9 years ago
Hunting for Sugar? Take A Breather!

9 years ago
Hunting for Sugar? Take A Breather!

A Sugar Baby emailed us this morning complaining of a sore neck.

“I stayed up until 3 A.M writing messages and uploading pictures…”.

This particular individual is very busy with work and school. In fact, one of the main reasons she’s looking for a Sugar Daddy is so she can quite her part-time job.

If your time is evermore being consumed by profile skimming, message template tweaking, or inbox checking, make a point to GET OUT! Remember, online dating was meant to save you time, not waste your time! Patience is a virtue. A watched sent box never boils – get the point? If you stopped going to the bars because you got sick of the same old scene, then try the new cafe or wine bar. Hey, when you get back home, there may be a surprise waiting in your inbox.

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