!

We’ll be looking for the TOP Seeking Arrangement girls and studs from around the world to compete in our “Best of Sugar Baby” lineup!

WE WANT TO KNOW: What does it mean to be a Seeking Arrangement Girl?

AND: Why you should be the Seeking Arrangement Girl (or stud) of the year.
Leave your answers in a comment on this blog, and we’ll let you know if your ideas have been selected for the contest!

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  1. Serway Jewett says:

    Nice information.

  2. Christie says:

    I came to SA after leaving another similar site. I feel SA is real and that the SD’s here are real. I have not only learned how to be the girl “they want’ but the girl “I want”

    Being a SB only allows me to set my standards the way it should be. The way we are usually scared to say in a ‘normal’ relationship. As a SB, they know what I expect, I know what they expect and we can start out a fabulous relationship honestly…the way most relationships should start.

  3. Stephan says:

    Anastacia: That’s GREAT! You definitely seem like a person who knows how to draw positive things your way. Can you re-post this on a more recent blog (the latest post) so more people can read tihs? There’s a lot of new girls feeling pretty discouraged and could probably benefit from hearing your outlook!!!

  4. Anastacia----Tinkerbell says:

    I am a newly ordained sugar baby! I entered this website with high expectations and ended up with even better results! I have heard from so many wonderful men…also some pretty mixed up but fun to talk with. I have been complimented in so many awesome ways and languages! I know what the idea of seeking an arrangement actually means and what each party expects. I am the fun or serious, dominating or submissive, discreet or wild, angelic or devilish woman the men are looking for! I am also loving, loyal, devoted, honest and ME! I am loving life at forty and not looking my age!! I feel great because I can provide for my 3 children and spend all the time I need with them due to some special sugar daddies!!!